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How to Respond When a Guy Says He Misses You? 25 Top Tips

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Did you just receive a loving message from your better half, your boyfriend, or someone else saying that they miss you badly?

Awww…so sweet!

Is it making the butterflies in your stomach go mad in excitement?


But, here is your problem: You are unsure how to respond exactly.

Well, girl, you can always go with the common and good old “I miss you too” reply. But, you know, it’s very boring! I mean, this is what most of the people reply when their significant other texts them saying, “I miss you.”

But if you are up for some unique and creative ways to reply when a guy says he misses you, I have good news for you!

And trust me, these responses will make your guy go weak on their knees! Just a small Tip: Always add flirty emojis as they will be the icing on the cake.

Also, I have included some responses for the guy whom you don’t like or want to remain only friends with them.

To tell you the truth, it’s really a BIG deal to let someone know that you miss them and you want them to be with you. So, when you get a “Miss you” text from a guy, you should know he has strong feelings for you, honey. And he becomes sad when you are not with him.

25 Top Tips: When a Guy Says He Misses You

25 Top Tips When a Guy Say He Misses You

I have come up with some great tips in this post on how to respond when a guy says he misses you?

So, let’s get started with the best responses!

#1. “What Exactly do You Miss About Me?”

Are you in a flirty mood? Then this response would be just perfect for that occasion! And who knows, this can turn into some oh-so-hot sexy conversation!

#2. “I Wish You Were With Me, Here.”

Is that guy in question physically separated from you? Are you guys in a long-distance relationship? That’s sad. But this reply can perfectly convey your love and wish to be together again!

#3. “I Have Been Thinking About You too.”

This reply will let the man of your dreams know that he is in your mind as well.

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#4. “Tell Me About Your Day.”

This response is a relationship where both of you get busy in your lives so much that you don’t get time to text each other. But of course, you still care. Unfortunately, the harsh reality of life is losing touch with people you care about. But it’s better late than never to pick up right where you left.

Now, do you find it awkward at first?

Then, honey, give it some time. It may not be so easy for you to have a flowing and easy conversation with this guy if you are talking after a long time. But things will be easy after a few messages.

#5. “I Know!”

Are you dating this guy? Or, it’s been a while that you had spent a lot of fun-filled time with this guy?

And this guy is missing you now! You are worth missing! So, of course, why won’t he? 

You can act a little flirty now and use “I know” as a response. And if you want, you can follow up with an invitation to go out again with him soon. Trust me! This response will make his day. 

#6. “I Can’t Wait to Meet You Again!”

I Can't Wait to Meet You Again!

It doesn’t matter when the last time you were with him. Still, this could be a great response.

So, when was it? Was it yesterday? A few weeks? A few months ago, or a year ago?

Well, if you send just an “I miss you too” in reply, it can make your relationship feel kind of dull. However, if you send “I can’t wait to meet you again!” it will make your guy look forward to meeting you in excitement.

#7. “I’m Counting The Days Until We are in Each Other’s Arms Again.”

This message is especially for your boyfriend or husband!

They may be away for work. And it might be days or months that you guys haven’t seen each other face to face and hold each other close. And you might be missing them a LOT – their smell and their touch.

In that case, this response message will show how much you miss them too and how much you wish to be in their arms. Your significant other will get to feel the warmth of your love.

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#8. “I Was Thinking of You. I’m so Happy That You Texted Me.”

Did you receive the “I miss you” text from the guy you went on a date with the other day? Was it really fun to spend time together? Did you guys get along quite well? Are you eager to go on a second date with him?

If your answer to all these questions is a BIG “YES,” this response will convey the right message.

Sometimes you need to be straightforward. Let him know how you feel and that you are open to going on more dates with him.

Your response will make him smile and feel wanted.

#9. “It’s Been Forever Since We Met! Can We Start a Video Call?”

If you are one of those girls who like to take the lead in a relationship, this can be an ideal response.

Maybe the guy you are dating is a bit shy to ask you to be available for a video chat, despite missing you. In that case, you can initiate that. Of course, this will make the guy fall for you head over heels!

Did I tell you how some guys LOVE girls who take the driver’s seat in a relationship?

#10. “Come on, Let’s Plan Something Tonight!”

Is this the man of your dreams? Has it been a while since you guys saw each other last? How about spending some quality time together?

A perfect thing to do would be to plan a romantic date with him. Go out on a dinner date. Have some drinks. And be all lovey-dovey!

#11. “I Miss Every Inch of You, Darling!”

I Miss Every Inch of You, Darling!

This is no doubt a cute and sweet response to your man’s message on missing you.

Tell him how much you miss them, and don’t forget to add some naughty emojis!

And who knows, you might end up having some really naughty series of messages! You know what I mean, right?

#12. “I Thought You’d be Happy to Get Rid of Me.”

Did your crush just text you that he misses you?

Then this can be a perfect response to use on him! It can make you both laugh. He might even get into details about what he likes about you or what he misses about you. And you will have a HUGE smile on your face.

#13. “What Would You Do If I Was With You?”

Now, this response is more on the flirty side. And this is for your husband or boyfriend who is not with you at the moment.

This conversation is going to get VERY steamy! So, if you are in a sexy mood, type this response and hit send. You can thank me later.

#14. “I Miss Hugging You.”

When you are away from your partner, you miss their physical presence. And not being able to touch your partner hurts a lot. I understand.

This response is ideal for times when you wish your partner was with you and you would be able to hug him at least, or hold his hands.

#15. “You Are My Whole World.”

Do you love this guy, so much so that you want to be with him for the rest of your life?

Well, this would be a great reply for that kind of relationship. Let him know how much you love and want to be with him. And who knows, seeing your reply, he might pop that magical question getting down on his knees! You know what I mean, right?

#16. “I’m Staring at Our Pictures Together Because That’s All I Can do Right Now!”

Are you in a long-distance relationship with this guy who says he misses you?

It’s one of those perfect responses to his message when things might not go well between the two of you. It usually happens in a long-distance relationship. So, it becomes important for you to express your feelings and let him know how much you think about him and miss him.

#17. “Not Having You Here is Making Me go Crazy.”

"Not Having You Here is Making Me go Crazy."

It can be really hard to stay away from the person you love or like.

Seconds feel like years. You feel empty inside and always look for ways to communicate with them. This response is just right for that kind of circumstances. It will let your guy know that you miss him like crazy.

#18. “Wow, Thanks.”

Now, do you want to keep your distance from the person who has sent you an “I miss you” message? Do you not feel the same for him? Do you want to let him know that politely?

This response would be a perfect fit for that kind of situation. It doesn’t make you sound mean. Also, you can send a follow-up message by changing the subject.

That person will get what you are trying to say.

#19. “I’m Dreading Every Second That I’m Away from You.”

Staying away from your loved ones and not being able to be with them physically can make you feel miserable at times.

Sending this response when a guy says he misses you will make him understand how much you care for him and want to be with him.

#20. “I Miss Me Too.”

Are you not attracted to the person who texted you that he misses you?

Then it’s better that you don’t give him the wrong idea.

For that kind of situation, you can definitely go with this response. It’s in the form of a joke. But if that person is intelligent, he will surely understand what you mean to say by that.

#21. “What Can I do? I Have That Charm on People.”

It may seem as if you are kidding around. But this response is great for someone you don’t feel attracted to.

Sending this response will make that person know that you are not interested in him without being rude about your feelings.

#22. “It’s Been a While, Right?”

It's Been a While, Right

Is this person your friend, and you don’t want to spoil your friendship by being rude?

In that kind of situation, this can be a great response. You are not saying to your guy friend that you miss him. Instead, you are just changing the direction of the message by saying it’s been a while since you two have seen each other the last time.

#23. “I Don’t Miss You.”

Is the guy who texted you not getting the message that you don’t see him that way?

Then, honey, you have to be straightforward and send a firm reply.

This response would fit perfectly in that kind of situation. After all, you don’t want to give hope to anyone you don’t like, right?

#24. “That’s Very Kind of You to Say. Thanks.”

Are you feeling skeptical about the intentions of this guy?

This can be an ideal response for that.

Are you quite surprised because of this out-of-nowhere “I miss you” message from the man whom you don’t like? Then a response like this will make him feel embarrassed as he thinks that he will get an “I miss you too” response from you. It will show him where he stands and that you don’t think of him that way.

You can take a day or two to send the response.

#25. “That’s Sweet! Thank You”

That's Sweet! Thank You

Is this guy your friend? Do you not feel the same for him but still want to stay friends with him?

This response would serve well. It will not make him feel embarrassed, or it will not hurt his feelings. And he will understand what you are actually trying to say.

Now that you know of some of the best ways to respond when a guy says he misses you, all you need to do is find the situation that matches yours, type the message, and hit the send button!

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