Apology Letter To Girlfriend: Expressing Sincere Regret And Making Amends

Did you fight with your girlfriend? Do you regret it now and find it hard to stay away from her? Do you want to sort things out with her?

What if I tell you an apology letter to girlfriend is one of the best things you can do to make things better?

You know, when you are in a relationship, it is normal to have disagreements, fights, and arguments. But if you truly love your partner, you will make efforts to make things right.

And if that means apologizing to your girlfriend, you will keep your ego aside and do that too.

Apologizing doesn’t make you weak or the other person strong. When you ask for an apology, it means that you truly value the relationship that you have with them. And that you can do everything you can to sort things out and be the happy couple you were.

My husband and I were best friends in university, and there was not a single month when we didn’t fight, no matter the reason. But every time, neither he nor I took the initiative to ask for each other’s forgiveness.

Now, not every guy is blessed with great writing skills or good at expressing their feelings in words. That is where I can help.

Here I have compiled a list of heart-touching apology letters to my girlfriend for you to take inspiration from. Write your own apology letter to the love of your life.

Sample Apology Letters to Girlfriend

In a relationship, not every day is a happy day. There may be days when you feel like you have the worst partner in the world. Of course, the reason behind this can be an argument, a fight, a misunderstanding, or something else.

No matter the reason, always remember we all are human beings who make mistakes.

But a few mistakes shouldn’t break your relationship, right?

If you truly love your girlfriend and see a future with her, you must apologize for hurting or fighting with her.

And that is where apology letters come into the picture.

If you don’t have the courage to face your girlfriend and say sorry to her, apology letters can be your best friend.

I have made multiple sections that consist of different reasons for an apology. So, if you are looking for apology letters to send your girlfriend after a fight, you can jump straight to that section.

1. Apology Letters to Girlfriend After a Fight

Apology Letters to Girlfriend After a Fight

Is your girlfriend not talking to you after a fight?

Send her an apology letter to express your deepest feelings.

If you have difficulty expressing your feelings, the following are some sample letters for your reference.

You can modify it according to your scenario and send it to your girlfriend, asking for forgiveness.

My Cutie Pie,

Do you know how much I miss your hugs, kisses, sweet voice, and YOU?

There hasn’t been a moment since the fight when I didn’t think of you, of us.

I know I shouldn’t have talked rudely that day and gotten into a fight. But I couldn’t control my anger.

I’m really sorry for whatever I said to you in the heat of the moment. I didn’t mean a single word of it.

I fell for you the moment I laid my eyes on you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

This pain of not getting to see you, talk to you, or hold you close is killing me. Please come back to me, baby.

I’ll never again behave badly with you. I promise.

Forever yours,



It’s been a week since we both spoke to each other. And I totally understand why you are upset. We fought over the responsibility of throwing the trash out, which was a meaningless argument to have.

My words were never meant to hurt you. But as it did, I’m truly sorry from the bottom of my heart.

You know how our work pressure is taking a toll on our relationship. I think we should spend more time together and not mix our professional life with our personal life.

Please forgive me and come back. I’m dying to see you.

Your stupid boyfriend,


2. Apology Letters to Girlfriend After Lying

Apology Letters to Girlfriend After Lying

Lying in a relationship is a crime. Well, at least to me.

If you can’t trust your girlfriend and be completely truthful, then what’s the point of being in a relationship with her?

Are you regretting your decision of lying to your girlfriend?

In that case, the following are some sample apology letters you can send your girlfriend to ask for forgiveness.


Everything I said to you the other day about my family was a lie. I don’t belong to such a wealthy family.

l thought if you knew my poor family background, you might not love me anymore.

But after I reached home and gave it a thought, I understood how wrong I was. You have all the right to know the truth about my family now that we are in a serious relationship.

And since then, I have been regretting what I have done. I shouldn’t have lied to you, honey.

I love you more than anything in this world.

Please forgive me.




The other day whatever I told you about my past was a lie. I’m sorry for not trusting you and coming up with a story that never happened.

I’m genuinely regretting what I have done.

You are the one I see my future with. Talking to you makes me feel better. I never intended to lie to you, trust me. But when you suddenly asked me about it, I became a bit defensive and uttered nothing but lies.

I wish I could be truthful with you at that moment.

I know you will be really upset to know about this. But, sweetie, please don’t stop talking to me. Please forgive me.

Forever yours,


3. Apology Letters to Girlfriend For Hurting Her Feelings

Apology Letters to Girlfriend For Hurting Her Feelings

Did you know that we hurt only the people who are the closest to us?

When you are in a relationship, you start taking your partner for granted with time. This gives rise to so many unfavorable situations for both of you. And you end up hurting each other.

Now, if you love your girlfriend and don’t want to make them sad, you can apologize to them with an emotional apology letter.

The following are some samples that you can look at as an inspiration.

My Baby,

I know you are still upset with me. And why won’t you be?

How I talked to you, just because you asked me not to keep the wet towel on the bed, was unacceptable.

But baby, I didn’t mean any of the words I said in anger. I had a bad day in the office and threw all my frustration at you.

I regret talking rudely to you. You are the only one in my life who understands and loves me. And talking disrespectfully to you is something I’ll never do again.

Please forgive me, dear.



Dearest (Name),

The other day I talked with you disrespectfully in front of our friends and regretted every bit of it.

I wish I could travel back in time and change everything that happened.

I am the worst boyfriend one can have. But darling, I love you, and you know that, right?

I had a few extra drinks that day and had no control over my words. I kept blabbering like a fool and made some mean comments.

I know asking for your forgiveness for what I did is a lot to expect. But believe me; I didn’t mean all the rubbish I uttered that day.

Please give me a second chance and forgive me. I’ll be waiting for you.

Your guilty boyfriend,



I know you are upset about what I did the other day, and it’s totally understandable. I shouldn’t have made such an important decision all by myself. I should have discussed it with you and asked for your opinion.

I know I acted very selfishly. And this realization is making me stay awake all night.

Even after I hurt your feelings, you didn’t lash out at me. But I noticed how pale your face was after hearing my decision.

I regret my actions and words, dear. I’m genuinely sorry for everything.

Please give me a second chance. I’ll prove to be the best boyfriend in the world. Trust me.



My Love,

You know how I fell in love with you on the very first day of our college, right? And then how I tried my luck becoming your friend and then your boyfriend?

And after all those years, now we are in a situation where we don’t talk to each other daily because of me.

I still love you like the most precious thing in my life. But sometimes, I find it hard to balance my day-to-day struggles and love life and end up not replying to your texts or receiving your calls.

Honey, I know there should not be any excuses when it comes to communication with you. And so, here I am, asking for your apology.

Can we start again – like we used to be in college?

I will be waiting for your reply.

Your mad lover,


My Sweet (Name),

I broke my promise and did something that hurt you a lot. I understand, and I’m truly ashamed of what I have done.

I didn’t mean to break your trust. I wanted to tell you sooner, but you found out by yourself.

You are the only woman in my life whom I love with all my heart. There never goes a day when I don’t think of you and crave to be with you.

You are that one shining star of my life.

Please forgive me, baby. It was the only thing I kept from you, but to tell you someday. But I couldn’t gather the courage to do so.

Please come back, my love. I’m nothing without you.

I love you.

Your coward boyfriend,



Every relationship has its own share of ups and downs. Don’t forget that no relationship is perfect and you have to work towards it to make it better.

If you are really in this relationship for the long run, you will always make your partner a priority. And you will never step backward if it comes to apologizing to your girlfriend for whatever wrong you have done.

I hope you liked my list of “sample apology letter to girlfriend.”

Did your girlfriend forgive you after receiving your apology letter? Is everything okay between the two of you now?

Tell me in the comments!

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