A Happy Woman is a Well-loved Woman

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Would you believe that a happy woman equates to being well-loved?

If not, a recent study in the Journal of Marriage and Family is conducted to prove its point. It is stated that men who are not happy with their marriage may still be happy with their lives overall as long as their wives are satisfied.

“A wife’s happiness in the marriage has the power to overtake a husband’s marital unhappiness to make his overall life quite pleasant,” Deborah Carr, a professor of sociology at Rutgers University and co-author of the study stated. She then added, “That was the finding that makes people say, ‘Happy wife, happy life.’ But it cuts the other way, ‘Miserable wife, miserable life.'”

But, what is exactly the point of being a happy woman? Why do we need to be one? Here is a list of things on why being happy is equivalent to a happy life:

1. She engages in open communication

A happy woman is a mature one. Instead of not talking to their husbands when they’re frustrated, they prefer to engage in a conversation to discuss what is meant to be discussed. They are most likely open-minded and someone you can trust with your secrets and deepest thoughts. They love deep conversations, and they never judge you for whatever you wish to share.

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2.  She offers a lot of emotional support

A wife that is emotionally stable provides support for her husband. Sometimes men can be vulnerable and need a lot of support, thus, a happy wife could give what they need.

3. A happy woman keeps her composure even in heated arguments

Even in the fieriest arguments, a wife that is satisfied in her marriage will keep her composure. She knows better and will never say and do things that would cause deterioration in the marriage.

4. Her positive aura fills the atmosphere

A happy wife is also the source of light, delight and positive vibes! She just knows how to spread the happy vibrations and will emit a generous amount of it to people that she will encounter. She is a woman of cheerfulness and will most likely contribute a lot in the marriage because of the love and support she is giving.

5. There is a decreased possibility of a divorce between the couple

Because of the positivity and maturity that the woman possesses, divorce and unwanted circumstances in marriage will lessen due to the fact that the couple is happy in what they are experiencing. If the husband is toxic who hinders his wife to grow as her own, then that foretells serious marriage problems.

6. Other people can see the marriage as an ideal one

A happy life with a happy woman is the ideal set-up of every person who lives with their partners. As the couple continues to bear a fruitful life together, other people would look up to them and try to follow suit. This might put a toll on wives because they expect that a woman should be satisfied in their marriage in order to be happy. But that was something that is not quite true for all situations. In fact, according to a study by Deborah Carr, women tend to be happy just by preparing food or doing household. It is one of the natures of women, taking on the care-giving responsibilities makes them happy!

A positive woman is vital in marriage so husbands have to be a positive influence and bearer of support to them as well. The wife sets the mood for a delightful household and serves as the light of the home. If the wife seems miserable, then expect that everyone is, too. The role of a wife doesn’t end in preparing food and doing chores, there is more to that. In fact, according to the core concept of the study stated above, the woman is one of the key persons in marriage. Without their positive energy, without the love that they emit, then marriage will most likely fail due to lack of care and support.

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