Benefits of Brazilian Waxing and Why More Women and Men Love It

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The thought of having a Brazilian wax might be overwhelming but trust me, it’s worth it.

The number of women and men who are considering a Brazilian wax is rapidly increasing. As time passed, this popular technique of beauty treatment and grooming has made its own place from the women’s grooming areas to the men’s. But don’t get me wrong, as much as this personal care technique has appealed to most people in the modern age, this practice actually dates back to thousands of years ago when waxing was widely popular in ancient Persia, Greece and India. It has a lot of benefits that are being discovered at this age by men and women as both genders have made this hair removal technique even more popular. Personally, I loved the idea of Brazilian Waxing even before because it’s a longer-lasting method to removing pubic hair than shaving, making it a good option for those times when I don’t want to reach for the razor. My first attempt on Brazilian Waxing was a remarkably great experience, thanks to the Lay Bare Bohol attendants who made it super easy for me, to think it was my first time and felt awkward at first *but not really! Because they were so accommodating. Wait! Before you head on to my personal review on Brazilian waxing, let me share with you guys first why Brazilian Wax is something that you should really consider.

Here we go…

Before having to experience the whole Brazilian Waxing process, what’s known to me is that it allows many of us to flaunt those skimpy bikinis and swimwear without getting embarrassed or awkward or overly conscious, especially if you are very “bushy” down there. But more to that, here are the things that appealed most to me about this treatment:

1. It’s Hygienic.

Girls, we get it, no one loves to talk about our v-card situation down there but let’s face it, it can collect unfavorable germs. Pubic hair traps bacteria that can lead to infection and a less-than-desirable odor. For us women, even after showering in the morning,n just going to the bathroom can cause a certain trapped and lasting odor that leaves us feeling self-conscious until our next shower. A good solution is by removing the hair on the outer labia, you can drastically reduce your risk of any unwanted odor. And by removing all the hair with a Brazilian waxing session, you’ll have cleaner skin that stays fresher even longer and without hassle.

2. Long-lasting Effect

Waxing pulls out the hair from the roots which makes the hair re-growth much slower. Compared to using razors, we experience the hair popping out within just a few days! Damaging the hair roots would mean that the hair does not only grow slower but also lesser in number. Thus, the area remains hair free for longer, and there are areas where hair may not re-appear at all. Having a Brazilian wax make us go hair free for 6 weeks to two months. It varies depending on your hair type. Razor, hair removal creams soaps result to a rough finish compared to waxing that has a smooth result. Bonus part: Once the hair grows back, it becomes thinner and finer. That means to say Brazilian wax tends to get bearable with the increasing number of times you go for it. The first time may be more painful and may take longer, however, the subsequent visits are usually less painful and quicker. By then you will become more tolerant to pain with subsequent waxing.

3. Prevents Having Dull Portions of the Skin

If you don’t know this, using a razor actually leaves behind a blackish and stubble area on the skin since it is only superficially trimming the hair. Whereas waxing and hair pulled out from the roots, the area appears cleaner, and free of dull areas.

Well, this one’s my favorite advantage of Brazilian Waxing…

4. There is NO Irritation *ever

Although there can be a small amount of pain as the waxing is ongoing, the Brazilian wax is designed to ensure that you experience zero amount of itching or irritation after you’ve received the Brazilian wax. If you have shaved prior to this, you can really attest to having itchiness or discomfort just a few days after shaving. In Brazilian wax, I can totally assure you that there isn’t even once that you will feel itchy down there. When the hair starts to grow back, there is no additional irritation.

5. It Makes You Feel Confident

Feeling clean and fresh down there makes you confident on the outside most especially the women who will definitely find it comfier and more confident in a bikini knowing that there will be no embarrassing show of unwanted hair. By far, those are the benefits that I really loved about having a Brazilian wax. As I give my conclusion to this, I would really suggest that you give Brazilian waxing a GO. The benefits I am reaping from going through the entire Brazilian waxing process is super worth it. Try it to believe it! Meanwhile, here’s a glimpse of my Brazilian Waxing *no* it’s actually a Full Body Wax experience.

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  1. I love this, is very informative. In my immediate circle of friends Brazilian waxes and or shaving your private is not discussed. I had to learn about this from the younger women at work. Thank you fir sharing.


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