168 Best Flirty Texts To Send A Guy You Like

So. You’ve got a guy that you really, really like. He’s making your heart flutter and giving you all those butterflies in your stomach, and your feelings are getting you all a-tizzy. So what are you gonna do about it, ladies? 

It is time to get your flirt on. 

Flirting is an essential part in any relationship, and figures prominently from the earliest stages onwards. Flirting sets the stage, gets the ball rolling, and if you do it right, puts you on the right track to heating things up between the two of you. It’s the essential bridge that takes you from friendly and casual to sexier interactions. It gives you the window to level up your relationship and get you and your man to connect on a more intimate level — all the while having a ton of flirtatious fun. 

Flirty texts to send a guy are a great way to go and get your flirt completely on. It’s light and fun, it lets you fuel more intimacy while being playful, it gives you the chance to let them know “jokingly” how you feel about them — testing the waters in a teasing way. Flirty texts to send a guy are a subtle and lighthearted way of sending signals about how you feel about him in a jovial, non-complicated manner. 

Convinced? You may now be wondering what are the best flirty texts to send a guy. After all, it’s the best flirty little messages that will get his heart racing, his temp rising, and his mind on you all day and all night long — exactly like you’re hoping for. 

Need some inspiration? Check out our best flirty texts to send a guy you like for some flirty, witty, some sweet and some super saucy messages. Ladies, let’s take your flirting game to a whole new level. 

Best Flirty Texts To Send A Guy You Like

flirty Texts

Here’s 168 flirty little messages to heat things up and get the ball rolling

  1. Heya, stranger. Time to stop being a stranger.
  2. Heeeey. Morning! Have a good day, you!
  3. If I asked you if you could come over here, right now, how would you respond?
  4. I’ve made the first move right here in texting you. The ball’s in your court when it comes to kissing me. 
  5. Just so we’re clear, this right here is me asking you out. Coffee. Saturday. Yes?
  6. I gotta say, nobody else in the world gets me the way you do. 
  7. So, I have officially texted you. Now I’m gonna be staring obsessively at my phone, just waiting for that little beep. Don’t make me wait, okay.
  8. Come here. Right now. Nobody’s home. Just me.
  9. Wishing you were next to me, right here, right now.
  10. You can’t pick up the phone to type me a message, but you can type in a few words to update your status on Facebook? Yeah, okay, I see. 
  11. Here’s a thought: Let’s call in sick and spend the entire day together tomorrow!
  12. You know, I’d invite you over this weekend, but I’m not quite sure I’d succeed in keeping my hands to myself.
  13. Got any plans for lunch? Was thinking I could swing by, let’s eat together!
  14. Each message I get from you is like a gift I can’t wait to open.
  15. I just can’t figure it out but my thoughts are particularly X-rated today. The blame might be on you!
  16. I think it is so unbelievably sexy how patient you’ve been with me about taking things slow. I promise you I am so worth the wait.
  17. Miss me already?
  18. What a stressful day! Wanna come to blow off some steam with me tonight?
  19. I am up high on cloud nine when you’re around.
  20. Me. You. Takeout. Later. 
  21. Hey! Quit thinking about me too much!
  22. So, last night I dreamt about you…
  23. I kinda suck at kickstarting conversations. Wanna give it a shot?
  24. Netflix and chill?
  25. Got any plans lined up this weekend. Cos I don’t.. Not yet anyway.
  26. I just finished reading this book that you would absolutely love. Wanna come pick it up? 
  27. What do you say we watch a movie and cozy up tonight? 
  28. Come swing by, I got all your faves: Beer, pizza, and me. 
  29. Was scrolling through your Insta and not gonna lie, you are lookin’ mighty fine. 
  30. All I could think about all day is that mouth of yours. 
  31. I have been so patient all day, waiting to see you.
  32. I just love it when my roomie’s out cos I never have to put on clothing. 
  33. I’m feelin’ like a beer and burgers kinda night… You in?
  34. I was thinking about you the whole day; I could not get any work done!
  35. So this song just came on the radio, and it’s like they were singing about us!
  36. You know, I was planning on going another day or so before texting you, but that’s just too long for me to wait before talking to you. 
  37. Whaddaya say we skip all the small talk and go get our flirt on.
  38. I can barely even remember the last time that we talked. We gotta do something about that. 
  39. Tell the truth. How long have you been hoping to get a text from me? 
  40. Aw, you never text me first. Can’t tell for sure if you hate me or you’re just playing hard to get.
  41. Be honest. Did you smile just now when you saw my name popping up on your screen?
  42. You are the piece of me that I didn’t even know I was missing. 
  43. You are just so amazing, don’t forget that. 
  44. Current state: A little bit drunk, a little bit horny, and one hundred percent alone.
  45. I am absolutely famished right now. But it’s not food I want. 
  46. I can’t forget how good you looked when I last saw you. 
  47. Why are you so darn cute?
  48. Getting texts from you is the one thing that makes me smile stupidly at my phone.
  49. You can’t begin to imagine how badly I wanna see you right this moment. 
  50. You up for an adventure with me? Let’s try a new hike on the weekend!
  51. How have you been able to go for so long without sending me a message? I am such a delight. 
  52. How’s your week looking like? Any room in there for me? 
  53. You are gonna love my outfit later. 
  54. Can you just stop looking so hot in the photos you post? I can’t take it!
  55. Okay, this? You being too far away? I don’t like this. If I could, your arms would be wrapped around me right now. 
  56. So, I was just thinking… How long do you think it’ll be before you realize that I like you and you admit you like me too?
  57. I totally adore you. Just an FYI.
  58. I dreamt that we’ve been sexting, so when I woke up I decided to make it come true. 
  59. I know you look smokin’ today. Ask me how I know? Because you look smokin’ 24/7.
  60. Every single time that I close my eyes, you are all that I see. 
  61. Congratulations, you have leveled up! Better prepare yourself, cos I will not be holding back anymore next time you’re around.
  62. You hot. Me like. 
  63. If you’re planning on making a move, right now would be the best time to just go for it. 
  64. I just know I won’t be able to get anything done today because you are completely distracting me. 
  65. You were really really cute last night.
  66. Sorry to hear you’ve been having a crappy day. Anything I can do to make you feel better?
  67. So. You already know what I’m feeling about you. What are you gonna do about that info?
  68. You’re adorable. I adore you. 
  69. If you want to swing by my place tonight, I’ll make your trip worthwhile.
  70. I have no clue what I would do with myself without you.
  71. Right now, I’m just asking myself: Are you real? I mean, how can someone like you even exist?
  72. Just so you know, I’m still single. 
  73. Do you know you are one of the most fascinating people I have ever met?
  74. So, what emoji makes you immediately think of me?
  75. Did I tell you already that I wanna kiss you today? Cos I wanna kiss you. 
  76. I like you. Anything you want to do about that?
  77. Know what, we should really stop doing all this texting and start meeting up face to face.
  78. Every single one of my friends tells me they’re wishing they got a man like you. 
  79. I just cannot quit thinking about you and that smile. 
  80. We’re gonna be hanging out later, FYI. 
  81. So I took these sexy pics, but they may be way too inappropriate to post. Wanna see and let me know?
  82. I saw that new photo you posted. Lookin’ more bangin’ than ever, I see.
  83. I have always wanted to try mountain climbing. Now that I finally know an expert, wannabe a personal instructor?
  84. I think I’m gonna be deleting my Tinder because I already found the man I wanna be with. 
  85. Just wondering, are you a believer of love at first sight, or should I walk by one more time?
  86. My cheeks are hurting from all the smiling, I can’t stop. Look at what you are doing to me!
  87. Can’t get the other day/night with you out of my mind.
  88. Just saw something totally hot and I don’t know but my mind just went to you. 
  89. I’d do absolutely anything right now just to be with you.
  90. Just wondering, do you think it’s sexy when women make the first move, or do I wait for you to make it yourself?
  91. Heya, sexy. 
  92. I’ve never been a fan of that entire “wait three days” rule, so I’m just messaging you right now.
  93. Just seeing your name pop on my screen is making me grin like a silly idiot. 
  94. I am totally jonesing for some one-on-one time with you right now.
  95. You in the mood for a little fun?
  96. Not gonna lie, you are basically on my mind pretty much all the time. 
  97. So I got Netflix, but I got no one to chill with me. Think you can lend a helping hand?
  98. So I’ve got nothing much to say that’s interesting, but I just really wanted to talk to you.
  99. What the heck filled my mind all that time before meeting 
  100. You’re pretty darn awesome
  101. You’re gonna call me a liar, but you are just pretty much the guy of my dreams.
  102. I normally steer clear of scary movies, but when we watch together I know you’ll take care of me. 
  103. Our first kiss is gonna be absolutely epic, don’t you agree?
  104. Weekend. You + me + a bottle of vino?
  105. Know what’s even more awesome than a reply? A dinner invite. 
  106. So I’ve got a romcom on my TV, and the leading man looks just like you. Except, you know, not quite as cute.
  107. Every time I walk into a room filled with people, I always end up looking for you. 
  108. Guess what emoji I put next to your name right now on my phone?
  109. Have you been told that you have the most mesmerizing eyes? I’m drowning.
  110. I promise, I am usually so much better and more properly behaved. 
  111. I can’t stop thinking about just how incredibly sweet you are. 
  112. True confession: I kind of pretty much don’t like anyone. You are the one exception.
  113. Hi, hope you’re feeling good today.
  114. It’s so cold tonight. Come swing by and heat me up?
  115.  I hope that you’re finding how willing I am to text first very attractive. 
  116. So will you be having beer or wine later at my house? 
  117. I cannot believe what a great find I got: A guy who’s funny and smart and out of this world hot. 
  118. I could text with you all night long… among other things. 
  119. So our date was super fun. Haven’t had that much fun in soooo long. 
  120. Yeah, yeah, nobody’s perfect. But I gotta say, you come pretty darn close. 
  121. We should probably see each other again really soon, yeah?
  122. Stop sending me all those mixed signals and start sending pics of your biceps!
  123. How can you manage to keep yourself away from me? I know you were thinking about me all night long. 
  124. So in my dream, we were sexting. Tell me, am I still in dreamland? 
  125. If you send me a photo of that gorgeous smile, I’ll be smiling all day. 
  126. So I thought I’d embrace honesty and tell you that I’ve already been imagining what your lips will feel like on my lips.
  127. Missing that sweet face. Send me a pic?
  128. Are you wishing I’d make the first move already, or do I wait til you get inspired? 
  129. I know I know, I’m supposed to wait for your text, but I just cannot help myself. 
  130. Hey, I thought I saw you today on the freeway driving by, but it was just another hot guy.
  131. Are you this darn adorable all the time, or did I luck out and catch you on a very good day?
  132. So, you smiling right about now? If so, that is good. Really, really good. 
  133. You hungry? I am craving nachos right now. Wanna join me for a midnight snack?
  134. I don’t really have much to say, just wanted to tell you that you make me smile. 
  135. Hey there, sexy man.
  136. Just so you know, whenever you feel like getting your sweat on, I am game for a workout. 
  137. Should I just quit my dating app? I think you’re it for me.
  138. I could ask you what your favorite snack is or where you grew up, but honestly, I just really want to sext.
  139. According to my dog, you passed his sniff test. 
  140. My cat just admitted she’d give up her spot on my bed for you.
  141. Pop quiz! A – I should text you and say hey, B – I should text you and say you’ve been on my mind since I saw you, C – I should just get right to it and tell to come here now. 
  142. Where are you? On my mind, am I right?
  143. So I texted you cos I wanted to tell you about that dream I had, but seriously, I am blushing just thinking about that dream right now.
  144. Wanna nerd out with me and see Star Wars for the gazillionth time?
  145. Nope, I do not have a boyfriend. Thank me later for being able to read your mind. 
  146. I am sending you this song in honor of your hotness (insert sexy jam here).
  147. Be truthful. How long did you keep yourself from texting me so you wouldn’t seem too eager?
  148. Still, waiting for the right time to make your move? Life is short, now looks good. 
  149. We’re down for some quality time as soon as you get off work. Just so you know. 
  150. I just bought a cute little top and I’ve got no one to tell me if it looks good. 
  151. How PG and wholesome do photos have to be on Insta, ya think? Wonder if mine will pass, can you be the judge?
  152. Think I’m gonna assign a ring tone to you. This one (insert flirty song here).
  153. In five emojis, tell me how you’re feeling about me. 
  154. I hope you’re enjoying my texts. I’m lovin’ saying all those naughty things over text that I’d need a lot of wine to say in person. 
  155. Tell me, how many more texts should I send to you before you let me see you naked?
  156. You could text back a reply or you could just ask me out. Food for thought. 
  157.  I got two tickets to see this band tonight but no one to go with. You game?
  158. Yeah, I know you’re not supposed to text when drunk, but I was holding my phone and you just zoomed into my mind. 
  159. Texting is all well and good but when can I catch a glimpse of the hotness that is you?
  160. I shall give you three chances, guess what’s on my mind right this very moment. 
  161. I am supposed to be studying/working, but all I wanna do is study/work on you. 
  162. I’ve been getting really good at my yoga moves. Want to see it?
  163. Don’t lie, I know you see how I’ve been looking at you. Whatcha gonna do about it?
  164. Heya stranger. Whatcha up to?
  165. I’m texting you, I’m in bed. What now?
  166. Honestly, I just really wanted to hear your voice. 
  167. I miss you. 
  168. Honey, you have kept me waiting quite long enough. 


When it comes to courtship and relationships and flirting, it is the little things that make a difference. A little flirty message, no matter how short or simple it may seem, can go a long way in making your special someone feel, well, special. These best flirty texts to send a guy you like will make him smile, get his heart beating a little faster, and get him thinking about you nonstop. Get your flirt on and go get him, ladies!

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