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How to Get a Guy’s Attention on Text? Top 13 Tricks and Ideas

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So you like a guy and want him to get attracted to you too, right? And you want to do that over text messages.

How do you do that?

Gone are the days when you would only talk to the love of your life over phone calls. Those days, you both had time for an hour-long conversation over the phone. But these days, texting has taken the place of phone calls. This is true for both situations when you have started to know someone and when you already have a developed relationship.

Now, this has a bad and a good side to it. On the one hand, you get a lot of time to think about what to type in reply to the guy you like. And on the other hand, there is a lot of scope for misunderstanding a text or worrying when you don’t get a reply quickly.

Here is good news for you. According to a recent study, if you and your partner have similar kinds of texting habits, the chances are that you are going to have a long and happy relationship. This means, if you both like to text each other first thing in the morning or if you both like to write lengthy texts, then girl, you are most likely to hit it off!

Tips on How to Get a Guy’s Attention Over Text

Tips on How to Get a Guy's Attention over Text

So, how exactly should you text your crush to get his undivided attention? I have some tips for you!

Read on.

  • Always Be Engaging

What would you do if you are trying to build up a conversation with someone over text and they are just constantly replying with one-word answers?

If you ask me, I can’t stand those people! On the other hand, replies like “ok,” “yes,” and similar kinds of one-word phrases can actually end a conversation.

Imagine having a face-to-face conversation with a person who only says “cool” or “ok” as a response. Wouldn’t it be extremely frustrating and boring at the same time?

The same is the case with texting. If you text just “ya” and “cool” followed by nothing else, then the guy you like will take you as a low-effort and boring person. And you don’t want that, isn’t it?

So the best thing you can do is keep him engaged in your words. Text him as if he is sitting right in front of you. Use complete sentences, and don’t forget to add follow-up questions. This will make your personality shine!

  • Enquire About Him

We all want to feel wanted, don’t we? So if you want to know how to get a guy’s attention, then honey, pay attention to him first!

In order to know more about him, ask him open-ended questions. Find out what a normal day in his life looks like, what makes him happy, and what he likes. 

Did you know that open-ended questions can make your guy talk?

Let me give you an example. If you ask the guy you like, “what is the name of your best friend?” this will be a closed question, as he will stop just by texting you his friend’s name. But, if you ask, “What do you like the most about your best friend?” or “How did you guys become friends?” this will give him a lot to talk about, as these are open-ended questions. And you will end up knowing a lot about the man of your dreams!

And who knows, if he already likes you and asks you some open-ended questions too, you will get a hint!

  • Always Respond In A Timely Manner

Did I tell you that I have a friend who was trying to get a guy’s attention? Her phone was having some issues, so she sent it to the repair shop and could not text the guy she had liked for three days. Finally, after three days, she texted the guy after she got her phone, but he ghosted her! She found out that he matched with another girl on Tinder in those three days, and they started dating. Can you imagine? Just three days!

Well, my friend couldn’t do anything as her phone was not working. But you can! There are a lot of girls who wait for a significant time to reply to a guy’s texts. This can be for many reasons, and one of those reasons is that they have a busy life. But honey, if you really want to make things work between you and this guy you like, do send him reply texts promptly.

By that, I’m not asking you to reply instantly whenever you see and read his texts. It is just that don’t keep him waiting for long. I know some of you may take hours to reply because you don’t want your guy to think that you are desperate. But we are living in a fast-paced world, honey. These days, most guys don’t think that you are giving a late reply because you are less desperate. Instead, they think you are replying late because you are not interested in them or are not that engaging.

So, if you are really into this guy, respond to his texts whenever you are able. Suppose you are having an interesting conversation and want to keep the conversation going by sending a reply in seconds. Then, do it, girl. But, if you are busy at work and you can’t send him a reply for the next two hours, then that’s fine too. Your guy can wait.

  • Flirt With Him

Did you know why most guys and girls fail to get the attention of someone they like over text?

Well, it’s mostly because they think their text has to be very robotic and, of course, a matter of fact. So they text just like a hair transplant salon texts its clients to confirm their appointment!

But let me tell you, if you want a guy to fall for you over text, then girl, you really need to know how to flirt over text. Don’t worry. You know how to flirt with a person face-to-face, right? So then you are going to do well in texts too! After all, flirting is one kind of language of attraction, and you should know how to use it to your advantage.

So, when you flirt over text, you need to be yourself, have fun, and try to move the conversation in a more romantic, sexual direction. But, are you getting my point? 

The main concern here is that flirting over text can be really hard as you can’t show your body language here. So, how can you let the guy you like know that you are flirting without being too obvious?

This is exactly where emojis come into the picture!

Emojis are perfect for flirting. And I just love how they can change the direction of your boring conversation to an interesting one. 

Want to know my personal favorites? 

Well, I like to use the winking emoji when I’m being seductive. I like to use the fire emoji when I’m giving a compliment. And when I’m in the mood for something adventurous to try, I use the devil or angel emoji – depending on what I’m suggesting.

Did I tell you how emojis can spice up your boring texts and actually convert the texts from just words on a mobile screen to actual flirting?

So, use your imagination and be creative with your flirty texts to the guy you like.

  • Don’t Use Excessive Emojis

Yes, I asked you to add emojis to your text to make it more interesting, and of course, when you are flirting. But girl, that doesn’t mean that you will send tons of different emojis after every text you send the guy you like!

I have a guy friend who liked a girl and connected over Facebook to get to know her better. But after a few days, he blocked her. When I asked him about the reason, he said that she used to send a lot of emojis in all her texts. That turned him off.

And this is not just about this one guy. There are many guys who think that sending unnecessary emojis over texts is too childish.

You don’t want to miss out on a great guy because of something so trivial as this, right?

  • “Never Have I Ever….”

Okay, I know, this is a drinking game.

But it can be really interesting when you are playing this game over text.

And did I tell you this game can turn up the heat of your conversation in seconds?

You can start with, “I have never been naked in a swimming pool.” If he responds by saying that he has, you can ask him the next question. But if he responds by saying that he has never done that before, it is his turn to ask questions.

This game can get really hot and exciting. And you will get to know the craziest things that your crush has done in his life. Like it already?

  • Don’t Talk About Boring Subjects That Are Emotionally Heavy

You want to make a guy feel attracted to you, right? So, it is best to avoid topics that are too serious and topics that can lead to heavy emotional conversation. These kinds of topics may include religion, politics, and of course, your ex-boyfriend.

When you are just getting to know a guy, you should avoid texting on these topics. This is because the chances are that it will create nothing but misunderstandings. After all, you can’t just have a look at a text and understand what exactly they mean, especially on serious topics such as these. While you may take the text as sarcasm, they may not.

So, if you really want to talk about a serious matter, save it for those times when you meet. This way, there will be fewer chances of misunderstandings.

  • Ask Him For Advice

Let’s face it. Be it a man or a woman, we all feel loved and valued when someone close to us asks for our advice, right?

And this is true for your crush too.

If you want this guy to fall for you, you need to make him feel wanted.

So, if you are to make an important career decision, you can ask him, “what do you think would be better for me?” or “do you think going for a job in the field of IT will be right for me?” And see how they answer you.

You guys can have a long and meaningful conversation over texts about this. This will give you some idea about how he thinks too.

Asking him for his advice over texts will make him automatically like you more. And if it continues, you will definitely be on their list of close friends!

  • Send Him Photos

I know you have heard this a thousand times. Still, I’m saying it to you again: men are visual creatures. Okay, I don’t want to start the debate on “which sex is more visual!” But, I have many guy friends, in fact, more than girlfriends. So, I know how they love looking at stuff, you know! They enjoy watching sports, staring at a campfire, and, yes, looking at the photos of gorgeous women.

Okay, so here I’m not telling you to send “those” kinds of pictures. But, of course, they will definitely like that too! Anyway, I’m talking about sending your photos – of your daily life in general. It can be anything. You can send the picture of the coffee you just had or a beautiful selfie of yours – all dressed up for a party.

When you text a person, it can sometimes look artificial and cold. This is because both you and the guy you like are behind screens. So, when you send a picture of yourself or your life, you are actually inviting him into your world. And you are letting him see that you are so damn interesting – so much so that he should be a part of your world if he wants his life to be exciting too.

I suggest you send him photos that are just for him to see. For example, if he gets to view your Snapchat story, that doesn’t mean anything special, as all our friends on your Snapchat list will be able to view that too. But, if you send him pictures on Snapchat that are meant just for him, he will value them a lot. And trust me, he will know that he is special to you.

  • Try To Be Witty

Now, who doesn’t like a witty person who has the perfect sense of humor?

So, if you are to draw this guy you like closer to you, show him your funny side. Then, use it to your advantage to keep a balance between serious conversations and laughter.

Did you know that according to studies, men like funny women, especially when they are at the beginning of a relationship?

So take up your phone and text your guy some witty lines. For example, you can write lines such as, “show me yours if you want to see mine….I was talking about tattoos, you dirty mind! What did you think I meant (wink)?”

This is just an example. You can create yours!

  • Don’t Text Like A Teen

Yes, we all want to take shortcuts in life. But, honey, please don’t make use of abbreviations in your texts for that. After all, you are not a teenager. So, it would be better if you didn’t text like one.

I’m not saying being a teenager is a bad thing. But most guys don’t like to date girls who are childish.

It takes just a few seconds to type a complete word. And some take even less time – all thanks to the word suggestions! Still, if you feel super lazy to type a full word, no one’s stopping you from using the voice-to-text option.

So avoid texting UR, IKR, LMK, CUL8R, and similar kinds of abbreviations.

An occasional “LOL” text will do no harm, but girl, don’t go overboard with it!

  • Keep Your Texts Short And Simple

These are texts and not emails. Texts are meant to be brief. If you think that you need to have a long conversation, you can choose to Facetime him or give him a phone call instead.

If you keep your texts short, you will get the opportunity for back-and-forth conversation. What if you have a lot to say? In that case, you can break it up into a number of sentences so that he gets the chance to read your texts and respond.

Okay, I’m not suggesting that you send every text in three words. Always reply in full sentences. Just make sure that you don’t write a wall of text!

  • Don’t Complain

When you start spending more and more time with a guy, you tend to get more comfortable with him. This can lead you to open up more. And that is a great thing, I must say. But, it can backfire if you use it as an opportunity to complain or vent.

Of course, you can occasionally say, “It’s so hot out!” but that doesn’t mean you can bitch about your job, your boss, and other things in life – every time you text him. There is a very thin line between sharing with someone about what is bothering you and only complaining.

If you complain too much, the guy you like will find no interest in talking to you.


These are some of my ideas about how to get a guy’s attention over texts. Texting can be a great way to make a guy fall for you. You know how most dating apps these days have a messaging option which is essentially texting. And for that, you need to know the art of keeping a guy interested over texts.

So, which of these tips do you like the most?

Let me know in the comments!

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