48 Amazing Names That Mean Sky For Boys & Girls

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The sky is something that is always around us, above us, wherever we may be. Its vast beauty and the amazing wonder it brings serve as an inspiration to many. So it’s no wonder that the sky can also serve as a great source of inspiration when it comes to doing one of the most beautiful and wondrous things of all: Naming your little bundle of joy!

If you are big nature lovers, or you spend a lot of time staring at the sky and watching sunrises, sunsets, and starry nights, or you find immense joy in taking in all of its infinite, mysterious, enchanting existence, then names that mean sky may be great choices to look at as you’re searching for that perfect name for your baby girl or boy. Something like the sky, which has a great presence and impact in your day to day, can certainly be a wondrous influence as well as you pick the right name for your newborn. 

Names that mean sky are every bit as lovely, deep, and memorable as the sky itself. Check out and be inspired by these awesome names that mean sky for your baby.

48 Amazing Names That Mean Sky For Boys & Girls 

These names that mean sky can inspire you to find the perfect “sky” name for your baby boy or baby girl!

“Sky” Names For Girls

“Sky” Names For Girls


Aethra is a name that is Greek in origin. It means “bright sky”. This name is also carried by a genus of crab. The Aethra crab comes in five different species, and all five of these species can be found in the Pacific and around it. A variation of the name Aethra is “Aithra”.


Ahana is a name that has Japanese roots. It is a very pretty sounding name which also has a very pretty meaning. Ahana means “sky flower”. It is a beautiful name that is related to “sky” that you can give your baby girl.


Amaterasu is yet another “sky” name for girls that is Japanese in origin. The meaning of this name is “heavens and the sky” in Japanese mythology. Amaterasu is also said to be the name of the Japanese goddess of the sun ruling the heavens. Another meaning for this name is “shines from the sky”. 


Amberley is a sweet and dainty name. It is Indian in origin. The name Amberley simply means “sky” and it is a lovely name with a straightforward connection to sky that you can bestow on your baby. 


Araceli or Araseli is a beautiful “sky” name for your little lady. It is of Latin America / Spanish roots. The name means “altar in the sky”. In European Spanish, they pronounce Araceli as “a-ra-THEH-lee”. In Latin American Spanish, they more commonly pronounce the name as “a-ra-SEH-lee.”


A mesmerizing and exotic “sky” name that you can give your bundle of joy would be Arundhati. The name Arundhati is originally from India. It carries the captivating and unforgettable meaning, “goddess of the sky and stars”.


Azure is a stunning “sky” name that would be a lovely choice for your little girl. The name is of English roots. It is actually the old English word for “sky blue”. They say that in Medieval France, “lazuli”, a Latin word, was translated incorrectly into “l’azure” or “the blue” — this is connected to lapis lazuli, a semi-precious gem. 


If you’re looking for a “sky” name for your baby girl that is full of charm, then Celeste would make for a wonderful choice. This name is of Spanish / French origins, and carries the wondrous meaning, “a heavenly body”. It is also said to mean “celestial” or “heavenly.”


A gorgeous, regal “sky” name that would be a wonderful choice for your precious little one is Celestine. The name Celestine is of English origins. It means “of the sky”. Celestine is also actually another word they use for celestite, which is a mineral. They say that some celestine crystals can be as much as three feet in width. 


If you want a name for your little girl that is a “sky” name and also very posh and sophisticated, then a great choice would be the name Celine. It is a name that is French in origin, and it is said that this French girl name came from a Roman last name. 


A “sky” name for girls that is mesmerizing is the melodious sounding Ciela. This is an Esperanto name, and it carries the meaning “heavenly” and “from the sky”. The Polish ophthalmologist L.L. Zamenhof created Esperanto, a planned language, in 1887. He did this because he wanted to make a language that would be easy to learn for everyone, to bring about world peace. 


Another “sky name” that is charmingly captivating is Cielo. This name is of Spanish roots, and one that rolls beautifully off the tongue. Cielo means “sky”, and is a name that is full of sweetness and beauty that you can give your baby girl. 


Dangira is a “sky” name for girls that is Lithuanian in origin. It means “sky”. This name is pronounced as “dahn-GHEER-ah”, placing emphasis on the second syllable, and this lyrical name is quite unique as it is very rarely used anywhere other than Lithuania. 


Inanna is a regal, graceful name that is derived from Sumerian mythology. This lovely name has a lovely meaning, too. Inanna means “lady of the heavens”. It is said that Inanna was the name of the goddess of love, war, and fertility in Sumerian mythology. 


Indra is a name that is Sanskrit in origin. This was the name of the Warrior God of the rain and sky in Hindu mythology – a great choice indeed if you’re looking for a “sky” name with a strong, royal meaning for your baby girl. It is also said that Indra means “possessing drops of rain” in Sanskrit. 


Kailani is a beautiful name that is of Hawaiian roots. This mesmerizing, musical sounding name means “sky”, “ocean”, “heaven” and “sea”. Some equally bewitching variations of this “sky” name are “Kalani” and “Lani”.


Another stunning “sky” name that hails from Hawaii that you can give your precious baby girl is the lovely Leilana. And it has a stunning meaning as well! Leilana means “flower that grows in the heavens” and it is a lovely name with a “sky”-adjacent meaning.

18. NUIT

Nuit is a unique, memorable name that is of ancient Egypt roots. The name Nuit means “sky”. A book called “The Book Of Nuit” was said to be written by Ancient Egyptians, and contains astronomical texts, covering movements of the sun, planets, and moon, as well as the star cycles. 


Rakia is a wonderful “sky” name for your newborn. It is a name of Hebrew origin, and is said to mean “sky” and “heaven”. Also, in Balkan countries, Rakia is the term used for fruit brandies, with plum and apricot as the most common of flavors. 


An enchanting option for “sky” name for your bundle of joy is Seline. The name Seline is of Latin roots, and it carries the meaning of “heavenly moon”. It is a pretty name with “sky” connections for your little girl. 

21. SEMA

Sema is a name that is short and sweet. This name is of Turkish origins, and it means “sky”. It is said that in Thailand, when they begin work on a new Buddhist temple, they mark the sacred ordination hall’s outline with “sema hin”, which are boundary stones. 

22. SKYE

If a “sky” name is something you’re dreaming of for your little girl, then what can be more perfect than the name Skye? This simple, beautiful name is of Modern English origins, and means, quite simply, “sky”. A variation for this name is “Sky” without the E, which is an Old Norse word which means “cloud” and is connected to the Old Norse word “skuggi” which means “shadow” as well as the Gothic word “skuggwa” which means “mirror”. 


Talia is a dainty, enchanting option of you’re looking for a name that is “sky” adjacent for your baby. This is a name that is Hebrew in origin, and it carries the enchanting meaning of “dew from heaven”. 


Tsisana is a unique “sky” name you can give your little girl. It is a name of Georgian roots, and it means “of the sky”. In Georgia, Tsisana is what English speakers use to refer to forget-me-nots, most likely because of the sky blue hue of the flower. 


Zerua is another rare, exotic “sky” name for your daughter. This Basque name carries the meaning “sky” and “heavens”. Also, an independent game company is named Zerua Games, and they make quirky card, board, and dice games for families. 

“Sky” Names For Boys

“Sky” Names For Boys


Akash is a name that is of Hindu roots. This Indian name means “sky” or “open space”. They say that in certain Hinduism branches, the name Akash is also used to refer to the space where everything exists or the first element ever made, as well as for the essence of everything in what is referred to as the material world. 


Amphorn is a name that is Thai in origin. This name means “sky”. In Bangkok, Thailand, housing a handful of royal places is the Dusit Palace. Among those said places is one named Phra Thinang Amphorn Sathan, which translated means “royal seat in the sky”, which is the former king’s home. 


Asvin is a “sky” name that comes from the word “Ashvin” meaning “first star in sky”, “light”, and “possessor of horses”. It is also said to be the divine physicians’ collective names – Surya and Sanjna’s twin sons, Satya and Dasra. A few variations of the name Asvin are “Aswin” and “Aswinikumar” which also carry the same meaning. 


A rare and unforgettable “sky” name that you can give your baby boy is the name Bhanu. This name originally hails from India. In Sanskrit, the meaning of Bhanu is “the sky” and it is a unique name you can choose for your little one. 


A “sky” name that has a regal, powerful air about it is the name Caelus. This name of Roman origins means “sky”. They say that Caelus has the same root as “celestial”, which is an English word referring to the sky and the heavens. Caelus is likewise associated to “caelum”, which is Latin for “sky, heaven, and abode of the gods.”


If you’re looking for a “sky” name for your little boy that will certainly be unforgettable, then Ekambar is a great choice. This name hails from India, and means “sky”, making it a perfect option for a straightforward yet unique “sky” name. 


Falak is a name that hails from India. It carries with it the meaning, “the sky”. Falak is a name that connotes a steadfast strength, and is a good choice of “sky” name that you can give to your baby boy.                                                                                                                


Gokcan is a name with a strong and powerful. This “sky” name is modern Turkish, and it means “vast sky”. Taking place every year in Istanbul, the Turkish capital, is the International Gokcan College Children’s Folk Dance Festival. 

34. GOKU

If a “sky” name that is short yet packs a punch is what you’re looking for to give your bundle of joy, then Goku would make for an excellent choice. This name is Japanese in origin, and it means “sky”. The name Goku skyrocketed in popularity in many parts of the world due to the anime Dragonball Z.


Keyne is a name that is unique and, even if only five letters in length, leaves a lasting impression. The names Celtic in origin, and it carries the meaning, “a man of the Eastern sky”. Keyne is a hip-sounding “sky” name you can choose for your baby. 

36. MIKU

Miku is another name that is short yet definitely makes a mark. This name is of Japanese roots, and it has the lovely meaning of “beautiful sky”. Miku is a “sky” name that has a effortless cool about it, and would be a great choice for your little man. 

37. MOE

If you’d like to give your baby boy a cool, three-letter name with associations to “sky”, then Moe is the prefect option for you. This name is of Burmese origins, and it means “sky” and “rain”. This version of the name Moe hailing from Burmese is different from the English version of Moe, which is usually a nickname for “Morris” or “Maurice”. 


Is a “sky” name that is rare and with a very unique spelling what you’re in search for? Look no further, because Myrsky definitely fits the bill. The name Myrsky is Finnish, and it means “sky”, and would be a great choice for a “sky” name you can give your son. 


If you’ve been desiring a name for your bundle of joy that is is associated with “sky” and is also beloved and timeless, then a wonderful choice would be Nathaniel. Nathaniel is a name that is Hebrew in roots, and it means “gift from heaven” or “gift from God”. It is a “sky” name that is classy and will never go out of style. 


Neven is a name that is of Breton origins. This name is quite uncommon in many parts of the world, and it means “sky”. In Slavic language countries, the name Neven can be found among boys, and there, it carries the meaning “marigold”. This makes Neven a rare “sky” name as well as a rare “flower” name that is given to boys. 


Another “sky” name that is absolutely effortless in coolness is Payne. The hip sounding Payne is a Mapudungan name, and it means “sky blue”. It’s a great choice of a name that you can give to your newborn son. 


Riyon is a name that connotes authority and strength. It is a name of Indian roots, and it has a deep, breathtaking meaning. Riyon means “an immense beauty of heaven” and is a good name you can consider for your baby.


Sepher is a name that is unusual and at the same time sounds very current and trendy. It is a name of Persian roots, and it means “sky”. The name is shared by a DJ, live act, and producer from the San Francisco Bay area.

44. VAN

Another “sky” name that is short and super cool is Van. This three letter name is of Chin-Burmese roots. It carries the meaning of “sky” or “heaven”. Van can be a nickname for “Ivan”, but can also definitely stand on its own and would make for a great “sky” name. 


Zenith is an unique name that also comes with a unique meaning. This English name means “the point in the sky directly overhead”. Zenith is a cool “sky” name that you can choose for your little boy

46. ZEUS

When it comes to “sky” names for boys, perhaps the most powerful and god-like of them all would be the name Zeus. This name is Greek in origin, and means “sky” or “shine”. It is, of course, the name in Greek mythology of the god of thunder and sky, and would make for a strong, great “sky” name for your bundle of joy. 

Unisex “Sky” Names


A “sky” name that is definitely unique and unforgettable is Gaganpreet. The name Gaganpreet is an Indian name, and it has a beautiful meaning. It means “sky lover” and is rare and memorable name you can give your little girl or boy. 


Another unique “sky” name that is gender neutral and sounds melodious and lovely is Haneul. This name is Korean in origin, and it means “sky”. Haneul is an excellent choice for your baby girl or baby boy.

We hope you find inspiration in these names that mean sky. Let the wondrous skies inspire you as you look for the right name for your precious little wonder!

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