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55 Coolest European Names for Your Baby Boys & Girls

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When you hold your little bundle of joy for the very first time, you know you’re having the most beautiful baby boy or girl in the world. Giving birth to your newborn turns out to be the most beautiful thing, and there’s not a thing you would want to change about your baby. Everything is perfect!. After that, your hunt for the perfect name starts as you begin searching for the coolest name in the world for your precious darling.

You would want the name to be unique and meaningful, traditional yet popular, not weird now or into the future, and above all, a tad bit unusual β€” in a cool way. To meet those criteria, European names are your best and coolest bet!

Why are unique European names so much in demand? European names are inspired by Europe’s diverse cultures, traditions, and history, which is why, in Europe, you’ll find incredible name options you’ve never heard before. The best European names have a deep meaning, yet they are contemporary, pleasant, and unique β€” that’s why they are so cool!

Coolest European Names For Baby Boys & Girls

You must choose from among a special selection of popular yet distinct European names so you can be confident your child’s name is well thought of and convincing. Give your baby the perfect start β€” a cool start!

Keeping the above in mind, here are the coolest European names for your baby boys and girls:

25 Of The Coolest European Names For Baby Boys

25 Of The Coolest European Names For Baby Boys
  • Adrian

This is a Latin name, which is a form of the name Hadrianus or Adrianus. The origin of the name is traced back to the former river ‘Adria,’ which hails from the word ‘Adur’ (a Venetic and Illyrian word), implying “sea” or “water.” The Middle Persian meaning of ‘adur’ means “holy fire.” Since the Middle Ages, Adrian has been used in English speaking regions; it attained widespread popularity in modern times. Adrian also means “dark one.” The name’s popularity has led it to feature in the top 10 of the most popular boys’ names list twice.

  • Alejandro

This is a classic Spanish name having origins in Spanish and Greek. It is pronounced ‘al-ay-HAN-drop.’ The name ‘Alejandro’ and its variant name, ‘Alexander,’ means “Defender Of The People.” This hugely popular name is the perfect choice for your baby boy. He’ll grow up knowing he’s a braveheart β€” the “good guy” who helps everyone. What could be cooler than that?

  • Antonio

Antonio is another cool European name, having Spanish and Italian origins. This name is also a Shakespearean favorite and means “priceless one.” It keeps topping popularity charts like there’s no tomorrow. In Spanish-speaking nations, Antonio’s variant ‘Tonio’ is a popular nickname.

  • Alvaro

Another cool name for your baby boy is the Spanish origin name ‘Alvaro.’ It means “cautious”. It often ranks in the top 10 of Spain’s best names for boys list. Alvaro was the name of a Spanish saint. Some common characteristics associated with this name are: Humanitarian, family-oriented, loving, and sensitive.

  • Adelmo

Wouldn’t it be cool to name your son a name that means “noble protector‘? ‘Adelmo’ means just that. German names are beautiful, and Adelmo is an attractive Germanic name. This is one of those less familiar names that are sure to draw others’ attention. It’s a variant of the name ‘Adelmar.’ 

  • Baptiste

‘Baptiste’ or “baptist” (in French) is a name honoring Saint John the Baptist. The name’s origins are in the Greek word ‘bapto,’ which means “dip.” In terms of overall popularity, it’s regularly on the top baby boys’ names list in France. If you want an ultra-religious name that also sounds cool, then go for Baptiste!

  • Bence

‘Bence’ is the Hungarian translation of the popular name ‘Vincent.’ It means “conquering.” It has consistently been one of the most popular boy’s names for almost two decades in Hungary. Bence may also be used as a nickname for ‘Benedek.’ We think it would be a super cool alternative to ‘Ben’ or ‘Benjamin.’

  • Benito

We all know a ‘Benedict’ here and there. As much as you’d love to keep your baby boy’s name ‘Ben’ or ‘Benedict,’ it’s much too common to go for. The cool way to resolve that dilemma is by opting for the Portuguese version β€” ‘Benito,’ meaning “blessed.”

  • Caleb

‘Caleb’ is a Hebrew name meaning “faithful, wholehearted, and bold.” In the bible, Caleb follows Moses to be one of the followers reaching the promised land. At the moment, Caleb is a lesser-used biblical name, making it the perfect pick for your unique baby boy. It is one of those top European names that are uncommon elsewhere.

  • Elias

‘Elias’ is another beautiful European name with Greek origins. Its Greek meaning is “my God is Yahweh” from its Hebrew translation “Jehovah is God”. Elias represents the characteristics of being strong and charismatic. The name follows the popularity path of names like Elijah and Eli. At the same time, it quickly gains popularity among the coolest and the best European baby names.

  • Enzo

This is an elegant Italian name that is a short variant of the names’ Vincenzo’ or ‘Lorenzo.’ The Italian version of ‘Henry.’ Enzo is a sophisticated name that smoothly and elegantly means “estate ruler.” The name is uncommon, cool sounding, and meaningful, hence, ripe for picking.

  • Francisco

You may likely have heard the name ‘Francis.’ Well, the Spanish and Portuguese version of Francis is ‘Francisco.’ The fact behind the name being derived and picked up by the English world is that Francis is the English translation of Late Latinate Franciscus β€” a vocabulary word for “French” or “Frenchman.”

  • Giovanni

This classy name means “God is gracious.” ‘Giovanni’ has Italian origins, and according to us, it’s the cool Italian variant of the names ‘Johannes’ and ‘John.’ It’s been one of the most popular masculine names over the centuries in Italy, yet, it’s still uncommon as a personal name in other parts of the world.

  • Hugo

‘Hugo,’ pronounced HEW-goh, is a cool name from the get-go. With its origins in Spain and France, it’s the Latinized form of ‘Hugh,’ and it means “bright in mind and spirit.” To give you an idea of its European popularity, it’s consistently ranked in the top 10 in France, Spain, and Sweden. It’s also a highly preferential male name in both Belgium, Catalonia, and Holland. Interestingly, in recent years, the popularity of the name has even reached Australia.

  • Ivan

The name ‘Ivan’ is the Russian translation of ‘John.’ It means “God Is Gracious,” and is a popular name for parents considering cool names for their baby boy. The popularity graph of this name has been steadily rising, with no signs of decline. The popularity is its Slavic origin, it being short and unique, and possessing a beautiful meaning.

  • Jasper

Jasper is a cool, sophisticated, and famous name in British culture. It’s a very masculine name with Persian origins, meaning “bringer of treasure.” Cool fact: The name arrived in England in the Middle Ages, yet it didn’t gain much popularity. Today, Jasper is a top name choice in Australia, Belgium, and Holland.

  • Lorenzo

Many of the names that made this list are Italian. This one’s no exception. ‘Lorenzo,’ as cool as it sounds, means “Laurel” and is the perfect name choice for baby boys anywhere. Laurel, as we know, is a symbol of “wisdom and accomplishment.” It’s also the Italian and Spanish version of the name Lawrence.

  • Luke

In Greek, ‘Luke’ means “light-giving.” Historically, the author of the third Gospel of the New Testament, based in the ancient Italian city of Luciana, was named Luke. He was known as “the beloved physician” because he was the patron saint to all the artists and doctors. Your baby boy deserves a special name like Luke, for being “light-giving” by being born in your household and for the hopeful endeavor of following Luke’s path.

  • Matteo

‘Matteo’ is the cooler version of the name ‘Mathew.’ Alternatively, you may select ‘Mateo.’ It’s cool because it’s short, catchy, different, and retains the meaning and significance of Mathew. It’s also smooth and sophisticated-sounding due to its Italianness.

  • Maxim 

‘Maxim’ is a masculine name with French and Latin origins. It means “greatest” β€” a powerful connotation for a name that is also modern sounding. It is often compared to the popular men’s magazine with the same title, which is a fact that might not go down well with some parents. Nevertheless, Maxim is a downright cool name!

  • Marcello

‘Marcello’ is a Latin name of Spanish and Italian origin, and it means “young warrior.” It is one of the lushest names and possesses incomparable attractiveness owing in part to the way it’s pronounced. Based on Marcellus’s ancient name, drawn from Mars, the God of war, Marcello is pronounced mar-chell-o.

  • Oliver

‘Oliver’ is a biblical English name meaning “Olive Tree.” The meaning symbolizes beauty, dignity, fruitfulness, and above all, “peace.” Its deeper origins are in the French name ‘Olivier.’ It was the Normans who had brought it to England as Oliver.

  • Philippe 

No, not Phillip, nor Filip, but ‘Philippe’ β€” pronounced “Fill-eep,” is the classic French origin name that was the name of one of the twelve apostles. What makes this name so cool is the slight variation in its spelling and pronunciation.

  • Rafael

It’s considered one of the most romantic Latino names. ‘Rafael’ has Hebrew roots and has the beautiful meaning, “God has healed”. A name is a gift, and what better gift to name your dear son than the gorgeous name Rafael. This name’s jump in popularity over the last few years has a lot to do with celebrity association β€” thanks to Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal, who has 11 career titles to his name and is considered among the top 2 most outstanding players ever!

  • Xander

Much like the Spanish name ‘Alejandro’ in our list, the name ‘Xander’ (pronounced Zander) means “Defender Of The People.” This Greek origin name is an abbreviated form of the name ‘Alexander.’ The name would always stand out for beginning with the English Alphabet’s last Alphabet; what’s cooler than a name embodied by Alexander the Great (famous 4th century B.C. conqueror)!

30 Of The Coolest European Names For Baby Girls

30 Of The Coolest European Names For Baby Girls
  • Ariana

‘Adriana’ is a beautiful and popular European name of Latin origin. An alternative way of spelling it is Adrianna. Its meaning is “Person from Hadria,” wherein Hadria is an ancient city located in present-day Northern Italy. Overall, it’s a cool name that has witnessed huge popularity in Italy and parts of Europe over the last decade or so.

  • Ava

This is an attractive name with English, German, and Latin origins. ‘Ava’ represents beauty, freedom, and life as the name means “birdlike and lively.” If your parents give you a name like Ava, then the sky’s the limit for you. You’re free as a bird to discover and achieve all that you want. An ‘Ava’ that’s true to her name is full of life; hence her presence will be valued by everyone she meets. Ava is a popular name in England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. The name is short, sweet, unique, and meaningful. Thus, it’s one of the coolest European names for your baby girl.

  • Azra

This unique name has Arabic and Turkish origins and means “maiden, pure, chaste, virgin.” The cool nickname variant for ‘Azra’ can be ‘Azzy’ or ‘Azzie’ if you’d like. In countries like Bosnia, Croatia, and Turkey, the name Azra has been a popular Arabic name for baby girls. There’s no reason why this name couldn’t replace the name ‘Virginia’ as it’s a cooler variant in the West.

  • Belia

If you’ve heard the name ‘Bella’ before, think of ‘Belia’ as the prettier and more unique translation. Belia is a trending name of Spanish origin meaning “God’s promise.” It’s a variant of the Hebrew name ‘Isabel.’ Belia stands out as a name because it’s even more unique than Isabel and Bella’s variants.

  • Boyana

‘Boyana’ is the name of Bulgarian origin, meaning “battle.” It’s a beautiful name, not only because of the way it sounds but also because it’s a feminine name with a powerful meaning that connotes strength and equity.

  • Beatriz

Beatriz’s attractive name means “girl who brings happiness” or “a blessed girl.” The origin of the name can be traced back to the Spanish and Portuguese. It’s a popular and more appealing variant of the name ‘Beatrice.’ While Beatrice is a popular name among the Hispanic community, its variant Beatriz has been lingering in the top 5 girls’ names list in Portugal for quite some time.

  • Celestina

Spanish and Italian origin names are among the most famous European names for baby girls. ‘Celestina,’ which means “heavenly”, is no exception. This rare name is graceful and stunning in both meaning and the way it sounds. It makes for a cool name to grant your brand new baby girl, as it’s rare, fresh, and beautiful, like herself.

  • Diane

‘Diane’ is a name of French origin, with the French version of the name being ‘Diana,’ meaning “divine.” In Latin, Diane means “fertile, God, divine.” Though there’s nothing unusual or rare about this name, it is, however, one of those evergreen names that will always sound cool, especially if it’s spelled as Diane instead of Diana.

  • Emma

‘Emma’ is yet another graceful European name. It has English, French, and German origins. The string of adjectives that best describe its meaning includes “complete, whole, and universal.” With people like Emma Thompson and Emma Watson as famous namesakes, Emma’s popularity has only seen one direction β€” up. Emma is a hugely popular baby girl name in France, Belgium, Netherlands, and Norway.

  • Esmeralda

‘Esmeralda’ is a stunning Spanish and Portuguese name that in English means “emerald.” Ever since Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling named their little girl Esmeralda six years ago, curious parents-to-be have been giving this beautiful name serious consideration. While Eva and Ryan’s motivation behind the name selection was the ‘Esmeralda’ character from the cool Victor Hugo novel, ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame,’ your’s could be that or its gorgeous meaning.

  • Flavia

Back in the day, ‘Flavia’ was the name of an ancient Roman clan. As unusual and historic as it is today, it is one of Italy’s most popular baby girl names. The name originates from the Latin word for “blonde or golden-haired.” In the United States, Flavia’s popularity as a girl’s name is slowly rising as names beginning with ‘F’ are in demand.

  • Galena

‘Galena’ is a baby girl name of Greek origin that means “calm, tranquil.” This name is the Bulgarian and Macedonian feminine version of ‘Galenos.’ The name Galena is unusual for the United States. It’s been around European countries like Britain, Bulgaria, and Greece since far back. All in all, it’s a beautiful name, and your beautiful girl will be thankful you named her uniquely.

  • Chiara

‘Chiara’ is a name of Italian origin, meaning” light.” The significance of the name is as wonderful as its attractive uniqueness. Being gifted with Chiara’s name, your little angel will grow up to be a light for herself, her family, and others. She will shine bright and achieve more than she dreams of. The celebrity angle to this great name is the famous Italian blogger named Chiara Ferragni. The blogger has a cool name, a cool fashion sense, and is shining in her field and upon her fans.

  • Èlena

‘Èlena’ is a beautiful baby girl name with Greek origins that means “shining light” or “the bright one.” Isn’t that exactly what you want your little angel to be in her life? This is one of the coolest European names with a badass meaning.

  • Hannah

‘Hannah’ is an attractive European name of Hebrew origin, meaning “grace” or “graciousness.” In Europe, this name is most popular in Austria, Britain, Norway, and Holland. In the Old Testament, Samuel’s mother’s name is Hannah. To sum it up, Hannah is a well-rounded name for your baby girl.

  • Keren

What if you named your baby girl a name that meant “ray of light” and “glorious dignity”? That would be fantastic, especially if it sounds beautiful to hear as well! How about Keren? Yes, Keren is that attractive and meaningful name we just described. It’s hugely popular in Europe. It’s a Biblical name (Hebrew and Arabic origin) that also stands for “power” and strength.”

  • Maja

Your daughter will thank you for blessing her with the famous Swedish name Maja for the rest of her life. To top it off, Maja means “pearl.” Unique names like this stay in the scene for a super long time.

  • Maya

Maya means “water.” This beautiful name representing purity and freshness has its origins in Spanish, Hebrew, and Greek culture. Furthermore, it means “illusion” in Sanskrit and “graciousness” in Arabic. This is one of the most globally appealing names, hence, super cool for your baby angel.

  • Mareike

We’re pretty sure you may not have heard this one before. Mareike is a variation of Mary or Mariah, and it’s of German origin. The sweet-sounding name means “bitter.” There are different acceptable pronunciations for this name. In the U.S. it would likely be pronounced “mah-reek”. That would sound sweet, pleasantly unique, and super cool, just like your daughter.

  • Michalina

Michalina is the Polish version of Michaela. It means “no one compares to the Lord.” It’s pronounced “Me-HA-LEE-na”, which makes it even more unique. When you introduce names like this to western nations like the U.S., you’re bound to get a compliment each time you say your name.

  • Sophia

Sophia or Sofia is a name with English and Greek origins. This elegant name means “wisdom.” Famous namesakes of this name include actress Sophia Loren. You’re most likely to encounter people with this name in England, Ireland, Italy, Spain, and Scotland. Sofia is the version of Sophia that you’ll find in Italy and Spain.

  • Tamara

Tamara means “palm tree” or “date tree.” This popular name is a symbol of “beauty” and “fruitfulness.” Such names are unusual, easy to pronounce, and represent nature and beauty packed in an attractive name.

  • Solana

‘Solana’ is a super unique name. The name has Spanish origins and means “sunshine.” This type of name is bound to blow up in the U.S. since Sunshine is already a popular name.

  • Oceana

‘Oceana’ is a name originating in Greek mythology with the meaning “ocean.” It’s a cool name because it’s unusual, beautiful, and connotes lots of beauty and vastness. Oceans are full of life, powerful and unpredictable, tranquil, and much more. All those great things will be represented by your baby girl growing up.

  • Zoe

Another cool name with Greek origins is ‘Zoe.’ This standout name beginning with the last Alphabet of the English Alphabet means “life.” Other happening versions of the trendy name are Zoey and Zoya. Both of which mean the same.

  • Abella

Spanish names are extremely romantic, just like the language. If you like the Spanish language, you can opt for Spanish names for your baby girl. Abella is one such name that has that exotic touch to it. And only a few girls have this name, which makes it perfect for parents looking for uncommon and beautiful names.

  • Mia

If you like short names with good meanings, Mia can be the one. Germans love this name, and so there are many German girls with this gorgeous name. It holds the beautiful meaning of “mine.”

  • Ingrid

If you are into Danish names or have Danish heritage, you can choose the gorgeous name Ingrid. It has such a classy vibe to it! The name of earth’s fertility goddess is Ing. And Ingrid holds the meaning of “Ing’s beauty.”

  • Clare

Clare is a variant of the common European name Clara. It is famous in Italy, and you can find many girls with this name there. But did you know that despite being a European name, this name has a fan following in America?

  • Isabella

If you are a fan of the Twilight movie series, you may already want to give your baby girl the name Isabella. She is the female lead in the series, and her name is Isabella Swan. This name is made famous by this movie. It has a charming and elegant vibe to it. Isa and Bella are two nicknames that you can go for with this name.

Summing Up

It’s important to choose the perfect name for your angelic-looking little one. The name you select will be associated with your child during his or her whole lifetime. The European names above are trending and distinct names that you can confidently associate with your child.

To give your baby the perfect start β€” a cool start β€” provide them with a name that will always be more than a name. It should be a reminder, a confidence booster, and a motivation to lead to their ultimate success. For this, they’ll have no one to thank except God and you, the parents.

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