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16 Sexy Things To Do For Your Husband

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How expressive are you about your sexual desires? Do you let your husband know how you feel? Do you tell him when and how you want it?

Well, most women are shy when talking about what they want from their partners in bed. Are you one of them too?

Then, honey, it’s time for a change.

Marriages are difficult, I must say. When you are newly married, things are all hot and messy. And then, when years pass by and you become parents, romance does take a back seat.

The stress and responsibilities of your life come in the way of your romance with your husband. So you start taking making love for granted.

But that should not be the case. After all, you married this man because you loved him and wanted to be with him for the rest of your life, right?

So, why not make things hot and sexy like they used to be before you became parents and got busy in your everyday life? Why not make time for your hubby and fulfill all your carnal desires that you have?

Ladies, it’s time you do something sexy to make your husband want to have you right then and there.

I have come up with a list of sexy things to do for your husband. Read them, and you will know what I mean.

Are you up for it?

Let’s begin!

Hot and Sexy Things to Do for Your Husband

Hot and Sexy Things to Do for Your Husband

Get your husband in the mood and drive him wild with your hot-to-handle moves!

1. Surprise, Baby!

Are you a parent?

Then getting time just for you and your husband may seem like a lot. I understand. Why not change this with an overnight date with your husband?

We all love surprises, don’t we? And when the surprise is from you to your husband, and that too, for a romantic and sexy overnight date, I bet he will love it.

Just imagine you and your man, away from your everyday busy life. You only have each other as company, no kids, and no distractions.

Doesn’t it sound amazing?

You can sit close to each other, talk about romantic sweet nothings and do all those naughty things to each other that you didn’t get time to do in a very long time.

Your husband will love every bit of this cozy and sexy night. And he will want to do it more often. Trust me.

And for your kids, just let their grandparents take care of them for a night!

2. Send Him Dirty Texts

Remember those dating days with your husband when you used to send flirty and dirty texts to each other? Remember how you used to get turned on instantly after receiving and sending those sexts?

Now, tell me, when was the last time you sent dirty texts to each other?

Don’t remember?

Well, it’s time to rekindle those memories, honey! And it is one of the top sexy things to do for your husband.

So, go, get your phone and get your flirt game on! You want to make your man all hot and horny, right?

You can start by sending texts with subtle sexiness to them. And then, with every passing hour, be naughtier.

To keep your man glued his eyes to the phone, you can tell him the wild things you will do to him once he comes home.

He will have difficulty waiting for the evening to come home from work and do things he has imagined all day!

3. Welcome Him to Home in Your Sexy Self

Welcome Him to Home in Your Sexy Self

After a long and tiring day at work, when you come home, wouldn’t you feel great if your husband opened the door for you to do something sexy?

The same goes for your husband, too. You can open the door to him wearing something sexy when he comes home after work.

Of course, you can use your eyes to say something without uttering a word. Your sexy gaze will tell him everything that you want at the moment.

As your husband is least expecting this, he will be taken aback, of course, in a good way. The thought of all the naughty things that can happen next will excite him.

All his tiredness will go away in an instant, and he will be all in for a wild and passionate game with you in the bedroom.

And when that happens, make sure to make it a night your husband will never forget! You know what I mean, right?

4. Send Him Sexy Photos of Yourself

Do you want your husband to crave you? Then, what better way than to send him some sexy snaps of yourself?

What you can do is wear some bold lingerie or cover yourself in some linen bedsheets. Also, you can undress and click some steamy selfies during the process.

Now, do you want to make your husband come home right then?

Then send him some pictures wearing nothing! This will make your husband feel precisely how you want him to feel – needy and horny. Then, he will count the seconds till he can take you in his manly arms.

Do you want to double the fun?

Click some hot pictures of you and your husband when you are being intimate together. And then send those to him during the day when he is at work.

This will make him remember the sexy moments he had with you, and he will want more!

5. Watch Adult Movies Together

Okay, so let me clear this up first. Porn is no longer taboo like it was in the old days.

There was a time when people were so shy about talking or discussing sex that they only liked to keep it under the sheets. They never spoke about their desires and their needs openly to their partners.

But things have changed now. People are more vocal about their physical needs and desires. They discuss with their partners what works for them the most in bed.

Are you a modern woman who likes to spice things up in the bedroom and doesn’t shy away from her physical needs?

Well, girl, are you ready to take things up a notch and have a body-shattering orgasm with your husband?

Introduce porn!

Yes, I know; you and your husband have watched porn multiple times. But have you watched it together?

You know, watching porn together can make your husband hot and horny, and he will want to have sex with you right then and there.

Now, are you an adventurous woman when it comes to making love?

Then you can create a porn playlist you think you and your husband will enjoy watching together. And then try new positions that you think can give you the best orgasms of your life!

6. Wear Sexy Lingerie

Wear Sexy Lingerie

Guys LOVE seeing the love of their life in lingerie! And your husband is no exception to it.

So, if you want to know about sexy things to do for your husband, I would say head to the lingerie store right now.

Is there any lingerie you have been eyeing for a while but didn’t buy because it’s too bold? Or is there any lingerie you think your man will love seeing you in?

Grab it right there!

Now it’s time to make your man go gaga over you. Wear that sexy lingerie and wait for your husband to come home and discover it himself.

The sexy lingerie and your oozing confidence will bring your husband into the mood in seconds. Seeing you like this will blow his mind, and you will have a gala time making love to each other.

Isn’t that something you want?

7. Introduce Food in the Bedroom to Spice Things up

How many times have you heard that men love good Food? And that the way to their heart is all through their stomach?

I know, numerous times. Right?

And let me tell you, this is very, very true. I can vouch for that.

Are you good at cooking?

Then cook your husband a delicious meal and plate it attractively. You can check Instagram for unique plating ideas. And don’t forget to light some scented candles.

Don’t worry if you are not very good at cooking. You can always order!

When your husband comes home from work, smells the delicious Food on the dinner table, and gets to know that you have made a special effort to cook them yourself, he will fall in love with you all over again.

Now that he is in a light mood, why not take the Food to your bedroom too?

Did you know how good food is for foreplay?

Arrange some great-looking bowls and fill them with strawberries, grapes, chocolates, and nuts. And did I tell you chocolate sauce and whipped cream are a must?

Use the fruits to tease each other and then eat them from each other’s mouth. Then elevate the hotness of the foreplay by pouring chocolate sauce on your man’s naked body.

Now, lick it all off, and do not lose eye contact with your husband. And see how he moans in pleasure.

He can take it from there, and then you can cum together after a steamy sex session.

8. Good Hygiene Matters

Do you take a bath every day? Do you make it a point to smell good?

You need to maintain these basic things if you want to look and feel sexy.

When you are newly married, you take proper care of yourself. But for many women, things are not the same when they are a few years into marriage. Stress and responsibilities can make you overlook your basic hygiene.

The one person who is there with you all the time or sees you all the time is your husband. So, you tend to take him for granted. You don’t dress up for him or maintain your basic hygiene.

Prioritizing your hygiene is essential, especially when you want to bring back the spark in your relationship and do sexy things for your husband.

After all, if you don’t feel confident, you will fail to look sexy. And don’t forget to keep your feminine bits clean, too, so that you are always ready to be intimate with your man.

9. Pay Attention to Your Appearance

Pay Attention to Your Appearance

When was the last time you dressed up – not for some family gatherings, birthday parties of your friend’s kids, or weddings – but just for your husband?

You know, guys are primarily visual creatures. So they like it when you get ready for them or wear something sexy just for them. It turns them on.

When you stay with your husband for years, you get too comfortable with him. So you wear that super-comfy loose-fitted loungewear. And your man finds you cute in that too.

But, you know, you need to make that extra effort just to make your husband feel special or to bring back the hotness in your relationship.

Wear that little black dress that you have tucked in the wardrobe for a very long time, or wear that bodycon dress that accentuates all the curves in your body, making you look hot to handle.

Wear high heels to increase the oomph factor. Wear your hair down to make your soft curls play around your face. Or, you can tie your hair up in an attractive way to show your long, sexy neck off. Don’t forget to put on your favorite perfume.

And you are all set to rock your husband’s world!

10. Stimulate His Senses with a Sexy Massage

A relaxing massage after a tiring day at work can be very soothing. And when the masseuse is you, and that too in some sexy lingerie, it will surely blow your husband’s mind!

To gift your husband this experience, start by creating a spa-like atmosphere in your bedroom. Dim all the lights, light some softly-scented candles and play sexy music in a low tune.

Now, make your husband lie down wearing nothing and pour warm aromatic oils on his naked body to give him a sensual massage.

Rub all his body parts with soft and gentle strokes to stimulate his senses and release the tension from his body.

Want to make things hotter and messier?

Get rid of your clothes and use your body to massage him. And you will find him ready to please you in ways you have only dreamt of! It will be an unforgettable memory for both of you.

11. Use Your Body to Convey Your Deepest Desires

You want to try sexy things to do for your husband, right?

So let your body do all the talking this time. Use it to let your husband know how hot you are at the moment and how you want him right then.

Start by giving him a tight hug that is sensual and makes all your body parts brush against each other. Make it last for a few minutes.

Now look him straight in the eyes and kiss him deeply with a burning passion. Use your hands to explore all his body parts, especially the sensitive ones. Make him crave more.

To make him come to you for more, pull yourself away from him for a few seconds while playing with your hair and looking at him sexily.

You will find him rushing towards you for a deeper smooch. Gently push him against the wall while you take the lead. Now nibble his years, bite his neck or use your tongue down his neck to arouse him all the more.

This will lead you to have hot sex and a mind-blowing orgasm!

12. Make His Fantasy a Reality

Make His Fantasy a Reality

We all have some sort of sexual fantasies. Don’t we?

And this is entirely normal. As you look for ways to do sexy things for your husband, no list is complete without this!

Try to find out what sexual fantasies your husband has. Does he want to do it somewhere specific? Is there any particular position he has wanted to try for a long time? Is there any specific scene from a movie that he wants to act out with you?

Does he want to try to role-play? If so, is there any particular character he loves, such as a doctor-patient, sex with a stranger, a police criminal, a teacher-student, and so on?

Did I tell you how making your husband’s fantasies a reality can make him want to satisfy all your sexual desires?

And this can lead to a body-shattering, toe-curling orgasm for both of you!

 13. Have Phone Sex

Is your husband away from you at the moment? Is your husband staying in a different country for some time for work? Do you want to make love to him now?

Mobile phones can come to you as the perfect solution!

Gone are the days when couples used to indulge in sex only traditionally. Modern days have opened so many doors to meet your physical needs. And one such way is phone sex.

Phone sex allows you to get the feel of having sex while you are distant from your partner. So, what exactly happens here?

Well, you and your husband both tell each other what naughty things you want to do to each other. So, when your husband says he wants to undress you, you undress.

And when you say that you want to touch your husband’s private parts, he does the same to himself.

When you use the right words to turn your partner on, it can be an extraordinarily steamy and intimate experience.

You will enjoy the session just as your partner is present. The best part?

You get to be intimate with your man when he is not physically present with you. And not to mention, your husband will never forget this out-of-the-world experience, and he will want to do it more often.

Isn’t that what you want – blowing your husband’s mind?

14. Take a Shower Together

You want to surprise your husband with your sexy doing, right? So what could be better than getting intimate in the shower?

Something about the shower turns men on, and they enjoy having sex in the shower.

So, the next time your husband is taking a shower, join him. You can wear some thin clothing, such as a white satin shirt.

When you get wet in the shower, your white shirt will show the skin underneath, making your husband horny.

To give his sex drive a boost, take soap in your hands and lather him up, rubbing his sensitive parts in a slow and sexy move.

Your hands on his private parts, the steam, and the hotness of the shower will make your man hungry for sex. He will be ready to be inside you right then and there.

15. Bring Variations in Positions

Bring Variations in Positions

Are you bored of trying the same sex positions again and again? Why not try some new positions in your next sexual encounter?

Is there any position that your husband has talked about multiple times? Do you think he would love to try them?

Then be ready to surprise your husband the next time you are in the bedroom!

Take the lead and let your man follow you. Again, trying a new position, and that too the one your man has been interested in for a long time, will make him have passionate sex with you.

Also, you can sit with your husband, take help from the internet and come up with some new sex positions that seem interesting to you. And then, you can take things under the sheets once you are all hot and ready.

Sounds good?

16. Introduce Sex Games

Do you want to raise the temperature of your bedroom?

Play sex games with your husband!

They are fun to play with, make you hot, and have the best sex. Doesn’t it sound interesting?

When it comes to sex games, you are flooded with many options. From a sexy truth and dare to strip poker – you can choose whatever you want for your sexual enjoyment.


Try out all the fantastic sexy things to do for your husband I have listed here, and let your man have the best time of his life!

Which is your personal favorite? Which one of these do you want to try first? And which ones are you hesitating to try?

Let me know in the comments

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