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How To Be A High Value Woman – 16 Defining Traits

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As women get into the dating game searching for a potential partner, there is undeniably a powerful desire to attract a high value man. As you strive to fulfill that desire, a crucial thing to learn and remember is also so simple: To attract a high value man, you should cultivate being a high value woman. 

Now you may be wondering how to be a high value woman. Well, though this may sound daunting, it is not as complicated nor challenging as you might think. You need to keep in mind that becoming a high value woman stems from instilling the right mindset within you. Most women tend to overlook that and skip straight to strategies and so on. But without the right attitude, you won’t be able to successfully move forward on your journey to becoming a woman of high value. 

After all, it is said that being a woman of high value is 90 percent the way you feel about YOU, which is influenced by the mindset you have, and 10 percent the way you show it and communicate it to everyone through your words, actions, and how you carry and treat yourself. 

As you go on your journey of how to be a high value woman, understand that how you feel about yourself is a significant component. To cultivate the right mindset — and then check out the 16 defining traits we’ve laid out on how to be a high value woman. These are defining traits you will undoubtedly embody and achieve when armed with the right mindset!

How To Be A High Value Woman?

Read on to find out the 16 defining traits of women of high value

  •  She knows her value

Being a high value woman is not about how attractive you may seem to others or the level of attention that she receives. It is all about your attitude and about how you are to yourself and others. A high value woman does not equate her self-worth with her physical features or body, the attention she gets, or sex, and she doesn’t need anyone else to validate her. After all, a high value woman knows that men do not get to determine her worth. You decide on your worth. 

Know your value, and own it. Own your worth, and embrace it. You don’t need anyone else’s stamp of approval. And you shouldn’t let others’ remarks or opinions affect how you choose to live your life. You are a woman of value. Be aware of your inherent worth and know that this is true no matter what others say. 

This doesn’t mean you should start parading around as if you are better than everyone else. Knowing your worth doesn’t equal acting too good for everyone else or having a false sense of entitlement. Having a strong sense of self-worth simply means you put your value in your hands and not in anyone else’s. And that is evident in the way you talk, walk, carry yourself, and most importantly, in how you treat yourself — with humility and confidence. 

  •  She respects herself and values herself

Being a high value woman is about feeling good and confident in her skin and enjoying her own company. She does not let herself get fazed nor intimidated by the high set of standards she places upon herself and those around her. 

As a high value woman, you know that whatever level of respect that you receive from other people is contingent on the level of respect that you give yourself. Because of this, you respect yourself and love yourself very deeply, and you know not to settle for anything less than what you deserve. 

And if someone does not respect you or love you in the way you respect and love yourself and in the way you know you deserve, you learn just to step away from that person and that relationship. 

  •  She is compassionate and kind

Being a high value woman is to know and to understand compassion and the power it holds. She is one who easily shows kindness to all those that she meets and encounters, whether it be her family or her friends, or people she interacts with throughout her day, from the bus driver to the store owner and more. 

To be a high value woman, you know and believe that real lasting beauty comes from within you and from how you are towards others, which is evident in the warmth you radiate from within. You understand the value of how connected all living things are. So you are very present with everyone, and you treat all those around you with loving, gentle kindness. 

You aren’t one to play hard to get or play games with emotions, and you are not stoic nor cold-hearted. You care about others, and you are not scared to express those feelings of compassion and warmth. 

  •  She commits to growth and learning

Being a high value woman means you are all about personal growth. She is committed to pursuing whatever helps her grow and become the best version of herself, always. For her, it’s all about being well-rounded and pursuing living wholeheartedly and with a genuine passion. 

As a high value woman, you should aim, every day, to be stable – intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally. You understand that you always have room for learning and growing. You are dedicated to bettering yourself through books, music, current affairs, art, traveling, films, and so on. And you are not afraid of seeking professional help if you feel you need it to become the most optimal version of you. 

You always aim to learn something new and widen your knowledge every single day. You believe in your heart that all those you meet and encounter have something you can learn from, as long as you stay humble and open and receptive. 

  •  She is empathic and self-aware

Being a high value woman is all about being very aware of her words, behavior, and thoughts and the effect that all these have on those around her. She fully grasps how it is not just about what you say but also how you speak and communicate with others. It’s about being tactful and empathic in your interactions.

To be a high value woman, you must respect your thoughts and feelings and not be harsh in judging yourself. You must also possess emotional intelligence. Having these instilled in you will help enable you to be the same towards others. 

What drives you is your genuine longing to connect with other people and to understand them, and encourage others when needed, and accept them for who they are, and not trying to demand change in them. 

  •  She is rooted in maturity. 

Being a high-value woman means she cannot feel the need to manipulate those around her or play games to get her way. Know those little mind games some girls play, like pretending that you’re too busy, or waiting days before you text back, or just stringing guys along? Well, those are things she considers beneath her because a high value woman is grounded in maturity.

As a high value woman, you know that you don’t need to abide by those “rules” in dating to make yourself appear more unattainable or attractive. You know in your heart of hearts just how special you are, and you don’t need to participate in manipulation or tricks to prove that. 

In the same vein, as a high value woman, when someone is on the verge of leaving, you don’t resort to tactics to get them to stay. You have the grace and maturity to let them go if they feel is best for them.

  •  She is unafraid when it comes to speaking her mind.

Being a high value woman is about knowing that staying silent and not speaking her mind serves no greater purpose. Because of this, she is very comfortable when it comes to sharing her opinions, thoughts, and feelings with other people, and the fact that she is aware not everyone may like what she has to say is not holding her back. 

Likewise, as a high-value woman, you aren’t scared to voice your wants and needs because you know that your wants and needs are just as valuable as everyone else’s. You are also not scared to make your boundaries clear and say no when you want to say no. 

When it comes to expressing what’s on your mind, you also know that there are many ways to explore creative avenues to communicate your beliefs and ideas. And when you do so, these self-expressions are rooted in a place of authenticity and genuineness. 

  •  She is self-sufficient.

Being a high value woman means knowing that a man is not necessary to “complete” who she is. She understands that she is the one who is first and foremost responsible for her own wellbeing and her happiness.  

As a high value woman, you know that having a relationship is a wonderful addition to an already full life. It is not a requirement or a “must-have,” so you can feel complete. The same goes for your emotional health and well-being as well. You know that you are in charge of taking care of your emotional well-being and not someone else. 

This is one of the characteristics of being a high value woman that men can’t resist!

  •  She sets high standards.

Being a high value woman is all about looking for high value characteristics in others, particularly in a potential partner. She understands that she does not need to have a man look after her or take care of her. Still, at the same time, she will not accept nor settle for being treated anything less than the way she knows that she deserves.

As a high-value woman, keep in mind that if you set high standards, that will help you to weed out those who know your worth from those who sadly do not. Men tend to place women in three main categories: Those they are not interested in, those they are interested in, and those they are crazy over — this is the rarest one!

Keep in mind that not all men will be able to see your worth — but that does not mean that you are not worthy. All that means is that if that’s the case, then that’s the sign for you to move on and keep searching for the man who will truly know your worth. Don’t settle for less than what you deserve.

  •  She sets healthy boundaries.

Being a high value woman means being aware of her boundaries and not letting anyone cross them. That holds true, especially when it comes to men. She sets limits that are healthy and are valuable when it comes to establishing good relationships with others.

As a high value woman, you also understand the importance of setting boundaries that are healthy when identifying if a man is a high-quality man or otherwise. 

Setting healthy boundaries is also a great, strong way to earn a man’s respect and love. So do not be scared to be firm when it comes to the healthy boundaries you’ve established!

  •  She manages her emotions.

Being a high-value woman means being someone who knows how to manage her emotions. She knows that even throughout the magic of meeting someone and sharing incredible chemistry with that person from the get-go, she won’t let herself get carried away too much too soon. 

As a high value woman, you are all about knowing how not to commit that mistake of giving your emotions away too fast. Even if you feel he likes you as much as you like him, you know not to overwhelm him. 

You keep your emotions in check, and you keep them to yourself for now — at least, until he has earned the privilege of being privy to your feelings. 

  •  She manages her expectations.

Being a high value woman is all about understanding that it’s important to manage her expectations. It means going out into the world boldly and confidently, but at the same time keeping your expectations in check. 

As a high value woman, you know that not every single guy you meet will be someone who will fit into your life and your future. You go into exploring new relationships with the best intentions and an open heart and mind, but free yourself of any overwhelming and premature expectations when it comes to the future. 

You are all about going in free of expectations and having enough self-worth, self-respect, and self-love to shrug it off and not take it too hard or too personally if it doesn’t work out. 

  •  She is all about passion. 

Being a high value woman is about living her best life, her most passionate life, one that is completely in line with her values, her goals, and her purpose. She goes into a life full-on with nothing less than a burning passion. 

As a high value woman, you live the life you know you deserve and enjoy abundance, and you embrace the blessings that come your way. You don’t even seriously consider turning your back from doing what you love in order to please a man. When challenges and setbacks arise, you don’t let those drag you down. Rather, those just fuel your passion and your zest for life and the things you love even more. 

You are someone who is fully in love with what you do and with who you are. No apologies for that passion that burns inside of you. 

  •  She is class personified.

Being a high value woman means carrying herself with class. It means embodying what it means to be classy and also understanding that classy and sexy can exist side by side. She is all about embracing her femininity, her charm, and her beauty in all its authenticity. 

As a high value woman, you understand that you do not feel that you need to seek the attention of others always. You are confident and comfortable in your beauty, and you hold yourself with utmost grace. In the same train of thought, you also don’t ever feel the urge to compete with others, particularly other women. You know that every woman is beautiful and special in her own way and that the beauty and specialness they wield do not take away from your own. 

You are all about empowering other people. You know deep in your soul that there is no need for you to compete with others for attention and love because there is room and space for everyone. 

  •  She looks after herself. 

Being a high value woman means knowing how to look after herself spiritually and emotionally, and physically. She knows it is not about vanity but about being committed to taking care to keep her body in good health. 

As a high value woman, you know your body is your temple, and you nourish it with food and drinks that make you feel your best self. You work out and exercise to move your body and keep it in good condition. You carry yourself out into the world in a manner that keeps you feeling beautiful and confident. 

You value self-care and place value in it. You know that it is essential for living and maintain a balanced life, and you respect your body and its limits and treat your body with care and love. 

  •  She owns her vulnerability. 

Being a high value woman is all about understanding that vulnerability does not equal neediness, weakness, or being ‘too much to handle. She knows that vulnerability is all about being brave and bold with her emotions, even when it feels scary or risky. 

As a high value woman, you must let yourself be your most authentic self with those you love and be transparent with your emotions while allowing them space to be the same way. You know not to let your fear control your decisions and choices, and you are bold enough to risk getting disappointed and hurt in order to gain trust, intimacy, and connection. 

You know in your heart of hearts that vulnerability is not a weakness, not at all. It’s a strength, and it’s very powerful in the gentlest, most beautiful of ways. 

What is a high value woman all about?

At the heart of it all, remember that being a high value woman is not about a thing like how attractive you are or how attractive others see you, or how much money you are making, or how intelligent or smart you are.

What a high value woman is, and what makes a woman of high value to others and especially to men, is having emotional intelligence. It’s someone who understands and owns her value, believes in the importance of taking care of herself, and knows how she can treat a man well

What are a high value woman’s boundaries?

What are a high value woman's boundaries?

As mentioned earlier, being a high value woman comes with knowing the importance of setting healthy boundaries. Among these healthy boundaries are:

  1. Communicating your needs and wants clearly and in a mature fashion
  2. Being able to say “no.” 
  3. Embracing your life and living your best life, never allowing a man the power to stand in the way of that

What are a high value woman’s habits?

What are a high value woman's habits?

A few valuable things to remember as a high value woman:

  1. You know what you want in love and life
  2. You understand and believe that you are more than enough, but at the same time, you strive every day to better yourself and be the best possible version of who you are
  3. You are not interested in dating men who treat you anything less than what you deserve, and you are all about dating men who know and understand and cherish their worth

 Conclusion :

Being a high value woman entails many wondrous and amazing things. But at the root of it all, how to be a high value woman is all about knowing your value, owning your value, and only letting into your life and heart those who know your value too and treats you the way you deserve. Respect yourself, love yourself, and realize that you are completely on your own — that is what being a woman of high value is all about. 

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