110 Irish Nicknames for Boys and Girls

While for most of us, our first names are our identity, there are times when nicknames tend to get the same importance as a first name. Parents have chosen to keep Irish names for their babies because of its cultural influence. It would, however, surprise you to know that many Irish nicknames are equally fascinating.

So when you are in a rush, call your little one with an Irish nickname, which is a sweet, shorthand version of their first name.

Irish Nicknames

Irish Nicknames

If you’re looking for Irish nicknames for your kid, this section of the article lists a few of them. It mentions the meaning of each of them.

I hope you find one of them to your liking.

  • Cat

Cat is short for Catriona, which means clear and pure. It is a cute nickname for your baby girl.

  • Finn

If your daughter is named Fionnoula, which means the white shoulder, then call her Finn.

  • Dex

Name your boy Declan which means full of goodness, and nickname him Dex. What a clever nickname for your little boy!

  • Kiki

Kiki is the perfectly chosen short name for your baby girl named Keira, the dark-haired one.

  • Brie

If your daughter is named Brianna, which means strong and resolute, then nickname her Brie.

  • Ken

The brilliant nickname Ken suits your lad, who is named Kennedy. His friends will like calling him by his nickname. Kennedy means the chief with a helmet.

  • Keavy

Irish names have a certain class, and the nickname Keavy is no exception. It is the nickname given to kids whose names are Caoimhe.

The latter is a traditional name in Ireland and holds the meaning of beloved, dear, and gentle. If you are looking for a cute nickname for your baby girl named Caoimhe, Keavy is perfect for you.

  • Sully

Sullivan is a traditional Irish name to keep for your baby boy. But that is a big name to call him with each time. So why not choose to nickname him Sully?

  • Ab

Short and straightforward, you cannot go wrong with this nickname Ab for your little girl named Abaigeal, or the one who gives joy.

  • Abby

If your boy is named Abraham, then Abby is the ideal nickname to choose for him. It means the father of many.

  • Aggie

Aigneis is a popular Irish name to keep for your baby boy. It means pure. Give your boy an intelligent nickname Aggie.

  • Eily

Eibhlin is an Irish girl name. The gorgeous name means brilliant and shining. If you call your girl Eibhlin, then nickname her Eily.

  • Al

Ailbhe means noble and bright. The best nickname for Ailbhe is indeed Al. It is short and straightforward and makes it easy for you to call your baby boy every time.

  • Alex

Alex is the perfect nickname for Alasdair. It is a boy’s name that means defender of men.

  • Fred

Ailfrid is a traditional Irish name to keep for your baby boy. You can give him a brilliant and short nickname Fred.

  • Ally

Aislinn is an elegant name to keep for your baby girl. It means to dream and vision. If you choose this moniker for your daughter, then nickname her Ally.

  • Lou

Alabhaois is a rare baby boy name. It has an Irish origin. If you have named your son Alabhaois, then gift him with a cute nickname, Lou.

  • Amy

Anmchadh is a rare Irish name, but its nickname is pretty standard – Amy.

  • Andy

Aindriu means a warrior, and it is one of the choicest Irish names to bestow on your baby boy. If you choose to name him Aindriu, then call him Andy at home with love.

  • Annie

The baby girl named Aodhnait is a marvel. You can call her Annie at home. The nickname is pretty standard, though.

  • Anna

The female name Annabla means the favored grace. It is the perfect name to give to your baby girl. In short, you can nickname her Anna.

  • Anty

Anntoin means worthy of praise. The Irish name is a classic selection and if you choose this moniker for your baby boy, then nickname him Anty.

  • Airt

Artonius symbolizes one who is generous, ideal, romantic, and creative. The baby boy’s name is rare and makes a great choice. And for short, you can always call him Airt.

  • Gus

The masculine name Augustinius means venerable and excellent. The mighty name has a short and cute nickname, Gus.

  • Bab

The feminine name Bairbre means foreign or strange. If you have chosen this moniker, then nickname your little princess as Bab.

  • Bart

Beartlaidh is a rare treasure find for Irish boys’ names. And if this name has touched you, then go ahead with it. The name is long and complicated so that you can nickname your boy Bart.

  • Ben

Beircheart is an Irish boy’s name that means a shining army. The nickname is pretty straightforward- Ben.

  • Bren

The Irish male name Breanndan means brave. If you select this moniker for your baby boy, then give him a short name – Bren.

  • Bee

The girl named Brideen is charming. Call her Bee at home, which is a shorter version of her first name.

  • Brid

Brighid is a smart girl’s name. It means the exalted one. The name is a popular choice among parents who choose to bestow their girls with Irish names. In short, you can call her Brid.

  • Biddy

Bridget is a modern name for your baby girl, rooted in the Irish language. It has a rich vibe to it that you cannot ignore. If you give the name Bridget to your little one, you can choose the nickname Biddy for her.

Biddy sounds cool and has a quirky vibe to it that girls these days like it. It holds the meaning of “the exalted one.”

  • Cath

Caitilin is a female Irish name that means pure. Its short form is Cath which makes it an easy moniker to use by friends and family.

  • Carl

The boy named Carlus means the free man. So its nickname can be Carl.

  • Chris

Chriost is a unisex name and means the follower of Christ. A lovely nickname for this moniker is Chris.

  • Castor

The name Chiostoir and the nickname Castor do pull attention. Chiostoir means to choose, and this Irish name has become a hot favorite among many new parents who have been blessed with a boy.

  • Col

Cailean means child. It is a boy’s name, and it has a simple nickname Col.

  • Con

Conchobar is a peculiar name, but it has found a lot of takers. The name means the love for canines, and its short form is Con.

  • Cáit

If you have named your girl Caitríona, I have good news. Here is a cute nickname that goes perfectly with your girl’s name: Cáit. It sounds super awesome and comes with a classy vibe. And it has the lovely meaning of “pure.”

Cáit is the Irish version of the name Kate, and it serves as a perfect nickname. It would be best if you pronounced it as KAT.

  • Dan

Domhnall means the ruler of the world. It is a mighty Irish name to keep for your baby boy. For short, you can nickname him Dan.

  • Dave

The male Irish name Daibhidh means beloved. It is a rare treasure to pick for your child. At home, just call him Dave.

  • Den

The brown-haired warrior or Donnchadh is an unusual moniker to name your boy with. An apt nickname for this moniker is Den.

  • Don

The Irish male name Domhnall symbolizes the one who will grow up to be a ruler of the world. Its short name is Don.

  • Dom

The male name Damhnaic has a traditional Irish origin. Bestow your baby with this name and nickname him Dom.

  • Dody

The male name Doirean means the sullen. If you have chosen this name for your baby boy, then nickname him Dody.

  • Doug

Dubhgall or the dark stranger is an Irish male name. Shorten the name Dubhgall to Doug.

  • Ed

Eamon is an Irish boy’s name that means the wealthy protector. Its short could be Ed.

  • Eily

Eibhlin is a baby girl name that means radiant and beautiful. Eily is a lovely nickname to keep for your little girl.

  • Bessy

Eilise is a popular girl’s name, and means pledged to god. Just like the name, the nickname is equally cute. You can name your daughter Bessy.

  • Ella

Eibhilin is a trend in Irish girl names, and its nickname could be Ella.

  • Em

Eimile means laborious and rival. It is an Irish male name with a sweet and cute short name- Em.

  • Essy

The female Irish name Aislinn means vision and dreamy. Its shorter version is Essy.

  • Hugh

Eoghan means to be born from the yew tree. It is a boy’s name, and with love, you can nickname him Hugh.

  • Eva

Eibhilin is a baby girl’s name. It is harmonious and with a sweet nickname option for Eva.

  • Farry

Fearghal means valorous. It is an Irish male name, and if this moniker has made it to the top choices, you can pick it up and go ahead and nickname him Farry.

  • Fardy

Fearganainm or the unnamed man is an Irish name that has seen its popularity rise in recent years. In short, you can call your boy Fardy.

  • Fergy

Fearghus means the highest choice or the supreme man. It is a boy name with the option to nickname him Fergy.

  • Fetsy

Feichin means the little raven. It is a baby boy’s name and has an Irish origin. In short, you can call him Fetsy.

  • Fin

Fionnghuala is Fin in short. It means the fair shouldered and is a rare Irish name to gift your baby girl with.

  • Fan

The feminine name Frainche can be an excellent selection for your little girls’ name. In short, call her Fan.

  • Ferry

Feardorcha symbolizes a dark-skinned man. It is an Irish male name and if you have chosen this name for your boy, then nickname him Ferry.

  • Gar

Gearoid means to be brave holding a spear. The boy’s name is pretty popular, and the common nickname of this first name is Gar.

  • Ger

Gearard is an Irish male name that means the brave spearman. Its nickname is Ger.

  • Jerry

Love or grain, Grainne is a lovely moniker to choose for your baby girl. And if the name seems too long, then nickname her with Jerry.

  • Gubbie

The Irish name Gobinet means the one who brings joy. Gobinet is a sweet name and if you have picked this name for your girl, then nickname her Gubbie.

  • Onny

Onora is an Irish feminine name that means honor. The nickname is pretty straightforward- Onny.

  • Orla

Orla is a gorgeous nickname that goes perfectly with the first name Orlaith. Orla comes with the meaning of a golden ruler. It’s a popular name in Ireland; you can find many girls with this beautiful name.

  • Hal

If you have narrowed down the Irish baby boy names and named your boy Hannraoi then short it and call him Hal at home.

  • Lena

Eibhilin is an Irish name, and its short is Lena.

  • Hal

The Irish boy’s name Hoireabard means the soldier. The name has a dominant meaning, so if you choose to pick this up, your baby boy’s nickname is Hal.

  • Essie

Name your girl with Eistir, and she will shine bright like a star. Nickname her to Essie, which is short and sweet.

  • Hon

Honora means the woman of honor. It is a female Irish name, and its nickname is Hon.

  • Hugo

The male name Eoghann is a popular choice. But, to make it short nickname your boy Hugo.

  • Isb

Isibeal means to be devoted to god. It is an Irish girl’s name, and its short form is Isb.

  • Dora

The female name Isadora means the gift of the goddess. So choose Dora as its nickname.

  • Derby

Diarmaid means a free man. It is a popular Irish name, and its nickname is Derby.

  • Nat

The Irish name Ionatan means God has given. It is a popular male name. If you have picked this name, then nickname your boy with Nat.

  • Joe

Iosep is an Irish boy name which says that God will multiply. Make the title short to Joe.

  • Kerry

Kyranus is an Irish girl’s name that means popularity. She will grow up to be popular among her friends true to her name, and be called with love as Kerry.

  • Locky

Lochlainn means the land of the Vikings. It is an Irish boy’s name, and you may want to nickname your child Locky.

  • Law

The Irish boy name Lubhras is pretty standard. If you choose to name your boy Lubhras then nickname him Law.

  • Lou

Labhaoise is a warrior maiden. It is a female name with a lot of power. If you choose to keep Labhaoise for your baby’s name, then nickname her Lou.

  • Lu

Luighseach is a torch bringer. It is a popular Irish girl’s name. You can nickname your girl Lu.

  • Mal

Maeleachlainn is a god’s servant and if this name appeals to you for your little girl, then nickname her Mal.

  • Mag

Mairead means pearl. It could be just the name that you have always wanted to keep for your baby girl. Nickname her with Mag.

  • Mart

Martatraslates means the lady and is a perfect name to keep for your gorgeous baby girl. The best nickname for this first name is Mart.

  • May

Moyra means destined and wished for a child. It is a female Irish name with the sweet nickname May.

  • Matt

Maitias is an Irish boy name, and its short is Matt.

  • Moss

Moriertagh is a boy’s name. The moniker traces its origin to Ireland and means seaworthy. The nickname of this name is Moss.

  • Mike

Micheal is a popular boy’s name and means who is like a god. If you name your baby Michael then nickname him Mike.

  • Murt

Muircheartach is a male Irish name that means the sea director. It has a simple nickname- Murt.

  • Ann

Nainsi is an Irish girl name that means grace. It has a charming nickname too- Ann.

  • Nick

Nicholas means the victory of the people. It is a male name and if you keep this name, then nickname your child as Nick.

  • Ollie

Oilbhe is an Irish girl’s name that means white. Nickname your girl Ollie, which is as beautiful a name as her first name.

  • Paddy

Many parents have chosen the male Irish name Paudrick to name their child with. They even decided to nickname their kid Paddy.

  • Pete

Peadar is a masculine Irish name that means rock and stone. If you wish to choose this name and give your baby boy a nickname, call him Pete.

  • Phil

The ever good or Feidhlimidh is an Irish boy’s name, and parents who choose this name nickname their boy with Phil.

  • Pip

Phelim means always good. It is an Irish baby boy name, and the ideal nickname of this name is Pip.

  • Ro

Riobard means bright fame. The Irish baby boy name is impactful, and you can choose to shorten it to Ro.

  • Roc

The male Irish name Ruaidhri means the red king. Choose this name for your baby boy and nickname him Roc.

  • Rosa

The Irish female name Roisin means the little rose, and it can be shortened to Rosa, which is a cute nickname.

  • Sam

Samhairle means the one who is enchanted and protected by god. It is an Irish girl’s name which can be nicknamed Sam.

  • Step

Steafan is an Irish masculine name, and its short name is Step.

  • Sus

Susanna is an Irish female first name, and it means lily. It is a fancy name to keep for your baby girl, and its nickname is Sus.

  • Bel

Isibeala means God is my oath. The feminine girls’ name has a famous nickname Bel.

  • Ter

Tiernan means the lord. It is an Irish unisex name and has a short nickname Ter.

  • Tad

Tadhg is a storyteller or poet. The male name can be nicknamed Tad.

  • Toby

Tioboid means bold, and it is a popular Irish male name. It can be shortened to Toby.

  • Tess

Toireasa means strong. It is a girl name, and you can choose to keep the Irish nickname Tess for your baby girl.

  • Tim

Tomaltach is a male Irish name that means to honor god. The shortened version of this first name could be Tim.

  • Oona

Oonagh is a girl’s name that means holy and pure. You can choose to nickname her Oona.

Here is a complete list of Irish nicknames for both boys and girls for you to take a pick from and to name your boy or girl with.

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