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25 Baby Boy Name That Mean King

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When we hear the word ‘king,’ the following descriptions instantly come to mind: ruler of the state, the male head of a royal family, the most important chess piece, the regal leader of the nation, and the noblest and most powerful person. Who wouldn’t want their child to be all of the above and the king in their life’s script?

An increasing number of parents are searching for a name for their newborn that means or implies “king” or “kingly.” We live in a more equitable world than ever, which is why, according to trend, it’s not just for baby boys’, the search goes on for baby girls’ too. Growing up, each child, boy or girl, should imbibe leadership skills, a majestic and brave outlook, bravery, and kindness, much like a king does.

In this article, we have listed 25 baby boy and girl names that mean king.

Baby Names That Mean King

Baby Names That Mean King

Listed below are 21 of the top names that mean “King.” For those that dare to be different, some of the names given in blue (boy’s name) or pink (girl’s name) may be identified as unisex names. The unisex names below are highlighted in either blue or pink to indicate the specific gender the name is generally tilted towards in terms of naming popularity.

  • Adelio (Unisex)

‘Adelio’ is a name of Latin and Spanish origin, meaning “the father of the noble prince” or “father of the little prince.” It’s a name generally approved for naming a baby boy, though it can be a girl’s name too.  Adelio is an attractive, unique, and simple to pronounce name for your child.

Growing up with a name that translates to “being noble, a leader, and a responsible person,” your child shall imbibe a clear direction in life, to succeed, and to be looked upon as a positive, kind-hearted person.

  • Amirah

The nameAmirah’ is a name of Arabic origin that means “king” or “ruler.” Being a female name, it’s not incorrect for it to be popularly associated with the meaning “princess.” In the United States Amirah is a rare name, which has slowly been rising in popularity over the years. Overall, it’s a beautiful, unique name that connotes royalty, leadership, and all the associated positivity. The “h” in the end is to be ignored while pronouncing the name. Think of the ‘h’ as the quirky element, and pronounce the name as though you’re saying the classy name ‘Amira.’

  • Aubrey (Unisex)

Looking for a baby name that means leader, ruler, or any other kingly connotation? Aubrey, a name of French, English origins could be your perfect choice. This beautiful unisex name gained fast-paced popularity among girls’ names starting in the 2000s. It’s meaning is “ruler of the elves.” It wasn’t until 1974 when this 100% for boys name tilted towards becoming a 98% female name. That’s not all. Famous name bearers include Aubrey Plaza (from Deadpan comic fame), Rapper Drake (born Aubrey Drake Graham), and Terrence Howard’s daughter ‘Aubrey Howard.’

  • Addo

If you are into unique names, you can go for Addo. It has its origin in Ghana. It holds the meaning of the king of the path. You can also choose the variation of this name, which is Ado. A famous personality with this name is Addo Akufo-Addo. He is the president of Ghana.

  • Ade

If you like short names, you can choose this three-letter name for your baby boy or girl, as it is a unisex name. It has its roots in Nigeria. Some other variations of this sweet name are Adam and Adrian. It is mostly used in Indonesia and ranks 13th. It holds the royal meaning of king.

  • Alaric

If you are a fan of The Vampire Diaries series, you may already know this name. A prominent character in that series has this name. It has a sexy and charming vibe to it. And there is something ancient about this name. It holds the meaning of a noble ruler. There are multiple variants of Alaric, including Allaric, Alaryk, Alarich, and Alarik.

  • Aldrich

This is an Old English boy’s name that sounds traditional. It holds the meaning of an old, wise ruler. If you don’t want to go with this spelling, you can choose between Aldrige and Aldridge. This is a very rare name and is mostly used in the Philippines.

  • Basil

Basil is a boy’s name, derived from the Greek word ‘basileus.’ According to its Greek and pre-Hellenic origin, this name means “royal, kingly, emperor, or tzar.” A popular bearer of the name is St Basil, who was the Bishop of Caesarea in the late 4th century. If it weren’t for the Crusaders, the name wouldn’t have made its way into Western Europe.

Interestingly, the plant named Basil and the baby name Basil, are both derived from the same Greek word. Today, Basil is more popular in Britain and Europe than in the U.S. Overall, it’s an attractive name many newbie parents everywhere are loving considering. 

  • Darius

Darius is a name of English, Lithuanian, and Romanian origin, meaning “kingly and wealthy.” Yet, it’s also believed to mean “he who holds firm to good,” as per the Persian origin word ‘Dārayavauš.’

The three words that best describe this name are: masculine, formal, and strong. Namesakes include Egyptian pharaohs, Persian kings, Biblical characters, and even Olympic medalists. Must we say more?

  • Darya

Darya, meaning “Kingly,” is a Russian origin name that not only sounds exotic but is one of the few feminine names that directly mean “King.” That’s not all, this attractive name is also a variant of the beautiful Persian name ‘Daria,’ meaning “the sea.” Both the Russian and Iranian variants of this pleasing baby girl name together connote leadership, strength, stability, and unfathomable success.

  • Erica

‘Erica’ is a popular name of English origin considered for naming baby girls’. Erica, a feminine form of ‘Eric,’ has multiple meanings including “eternal ruler, sole ruler, always ruler, monarch, and powerful.” Today, it’s a name commonly considered by the English (including all English speaking nations), Swedish, and Italians.

This name’s popularity growth path has been declining in some countries since the early 2000s due in part to the introduction of spelling variations like Erika. Overall, we feel it’s a beautiful name to consider for your precious baby girl.

  • Harriet

‘Harriet’ is a pretty name having both French and English origin. The name means “estate ruler,” or “powerful ruler of the home.” Harriet is the English variant of ‘Henriette’ — a French name that’s the feminine diminutive of the name ‘Henri,’ meaning “king.”

In the U.K, Harriet is considered among upscale and stylish names for girls’. If you’re searching for a solid, classy name for your newborn daughter that connotes leadership then look no further.

  • Kian

The short but apt name ‘Kian’ is yet another Persian origin name gaining popularity among names that mean “King.” Kian is a boy’s name originating from Iran, meaning “king” or “foundation” in the Farsi  (a.k.a. Persian) language.  It also means “symbol of pride.” Overall, it has all the characteristics of a fabulous name.

It’s short, pleasantly unusual (though popular), easy to pronounce, and phenomenal in meaning. If you’re looking for a very unique, royal sounding name for your upcoming child, pick ‘Kian.’

  • King

If you’re on the hunt for a baby boy name that means “king, well, how about ‘King?’ It’s a name of English origin that means “king,” or “ruler, monarch.”  Lately, this name has witnessed a sharp rise in popularity as a given name in the U.S. more than anywhere else.

From celebrities like King Donovan (movie actor) and King Kelly (baseball player) of a bygone era to King Dillon (rapper) and King Liang (Youtube star) of current times, this name that means “ruler,” is here to stay.

If you’re looking for further richer associations, how’s Dr. Martin Luther King Jr (American activist), or King Camp Gillette (inventor of the safety razor)?

  • Kinsley

‘Kinsley’ is a cute and classy name of English origin, primarily meaning “king’s meadow.”  In terms of popularity, it can easily be inferred as one of the fastest rising girls’ names beginning with ‘k.’ In earlier times, Kinsley was a neutral (or non-gendered) baby name that means “king’s meadow” or “royal wood clearing” and “royal victory.”

There is a city in the state of Kansas by the name Kinsley. Overall, consider it an incredible predominantly baby girl name.

  • Leroy

‘Leroy’ is an exotic-sounding name of French origin that has evolved from the popular masculine name ‘Roy.’ This French form name means “the king,” and considered a common English given name since the 19th Century. Today, this name has strong identification as an African-American name than a white name.

Baseball Hall of Famer ‘Leroy Robert Paige,’ who was popularly known as ‘Satchel Paige,’ is one of the most famous bearers of the given name Leroy.

  • Malik

‘Malik’ is an incredibly cool name that originates from the Arabic language and means “king or sovereign.”  As per Islam, ‘al-Malik’ is one of the 99 variations of the name ‘Allah.’ It’s a simple-sounding name with powerful elements of tradition and inherent meaning.  In Arabic, the female version of Malik is ‘Malikah,’ meaning “queen.”

It’s impressive to note, in Greenland, Malik is a popular boys’ name, meaning “wave”.

  • Reagan (unisex)

This unisex (neutral, non-gendered) name is of Irish origin meaning “little king.” With no other meanings directly or indirectly associated with this name, it’s a straightforward, attractive name for a newborn girl or boy. It’s one of the few unisex names that tilt in favor of both genders (though slightly more towards the feminine side).

Its popularity as a given name has ranked higher with each passing year. One of the most famous namesakes is the 40th United States president ‘Ronald Reagan.’

  • Rex

Rex is a given name considered by parents seeking a suitable name for their baby boy. It’s a name of Latin origin, meaning “king,” or king of the “universe.” Since the 19th century, Rex has gained popularity as a given name across English speaking nations. It’s a short name with a quirky ending due to the ‘x.’

The name has strong masculine references due to its sound and meaning. It’s often termed as a sexy, sleek name that is also royal. In the popular animated children’s film series ‘Toy Story,” Rex is the name of the dinosaur.

Another famous bearer of the name is one of Coldplay’s Will Champion’s twin son’s.

  • Rey (Unisex)

The Spanish origin name ‘Rey’ (pronounced “Ray”) means “king.” It’s considered a good option for your precious, angelic baby girl. It’s variant ‘Ray’ was a popular boy name, until the Star Wars fictional character ‘Rey Skywalker’ (the main protagonist) changed everything.

Due to the popularity of the movie and that character specially, Rey is considered an incredible girl name without second thoughts.

  • Rian (Unisex)

The name ‘Rian’ evolved from the stylish alternative ‘Ryan.’ It’s a name of Irish origin that means “little king” or “kingly.” It’s a popular name to name your baby boy. Yet, many parents don’t refrain from naming their baby girl Rian, as well.

If we go back in history, Rian is derived from the Irish surname Ó Riain, meaning “descendant of Rian.” Overall, we feel it’s a fabulous baby name that your child, boy, or girl, will be proud of.

  • Rory (Unisex)

Rory is another unisex name that tilts in favor of being a boy’s name. This Ancient Celtic origin name means “red king,” or “the king of all kings.” The main characteristics inferred from this regal name are  “handsome and powerful.” Robert Kennedy’s youngest daughter ‘Rory Kennedy’ and the Irish guitarist ‘Rory Gallagher,’ are just a few among many famous name bearers. Here’s a tip: if you’ve just become the proud parent of a Celtic redhead daughter, then Rory might be a fun, rightful name for her.

  • Sigourney

Sigourney is an unusual sounding name, yet everybody’s heard of it. It’s a name of French origin, meaning “ daring king.” It’s one of those attractive names made famous (by popular actress Sigourney Weaver) but never really took off in popularity. The slightly complex spelling might have contributed to the name’s stagnant popularity. Yet, we feel it’s an incredible name for your bundle of joy. Interesting fact: Actress Sigourney Weaver adopted her ‘stage’ name Sigourney from a character in The Great Gatsby — ‘Sigourney Howard.’

  • Sultan

‘Sultan’ is an Arabic origin name that means “ruler, king.” It was originally the title given to a ruler in many regions of the Muslim World. The female version of this name is ‘Sultana.’ Though in Turkey Sultan is used for both boys and girls. These days, the common title ‘Sultan’ is often used as a given name in many parts of the world, especially in Muslim cultures. Ever since 2015, there’s been a steady rise in the popularity of the name within the United States and other countries.

  • Vladimir

‘Vladimir’ is a boy’s name of Slavic and Russian origin meaning “great ruler” and “renowned prince.” It’s one of the most common names in Russian culture.  Vladimir Putin, who is the president of Russia since 2012 is one of its most famous name bearers. Others include  Russian-American pianist Vladimir Horowitz. And, the most famous of them all — Vladimir Lenin, the Russian revolutionary, politician. All in all, it’s an incredible name that stands for “leadership” and “power.” A neat nickname associated with the name is ‘Vlad.’

Summing Up

If you would like to name your baby boy or girl a name that comes close in meaning to “king,” then look no further. Our list is a result of extensive research and analysis of the top naming trends in recent times. A growing trend shows parents are considering such princely names for not only their son but also their daughter. The reason is the lifelong motivation and direction a child gets by being permanently tagged with a wonderful and meaningful name, such as one that means “king”.

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