182 Sexy Texts to Send to Your Husband

Remember those days when you started dating your husband? When hours and hours of talking on the phone seemed like seconds when you couldn’t get enough of each other, when all you could think of was about each other, and when just a selfie of him could send a hot wave through your spine and make you crave him?

Hot memories, isn’t it? Do you miss those days, those feelings, those all-consuming burning desires?

Wait. Now that you are married, it doesn’t mean that you have to stop flirting with each other and give those hot love-making sessions a halt!

Remember, you are married now. This means you have got him all to yourself. Don’t you think you should make the most of it?

After all, he is yours, and you are his now. And no one’s going to stop you from being naughty under the sheets! So even if you are not with each other at the moment, you can keep the spark alive in your marriage just by sending sexy texts to send to your husband. And did I tell you how your husband will love this?

Don’t worry if you are not that good at sexting. I’m here to help! I have come up with a list of some seductive and sensual texts that you can send your husband to make him go weak in his knees.

Sexy Texts to Send to Your Husband to Get Things Started

Sexy Texts to Send to Your Husband to Get Things Started

These are some hot texts that you can send to your husband to make things steamy in the bedroom. You can take inspiration from these. And you can thank me later! So, what are you waiting for? Go grab your phone and let your inner sex goddess take over!

  • How about you and I get naughty between the sheets before the party tonight?
  • I can’t stop myself from thinking about you all day – all inappropriate thoughts
  • You know, if you were a book, I would flip the pages with fingers after licking them hard
  • People say that the strongest muscle in our body is our tongue. Want me to show you when you come home tonight?
  • Your body is piping HOT! Would you like to warm me up?
  • The pants look sexy on you. Can I examine the zipper?
  • I love your body, so much so that I want to get crushed under it
  • All I can think of right now is YOU!
  • I need you right now
  • What are you wearing under your pants?
  • All I can picture right now is your hot body making love to mine
  • No one has ever made me feel so aroused the way you do 
  • You can make my heart beat faster
  • Just the thought of your naked body can make me wet
  • I feel horny. Can you come over?
  • I love how hard and soft your tongue can be at the same time

Hot Texts to Send to Your Husband to Arouse Him

Are you in the mood to seduce your husband and make him crave for more? Let me be honest. You can never go wrong with these sensual texts. And did I tell you how it can help you reignite your passion and reinvent your sex life? Read on.

  • I had a dream last night – a really naughty one. And did you know who was making some great moves? YOU!
  • Do you know what I’m wearing right now? Nothing
  • Want to see how I look in my black lace lingerie? Come home fast
  • Just letting you know that you are naked now – in my thought – and oh boy, you look so damn good
  • What we are going to do tonight: soft and slow conversation followed immediately by fast and rough bedroom antics
  • Did anyone tell you how sexy you are?
  • Do you know what your top three sexiest things are? Your jawline, your abs, and umm… you know what I’m trying to say here, right?
  • Want to try out the new position that you were talking about the other day?
  • Can you forget how needy and turned on I was last night? I feel embarrassed thinking about it now
  • Would you like to have sex in the car or in public?
  • I was just thinking about you when you will come home tonight, and the next thing I found myself doing is getting completely undressed
  • Let me take the lead tonight. We will take it so slowly that you will scream for more
  • The weather forecast said that it was going to be a hot day. So I decided to wear my low-cut top and thong and just stay in bed. When are you going to come?
  • I am in my kitchen, sitting on the counter and imagining you between my legs

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Sexy Texts to Send to Your Husband to Get All Flirty

Sexy Texts to Send to Your Husband to Get All Flirty

Okay, so you are married now. So what?

Marriage doesn’t mean that you cannot flirt with your husband anymore. In fact, this is the time that you let your flirtation skills take the front seat and add spice to your married life!

  • Let’s spend some intimate time together. I promise you will like how it ends
  • Up for some bedroom Olympics tonight? If you perform good, you can win a medal
  • I can’t wait to hold you in my arms, hug you tight and kiss you later
  • I was just thinking about you. Want to know what?
  • I just woke up from a sexy dream. Do you know what I was dreaming of?
  • Tight jeans or mini skirt? Your choice

Sexy Texts to Send to Your Husband to Tease Him

Want to tease your husband over texts but don’t know what to send? I am here with some inspiration.

Just remember: Don’t be overly mean.

Your texts should be such that they are sensuous enough to tease him and wanting for more!

  • Wow, I am so flexible these days – all thanks to the yoga classes that I have been taking
  • Did I tell you what I like the most in this world? The fourth word of the first sentence
  • Hey, I just came across the fact that caffeine has the power to increase the libido of a woman. Is that why you always took me on a coffee date before our marriage?
  • It’s so hot today. I just took off my panties.
  • The hook of my bra has stuck. Can you come over and help me unhooking it?
  • Want to know what I am going to do to you later? Well, you will have to keep patience till tonight and find out yourself
  • Do you know what the hottest thing about you is? I will tell you tonight
  • I just finished watching a movie. The sex scenes were so intense that it got me all panting. I really wish you were here right now
  • I want to do bad, bad things to you
  • I miss you badly. If you were here with me now, we would definitely do something under the sheets
  • I feel horny. But you are not here

Racy Morning Texts to Send to Your Husband

Racy Morning Texts to Send to Your Husband

Have you had a night full of intimate actions? Or, are you looking forward to an evening to make all your sexy dreams come true?

Send these texts to your husband to keep the fire burning!

  • Last night was so good. Want to repeat tonight?
  • What do you want for dessert tonight? Is it okay if I offer myself to you like your dessert?
  • Want to stay up late at night today? I have got some ideas
  • Do you want to show me what you got tonight?
  • How about breaking the bed together? Up for some actions tonight?
  • Your touch is all I need to get aroused
  • I can’t wait to touch you again and press my body against yours
  • I was thinking about our kiss this morning. It felt so hot. Waiting for you to come back home so that I can have you all to myself
  • How about booking a sitter today? Let’s go on a date tonight
  • Let’s put the kids to bed early tonight. I have some ideas
  • It was hard to let you go this morning. Waiting for you

Dirty Texts to Send to Your Husband

Want to talk dirty to your husband?


It’s a great way to keep the fire burning in your love life. And did I tell you how hot of an experience it would be if you did it right?

Let’s get on with the texts!

  • I can’t stop touching myself when I think of you
  • The new toy that you bought me is making me all wet right now. Want to join?
  • I want to taste you now
  • I was fantasizing about having sex with you. It became all steamy when you tied me up with a scarf and had your way with me
  • I can’t wait to see you again, stripping me off my clothes, unbuttoning my shirt, unhooking my bra, opening my zipper, and doing whatever you want to do with me
  • Want to see my lap dance skills?
  • 9 p.m. My bedroom. Come wearing nothing
  • I want you to use me the way you want – as you would do with your personal plaything. I am here for your pleasure
  • I love it when you kiss me passionately, grab me by my hair, and push me against the wall. I like to surrender to your complete control
  • I like touching myself in front of you. I get so hot and turned on
  • If you can manage to be here in 30 minutes, I promise I’ll do whatever you ask me to do
  • I am inviting you to have dessert from my body

Seductive Texts to Send to Your Husband Both of You are at Work

The game of seduction never stops! And you can continue it when you are in your office. It is so much fun!

So you work for your office during the day, and then you work with each other at night. Win-win, isn’t it?

  • I just want to let you know that I am not wearing my panties
  • Would it be troublesome if you and I worked at the same office?
  • I have got this feeling that something’s missing. I think it’s you. Between my legs
  • I took an early leave from the office today. And now I’m lying on our bed, missing you. It would be so good you were here
  • I loved watching that movie last night. And right now, I’m visualizing all that amorous stuff they did to each other. How about trying some of them tonight?
  • How strong is our office desk? I’d love to test it with you sometime
  • So, let me confess, I have been naughty today, and I deserve some spanking. Want to go for it when you come home?
  • If I were with you right now, what would you do to me?
  • I was reading this article about the best sex positions. And you know what, I’d love to try them out with you tonight
  • Imagine I’m with your right now. What would you like me to do to you?
  • I want you, I need you right here, right now
  • My boobs are missing your touch
  • What are you doing at the office? I bet I can make your day a hundred times more interesting
  • What do you want me to wear tonight?
  • I’m so excited to go on a date with you tonight. If things go well, you’ll be surprised what I’m gonna do to you when we go home
  • I love how we multiply
  • If I were your boss, I’d definitely keep you late at the office
  • Wanna meet in the car in the parking lot during our lunch break?

Arousing Texts to Send to Your Husband When He is Far Away

Has your husband gone out of town for work? Or do you guys live in different cities? Or, are you traveling alone for your work?

Then you probably miss him more than anything. Am I right?

After all, the absence of the person you love makes you want him more. And your thoughts run wild.

So, how about sending some sexy texts to your husband to make him crave you?

  • I dreamed about us doing dirty things to each other last night. Don’t worry. I took notes. We’ll replicate them when you come
  • I checked into this hotel and got this box of condoms in the amenities tray (send a picture of it). Do you want me to bring them home?
  • The hotel that I have checked into has a huge shower – great for having hot shower sex. I wish you were here
  • How many more days do you need to stay in that city. I’m missing you in my bed
  • I’ll explore the city today and find out all the cool spots that it has where we can get kinky. And will definitely try them out when you’re here
  • I’m lying on my bed, air drying myself and playing with my toy. I wish you were here and use the toy on me
  • Do you know what I’m doing right now? I’m reading some erotica being all hot and horny and imagining us doing those things to each other
  • I’m craving your magic touch all over my body. When are you gonna come?
  • I’ll be out with my girls tonight. Wish you were here to give me company in the bathroom

Sexy Texts to Send to Your Husband to Get Him in the Mood

Yes, we all need some racy sex some time or the other. And to get there, there is no better way than to send some hot and needy texts to your husband. He will come running to you when he reads them!

  • I’m going to do some bad things to you tonight, and you’ll not be able to move after that
  • Hey, Mr. sexy! Which undies are you wearing right now? I want to tear them off when you come home.
  • My eyes are craving your hot naked body. Can I have a preview?
  • Right now, I’m wearing just a single piece of clothing. How about a guess?
  • I think I have caught a fever. Can you measure my hotness by touching me?
  • I didn’t behave properly the entire day. Don’t you think you need to punish me?
  • Don’t waste all your energy at work today. I need you to spend some energy on me too, tonight
  • What have you done to me? I can’t think straight. All I can think of right now is you, on top of me
  • Have you watched the “Fifty Shades of Grey?” How about trying out some of the moves in it tonight?
  • I’m waiting for you in the bedroom
  • Come here. Now
  • Guess what I’m doing to myself right now. If you guess right, I’ll send you a video
  • I’ve decided what I’ll do tonight. YOU
  • I’m ready for the game
  • I want to taste your lips
  • We had so much fun together last night. I want to top that tonight
  • I went shopping today and got my hands on new lingerie. Wanna see me wearing it?
  • What do you like to see me wearing when I open the door for you tonight?
  • I was thinking of you. It made me hot and wet. You better come home in ten minutes
  • Just the thought of you touching me everywhere gives me goosebumps
  • Love me. Now
  • We don’t need to sleep. How about trying out some intimate stuff?
  • What is your favorite part of my body?
  • How would you like to do me tonight?
  • Whenever I see you, I get butterflies in my stomach
  • Stop texting. Come to my room. Now
  • After what you did to me last night, I can’t get you off my mind
  • Do you think you can score a triple-double in the bedroom?
  • If you were tackling me, I wouldn’t mind

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Naughty Questions to Text to Your Husband

If you want to make the most of your time together in the bedroom, you need to know what works best for both you and your husband. And to get started with it, you need to know what your partner likes and how he wants to set the whole scene.

The best way to do that is to ask him with the help of some naughty texts. And who knows, he may get aroused just by reading these questions!

How many times can you finish in one night?

  • Do you like it rough, or do you like it slow and romantic?
  • Are you up for all-nighters, or do you like quickies?
  • Do you prefer to be on top or at the bottom?
  • If I could wear only one piece of clothing tonight, what would you like me to wear?
  • What is your favorite sex position?
  • Do you like vanilla sex?
  • What is the best sex memory that you have of us?
  • What is the deepest, darkest fantasy you have ever had?
  • What is your take on our first night together?
  • What is the wildest dream you ever had of us?
  • Which is your favorite place to do it with me?
  • Which is the wildest place you wish to have sex with me?
  • Do you prefer doing it every day, or do you want to have one long and hot night a week?
  • What dirty dreams do you have about us?
  • Which is that one place you want to do it at least once, no matter how wild it is?
  • Do you want to find my most erogenous zones tonight?
  • Do you think it’s better to be loud in bed, or are you more of a quiet person?
  • Would you like it if I practiced lap dance for you?
  • What is that one thing that you want to try out with me, as we haven’t tried that out yet?
  • What food would you like to eat from my body tonight?
  • Do you want to show me how strong your tongue is tonight?
  • Would you like me to show you my dirty dancing skills tonight?
  • Do you like talking dirty?
  • Should we buy some more toys to use together?
  • Do you like to role-play?
  • What is your favorite role that you want to try out first?
  • Which is that one movie that always gets you in the mood?

Straightforward Sexy Texts to Send to Your Husband

Straightforward Sexy Texts to Send to Your Husband

Are you running out of ideas about what sexy lines you can send him to make him hard?

Well, you don’t always have to be dirty, flirty, and funny to make things hot to handle between the two of you. Sometimes, a straightforward text is all you need to get to the point!

  • The last time we were together, you were screaming some bad words. How about screaming them again tonight?
  • I want to feel you inside me
  • No matter how much I have you. I always want more
  • I loved how you turned me on last time. I want you to do that again
  • Do you know what the most sensitive part of my body is? Wanna find?
  • My body wants to be crushed under yours. That is what it demands
  • Oh, God! I want you so badly right now
  • If we were together right now, what would you want me to do to you?
  • What would you like to have tonight: a long session of lovemaking or a quick hand job?
  • I found some great sex positions from Kama Sutra. Want to try them when you come home?
  • I was lying in bed thinking about you. Can you guess what I was doing?
  • Guess what color bra I’m wearing right now. If you guessed it right, I’d give you a blow job when you come home
  • Come home quickly. I have a surprise for you, and I think you’re going to enjoy it tonight

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Steamy Texts to Send to Your Husband When You Have Kids

When you have kids after marriage, romance does take the back seat for some couples. But that is not how it should be, right?

Want to revive all those steamy nights that you had with your husband before having kids?

Send him these sexy texts and see how things turn hot!

  • How about we skip the quickie tonight and have a long and steamy sex session after the kids go to sleep?
  • Come. Let’s play
  • How about we extend the screen time of our kids tonight? (Add a flirty emoji)
  • This is not Titanic, baby. I’m going to hold your body forever – tight with mine
  • Babe, come. Let’s make another baby
  • I don’t like to see you go. But I like it when you vacuum and walk away
  • The kids are sleeping. Come, help me in the shower
  • The kids are having a sleepover at their friend’s house tonight
  • How about locking the bedroom door tonight?
  • Meet me in the walk-in closet in 5 minutes
  • The kids are finally sleeping
  • I can’t remember when was the last time I wore my honeymoon lingerie. Should I wear them once the kids go to bed?
  • Wanna play the “Boss Baby” on the PC for kids and then sneak into the bathroom together?
  • I have got a babysitter for the night
  • How about we go to bed and play our own version of “Fifty Shades of Grey.”


These sexy texts to send to your husband are a great way to bring back the spice in your married life. You’ll notice that you are communicating more – not just physically but also emotionally. And your husband will not be able to stop thinking about you!

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