17 Major Signs He’s Flirting With You

When you’re majorly crushing on someone, you want to know if he maybe feels the same way about you, too. And sometimes, little things can make you think, “Hey, maybe he’s flirting with me… Or wait, is he?” Flirting is a way you can tell if someone is into you. But it’s not always easy to see it.

It can be a little challenging to tell if a guy is being flirtatious with you, or if he is simply being friendly. Flirting is definitely fun, whether it’s the small things like like touches or glances or the bigger signs like a flirty comment or two. But it can also be quite difficult to distinguish if the playful touches or sweet gestures actually mean more.

The key is not to obsess over it —- and to know what the signs he’s flirting are. These signs he’s flirting can help you read the signals your guy is sending and allow you to relax and have fun with him!

Take a look at these signs he’s flirting, and you’ll be able to develop a sixth sense of sorts when it comes to your guy’s behavior towards you!

Major Signs He’s Flirting With You

signs that he is flirting with you

Wonder if the guy you’re totally into is very much into you too? These 17 signs he’s flirting will help you recognize if he’s getting his flirt game on!

1. He Treats You In A Special Way

Not all guys are the same. Some are naturally reserved and aren’t overly friendly, while some can be naturally, well, flirtatious, charming everyone like it is just second nature to them. Here’s the thing, though: A good indicator that he is flirting especially with you is when his behavior changes around you.

Observe how he interacts with other people, and compare it to how he interacts with you. If he’s a more reserved kind of guy, then you’ll see that he gets more flirty and playful with you. If he’s generally flirty, you’ll see that his way of flirting when it comes to you will be different. Pay close attention to how he is with other women compared to how he is with you. If he gives you attention that is different or special, then he most likely is flirting with you!

2. He Remembers The Things You Tell Him

He Remembers The Things You Tell Him

A man who is truly interested in you will remember the things you tell him. Whether it’s a detail about your childhood or family, or a little anecdote about your day, or a corny joke, if he remembers what you say when you’re talking to him, then he is definitely taking a special interest in you. After all, when we really like someone, we give them our full attention, and we want to know as much as we can about them.

So if you find that your man is repeating things back to you, like dropping details of past stories and conversations you’ve shared with him, from the most important to the most trivial, then he is definitely flirting with you. It’s his way of showing that he is invested in you and he cares about you and what you say.

3. He Smiles At You In That Way

Everyone has a unique smile. We all smile differently — some with their mouths closed in a shy little smile, some big and broad with their teeth showing. But there is one thing that’s pretty much universal even with all the different smiles each individual has: When a person likes someone, they get a smile on their face that’s just for them.

If you’re across the room and catch his eye and his smile changes, or when you’re hanging out in a group and you notice his smile is different when he’s smiling at you as compared to other people, or when you two are conversing and he just can’t help but smile almost the whole time, then he is flirting with you! If he smiles at you with that twinkle in his eye or with his face lighting up in a way that’s just for you, then there is some flirting happening right there.

4. He Finds Ways To Find Out Your Relationship Status

He Finds Ways To Find Out Your Relationship Status

This one really isn’t all that difficult to read into. A guy who is interested in a girl will want to find out if she is available. So he’ll try to figure it out and gauge her relationship status. It’s basically a total giveaway, even if he tries to do it subtly.

Do you find him saying things to you such as: “Did you come here with your boyfriend or with your friends?” “Your boyfriend is quite the lucky guy!” “Am I taking your boyfriend’s seat?” Overly casual statements like that are ways for him to see if you are single or not. A guy that shows an interest in your status and whether or not you have a boyfriend is a guy who’s flirting. And if he tells you stuff like, “A girl as awesome as you surely can’t be single?” then that shows you everything you need to know.

5. He Touches You In Small, Playful Ways

Little touches here and there can be among the simplest and surest ways you can tell if someone’s getting their flirt on with you. When a guy fancies a girl, he won’t be able to help but try to have some form of physical contact with her, no matter how small it may seem. He’ll do it in little ways that are subtle, but he will find ways to sweetly touch her.

It can be something like him putting a hand on your shoulder, a light touch on the knee or on your back, a playful high five that lasts a little bit longer, brushing some lint off your shirt, or softly brushing back your hair. If you notice that he can’t seem to keep his hands off of you and he’s always “playfully” or “accidentally” or “casually” touches you, he’s very likely flirting!

6. His Body Language Speaks Volumes

His Body Language Speaks Volumes

A big, undeniable indicator that a guy is into you is his body language. These nonverbal cues are actually quite telling of how someone feels about you, and if he is flirting with you, there are visual signs that can show it.

A few small nonverbal cues are when he tilts his head while talking to you, or makes eye contact, or when he’s angling his body towards you – i.e., shoulders angled to face you – or he is leaning in towards you or his feet or knees are faced in your direction. These may seem like very tiny things, but they can actually reveal that he is in the flirt zone with you.

7. He Seems Quite Flustered

Guys can be very shy, or they can be incredibly confident, or they can be something in between. But what they all can be are flustered, blushing men when they’re around a woman they like.

A guy who is flirting with you and likes you can turn into an adorable, rambling being when he is around you. As you two interact, you may suddenly find him blushing cutely or turning beet red. A girl that a guy is flirting with can definitely have that much of an effect on him, no matter how hard he may try to mask it.

8. He Fidgets Nervously When You’re Around

He Fidgets Nervously When You’re Around

You know how it is when you get a little loopy and light-headed when the object of your affection is around? Guys can be pretty much the same way! A man who is around a woman he adores may become cutely nervous and fidgety. They can’t help it, because they can get overwhelmed by their feelings.

He might play with his hair, or hold on to his glass, or fidget with a hole in his jeans. He may also stutter a little bit or talk so fast he eats his words! Guys can portray their nervousness differently. But if you notice that it’s there, then that is a subtle sign of interest and flirting.

9. He Attempts To Impress You

A telltale sign that a guy is flirting with you is when he tries however way he can to impress you. Someone who is flirting with you will not try to downplay or hide his achievements — unless he’s doing it in a way that you’ll be impressed by his humility! Generally, he will attempt to show you his best side and talk himself up.

It’s not really that he is arrogant or bragging, though sometimes he can go over the top about it which may give off that impression. He just wants to show you that he’s a great catch, and make more of an effort to do so. He’ll talk about his work successes, tell you about his talents.. even shower you with little gifts or invite you to watch him play or perform at something he excels in. These are the actions of a man who is flirting, big time.

10. He Tries To Make You Smile Or Laugh

He Tries To Make You Smile Or Laugh

When a guy likes someone, he will go out of his way to make her happy and feel comfortable with them. He’ll crack jokes or tell funny little stories to try to put a smile on her face and even make her laugh, and put her at ease with him.

A guy who is flirting with you will let his witty side come out and play. He’ll share some really fun, cute stories, pull out the clever quips and punchy anecdotes, and be his most charming, dashing self. He’ll do anything to make you laugh and make that extra effort to make you comfortable in his presence.

11. He Gets In Some Good-Natured Teasing

Yes, you guessed it: This is exactly the grown-up, adult equivalent of when a boy pulls the pigtails of the girl he likes on the playground! Playful, good natured teasing is a definite sign that a guy fancies you. No matter the age they’re in, guys tend to tease the girl they majorly like.

You can tell a guy is flirting with you when he is teasing you in a gentle, playful, and light-hearted manner. It’s never hurtful or spiteful or rude. He’ll gently tease you about a physical trait he actually adores, or cutely disagree with something you say, or playfully mock you about your favorite song. He might even give you a fun, jokey nickname. These things totally reflect a man who wants to get your attention and is flirting with you in the most basic way!

12. He Gives You Compliments

He Gives You Compliments

Compliments are a way to express admiration and adoration. So when a guy gives you compliments, then it is a pretty obvious sign that he adores you and is getting flirty with you! Guys generally do not give out compliments so freely, so when they do, it shows a definite level of interest.

Giving compliments are a big sign of flirty behavior. So if he compliments you on your appearance, like noticing your hair or saying you’re looking beautiful, or if he compliments you on more subtle things that you may not realize that he’s noticed, then he is getting quite flirtatious and giving you extra attention.

13. He Finds Ways To Talk To You

A guy who is super into you will find ways so he can start up a conversation with you. He will work at it and really put in the effort so he will get to talk to you. And he’ll try to make the conversations last or get deeper as it goes on because he wants to learn more about you and for you to also learn more about him.

There will be quite a few things that will clue you in about this. There will be visual cues like him nodding as you talk, prolonging and maintaining eye contact, or smiling as you and he converse with each other. He’ll be very present in the conversation, listening and responding to what you say, and he’ll keep your convo going. That’s a guy who is flirting with you and crushing on you!

14. You Have His Undivided Attention

You Have His Undivided Attention

When you fancy someone, all your attention will be on them. That goes both ways — a man who is totally interested in you will shower you with his undivided attention. When you are with him, he’ll make you feel like you are the only thing he notices, and his entire focus is on you.

So if you find that he is giving you his total, undivided attention, then he is getting his flirt on. Whether it’s just the two of you or there are others in the room, he’ll make you feel like his eyes are only on you, and his interest is held by you and you alone. You are his sole focus, and girl, that means he is flirting with you.

15. He Makes Time To Be With You

This one is also pretty simple. If a guy makes an effort and finds any and all excuses to be around you and spend some time with you, then he likes you a lot and is all about flirting with you.

Is he grasping at any opportunity to be with you? Does he makes time for you? Even with other people around, does he quickly get through interactions with them so he can get back to you? Does he indulge in the activities you enjoy doing? Does he cancel plans with his bros to hang out with you? If so, then he really, really adores you.

16. He Doesn’t Shy Away From Eye Contact

He Doesn’t Shy Away From Eye Contact

Okay, ladies, now this is definitely a big one. Eye contact is something that really really establishes a connection between two people, like a shared moment that is only between the two of you and no one else.

Eye contact can get very intimate, and it can also communicate feelings without saying a single word. So if you find that he holds eye contact with you and he prolongs it just a little bit, then that is a major sign that he is flirting with you! His eyes can help to express how he really feels about you.

17. It’s All About The Butterflies

Here’s a simple truth: The chemistry, it doesn’t lie. Those butterflies you feel in your stomach when you’re with him, that magical enchantment that you just can’t describe, that is the chemistry flowing between the two of you.

You know that there is some serious flirtation going on when the interactions between the two of you just sizzle and crackle. You feel happy and like you’re walking on air, and your heart just flutters and feels so light. There’s undeniable electricity when you are around each other., and you’re just buzzing the whole time. Yup, the flirtatious energy is super high!


Flirting can be super fun, and it can be a great way to interact with the guy you like. Remember though that flirting doesn’t immediately mean that he’s head over heels for you. Signs he’s flirting with you are a pretty cool way for him to show that he likes you and enjoys your company, and is attracted to you. Whether that develops into something deeper depends on how everything takes its course. Just relax, have a blast with him, and if it feels right, you’ll eventually be able to take things to the next level.

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