99 Popular and Cute German Girl Names with Meaning

Every new parent would agree with me. Naming your child is not a casual ordeal.

There are quite a few unwritten rules here. The name should sound pleasant to the ears; have an impactful meaning, and should have a strong cultural influence. In short, selecting a name takes a lot of brainstorming!

German names for baby girls have a unique charm. The country boasts of a rich culture that is shadowed in its names. It is thus truly inspirational. You add a hint of the German heritage to a girls’ name, and it will exude significance and beauty.

To help you in this quest, we have listed the popular and cute German girl names with the meaning of each name explained. Hunt through our German girl names, and you are sure to find a name that matches your philosophy.

Pick From The Famous German Girl Names List

german girl names list
  • Albrun

The name comes from the old and High German region and means the supernatural being. It also means the secret magic. Albrun is popularly spelled as Albruna.

  • Aliz

All the music lover parents are sure to fall for the name Aliz. The name creates a harmonious melody and means sweet. Another meaning of this name is holy and noble.
Alice Barrett is a well-known actress from America.

  • Adelaide

Adelaide means the noble one. It has a German and Dutch origin. The name comes from the German word Adelheidis which could be a rare name variant for Adeliade. Nickname her as Ada, Addie, Dell, or Adele.

The famous namesake is Adelheid Maria Eichner, the German composer.

  • Adriane

This name traces its origin to Greece as well as Germany. It means benevolent and good, a quality you would always want your daughter to be bestowed with. Adrianne is a spelling variation of this name.

The famous actress and singer Adrienne Barbeau carries this name.

  • Amalia

Amalia means work, though, Emelia, the variation of this name is the most popular in Germany. If you want to keep a unique name, then go ahead and name your girl Amalia.

Amalia Mendoza García, from the golden age of the Mexican cinema, was a famous actress and singer.

  • Agata

Agata means good-hearted. Why not choose this uncommon name for your baby girl? You may also spell it as Agatha.

Our much-beloved writer, Agatha Christie endures this name.

  • Alviria

For your dearly loved baby girl, there could be no better name than Alviria. The German name also means friendly.

  • Adolfa

The female of Adolf or the noble wolf, Adolfa, is a famous German name also spelled as Adolpha or Adolphina.

  • Amalfrieda

Peace and friendship are what the name Amalfrieda describes. It is a beautiful name to bestow on your girl. You can change its spelling a bit to Amalfreda.

  • Aili

Aili means sweet, blessed and holy. A single name thus carries all the feminine traits that you desire in your baby girl. The spelling could be varied to Aile or Aille.

  • Aloisa

The lyrical name Aloisa means the renowned warrior. The name stands out, creating a balance between feminist and fierce.

  • Annike

An original German name, Annike is a symbol of mercy and gracefulness. Anika, Annika, and Anneke are some variations of this famous name.

Call her Annike, and she will share her name with Anika Noni Rose, the famous American actress.

  • Anja

Anja depicts mercy and grace. There are various spelling variations like Anne, Anna, Anya, Ania, and Anje.

Anja Blacha, the German mountaineer, is a celebrity with who your daughter will share her name.

  • Andrea

The female of Andrew, Andrea is a name that depicts bravery.

Andrea Allan is a famous American actress.

  • Antonie

Praiseworthy and princess – What an apt name to perfectly suit the image of your girl! The German name could also be tweaked to Antonia.

  • Anneliese

Anneliese has a Nordic, Dutch, and German origin. It means favor and grace, a character that all parents dream for their daughter to possess when she is a grown-up lady. You can tweak the name to Annelies or Liese.

Anneliese von Oettingen is a famous choreographer and ballerina.

  • Angelika

Angelika is a Latin, Greek, and German name that means angelic. Picture this name on your little angel, and your heart is sure to fill with joy. You may spell it, Angelica, too.

Angelica Agurbash is a former model and singer.

  • Angelina

When you hear this name, what comes to your mind first? For me, it’s the gorgeous Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie! If you are someone who is a fan of this actress, you can give your baby girl this name. It has its origin in Greek and comes with the meaning of an angel.

  • Anna

Anna is a popular name in South Germany. If you like short and trendy names, you can choose the name Anna for your baby girl. It carries the meaning of favor or grace – perfect for your graceful girl.

  • Charlotte

There are many novels where you get the name Charlotte. It is a traditional name that has its roots in Old French. But you still can’t ignore the charm this name carries. It holds the meaning of free.

  • Eleanor

The name Eleanor has an Old French vibe to it. It is taken from the French language. If you like traditional names with a modern touch to them, you can choose the name Eleanor. It comes with the meaning of shining light.

  • Hanna

If you are a fan of Hannah Montana, you sure are going to like the name, Hanna. This German name comes with the gorgeous meanings of favor, beauty, and grace. It has its roots in the Hebrew language.

  • Bluma

The blooming flower, Bluma, is a German, Yiddish, and Hebrew name that means blossom.

Bluma Wulfovna Zeigarnik is a Soviet psychiatrist and psychologist.

  • Belinda

The pretty one is what Belinda signifies. Easy to spell, nice to hear, and with a delicate meaning, you may have already landed on the name you were looking for.

Your daughter will be proud to share her name with Belinda Carlisle, the American singer, musician, and author.

  • Bettina

You have been gifted with a baby girl, so why not name her Bettina, which means blessed. The name can be shortened to Beth, Bessy, or Betsy.

Bettina Rheims is a French photographer.

  • Bertina

It is said that a name has a significant influence on what its bearer will grow up to be. Bertina is the name from the list that every independent parent wants to name their baby girl. It stands for famous, bright, and intelligent. Bertina is a rare name, and so are its spelling variations like Tine, Bertine, and Bertie.

Bertina Lopes, the famous sculptor and painter from Mozambique, is a namesake.

  • Barbara

Barbara or the exotic one- Is that your daughter for you? Don’t think further and go for this name. Want to make it a little unique, then try Barbra.

Barbara Joan Streisand needs no introduction. The American filmmaker, actress, and singer is a celebrity who carries this name.

  • Beatrix

Beatrix or Beatrice means happy. It is a perfect name for your happy-go-lucky girl.

  • Bathilda

The warrior woman Bathilda is the name that immediately lets you picture an independent, strong, and bold woman.

  • Bertrun

The famous bright raven Betrun or Bertrune also means the shining secret.

  • Cara

Cara means the dear friend and is a famous German name. It also means the beloved one or endearment. Apt for the most loved one in your family, this could be the name you may fall over for.

You are indeed thinking about Cara Jocelyn Delevingne, the actress, singer, and English model.

  • Clarissa

Clear and bright is what you want your girls’ thoughts to be like. Thus name her Clarissa.

Clarissa Dickson Wright is a celebrity chef from England.

  • Chay

Your search for a dreamy name ends with Chay. Chay or fairy-tale has a Gaelic and German origin.

  • Dorothea

The gift of God, Dorothea, could be the name you may fall in love to name your child with.  Most parents, however, choose to vary the names spelling to Dorothy, Dorothee, and Doro.

Dorothea Maria Lösch, the first female to captain the Swedish navy, is a famous bearer of this name.

  • Elke

Elke means of noble birth. If you are in search of a rare name, then this is the name to choose. You are free to change its spelling to Alke, Elka, or Elkie. The name comes from the Low German areas.

Elke Sommer the actress and Elke Heidenreich the journalist adorn this name.

  • Ediline

Ediline means gracious, a moniker that is not just soothing to the ears but to the heart as well.

  • Elisabeth

God’s promise, Elizabeth is one of the most common and popular German names. It comes from Elisheva in Hebrew and is a sweet name to choose for your girl.

Elizabeth Chase Olsen is a famous American actress.

  • Emma

It is unlikely that you may not have come across the name Emma. A famous German name, Emma, means universal. However, Emma is a pretty common name, so you would want to tweak it to Emmalyn or Emerson to give it a rarity.

Emily Jean Stone is a Golden Globe award and British Academy film award winner.

  • Eleonora

Eleonora means the other. Though if you are a fan of Eleanor, then this name may have already captured your heart.

Eleonora Giulia Amalia Duse was an Italian actress.

  • Emery

For those parents who wish for their daughter to grow up to be strong and independent, Emery is the name to choose. It means industrious. Emery is a popular alternative to Emily, Emma, or Emilia. This moniker does create an impact.

  • Evi

Evi or life is what your daughter means to you. Eve, Evie, or Eva could be its variations.

  • Erika

An eternal rule, a powerful monarch, Erica, Ericka, or Erica, choose what you may the name does create a strong impact which will be carried with dignity by your little one.

Erika Schaefer is a famous actress who is a popular namesake.

  • Elsa

Your daughter is a pretty princess, and she needs a name that resonates with what you feel about her. Are you not a fairy tale lover? Then Elsa could still be your choice as it means pledged to God.

Elsa Lafuente Medianu is a Spanish actress and model.

  • Felicie

This lyrical German girl’s name means happiness and good fortune.

  • Felicie

Happy and the one who brings in good fortune, Felicie is what your daughter gifted to both of you.

  • Fritzi

Fritzi is a peacekeeper, a peaceful ruler, a popular name among parents to keep for their little girl.

Fritzi Ridgeway was a silent film actress in American movies.

  • Frieda

Frieda means lady, a classic name for an elegant female who is your daughter. Freya or Frida is the standard variant of this traditional name, though the old-fashioned name carries its charm.

Frieda Rebecca Hughes is an English painter and poet.

  • Fenja

It’s quite a rare name, and we are sure that when your daughter introduces herself, people may want to understand its meaning. Fenja means tranquillity, peace, and friendship, and your daughter will state out the meaning with pride.

  • Florentia

Prosperous and flourishing, Florentia is a German girl’s name that sounds flowery and unique.

  • Geraldine

The feminine of Gerlad is the name for all those girls who will grow up to be strong and brave true to their name. It means the ruler with the spear.

Geraldine Ferraro was the US congresswoman between 1935 to 2011.

  • Gratia

A blessing or grace, Gratia also means God’s gift.

  • Gisele

Gisele is both a German and French baby girl name, and it means the bright pledge. Giselle, Gisela and Gisselle are its popular spelling variations.

Gisele Bündchen, the supermodel from Brazil, is the first name that pops up in our minds on hearing this name.

  • Helga

Successful, prosperous, blessed, and holy – a complete bundle of positivity Helga is a real charmer in this list.

Helga Niessen Masthof is a famous german tennis player.

  • Heidi

Heidi or noble is cute and short and a perfect pick for parents searching for a traditional name.

The classic name is of Heidi Klum, the supermodel. The name reminds us of Heidi Blair Montag, the singer, actress, and American reality TV show personality.

  • Ilse 

The holy and pious parents who want to keep a touch of spirituality when choosing their baby girl’s name can opt for this German name, IIse. The name means consecrated to God. If you find the spelling a bit confusing, then change it to Elsa or Else.

Some famous personalities like Ilse Fischer, the Austrian mathematician and Ilse Aichinger, the Austrian writer, carry this name.

  • Ida

Name your girl Ida. This cute and short name means industrious and is a popular baby girl’s name in Germany. Ida is a feminine yet strong name loved by most parents who dream for their girl to grow up to be one of a tough character.

Ida Baccini from Italy is a children’s author.

  • Ilina

Ilina means an intelligent woman true to what you pray your girl becomes when she is mature. Illini and Illina are its common variations.

  • Inge

Inge means belonging to the Nordic deity Ing. It is a famous German name with variations like Inge or Inga.

Ingeborg Bachmann, the author and poet from Austria, and Ingrid Michaelson, the American singer, carry this name.

  • Ivana

A gift from heaven, Ivana is a name that comes from a parent’s heart. It also means God is gracious. Ivvanna, Ivanah and Ivannah are its variations.

Ivana Marie Trump is the American businesswoman and the daughter of former President Donald Trump.

  • Irmgard

Universal and complete, Irmgard is also a mythological character, the goddess of war. Irmghard and Irmmgard are its popular versions.

  • Josepha

Wish to name your daughter after Josephine or Joseph? Then call her Josepha. It means Jehovah increases and is a captivating German name to choose for your baby girl.

  • Johanna

Johanna is both a Hebrew and German name. It means God is gracious. Johanna is a common name though you may want to variate it to Johanne, Hanne, or Hanna if you choose to.

Have you read the book, Heidi? Then you know the famous namesake of this name, Johanna Spyri, the Swiss author.

  • Juliane

Juliane or youthful also means dedicated to Jupiter or Jove. So Juliana, Julia, and Julianne are its variations.

  • Jutta

Belonging to the Low German and the Hebrew region, Jutta means child, mankind, and descendant. Jude, Judith, and Judy are also some common spellings of this name.

Jutta Hipp is a jazz musician from Germany.

  • Klara

Klara is a Latin and German name. Again this is not a rare name but draws a lot of attention because of its meaning. If this is what you want your girl to be, famous, bright, and clear, then call her Klara. Klaire, Clara, and Claire are some variations of this name.

And your daughter will share her name with none other than the Red Cross founder, Clara Barton

  • Katharina

Katharina or Katarina, you are free to spell the name as you want. The name means pure, apt for your baby girl who you want to grow up to be a clean soul. Catalina, Katrina, and Trina are some modern versions of this name.

  • Karin

The dearest little one or pure, Karin is a real find in this list to name your baby girl with. Karen is an alternate spelling for this name.

  • Lina

Tender is what this moniker means. However, the short, cute, and sweet name could be an ideal naming choice for many parents.

  • Lisbeth

Pledged to God in Hebrew, Lisbeth is a popular German girl name to choose.

  • Lorelei

Lorelei is the rocky headland on the Rhine rivers banks, and this is from where the name traces its origin. The German name is spelled differently by most as Loreley, Lore, and Lori.

Lorelei King, the screenwriter and actress from America is a famous personality with this name.

  • Luana

Luana means the graceful warrior. It is a bold name for your daughter who will grow up to symbolize girl power.

Luana Elídia Afonso Piovani is a Brazilian actress.

  • Louisa

Louisa means a famous warrior, and don’t you want your girl to grow up to be one? Someone who is strong and stands up for the right and fights against the wrongdoings is your girl called Louisa. Louisa is for those strong-headed parents who want their daughters to be true warriors in their lives.

Louisa May Alcott is the author of the Little Woman book.

  • Leni

Lena or Lena means light. It also symbolizes sunshine and the sunlight ray.

  • Lisette

For the pious and religious parents, Lisette could be an excellent choice. It means devoted to God or God’s promise.

  • Lotte

Lotte is also popularly spelled as Lotta. A top German name pick, Lotte sounds feminine, but the girly name means masculine. A unisex name, the name has an edge, especially among modern parents.

Lotte Lenya is an American actress and singer.

  • Layla

Night or dark, Layla is a name that can be chosen if your girl has dark features or was born during the night. Leila, Laylah, and Lailah are its variations.

Leila Hyams is an American model and actress.

  • Margarethe

The name Margarethe has both a Greek and German origin, and it means the pearl. There are some peculiar variations of this name, like Gretchen, Gretl, and Margo.

Who does not know Margaret Thatcher, the prime minister of Britain?  We also have Margarethe von Trotta, the film director from Germany, who shares this name.

  • Marlene

Marlene comes from Magdalene and Maria and means the high tower. The name is similar to the other famous English names like Eileen and Marlena. But Marlene is classic and a timeless name to choose.

Marlene Dietrich is an American singer and actress who belonged to Germany.

  • Maude

Maude or Maud means a mighty warrior. It is a Hebrew and an old German name that is believed to be related to Matilda.

  • Matilda

Just the sound of the name imparts courage. Name her Matilda or shorten it to the modern Tilda. The word means mighty in a battle. If you name her Matilda, you can give her a unique nickname of Tillie or Mattie. A perfect blend of cuteness and strength, Matilda is the name to choose.

The German queen from the 12th century, Empress Matilda, is a famous personality who carried this name.

  • Millicent

Strong at their work, this German and French girl’s name does portray a robust character.

  • Mia

Short and sweet, Mia means the queen. It also means the ocean goddess or the God of justice. You may want to call your daughter Maya instead.

  • Nadia

Nadia means hope and the one who will not give up what may come. A lady with such an attitude is sure to reach every goal that she sets for herself. And this is your daughter. Naddiah, Naida, and Naidah are the popular variants of this name.

Nadia Ali is an American songwriter and singer.

  • Nixie

The water nymph- This is what Nixie means. It is indeed a unique name to keep for your baby girl.

  • Olga

Holy and blessed, Olga is a rare find which also means successful. Helga and Oga are its variations.

  • Robyn

Robyn means famous and is a perfect selection for your little one who wants to grow up and shine. The classic yet modern name can be tweaked to an easier spelling- Robin.

The super talented Robyn Rihanna Fenty is a Barbadian businesswoman, actress, singer, and fashion designer.

  • Renate

To be born again is what Renate means. Renata, Renee, and Rena are its spelling variations.

Renata Voráčová is a famous Czech tennis player with this name.

  • Romantza

The name is a head-turner. It feels like an amalgamation of romance and roman. A name that shows love, Romantza is an adorable pick for you.

  • Rebekah

The Hebrew and German name means captivating or to bind and tie. Want to make the name attractive? Then change it to Rebekka or Rebeccah.

Rebekah Brooks, a former journalist and British media executive adorns this name.

  • Rheta

Rheta is an eloquent speaker, clear and bold in her thoughts and articulation. Choose this if you are looking for a rare German baby girl name.

  • Rapunzel

Just out from our favorite fairy tale, the name forms a picture of a beautiful and elegant lady with long and lustrous hair. The name depicts beauty. Rapunzel,  though, means the lambs lettuce.

  • Rosamund

Rosamund rings in your years for hours together and means the horse protector. It is a lovely feminine name but with a character. Rosamond, Rosamina, and Rosa are some of the name variations.

Rosamund Pike is the first name that comes to mind here. She is a well-known British actress.

  • Stefanie

Stefanie means crown. The German name has some interesting variations like Steffi, Stephanie, and Steph.

We have some world-famous personalities who carry this name.

Steffi Graph, the famous tennis player from Germany, and Stefanie Powers, the American actress, is who your daughter will share her name with. Trust me. She is going to brag around when she realizes this.

  • Sabine

Sabine, though Italian, is famous in Germany as well. It means the women of the Sabine people. Sabrina and Sabina are its alternative spelling.

The German physicist Sabine Hossenfelder is a famous personality with this name.

  • Truda

Truda means the fighting woman and is an alternate name variation of Trudy.

  • Ursula

The little she-bear, Ursula, is also spelled as Urzula.

Ursula Andress is a former Swiss model and actress

  • Winola

Winnola stands for a peaceful and charming friend and can be a sweet name selection for your baby girl. Winolla, Winnola, and Winnolla are the spelling variations.

  • Zemirah

Happy in life or blessed, Zemirah is a head-turner. It also means a joyous melody. The name throws such good vibes and so much positivity that it automatically finds a place among the top choices in the list of German girl names.

  • Zelda

The grey fighting maid, Zelda, is fresh in stock. Rare but elegant, you may have already come across this moniker in several movies.

Zelda Rae Williams is an American director, actress, and producer with who your daughter will share her name.


Parents choose their babies name such that it captures what they dream and hope for their little one. German names are an excellent option for girl names because they are cute and popular, empowering your girl all through her life.

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