45 Names That Mean Sad And Despair

Congratulations on being a mommy! Being a mom is one of the best feelings ever. Don’t you agree?

Now, the next thing that comes after giving birth to a baby is choosing a fitting name for them. And that is a daunting task indeed!

You come across tons of names from so many origins with such beautiful meanings that you get spoilt for choice and have difficulty selecting one among them. After all, you want the best name for your newborn family member, right?

Are you into unique names with more unique meanings? Or, do you like to go for names that mean sad and despair?

I understand that we all have different tastes when it comes to choosing a name for our children. And I am not going to judge you for that.

Going for a name with a sad meaning doesn’t mean that you don’t love your baby. It is just that you don’t want to follow the common path and choose common names for your baby who is special to you.

And so, you look for names with not-so-common meanings, right?

I have done the hard work for you here.

List of Names That Mean Sad and Despair

Here is a list of some of the most unique and beautiful names that mean sad. And let me tell you, even though the meaning is despair or chaos, the names sound nowhere like them. In fact, they are pretty melodious to the ears. You can see it for yourself.

Girl Names That Mean Sad And Despair

Girl Names That Mean Sad and Despair

Are you ready to hunt down the best names that carry with them the meanings of everything dark and sad?

Scroll down!

  • Adrienne

Doesn’t the name sound melodic?

This name for baby girls stands for the dark one. Also, it translates to “from the city Hadria.”

  • Achlys

Do you like Greek names for your baby? How about Achlys?

This name has its roots in the Greek language. It holds the meaning of darkness.

  • Aella

Again, this gorgeous name is taken from the Greek language.

It translates to a whirlwind and chaos.

  • Ahlai

This is a cute name that comes with not so beautiful meaning.

It carries with it the meaning of a sorrowful experience.

  • Asiya

Are you into Arabic names?

Then you may like the name Asiya. It means grieved and distressed – just the meaning you are looking for!

  • Brona

This is a unique name for girls. But you can use it for both girls and boys.

It has its roots in Irish origin. The name translates to sorrow.

  • Bronagh

I like Irish names. Do you too?

Then you may like the name Bronagh for your daughter. However, the meaning that this name holds is sorrow.

  • Brenna

The name Brenna has its roots in Irish origin. It is short, and it has a modern twist to it.

The name holds the meaning of the descendent of a sad one.

  • Briar

Because of its unisex nature, you can use this short name for both boys and girls.

Briar is an English name, and it stands for a thorny patch.

  • Breen

Are you looking for a cute name for your baby girl? Do you like Irish names?

If you answer “yes,” Breen is your name!

It’s such a feminine word that you can’t help but love it the first time you hear it. It sounds like a princess’ name. And it has Irish roots.

Breen comes with the meaning of sadness.

  • Claudia

Claudia is a sweet name that has its roots in Latin origin.

Did I tell you how common this name was in ancient Rome?

There were so many girls with this name – all thanks to the elegance that it has! It translates to enclosure and lame.

  • Cecelia

Such elegant the name Cecelia is! Isn’t it? I liked the name the moment I heard it. It has a feminine vibe to it which adds to its beauty.

This is a very popular name and favorite among many parents.

Cecelia has its origin in the Irish language. It translates to the blind.

Did I tell you that you can use the spelling Cecilia too?

  • Deirdre

The name Dierdre has both Irish and Gaelic origins. It is a stylish name that is very popular among parents.

If you are into popular names too, you can give this name to your baby girl. The name holds the meaning of sorrow.

  • Declan

Did you know that the name Declan was initially used for boys?

But, recently, it has been doing the rounds as a name for girls. It is derived from the Irish culture, and it translates to a man of prayer.

  • Diablo

The name Diablo has a dark vibe to it. Don’t you think so?

It originated from Spain, and it carries the meaning of devil.

  • Dores

This name is so adorable! It reminds me of Doraemon.

The name Dores has its roots in the Gaelic and Portuguese cultures.

It holds the means of sorrow.

  • Dikeledi

The name Dikeledi has an earthy vibe to it. Do you love nature and mother earth?

Then this can be the name for your little angel. It has South African roots. And did I tell you how popular this name is in South Africa?

The meaning of this trendy name is sadness and tears.

  • Emily

Do I have to tell you how famous this name is and how people love this name?

The popularity of this name has soared after the hit series on Netflix, “Emily in Paris.” I loved the fashionista in the series and all her outfits. She carries them so well!

The name Emily has come from aemulus – a Latin word that holds the meaning of rival. Also, some say that this name is derived from aimylos – a Greek word that translates to wily.

  • Keres

This name sounds modern to me. And it originated from the beautiful country of Greece.

The meaning of this name is quite different, though – evil spirits.

  • Kali

The name Kali is somewhat similar to that of Callie, right?

It is taken from the Sanskrit language and has the meaning of black. And did you know that Kali is a Hindu goddess?

  • Leah

Leah is a trendy and popular name that many moms prefer while looking for names that mean sad.

This name has its origin in the Hebrew and American languages. The meaning of this name is weary and tired.

  • Medea

This name has some kind of ancient vibe to it which I like. It has its roots in the Greek language.

Did you know that Medea was a mythological princess who was infamous for murdering her own children?

Medea translates to the middle.

  • Mara

This short name has its origin in the Hebrew culture. And some say that it originated in the Czech language.

The meaning of Mara is bitter.

  • Malala

Now, who doesn’t know about the famous personality Malala Yousafzai who received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014!

This is an Arabic name that holds the meaning of grief-stricken.

  • Mahzun

Do you like Turkish names? How about Mahzun?

This is a mesmerizing name for girls that means sad.

  • Nekane

Isn’t the name unique? I have not heard this name before.

Nekane comes with the meaning of sorrow.

  • Obdulia

Obdulia is a name taken from the Latin language. And it is quite an uncommon name.

The meaning that this beautiful name has is to take away the sadness.

  • Ophelia

If you like Greek names, know that this name is taken from the word opheleia – a Greek word that translates to advantage or help.

Are you into literature?

Then you may know that Ophelia is the name of the love interest of the main character Hamlet in the play Hamlet.

  • Pandora

Did you know that according to Greek mythology, Pandora opened a box unleashing the trapped evils in the world?

This has made the name very popular, and many parents who are up for unique names opt for this name for their daughter.

This name has its roots in Greek origin and carries the meaning of all gifted.

  • Persephone

Did you know that Persephone was a daughter of Demeter and Zeus – the Greek gods?

There are many people who say that this name means one who brings death. Then there are others who believe that Persephone means prosperity, spring, and dark blue.

This can be a great name for your girl if you are into unique names.

Boy Names That Mean Sad And Despair

Boy Names that Mean Sad and Despair

Are you up for choosing the best name for your baby boy that holds the meaning of sorrow and sadness?

Read on!

  • Azazel

Do you like names that have an ancient vibe to them? How about Azazel?

The meaning of this name is a scapegoat. Did you know that Azazel was the one to receive a sacrificial goat according to the Bible?

This name is taken from the Hebrew language.

  • Alvah

Again, this name has its roots in the ancient Hebrew language.

It comes with the meaning of his highness.

  • Abaddon

This biblical name is the other name of the abyss’ angel found in the New Testament.

Abaddon holds the meaning of destruction or ruin.

  • Acheros

Many people consider Latin names to be sexy. Are you one of them? Then how about the name Acheros? Does it sound good to you?

I found it to be modern with a certain charm. And it sounds masculine too.

The Latin-American name Acheros holds the meaning river of sorrow.

  • Brennan

Are you looking for a modern name for your little boy?

Brennan is the name for you!

It has a cool vibe to it and has its roots in the Gaelic language. Brennan holds the meaning of sorrow or sadness.

  • Cessair

Are you into Irish names?

Then you will like the name Cessair. It is such a charming name, I must say!

Cessair holds two meanings. One is an affliction, and the other is sadness.

  • Dempsey

Diomasaigh is a Gaelic word, and Dempsey is its anglicized form.

The Gaelic word holds the meaning of the descendent of Diomasach. And when you translate it, you get the meaning of the descendant of the proud one.

  • Draco

Are you into Greek names? Then you may like the name Draco, as it is taken from Drakon – a Greek word.

The name translates to serpent and dragon.

If you are a fan of the Harry Potter movies, you will know that Draco Malfoy was a famous character in it.

  • Devland

If you like Irish names, you can choose the name Devland for your little prince.

It holds the meaning of misfortune.

  • Doilion

This name has its origin in the Greek language.

It translates to deceitful.

  • Davor

Do you know in which language the name Davor was first used?

It’s the Old Slavic language. Davor has a sexy vibe to it. You get it when you pronounce it.

This attractive name comes with the meaning of sadness or sorrow.

  • Ephai

This name is so unique. If someone hears it once, they will be able to remember it for a long time.

Ephai is taken from the Hebrew language. It translates to gloomy.

  • Jela

The name Jela has its origin rooted in African culture.

It carries the meaning of sorrow.

  • Jobab

The name Jobab has its roots in the Bible. So, if you want a name for your baby boy that has a biblical reference, you can always opt for this name.

It translates to sorrowful and hated.

  • Lucifer

If you have read Bible, you may already know that Lucifer, the archangel, was thrown into hell.

Did I tell you how this character has garnered all the love after the series named Lucifer on Netflix?

If you ask me, I loved the character and its portrayal. So, if you want a dark name that is also loved by people, you can go with Lucifer.


Which of these names that mean sad attracted you the most?

Let me know in the comments!

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