30 Cute & Romantic Nicknames For Your Husband

What is the name of your husband on your mobile phone? Is it the name his parents gave him or the nickname you call him by?

Well, I have saved my husband’s number with a cute nickname that I call him by. We call each other using nicknames.

And the funny part is that if by any chance, any one of us calls the other by our real names, we think something is wrong with the other person, or maybe he is upset with me!

When it comes to calling someone, there is nothing more intimate than calling them by a special nickname. And when you give your husband a cute or romantic nickname, he feels all the more loved and wanted. Don’t you agree?

Your husband understands that you love him a lot, so by giving him a nickname, you suggest that he is only yours.

Let his friends, family, and colleagues use his given name while you use the nickname you have chosen only for him.

So, are you looking for inspiration to select the perfect nickname for your loving husband?

Here I am with a list of some of the cutest, funniest, and most romantic nicknames for a husband!

Adorable Nicknames for Husbands

Do you want a unique nickname that suits your husband’s personality the most?

All you need is to go through my list of nicknames for your husband and choose the one that you think matches your husband the best!

Read on.

Sweet Nicknames for Husbands

Sweet Nicknames for Husbands

Is your man caring, loving, and, above all, sweet? Does he always make you aww by saying something sweet or making some sweet gestures? Do you always feel like squeezing his cheeks whenever you see him?

If your answer to all these questions is a huge “YES,” then, girl, your guy falls under the “sweet guy” category!

When it comes to being emotional in a relationship, your husband is more dynamic than you. People say that guys cannot express their feelings as they are less expressive than girls.

But your husband is very expressive. He always speaks his heart out. He tells you now and then how much he loves you without hesitation.

So, for this sweet guy in your life, you must give him a lovely name, right?

You can choose from the following options:

  • Bae

Did you know the bae stands for ‘Before Anyone Else’?

The meaning itself is so adorable!

This can be a sweet way to call your better half. Giving him this nickname will make him know that he is the most important person in your life. And this realization will make him go all pink.

Also, the word Bae looks super fun when you send each other texts using it.

Don’t you like it already?

  • Prince Charming

I love everything fantasy! When I was in school and read about Prince Charming, I was in love with the character. Then, growing up, I always wanted to marry my Prince Charming.

Now that I’m married to the love of my life, I feel like I’m living the life of my dreams. But that’s a different story.

Tell me, are you much like me? Is your husband your Prince Charming? Then why not give him this name?

Your husband is a true gentleman in every sense of the word. You are his world. And he goes out of his way to make you feel like a princess.

I must say he truly deserves this sweet nickname if he is like this.

  • Handsome

Who doesn’t like it when you appreciate their looks?

And your husband is no exception to it.

So, call him Handsome and see how he blushes hearing it. After all, why should girls get all the compliments, right?

  • Good Looking

Do you still go weak in the knees when you see your husband? Is he that good-looking?

Then, why not call him by that name?

Your husband has a charming face and a sexy attitude. No matter how many years you are in this marriage, your heart skips a beat whenever he comes close to you. You start thinking how lucky you are to be the wife of this hot guy.

If this is the case with you, Good Looking would be a great nickname for your husband.

  • Precious

Do you think that your husband is way above your league? Or do you think you are lucky enough to have him as your husband?

Then Precious can be the perfect name for him. Also, if you want to give a unique nickname to your husband, this can be the one.

Precious means something extremely dear and valuable to you. And is there anyone dearer and more important to you than your husband?

  • Sweetheart

Now, this is a common nickname that many wives use for their husbands. But, they say, “old this gold.” So you can never be wrong with this sweet name.

After all, your husband is sweet, and he IS your heart. Isn’t it?

He will be happy to see his name saved as Sweetheart on your mobile phone.

  • Love Bug

Are you and your husband madly in love with each other? Do you have a robust and intimate relationship?

Can you not stay long without seeing each other? Are you always touchy-touchy?


Your husband just cannot get enough of you. He is always looking for ways to stay by your side.

He never forgets to hold your hand whenever you are walking together. He kisses and hugs you when he sees you after a long day at work.

Is your husband similar to these?

Then, girl, the nickname Love Bug would be a perfect fit for your guy!

  • Cutie Pie

Do you think that your husband is a kid at heart? Or does your husband behave like a kid sometimes?

Well, my husband does. And sometimes, I feel like I’m taking care of two kids – one is my toddler, and the other is my husband!

Is the case the same with you too?

Then Cutie Pie would just be the right name for him. And did I tell you how cute it sounds?

  • Love

Wasn’t love making this marriage between you and your husband possible? So why not glorify love by giving your husband the name Love?

Now imagine calling your guy by this name. Don’t miss his hearty smile! There is so much affection in the name itself.

  • Babe

Babe is a common nickname that we mainly use to call our partners. But that doesn’t make the name any less sweet. Don’t you agree?

It has a lovable vibe to it which I like. But, also, there is a bit of possessiveness to it.

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Cute Nicknames for Husbands

Cute Nicknames for Husbands

Do you feel like squeezing your husband’s face whenever you see him? Does he do cute things for you just to make you happy and see your smile? To you, is he the cutest being on this planet?

Then, girl, you can give him a cute nickname, as I think it will suit him the best!

Now, don’t stress thinking about what name to choose. Instead, scroll down, and you will get your answer.

  • Chan-Chan Man

Do you and your husband love watching the series FRIENDS?

Then you may already know who the Chan-Chan Man is! He is our very own Chandler Bing.

He is charming, has a great sense of humor, is cute, and is hot. So, he is like a package where you get everything you want in a man.

Does your husband remind you of this character?

Then Chan-Chan Man would be a suitable nickname for him.

  • McDreamy

I was binge-watching Grey’s Anatomy, and I still cannot get over the character of the oh-so-hot and handsome doctor McDreamy!

He is such a treat to the eyes, I must say. And if you have watched this popular series too, I’m sure you have drooled while watching this picture-perfect man.

Do your husband’s charm and good looks make you fall in love with him again and again?

Then you can give the nickname McDreamy a shot. And if he is a fan of Grey’s Anatomy, he will love to be called by this name for sure.

  • Munchkin

We generally call cute and adorable little ones munchkins. But if your husband behaves like a kid, too, you can call him by this name.

Don’t miss the grin on his face when you call him by this nickname. It is sweet and lovable, and it sounds adorable. I’m sure your husband will love how you treat him sweetly.

  • Honey

Does your man always treat you sweetly? Do you find him irresistibly sweet like honey? Does he go out of his way to give you sweet surprises now and then?

Then how about the nickname, honey?

The word itself sounds sweet and delicious. It sounds like sweetness oozing out from it.

So, if you want to bring a smile to your man’s face, honey would be a good choice.

  • Hunk

Does your husband love to work out? Does he like flaunting his hot, toned body? Is there not a single day that your guy missed his gym session?

Is he very protective? Does he act like your personal bodyguard?

Then Hunk would be a suitable nickname for him.

  • Shona

Do you have any Indian friends?

In India, it is common for couples to call each other Shona. And it sounds affectionate too.

Also, Indian use this adorable name for calling babies.

Is your husband like a baby to you?

Then, you can call him Shona.

  • Mi Amor

Did you know that Mi Amor is a Spanish word?

It translates to My Love. Do you love your husband like he is your life?

Then calling him Mi Amor will make him understand your immeasurable love for him. He will love hearing it in your voice.

Now, do you want to spice it up a bit? Do you want to give your husband goosebumps?

Then call him Mi Amor in a sexy, whispered tone! You can thank me later.

  • Sweetie

Isn’t your husband the sweetest guy you have met?

The nickname Sweetie would suit him very well. However, as this is a common nickname, there are so many other variations of this name that you can choose. Some of them are Sweetness, Sweetums, and Sweets.

Call him by any of these names, and tell your husband how adorably sweet you find him!

  • Honey Bunny

Don’t you find bunnies cute?

Well, I ADORE them! They are such sweet little creatures! Seeing them makes my day better.

Now, if you find bunnies cute too, and if your husband reminds you of them, then, girl, you can use the nickname Honey Bunny for your husband.

And did I tell you that this nickname is a hot favorite among many newly-wed couples?

Romantic Nicknames for Husbands

Romantic Nicknames for Husbands

Is your man a hopeless romantic? Does he do things for you that scream romantic? Does he like giving you surprises? Are his traps much like the ones that you get to see in movies?

Then, a romantic nickname would suit him the best!

Following are some romantic nicknames to choose from.

  • Loverboy

Do you and the man of your life share a fun and friendly relationship? Does he come up with jokes about you to embarrass you? Does he say super cheesy lines sometimes or the other?

Then your nickname for him should be such that it represents your beautiful relationship well. And what better than the name Loverboy?

It’s fun, cheesy, and has a love-dovey vibe you feel for your guy.

  • Sunshine

Talking to my husband makes me feel good, no matter how sad I am. I don’t know what superpower he has, but I can’t remain sad when I’m with him.

He cracks funny jokes to make me laugh when I feel low. And I kind of feel relieved and peaceful when I hug him.

Is the case the same with you too? Does your husband bring all the positive energies and happiness your way? Do you feel you can share anything and everything you want with him without fearing getting judged?

Then, you have the best partner for the rest of your life, I must say. He brightens up your mood and day.

So, for him, there is nothing better than the nickname Sunshine!

  • Marshmallow

Do you like how delicious and squishy marshmallows are? Do you have a soft corner for marshmallows?

Do you think that your husband has similar qualities as marshmallows? Is he warm and cute? Do you like his squishy cheeks?

Then you can call him marshmallow!

  • Love Muffin

Don’t you like muffins? I LOVE them!

I can survive eating only muffins. Yes, I love them that much.

Muffins are yummy, soft, and liked by many.

Does your husband resemble muffins? Is he sweet and caring and gives you all the love you deserve?

Then calling him Love Muffin would be a good choice. And did I tell you how sweet it sounds?

  • Cutie Patootie

Do you and your man have this baby talk often, where you both talk like babies and give each other names that and fun and cute – and that rhymes?

Then, you may be getting what I am trying to say here, right?

The nickname Cutie Patootie falls under that category of names. They sound silly, but you can’t ignore the cuteness they have.

Some other names like this are Boo Boo, Sweet Cheeks, and Pookie Bear.

  • Hubby Baby

Does your husband act like a baby sometimes? Do you want to give him a sweet nickname but also show this side of your man pretty well?

How about the nickname Hubby Baby?

It shows how you love your husband and not to mention how cute it sounds!

  • Pumpkin

Yes, pumpkin is a fruit, but it can mean something else too. It refers to someone sweet, adorable, cute, and who has a soft heart.

Now, do all these describe your husband too?

Then, you can use the nickname Pumpkin for him. He will love it for sure.

  • Darling

Darling is a common nickname that many couples use to call each other.

Do you love your husband the most? Is he like a pillar you can rely on and depend on in your life?

Then show your love for him by calling him Darling. This adorable and classy nickname is common, but it never loses the essence of the love it carries.

  • Tarzan

Is your husband sexy and hot? Is he always up for a passionate love-making session? Is he always looking for ways to give you surprises in the bedroom? Are you weak on your knees for him for his primal nature?

Then the nickname Tarzan would suit him the most!

  • Romeo

Is your husband all romantic doing things that surprise you and make you happy? Does he make you feel loved and wanted? Does he express his love for you often?

Then you are one lucky girl, I must say! And Romeo would be the best nickname for your husband, who is head over heels in love with you.

  • My Everything

Do you love your husband more than anything and anyone in this world? Does he make your life complete?

Can you not imagine your life without him? Does he make you feel special?

Then the most romantic nickname that you can give him is My Everything! And did I tell you how he will love you all the more when he hears this adorable nickname in your voice?


Did you know that calling your husband using some cute nicknames can make your bond stronger and your love more powerful?

Well, yes. So, which of these nicknames for your husband did you like the most? Do you think it will match the personality of your husband well?

Let me know in the comments!

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