89 Powerful Names that Means Warrior for Boys & Girls

Have you just become parents to a beautiful princess or a prince? Are you looking for a warrior name to always remember how your baby has risen against all odds?

Your search ends here!

In this post, I have come up with a list of some of the gorgeous names that mean warrior, fierce, and protector.

When choosing a name for your little girl or boy, the chances are that you want to go for names that reflect the characteristics and features that you want them to have. And as you want to name your baby with the meaning warrior, maybe you want them to be courageous, dedicated, and strong, isn’t it?

Hence, the name list that I have compiled serves as a medium to honor and remember such courageous traits. These names are popular. In fact, some of them even have references in history. Most of the names in my list are chosen, honoring several protectors, survivors, and fighters. You can give those names to your baby to let them know that they are their role models. Also, these names will give your baby the strength to take on further in their life.

Lovely Baby Girl Names that Mean Warrior

Lovely Baby Girl Names that Mean Warrior

If you have become parents to a little angel, these names with the meaning warrior are for you. Check out!

  • Armista

Do you like your baby girl to have a modern English name?

How about Armista?

This name means an end to war. Derived from Armistice, this name is taken from two Latin words. One is arma, and the other is stitium. While the former means arms, the latter means stoppage.

  • Alojzia

Alojzia has its roots in the Slovakian language.

Did you know what is interesting about this name?

It is considered both a Slovakian and a Hungarian name. It means a famous battle.

  • Aldara

Did I tell you that the name Aldara is given to at least 50 babies each year in Spain?

And in the U.S., the count is 1 to 5!

It is a Galacian name with the meaning caution in a war.

  • Alala

This name sounds melodious, isn’t it?

Did you know that Alala was the name of an attendant of the god of war, Ares, in Greek mythology?

The war cry of Alala was “alale alala”. And this makes it an onomatopoeic name.

The meaning of this ancient Greek name is battle-cry.

  • Agrona

Most people say that Agrona is taken from the Celtic language. The Celts worshipped Argona, a Brythonic goddess in the place that today is called Great Britain.

This name is derived from the Latin word Agravare. Yes, this is the word from which came the English word aggravation.

Agrona means to slaughter and battle.

  • Borna

It is a Croatian name that means battle.

Please note that Borna is the name of a virus that gives birth to neurological diseases in a number of mammals. I am telling you because you don’t want to give your baby a name that means a virus, right?

  • Borisa

Before I tell you more about the name Borisa, let me ask you something. Do you know what Vlach is?

It is the Romanian language that an ethnic group from some parts of the world speaks. This includes southern Albania, northern Greece, eastern Serbia, southwestern Bulgaria, and north Macedonia.

Borisa means fighter.

  • Bodil

The Old Norse name Bodil means getting better through battle.

People, who live outside Scandinavia, barely use this name. But if you visit Norway, Sweden, or Denmark, you will see that a lot of girls are given this name. And did I tell you that this is a unisex name? This means both girls and boys can use this name.

  • Bellona

Did you know that Bellona was the ancient Roman goddess of war?

It is said that she used to wear a military helmet and carry a blazing torch while riding into the battlefield on her chariot.

This name from Roman mythology means to fight.

  • Claremonde

It was during the middle ages when Claremonde was used as a forename. Some people used to spell it as Clairmonde. With time, people began using it as a last name too. Then, of course, there was a bit of change – Clermond and Clermont.

It is a French name. The meaning is the bright protector.

  • Ditti

The name Ditti is pronounced as deet-TEE. This Hungarian name started as a nickname for babies with the given name Edit.

Edit is pronounced as EH-deet.

Did you know that on the list of the top names in Hungary, Edit stands at number 21?

These days, people use it as a forename. The meaning of Ditti is war and fortune.

  • Elda

This Italian name is short and sweet. I like it!

Did you know that Elda was at number 389 on the list of the top 1000 most commonly used names?

I am talking about the time after World War l. But, it has not ranked at all after the year 1946. So, I think it is a great time for this name to come back!

It means battle.

  • Editha

Do you like French names? How about the unique name Editha?

This old French name can be perfect for your baby girl if you have French heritage, or you are up for some pretty yet uncommon names!

The meaning of Editha is protector and sister.

  • Forta

Forta is a lovely name from Albania, which is not that common in the U.S.

It means tough and strong in the Albanian language.

If you want to give your baby a cute and short name, Forta is the one!

  • Griselda

Do you love reading Spanish literature?

Then you may come across the gorgeous name Griselda. The meaning is a grey battle.

I LOVE this name!

  • Gorgo

Did you know that the Queen of Sparta’s name was Gorgo?

She was well-known for her excellent political judgment and wisdom. Her husband was King Leonidas l.

This ancient Greek name is easy to pronounce. However, the meaning of this name is grim, fierce, and terrible.

  • Hildegard

Between 1908 and 1938, the name Hildegard became very famous in Germany. In 1922, it took the number 1 spot in the list of the country’s top names. Then again, it dropped to number 17 in the year 1938. Finally, in 1939, it was not there on the charts entirely.

This name from Germany means battlefield.

  • Hedy

Hedy is commonly used as a nickname for boys whose name is Hedwig.

The meaning of Hedy is battle.

  • Hariasa

Did you know that the goddess of war was Hariasa?

Of course, I am talking about German mythology. But some people have a different opinion about the meaning of the name.

While most of them agree that Hariasa means war goddess, others say the meaning of her name is a goddess with a lot of hair.

  • Isolde

Are you into opera?

Did you know that Richard Wagner’s opera “Tristan und Isolde” was based on “Tristan” – a 12th-century Arthurian romance?

Isolde means ice battle.

  • Ingvild

There is a famous Norwegian actress whose name is Ingvild Deila.

The name means battle.

  • Koa

A Hawaiian name, Koa, is also the name of a tree in Hawaii. The wood that you get from this tree is used in the making of acoustic guitars, ukuleles, and Weissenborn-style guitars.

The meaning of Koa is warrior, fearless and bold.

  • Kelsey

Initially, Kelsey was used as a surname in Lincolnshire, England.

The meaning of this Old English name is a fierce island.

  • Lutine

This name came from France. The French navy launched a famous warship in the year 1779, and it was name Lutine. Later, it was captured by the English, who then gave it the name HMS Lutine. Unfortunately, the warship sunk while carrying a huge cargo of gold.

The meaning of this name is the tormentress who fights.

  • Louise

Again, this is a French name that means famous battle.

The female version of the name Louis is Louise. But, if I talk about the U.S., this name was given to many baby boys. The year was 1910 when this name was given to the most number of boys, which was 39.

  • Munda

Munda is an ancient name that means protector.

You can see this name used as surnames such as Munduson and Mundudottir. While the former means Munda’s son, the latter means Mundu’s daughter.

  • Matilda

Did you know that Matilda is the name of a children’s book written by Roald Dahl?

It is the beautiful story of a small girl with superior intelligence who later discovers that she has some hidden talents.

This English name means power in battle.

  • Marisa

You need to pronounce Marisa as ma-REE-sa, and it rhymes with Teresa. But some people mispronounce it as na-RISS-er and rhyme it with Clarissa.

The meaning of this western European name is a rebel famous for war.

  • Malao

The name Malao is used mostly by people living in Netherlands and Denmark.

Do you have a little warrior baby with Dutch or Danish roots?

Then this name would be perfect for her! The meaning of Malao is rebellious.

  • Olivia

The name Olivia has a feminine touch to it. I like it!

This European name has ancient German roots.

According to most people, Olivia is taken from the Olive tree. But that is not true.

Olivia came from Olivier. The latter is the French version of Alfher – a German word.

The meaning of Olivia is elf army.

  • Ritta

The name Ritta is taken from the Finnish language.

Of course, it is different from Rita – a Greenlandic name. If I talk in general, Rita is used as a short version of names that end in “ita.” But in reality, it is the abbreviated version of the name Margarita – the meaning of which is pearl.

Ritta, on the other hand, means fight.

  • Ramona

Did you know that Ramona is a series of children’s books?

It tells the story of a girl named Ramona Quimby. The fifth novel was named “Ramona and Her Mother” in the series, and it bagged the National Book Award in 1981.

This Hungarian name means a wise protector.

  • Raksha

Have you read the famous “The Jungle Book”?

Raksha is a fictional character in it. She says that the meaning of her name is a protector or a nurturer because she is a warrior who will fight for her cubs till her last breath.

  • Shiwen

This is a Chinese name, and you can write it with many different hanzi. Just know that if you change the characters, it will change the meaning while retaining the sound.

Shiwen means the warrior of culture.

  • Shamira

Are you into roleplaying games?

Have you played Pathfinder?

In that game, a demon lord is Shamira, the ruler of the central dark realm.

This is a Hebrew name, the meaning of which is a protector and a guardian.

  • Vigita

This is a Lithuanian name. And it means war.

Also, it has different meanings in Sanskrit.

  • Valda

Valda is taken from the Norwegian language.

It means a spirited warrior.

Baby Boy Names that Mean Warrior

Baby Boy Names that Mean Warrior

Give your son any of these names, and he will be ready to battle for the kind of life he wants! Read on.

  • Asim

The name Asim is Arabic. The meaning is a protector.

If you look at other cultures, you will see that the written forms and the meanings of Asim are different. For example, it is written with a dotless I in Turkish. And it means limitless and bottomless in Sanskrit.

  • Alvey

This old English is used as a surname and first name.

The meaning of this name is the battle of the elf.

  • Alfonso

Alfonso has its roots both in Italy and Spain.

This name became famous because of Alfonso Ribeiro. He is the winner of the “Dancing with the Stars” season 19. Also, he is the host of “America’s Funniest Home Videos.”

The name means ready for the battle.

  • Agnar

Are you into books? Have you read the famous book of the year 1957, “The Song of the Red Ruby”?

It got banned when it was published in Norway for the first time. The name of the author was Agnar Mykle.

This Norwegian baby boy’s name means warrior.

  • Aloysius

This German name is the longer version of the name Alois. It means a famous warrior.

I found this name to be powerful and exotic at the same time. Go for it!

  • Blair

The name Blair is taken from the Gaelic word blar.

Initially, Blair was used as a surname, but later on, it became the first name. It can be used for both girls and boys because of its unisex nature. However, some people use the spelling Blaire for girls.

  • Clovis

The name Clovis came from France. It is short, easy to pronounce, and has a certain edge.

The name became popular at the beginning of the 20th century. However, in the 1950s, this name was not used that much.

But again, these days, I can see a comeback of this name in France.

The name means glorious in battle.

  • Cathan

Cathan is an Irish name. It means war.

  • Cadel

I found the name Cadel to be quirky. And I like it!

This Welsh name was given to Cadel Evans, a famous Australian cyclist. He was a mountain biker at the beginning of his career. Later he switched to racing on roads. And did you know that he was the one to win the Tour de France in 2011?

Cadel means war.

  • Chanda

The name Chanda has its roots in the Sanskrit language. It has a soothing vibe to it that makes it desirable. It holds the meaning of “passionate” and “fierce.” When it comes to its male variation, it is written as Chand, and when it comes to its feminine form, it is written as Chanda. But in the Latin alphabet, it is transcribed as Chanda.

  • Dreng

This is an English name that is short, crisp, and modern. And it does sound like some mythological warrior character, isn’t it?

  • Duncan

This name is a combination of two Gaelic words: donn and cath. While the former means brown, the latter means warrior. So, this anglicized Scottish name means a dark warrior with brown hair.

Donnchadh mac Crionain, anglicized as Duncan, was the king of Scotland. This is during the years between 1034 and 1040. And did I tell you that he was the inspiration for King Duncan in Shakespeare’s Macbeth?

Are you a fan of the “Highlander: The Series” TV show?

In that, Duncan MacLeod was the name of the main character.

  • Evander

The name Evander came from the Old Norse word Ivarr.

Did you know that Evander Holyfield has won the undisputed championship in two different weight classes? And he is the only boxer to have achieved that.

This amazing fighter was the one to be the World Cruiserweight Champion in the year 1988. Also, he became World Heavyweight Champion in 1990.

Evander means bow warrior.

  • Elbrus

Did you know that Mount Elbrus in Southwest Russia is a stratovolcano with two peaks?

It is marked as a UNESCO World Heritage Property.

Elbrus means high guard.

  • Einer

Einer falls under the list of strong names that mean warrior.

It is a Norwegian name. Did I tell you how much I like it? It is short and unique. The meaning of the name is a lone warrior.

  • Eloy

Isn’t the name cute?

This name is taken from the Spanish language.

It means a renowned warrior. Now, isn’t that something you were looking for?

  • Ewan

The name Ewan comes from Ireland.

Doesn’t it sound strong and modern?

The meaning of Ewan is a young warrior.

  • Faris

The name Faris came from the Arabic language.

It is mostly used in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

  • Gunnar

Gunnar has different pronunciations in different countries. For example, In Norway, it is pronounced as GUUN-nahr, and in Sweden, it is GUYN-nar.

Do you have a Scandinavian heritage?

Then this can be a good name for your baby boy.

  • Harvey

The Betron name Haerviu has an English form, and that is Harvey.

In 2019 in the U.S., a total of 762 boys were given this name. This made Harvey on the list of the most popular names in the U.S. However, it was at the position of 404th.

The meaning of the name is worthy of a battle.

  • Humphrey

Humphrey is an English word.

Have you heard about Humphrey Bogart?

He was an American actor who was the recipient of the prestigious Academy Award for Best Actor. The year was 1951, and for his role in the movie “The African Queen.”

  • Ho-jin

The name Ho-jin came from Korea.

The meaning is fierce advance. But if you write this name using different kanji, it will have a different meaning.

  • Howard

The name Howard sounds authoritative. There is a difference in opinion when it comes to the origin of this name. Some say it has its roots in the Ancient Scandinavian word Hávarðr, which means high guardian. Others say that it is taken from the Ancient Germanic Hughard. The latter is a combination of two elements, hug and hard. Hug translates to mind and heart, and hard comes with the meaning of hardy and brave.

  • Iomhair

The meaning of this Irish name is a warrior with a bow.

An Irish surname Mac lomhair means the son of Mac Iomhair.

Did you know that the babies were given such a surname in ancient Ireland that denoted their father?

So, if a person named Iomhair had a baby girl, she would be given the surname Nic Iomhair. This means the daughter of Nic Iomhair.

  • Igor

The name Igor came from Russia.

Have you heard about Igor Sikorsky, an aviation painter?

He designed the Sikorsky R-4. It was the first mass-produced helicopter. Also, it was the first helicopter that the U.S Army Air Forces, the U.S. Coast Guard, and the U.S. Navy used.

Igor means ancestral warrior.

  • Jarek

A Slavic name, Jarek, means strong and fierce.

As you want your baby boy’s name to mean a warrior, this name can be a good choice for your baby boy.

  • Kemp

This name has its roots in Middle English. It means a brave warrior.

Did you know kemp was a kind of competition between two groups of workers or two young men?

Generally, it was used to mean a contest between two farmers’ groups.

  • Kimble

This name sounds cool, isn’t it?

The meaning of the name Kimble is the chief of the warriors.

  • Louis

The name Ludwig is derived from Germany. It means a famous battle.

Like this name?

Before you select this name for your little prince, let me tell you about the downside of keeping this name. People are going to have a tough time pronouncing this name. People of different countries pronounce it differently. It is LWEE is France, LOO-is or LOO-ee is English, and loo-EE is Dutch. So, now you know how confusing it can be!

  • Ludwig

This is another name taken from Germany. And it means renowned war.

Both Ludwig and Louis have kind of similar meanings. The reason behind this is that they are closely related. The French version of Ludovicus is Louis. Also, the Latin version of Ludwig is Ludovicus.

  • Lorcan

The name Lorcan has its roots in the Irish language. It carries the meaning of a fierce little one. There was an Archbishop in Dublin named Saint Lorcan Ua Tuathail. Forty-five years after his death, he was canonized.

Saint Laurence O’Toole was his anglicized name given by the British.

  • Monet

The French name Monet is quite popular – all thanks to the popular painter Claude Monet. He was the one to start the impressionist movement. His painting was named Impression, Sunrise, hence, the term impressionist.

Monet means fortunate protector.

  • Maud

The medieval French version of the name Matilda is Maud. This name was very popular before the 14th century. But, after that, it was used again in France in the 1980s.

The name means power and strength in war.

  • Manpal

The name Manpal is taken from India.

Although it is said that it is an Indian name, the more accurate would be to say that it is taken from India as well as the Punjab region of Pakistan.

Manpal means the protector of the spirit.

  • Mete

This Turkish name sounds really good.

Did you know that this name is actually derived from the mispronunciation of the Turkish name of a Mongolian warrior named Modu? He was given the tile Baghatur, which means fearless warrior or hero.

Mete means a brave hero.

  • Murdock

Murchadh is a Gaelic name, and its anglicized form is Murdock.

Did you know that the name of a Mesopotamian god was Marduk?

It is said that the name Marduk is evolved from that.

Murdock means a sea warrior.

  • Mao

The name Mao is short and straightforward to pronounce. It has its roots in Europe, in the Limburg region. It comes with the meaning of protector. The Limburg region is where Germany, Netherlands, and Belgium now meet.

The mixture of the languages of these places resulted in the name Mao. It is a shorter version of the name Edmao.

  • Ned

I like the name! This Old English name sounds good too.

The short version of Edward is Ned. Initially, it was used as a nickname, and the phrase “mine Ed,” which means “my Ed,” was used. Later, these words were combined to bring a new name – Ned – to the table.

  • Oliver

The name Oliver is derived from Alfher – an ancient German name.

Yes, the spellings of Alfher and Oliver are different. But the pronunciation of both these words sounded quite similar to the Latin word Oliva, meaning olive tree.

Oliver means the elf warrior.

  • Oman

I know that you already know that the Sultanate of Oman is a country in Western Asia. But, here, Oman is not the same.

The name Oman means protector.

  • Pan

The name Pan is taken from Greek Mythology.

According to Greek mythology, the god Pan was a man from the waist up and a goat from the waist down.

The shepherds worshiped him.

Pan means protector.

  • Raymond

Raymond is an English name.

Have you played the game “Animal Crossing”?

There is a cat that wears glasses and a business suit. And who can forget the popular television show, “Everybody Loves Raymond”!

The meaning of the name is a protector.

  • Swithin

This name is taken from Old English.

In Anglo Saxon England, the name of a famous bishop is Saint Swithin. Also, there is an English legend regarding this name. People say that if it rains on the 15th of July, St. Swithin’s Day, there will be daily rain for the next forty days.

Swithin means strong warrior.

  • Sivert

The name Sivert has a Swedish origin.

It was first given to a baby boy in 1524. But today, this name is used by many in Norway.

The meaning of Sivert is the guardian of victory.

  • Sigmund

This name from Germany is quite popular.

It is pronounced as SIG-mud in English, but if you ask about its correct pronunciation, then that is SEEG-mud. Now, if you go to Norway, people there will pronounce it as SING-muyn.

The meaning of this name for boys is a victorious protector.

  • Seward

This is an Old English name. Initially, people used Seward as a surname to denote a victorious warrior. Later, it became the first name.

It means victorious guardian.

  • Tore

Now, don’t confuse this Scandinavian name with the Italian name that has a similar spelling as this! If you go to Italy, you will see that people there use Tore as the short version of Salvatore. It means savior.

But in the Scandinavian language, Tore means Thor’s warrior.

  • Umberto

This name came from Italy. One hundred sixty-nine baby boys were given this name in 2018 there. But, if you want to know about the number of boys given this name in the U.S. that same year, it is less than 5.

The meaning of the name Umberto is a bright warrior. This is quite a unique name.

  • Vermundo

An archaic Visigothic name, Vermundo, means a true protector.

Now there is also a Spanish name, “Vermundo.” But don’t get confused between the two. The spellings of these two names are the same, but the meanings are not. The Spanish name means protective bear.

So now you know where the difference is!

  • Wymond

This Old English name has the same meaning as another Old English name Wigmond. But you know, I think Wymond is a better option than Wigmond. Because if you name your boy Wigmond, he may end up having unwanted nicknames such as Wiggy!

  • Werner

Did you know that Werner Herzog is a screenwriter, documentary maker, actor, and German film director who recently appeared in “The Mandalorian” – a Disney+ series?

The meaning of this German name is a defending warrior.

  • Warin

This ancient German name means to protect and guard.

And Wazo is a nickname given to boys with this name.


Which names that mean warrior did you like the most for your little one?

Let me know in the comments!

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