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How To Make Him Regret Ignoring You? Proven Strategies For Getting His Attention

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You were crushing over a guy, and he approached you. You two started dating, and things were going really well. But then suddenly, he starts ignoring you.

Now you are left wondering where it went wrong. And why is your guy behaving this way? Is this your story?

Well, liking someone or falling in love with someone is one of the best feelings in the world.

The butterflies in your stomach when your eyes meet, the nervousness when he talks to you, or blushing hard when his hand brushes your cheeks, these feelings are something that can never be described in words.

But if he starts ignoring you after spending days with you, then it’s not cool.

Before you get all charged up for revenge for playing with your feelings, take your time and think.

Is this the only time that he has ignored you?

Did he not reply to your text because he was driving? Did he ignore you because he was in an important office meeting? Or did he ignore you because he was upset and wanted some space?

If your answer is “yes” to any of these, then there is nothing to worry about. He was doing something more important than your text at that very moment. Accept it.

But, if there were other unimportant reasons and you are wondering how to make him regret ignoring you, I’m here to help!

How to Make Him Regret Ignoring You?

How to Make Him Regret Ignoring You

When you start spending time with the person you like, your attraction and love for each other grows. You two become the most important people to each other.

You take care of each other’s needs and be their support. But after dating for a few days, when you start to feel more affectionate toward this guy, he suddenly starts ignoring you. That is something you should not take lightly.

He should regret ignoring you and making you upset and hurt. The following are some ways you can teach him a lesson. Let him realize the value of the gem he has missed.

1. Look And Dress Your Best

For this to work, you need to know when you are going to see him or bump into him. Maybe you both are invited to a party arranged by one of your mutual friends, or you are going on a day trip together with your mutual friends. It can be anything.

No matter what the occasion is, make sure you are dressed to kill.

Wear that little black dress that makes you look the hottest. Wear your favorite stilettoes that you haven’t worn for a while. Go for a hairdo that highlights your best facial features. And wear perfume and a smile that can turn heads.

When all the guys, including your crush, can’t stop staring at you, that is the moment he will think if he has made a mistake ignoring you. He will regret letting you go. But, girl, don’t pay any attention to him.

2. Let People Know How Happy You Are Though Mutual Friends And Social Media?

Let People Know How Happy You Are Though Mutual Friends And Social Media

Show him how happy you are without him. I know you are really upset and missing this guy, but also wondering why he is ignoring you. And on the other hand, you want to make him regret it.

But who said you have to show your feelings to others? Sometimes it’s okay to fake it, especially when you want revenge.

This is the time when your mutual friends and social media come in handy. Post positive quotes, motivational lines, and happy pictures of yourself on your social media, no matter how torn you are inside or how this entire thing has crushed your self-esteem.

Also, talk to your mutual friends about how happening your life is. But remember, don’t go so overboard with this that people get to know you are faking it.

When the guy sees your posts or hears how happy you are without him, he will regret ignoring you.

3. Don’t Contact Him Anymore

This is something that always works. No matter how hard you miss him, how desperate you are to listen to his voice, or how drunk you are, DON’T contact him.

If you think you will not be able to resist contacting him, delete his number. If you know his number by heart and want to type it, bite your fingers. And if you have a trustworthy friend, ask them to stop you from contacting this guy.

It will make him wonder why you are not talking to him because he was supposed to ignore you, and you were going to plead him to talk. But when the opposite happens, his ego will be hurt.

4. Live Your Life to The Fullest

Live Your Life to The Fullest

You know, if a person ignores you or hurts you, it means they can’t see you happy. And the best revenge you can take from them is to be happy.

Yes. No matter how much you want to sit at home, go into depression-eating mode, and do nothing, ensure to go out and make the most of your life.

Party with your friends, go on that girls’ trip that you have always canceled, get yourself a makeover, eat healthy, go to the gym, and have a happy and happening life.

Make yourself a priority and do things that interest you. This will make the guy wonder if he has made a mistake.

5. Ignore Him When You See Him

Wondering how to make him regret ignoring you? Well, do it back to him! Yes, I mean it.

If you see him at the restaurant or while you are at the gym, ignore him completely. And by completely, I mean COMPLETELY.

Even if your eyes meet by any chance, look in a different direction without exchanging a smile or a nod. This will make him realize that you have not forgotten or forgiven how much he has hurt or ignored you.

And he might even regret it, realizing how bad it feels when someone ignores you.

6. Stop Caring

Stop Caring

Only the people you care for can hurt you. This is because they matter to you, and their actions can affect you in a good or bad way.

The same goes for your crush too. He can hurt you as long as you care. It will hurt less when you stop caring for him or thinking about his actions.

So, forget what he has done to hurt you. Just erase that memory. I know it’s difficult. But you have to try. And I know you can.

You don’t deserve a guy who ignores you all of a sudden. You deserve someone better and worthy of your love, care, and feelings.

And the moment you stop wasting your time thinking about him, you emerge as a winner. That is when he loses.

7. Send Him a Long And Honest Text

This works best when your guy ignores you over text. Yes, you can go super silent and don’t text him anymore. But if you actually tell him how hurt you felt after being ignored again and again, he will understand his mistakes.

So, bring out your phone and write that brutally honest, super-long text about how terrible you felt. Write in as detail as you can.

Now, if he is a true player, your text will not affect him. But you will at least feel good because you have finally said everything, whatever was going on in your mind. It will be like taking off a big chunk of pain from your chest. You will feel light.

8. Block Him

Block Him

Block this guy from all your social media accounts. Also, block his number so he can’t contact you even if he wants to.

This way, he will not be able to see your posts and pictures or know what you are up to. He will realize how you felt after being ignored when he can’t get in touch with you.

Yes, this will not be so direct and on-the-face, like the brutally honest letter. But it will play its part in making him regret his doings.

9. Make Him Jealous

Are you still connected on social media?

If so, then you can use it to your benefit. The intention here is to make this guy jealous. For this, you can ask one of your hottest male friends to help you.

Click happy couple pictures of you and your male friend and upload them on social media. Make sure that your happiness is evident in the pictures.

Also, the pictures should be such that it gives a hint about your romantic relationship, even though you don’t say anything about it.

Seeing you with a guy who is hotter than him will definitely make him jealous. And he will regret ignoring you or hurting you.

10. Give Him an Ultimatum

Give Him an Ultimatum

I personally don’t believe in giving second chances, especially when it comes to romantic relationships. But you can try, as I have seen them working for many couples.

If you are giving him an ultimatum, remember one thing. Be clear about what you expect from him.

Tell him that you deserve much better than someone who ignores you and doesn’t give you priority. You should be an important person in his life with whom he is always willing to talk and spend time.

Make it very clear to him that it is his last chance, and if he fails, you will not take one more second to dump him and move on.

11. Don’t Make Changes to Your Plans For Him

When the guy you are crushing on ignores you, you feel awful. But you can’t really do anything until you hear from him again, especially if you want to make him regret it.

And then, when he calls you again after days or weeks, you can’t help but show your eagerness to talk or meet him. For that, you even cancel your own plans.

Girl, don’t do that. Don’t make him feel that he is the most important person in your life and that you can change your plans for him.

Do whatever plans you had before he reached out. Maybe you had plans to go to the movies with your buddies, or dinner plans at your friend’s house, or you just wanted to chill at home.

No matter what your plan for the day was, don’t change it for the sake of this guy who ignored you in the first place.

Let him realize that you have important things to do in life other than talking to him. If he is intelligent enough, he will understand what you are trying to say here and feel guilty for ignoring you.


In a romantic relationship, things can get complicated, especially if you and your partner are not on the same page. Things can also become hurtful if you are completely invested in the relationship, but your partner is not.

It can become more depressing if your partner ignores you even after your repeated calls and texts. That is the time you should strike back for revenge to show him how worthy you are. 

I hope the points I discussed were helpful and also made you feel better.

Don’t forget to comment if you want to know more about how to make him regret ignoring you!

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