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How To Make A Guy Regret Ghosting You?

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Modern dating is so much easier, casual, and fun. However, with dating apps dominating the internet and the youth breaking age-old norms and making their own new rules, there come certain complications and the amusement of finding lovers.

One of the most common and unhealthy practices of modern dating is ghosting. Most of us can admit to having been subjected to this weird behavior where it feels to you that everything is going perfect until suddenly the person cuts all ties with you and disappears without any explanation or closure. It leaves you in a daze of confusion, and you find yourself thinking up conclusions to justify their behavior.

However wrong, it is natural to blame oneself for being ghosted, wonder if you are not good enough, or did something wrong to drive them away. However, it is crucial not to take other people’s bad treatment towards you personally. A person who ghosts you belongs to a breed of unstable people who are way too cowardly to end a relationship in the right way.

17 Simple Steps to Make a Guy Regret Ghosting you

If you have been ghosted and can’t get over it, here are easy and simple steps on how to make a guy regret ghosting you

1. Show Indifference

Show Indifference

Guys who ghost want to feel important, and you shouldn’t make him feel that way. Don’t even mention it if you notice he’s ghosting you. Instead, act as if not making eye contact makes no impact on your life. Make him feel like he’s simply one of the many people who enjoy interacting with you and that you don’t feel too bad about him leaving. They thrive on drama, and they particularly like the feeling of being able to leave a lasting impression on someone after they’ve left. One of the more difficult aspects of being ghosted is striking a balance between asserting self-respect and ensuring that he doesn’t discover that he’s affected you.

2. Treat Them the Way They Treat you

A large ego often causes ghosting, and one approach to combat this is to turn the tables on him. Ghosters typically leave without notice because they believe the other person is unworthy of closure. Act as if you don’t recall him the next time he reaches out to you or bumps into you. Call him by a different name or act bewildered and uninterested when he speaks to you. A cold shoulder is the last thing he expects; therefore, this should make him doubt his worth.

3. Be Unavailable 

Be Unavailable

This type of guy views women as save points, believing that he can leave and return to the game whenever he wants. When he needs to feed his ego, he’ll most likely come after you. Don’t give them the time of day the next time he contacts you, acting as if nothing happened. He’ll make up excuses and try to persuade you to drop everything and chat – don’t fall for it. Know that he doesn’t deserve a second of your attention and that he’s already squandered his first opportunity.

4. Be Confident 

Being ghosted is difficult, and anyone’s self-esteem will suffer as a result. It’s understandable to be a little unsure of yourself; after all, a guy you adored abruptly ceased communicating with you. Make it simply nothing more than it already does. Please recognize that this reflects him rather than an objective assessment of you. If a guy is so unstable that he needs to throw other people down to get a tiny lift, he isn’t worth your attention in the first place. So, dismiss the voices in your head that tell you you’re not good enough. Nothing has changed since the beginning of your relationship till he ghosted you; it has nothing to do with you. Continue to be yourself, and don’t waste time figuring out what went wrong since nothing did.

5. Make Social Media your Weapon

Make Social Media your Weapon

Getting social media retribution isn’t always the best option, and all the likes in the world won’t fix a shattered heart. That’s not to say you shouldn’t brag about how wonderful your life is now that he’s gone. This type of guy enjoys the concept that their absence is so visible that it disrupts someone’s routine. Living your life as you did before is one of the best ways to show him that life goes on without him. But maybe a little more out in the open. And perhaps a tad more joyfully.

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6. Show Off Your New Partner

You aren’t the only one who is replaceable. So give him a taste of his own medicine to fight fire with fire. When he sees you, all loved up and moved on with someone sweeter and more attentive, he may begin to doubt his self-worth and think he isn’t all that after all. It isn’t about taking suggestive selfies in bed.

Just a few cute photos with peeks of your new dates should be enough to pique his interest, or at the absolute least, reassure him that your confidence hasn’t been shaken since he left.

7. Love Yourself More

Love Yourself More

Taking steps to make him regret his wrongdoings is fine, but what counts most is that you regain your peace and happiness and love yourself. Remind yourself what it means to be in love with yourself rather than another person. He was never meant to be yours, and you were never meant to be his if he ghosted you.

One individual, though, who will always be yours? It’s You. So, regardless of how you’re feeling right now, remember that the essential person to love is yourself. Also, offer yourself some love by giving your mind and body the attention they deserve.

8. Change your Routine and Explore Life

So, you were ghosted by a guy you liked. You’re upset about it; how could you not be? So, are you going to stay in your room all day, brood, and whine to your buddies about it? No, you should get out there and live your life. And don’t just go about your business: start incorporating new and exciting activities into your daily routine. So, how is this going to affect him? First, he’ll come to the realization that you weren’t the girl he believed you were.

Suppose he finds on social media that you’ve been up to a dozen different things that you’ve never even mentioned to him. In that case, he’ll be devastated at the prospect of losing you. It might be his hand holding yours while you go out and see the world at its best; instead, he’s holding his phone.

9. Find Someone Better

Find Someone Better

Find someone better for yourself once you’ve had enough time to mend from your past and are ready to accept a new love into your life. What is the most prevalent reason people “ghost” one another? While there are several reasons for this, one of the most common is that you believe you can do a better job than the person with whom you’ve been working. Perhaps you gradually come to believe that this person isn’t truly “on your level,” and hence isn’t worth your time, and you feel compelled to dump them and go on to someone else.

So, what’s the greatest method to get back at a guy that treats you like this? Date someone who is substantially more capable than he is. Nobody enjoys finding out that their ex, even if it was just a conversation partner, is suddenly dating someone objectively better than them. Finding someone more successful, gorgeous, or even kinder and more upbeat may not be the easiest assignment. Still, if you succeed, it will be the quickest method to make him feel two inches tall.

10. Forget That he Existed

It’s excruciating. It irritates and upsets you. You despise the fact that he ghosted you, and you want him to suffer the same consequences that his ghosting did to you. However, achieving that level of fulfillment isn’t always possible. The finest form of retaliation is to forget about him completely. First, you must get to the point where he is no longer a memory. His name should be unfamiliar to you, and his face should be unrecognizable.

He should no longer be meaningful to you, not just because you’ve effectively suppressed the memories but also because you’ve created such a great life that his recollections are irrelevant. Then, one day, he’ll come across you, think about you, or try to contact you. And your true, honest forgetfulness, the type you can’t fake, will pain him more than anything else. He will undoubtedly regret ghosting you by then if he doesn’t regret it now.

11. Don’t Get Caught Up in the Drama

Don't Get Caught Up in the Drama

If you’re going to do this, if you’re going to make a guy regret ghosting you while maintaining your sanity, you’ve got to do it for the right reasons. It’s true that if you’re bitter, you can’t have a pleasant life. But, suppose you embark on this quest to make a guy regret ghosting you because you’re wounded, angry, or in pain. In that case, it’ll merely stir up more of those emotions for you, and it’ll be less likely to work in the first place. So, feel the emotions that this encounter triggered, let them out correctly, and then move forward knowing that you are far more capable than this.

12. Don’t Let it Take Over your Life

When he abruptly disconnected from you, he took away your power. Please, oh please, don’t give him more power by allowing yourself to be consumed by this. See, if you want to make a guy regret ghosting you, you have to do it on the side; it can’t take up all of your time. So, if you discover an imbalance, take a step back, take a breather, and return to your goal once you’ve recovered. Surround yourself with people who make you happy and remind you of how beautiful and valuable you are, such as friends and family.

13. Block Him

Block Him

Blocking a person out is a key step in making him regret ghosting you. It means you shouldn’t respond if he returns without a true emotional apology and a behavior change. It’s not about lowering to his level; rather, it’s about having the foresight to see what you do and don’t deserve, rather than simply letting him back in. You should also avoid contacting him in the future.

He knows where you are and will tell you if he wants to. So don’t bother chasing him – that’s a significant one. You’re more capable than that. You should unfollow him on social media as well. Why would you want to meet him after he cut you out of his life? If you decide on this last option, you’ll probably discover that he’ll still follow you or that even if he doesn’t, he’ll still check in on you.

In most circumstances, his curiosity will get the best of him. Yes, he may respond by unfollowing you, but this will probably irritate him more than you realize, and you’ll discover he still checks in for a little online stalking now and then. However, this is a positive thing. If you want to make him regret ghosting you, this is the way to go.

14. Don’t Give Him a Reaction

If he comes back and doesn’t gain your attention, he might start to put in more effort as well. So maybe he’s the first to see your articles on social media, or he likes your photos, or he comments on them. When he does this, he’ll expect you to message him, and he’ll expect you to respond, but don’t. Allow him to simmer for a while. If your paths ever cross, you have a chat, or you feel obligated to respond to something for whatever reason, don’t, and I repeat, don’t bring up the fact that he ghosted you. Also, don’t bring up your relationship too much. Maintain a nice demeanor while appearing unaffected. This, my friend, is crucial. Even if there’s a little fake, it ’til you make it in there.

He’ll want you to respond or remember so he can see how much you miss him and how much you care. And if you don’t, it will cause him to second-guess himself, rethink how he handled you, and, as a result, regret ghosting you. You haven’t become furious or lash out; instead, you’ve been the greater person, which causes him to reflect. It will start him thinking, whether he is a nice person or not, which is exactly what you want.

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15. Put Effort into Yourself

Put Effort into Yourself

Happiness is the most effective form of retaliation. Yes, it is. But, as part of that, you must be truly pleased with yourself and who you are to be truly happy. It would be best if your negative experiences did not taint you. So devote more time to getting to know yourself again, establishing your dating and relationship criteria, and doing whatever you can to increase your self-confidence. When you finally figure out who you are, what you want, and what’s essential to you, you’ll never settle for less than you deserve.

When you do date, make sure your dates are qualified and on the same page as you to start having more positive experiences than negative ones. Check to see if you’re relying on your dates to prove your worth. Regardless of your relationship state, try to get to where you feel good about yourself. Because genuine happiness is what comes across, this is the type of person this guy would regret losing.

16. Don’t Try too Hard for Somebody Else

When making a guy regret ghosting you, the biggest error you can make is pushing too hard. This could indicate that you are continually boasting about how happy you are on social media, but in a deceptive manner. You’re posting content to make him jealous, like a new unknown man every week? Let’s get this party started! Maybe you’re even using quotes to make a point.

Although I understand you’re in pain, I’m not being subtle. The thing is, what’s the point of it all? It isn’t going to make him regret his decision. It’ll only show him how much it’s getting to you and how much power he still has because you’re trying to get to him, which will backfire and not work in the first place! So leave a little mystery instead. Don’t post everything about your life on social media; only post the things you want to remember and smile about or selfies that make you feel strong and confident in yourself. Don’t make anything for him; instead, make it for yourself, as this will likely result in the intended impact.

17. Invest in Real and Pure Connections

Invest in Real and Pure Connections

On the other hand, seeking true, pure connections is the best thing you can do. So continue to move forward in your life. Find those who are deserving of becoming a part of your life. Because, after all, here is the lucky area, right? When you meet individuals who truly make you happy when you fall in love when you meet someone who is truly perfect for you, what happens to this guy who ghosted you? He’ll be a distant memory in no time. What comes to mind when you think about him? It will make you feel nothing at all, except possibly a small smile.

Only you’ll smile because you’ll remember how insignificant he was and how he, not you, was the one who was missing out. Why? Because that guy doesn’t know how to treat women properly. But that implies he’ll never have the same kind of relationship as you. It will be unrivaled. And that’s when you’ll have your biggest regrets. As a result, the best thing you can concentrate on is moving forward and finding the people who truly belong in your life.

Getting ghosted or ghosting someone is a harmful way to deal with a relationship. You may do everything in the world to get them back and still not have them. You may take every step to get your sweet revenge, but the bottom line remains, someone who ghosts you is not worthy of your time and Mindspace. You must know for yourself that you are above and beyond them. They are incapable of loving you, and life is hard enough without such unstable people to add to the stress. Even when you take some time to give them a taste of their own medicine, be mindful that it doesn’t turn into an obsession. You must not lose yourself for somebody else.

You do not have to become the people who hurt you to heal from them. Realize that life can be beautiful, with or without them. There is so much more to life than an immature and unstable guy who didn’t know how to love you. You’ll find love in abundance, and if you don’t settle for the wrong ones, you will find someone who loves you, as they show in movies. Life is constantly changing, and soon enough, these people won’t even matter anymore. You should concentrate on removing yourself from the hurt, love, and care for yourself to sail through the difficult phase and get to the other side. If someone ghosts you or hurts you in any way, take the lesson from your pain and be mindful never to cause someone else the same pain that you had to endure.

Tear yourself away from the painful history of ghosting and start brand new. Focus on yourself. Focus on your goals and live your dreams. Be strict with the one who mistreated you in the past but still has a soft and kind heart for the rest of the world. Kindness is the key to having a beautiful and peaceful life ultimately. It’s your own life, nobody else’s!

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