50 Badass Japanese Girl Names: Unleash The Power With These Bold Names

Japan is well-known for its rich culture, arts, tradition, and history. The place is also home to some of this planet’s most beautiful gardens and landscapes.

That’s not all. These days, Japanese names are doing the rounds, too – all thanks to their popular Anime series!

If you are a fan of Anime and want to give your newborn princess a Japanese name, you have come to the right place.

Now, while looking for names, not all parents have similar criteria. While some look for names with a good ring, some look for names that start with a specific letter. And then there are others who go for names with a good meaning.

No matter which group you belong to, this article is for all.

Here I have come up with some of the most badass Japanese girl names for your little one.

If you have a special letter in mind, I have listed them alphabetically to make it easier for you to zero in on the best name.

Also, I have included their meanings so that you know what a specific name means.

So, are you ready to explore?

Badass Japanese Girl’s Names

Badass Japanese Girl's Names

So, you have become parents to a beautiful daughter, right?

Well, let me first congratulate you! And welcome to this wonderful community of parenthood. I’m a mother to a two-year-old daughter too.

I know how choosing a name for your newborn can be very daunting. You spend hours and days looking at the list of names, only after which you get a name of your choice.

But I’m here to make your job easy for you. You don’t need to look elsewhere for names, as I have added a list of kickass Japanese girl names here.

So, get a tub of popcorn and drinks while you scroll through the names.

Happy reading!

  • AIKO

We all love our babies and will continue loving them until our last breath. So, why not give her a name that signifies our love and care for them?

Aiko is such a name that holds the meanings of affection, love, and child.

It is a traditional Japanese name that peaked in popularity in the 90s. It’s making a comeback now.


If you are looking for a sweet name, Akemi is the name for you. It oozes sweetness.

It holds the meaning of bright and beautiful. After all, the birth of your beautiful daughter has only brightened your life, isn’t it?


It’s such a soothing name!

With its roots in the Japanese language, Ayaka holds the meaning of flower and color.

If you like flowery names for your little heart, Ayaka is the name for you. A famous personality with this name is Ayaka, a songwriter, singer, and record producer.

  • AYA

You can shortlist Aya for your kiddo if trendy names are your thing. It is popular in Japan and UAE. But when it comes to the USA, only a few women carry it.

Aya translates to design and color.


Rooted in the Japanese language, Atsuko has a warm vibe to it.

It holds the meaning of a warm, sincere, and honest child. A famous personality with this name is Atsuko Hirayanagi. She is a rising filmmaker who made a multiple award-winning short film, Oh Lucy!


Chiaki sounds like the name of some strong-willed girl who likes to create her own path. However, the meaning that it has is pretty.

Chiaki holds the meaning of a thousand autumns. And this is the favorite season of many.

You can go for this name if you are one of them.


Do you want your little angel to grow up intelligent and a lady of wisdom?

Chika can be a good name for her.

It holds the meaning of good wisdom and scattered flowers. A famous personality with this name is Jane Chika Oranika. She is an American rapper and popularly known as CHIKA.

  • CHO

Many parents opt for short names which are easy to pronounce and remember. If you too like short names, you can choose Cho.

This beautiful three-letter name has the gorgeous meaning of a butterfly. Give your baby girl wings to fly and let her achieve heights of success with this name.


Chiyo is a cute name with Japanese roots. It translates to a thousand generations or a thousand worlds.

A famous personality with this name is Chiyo Uno. She is an author from Japan, well-known for her novel Confessions of Love.

  • EMA

If you are into names that sound modern and have a classy vibe to them, Ema is the name for you.

Did you know that worshippers at Buddhist and Shinto shrines write prayers on wooden plaques?

That is known as Ema. It holds the meaning of benefit, favor, and flax.


If you wish your little sunshine a life full of happiness, you can give her the name Eksuko. It sounds strong and attractive at the same time.

It holds the meaning of “a child of joy.” You can choose the spelling Atsuko too.

  • EMI

Whenever I look at the sleeping face of my toddler, my heart fills with calm and happiness. And I wonder how carefully God has created her with such innocence and beauty.

The name Emi stands for the same. It means a beautiful painting.


When was your girl born? Was it during the winter months?

Then Fuyuko would be a perfect name for her. It means a winter child. And did you notice the cuteness this name oozes?


These days, people are becoming impatience. They lack kindness. But to give our kids a beautiful and peaceful world, we must teach them how to be kind, loving, and compassionate.

The name Fusae stands for the same with its meaning kindness or house of blessing.

Give your girl this name if you want her to be the epitome of kindness.

  • HANA

Hana is a name that has many origins and meanings. When it comes to its Japanese version, it means a flower.

Hannah is the English version of this name, which translates to grace.

According to its Arabian variant, it means happiness and satisfaction. In Maori, it holds the meaning of radiance. In Kurdish, it means hope. In the Hawaiian language, it translates to craft and work.


Are you into popular names?

Then Hanae can be a good name option for your cute princess. It translates to a flower with a picture.

It’s a trendy name in Japan, France, and other parts of the world.


I am fond of flowery names. Are you too?

Then you can give your little girl the name Hanako. It holds the meaning of a flower child. It has a mysterious vibe and can be perfect for modern girls.


There is something about the spring season that never fails to enchant me. The cool breeze, the colorful flowers, the rain – there is so much this season has to give us.

If you want your kiddo to connect closely with this beautiful season, you can name her Haruka.

It holds the meaning of spring fragrance and spring flower.


Do you want your little one to bring light to everyone’s life?

Give her the name Hikari, as it holds the meaning of light. And did you notice the posh vibe it has?


Hiroko has a feminine vibe and is a popular name in Japan.

Have you watched Hamtaro?

In the series, Hiroko Haruna is the girl who owns Hamtaro. She’s a curious hamster who loves adventures.


Our kids are the stars of our lives who bring love, light, and happiness into our lives.

If you want your girl to know how important she is to you, how about you give her a name that means the same?

Hoshi holds the meaning of a star.


The word means location and is a common name in Japan.

A famous personality with this name is Ichiyo Higuchi. She is one of the best modern writers in Japan.

And did you know that her picture is there on the 50,000 yen note?


Izumi is a rare name in the USA, although you can find many girls in Japan with this name.

It has a feminine vibe and holds the meaning of spring or a fountain.


You can choose this name if you want your girl to be calm and peaceful.

It has an elegant vibe and means “silent.” Also, some think that the word means lonely listening.

A famous personality with this name is Jakucho Setouchi. She is well-known for winning several literary awards for her translations and novels.


This name has a cool vibe to it. It is modern and can fit your trendy girl very well.

Junko translates to pure and obedient child. When it comes to pronunciation, you need to say “JOONG-KO.” But if you reside in the USA, the chances are that people will pronounce it as “JUNK-O.”


I am a sucker for appealing fragrances. And naturally, I like names related to it.

Kaori is one such name that means aroma, fragrance, and perfume. Another variant of this aromatic name is Kaoru.


This name sounds like a sweet dish to me. It is that kind of sweet vibe!

This elegant name for girls holds the meaning of mist. Also, some say that it is a mix of pure and flower.


If you want your little girl to have a happy and peaceful life, you can see the name Kazue as an option.

It has a calm vibe and holds the meaning of harmony and peace.

A famous personality with this name is Kazue Sawai. She is a professional koto player, which is Japan’s national instrument. Also, she has composed many popular contemporary classic music.


Are you a religious person? Do you want your kid always to have God’s blessings?

You can go for the name Keiko. It’s such a cute name and means the blessed child.

Also, this can be a good name for the baby you have conceived and given birth to after several complications.

  • KEI

Are you fond of short names? How about the name Kei?

This three-letter name is excellent and trendy for Gen Z girls. It means a gemstone. Also, it can mean intelligence.


If you want your baby to grow up all elegant and graceful, Masako is the name you should go for.

It has a calming vibe and means a graceful or elegant child.

Did you know Masako Hojo was a badass woman who rode into the battleground with her husband?

She is considered one of the most important woman characters in the history of the Japanese military.

  • MEI

Mei sounds super cute, and it describes your little one well.

It holds the meaning of a budding life. It has its roots not only in Japanese but also in Chinese. And the meaning of its Chinese variant is beautiful.


I like melodious names as they sound good to the ears.

Mayumi is one such name with a lyrical tone. It is stylish and holds the meaning of beauty, reason, truth, and an elegant bow.

A famous personality with this name is Mayumi, a Brazilian esports player. She has already made a name for herself in the League of Legends at just eighteen years.


I love being in touch with nature and want the same for my baby girl.

If you think similarly, you can choose Moriko for your little one.

It holds the meaning of a forest child always close to nature.

A famous personality with this name is the artist Moriko Mori. She is also the founder of the Faou Foundation.


It has become difficult to find someone with a pure heart who can be your true friend.

But don’t worry. You can try to imprint these traits on your little one by naming her Renho.

It holds the meaning of a friend and pure heart.

Did you know Renho Murata is the Japanese Democratic Party’s first female leader?

  • RIO

It’s a super short yet super trendy name for your baby girl. This name has its roots in the Spanish language too. And according to that, it translates to a river.

But according to its Japanese roots, Rio stands for white jasmine or village combined with center or thread.

It’s a popular name in the UK and worldwide. And you can use it as a boy’s name, too – thanks to being gender-neutral.


If you ask me what I fear the most about being a parent, I worry that there will be no one to love my baby like I do after I am gone.

And so, I pray that she has great luck with all the happiness in the world.

If you want the same for your baby girl, you can name her Sachie. It means good luck and happiness.


Many parents want the name of their daughters to end with “ko.”

If you are one of them, you can choose the name Sachiko for your little princess. It holds the meaning of a child of happiness or bliss. It sounds sweet and can match your cutie pie well.


Have you seen been to Japan and witnessed the beauty of cherry blossoms?

If not, I’m sure you have at least seen pictures of it. People from all over the world go to Japan during spring to witness this beauty.

That is what the name Sakura means.


Your baby is the most precious to you. How about you giving her a name that means precious or similar to it?

Shinju is such a name which holds the meaning of pearl.


Suzume is a popular Japanese girl name. If you are into Anime, you might have already heard this name, as there are several shows where you can see a character with this name.

It holds the meaning of a sparrow – great for parents who like bird names.


Takako is a stylish name that originated in Japan. It has a no-fuss vibe to it, which I like.

Now, coming to the meaning of this name, it has many, including a noble child, a good child, a swell child, and a wise child.


Tamiko sounds like a fun name to me. It has a cool and trendy vibe, making it a hot favorite among new-age parents.

It translates to a child of many beauty.


As parents, we always want to treasure our kids like our most precious belonging. And the name Takara signifies that.

It comes with the meaning of jewel or treasure.


If you like names that have a cute vibe, Tomoe is the name for you. It sounds like the name of some bubbly girl.

Also, it can be a good choice of name if you want your girl to be a beauty with brains.

Tomoe holds the meaning of intellect and wisdom.


It’s a name of Japanese origin. It sounds like the name of some nerd or someone who is found of books.

This beautiful name can suit your little princess if you want her to be clever.

Tomoko holds the meaning of a knowing, friendly, and wise child.


Toshiko is a traditional Japanese name that means a clever, quick, and sharp child.

It has an intelligent vibe to it.

A famous personality with this name is Toshiko Kishida. She was a renowned feminist in the 19th century. She used to speak about women’s rights, for which she got arrested several times.

  • UME

Ume is a gorgeous name for your baby girl that means Japanese apricot.

The apricot type that Ume refers to is Prunus Mume. The Japanese people call it Sumomo. It declares the arrival of spring. According to the beliefs of the people of Japan, the ume blossom can ward off evil.

  • YUI

This short and super elegant name sounds melodious and is popular in Japan. If you like names with a huge fan following, Yui can be the name for you.

It translates to gentleness, superiority, and excellence. Not only does it sound good, but it has a great meaning.

  • YASU

Do you know what the best thing about the name Yasu is?

This name with Japanese roots can be given to both girls and boys – all thanks to its unisex nature. It holds the meaning of smooth and peaceful.

It’s a variant of Jesus, which is used by Christians who speak Arabic.


Going through lists of badass Japanese girl names and then zeroing in on only one among them is, no doubt, a difficult task. But it becomes a lot easier when you know their meaning. 

I hope you like the names I have listed here and have shortlisted one. 

Are there any names we have missed out on? I would love to hear from you!

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