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38 Names That Mean Scholar For Boys And Girls {With Meaning}

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Are you pregnant?

If so, one of the most common questions you might get asked is, “Have you chosen any name for your baby?”

While some parents start selecting a name for their baby the moment they know they are pregnant, others wait for their baby to be born.

No matter which group you fall in, selecting the perfect name for your little one who is half you and half your partner is, no doubt, difficult.

You spend days and weeks looking for the right name for your little one. Not all parents have the same preferences when zeroing in on one name.

Some parents want their kids’ names to start with a specific letter. Some want names that connect with mythology, gods, and goddesses, while others want names with a specific meaning.

If you fall under the latter category and are looking for names that mean intelligent, wise, and smart, you have come to the right place.

As parents, we all want our kids to be smart and intelligent, to make a place for themselves in this world, and be praised, right?

And that is where names with these meanings are always in demand. After all, they say that your kids grow into their names. And you want them to have the best of characteristics, right?

Top Names That Mean Scholar

Top Names That Mean Scholar

A scholar is educated, intelligent, smart, and wise. These are some of the characteristics that almost all parents want their kids to have.

After all, a scholar is respected, admired, and loved by society, which is something we all want, right?

I have your back if you are also looking for a scholarly name for your baby.

You don’t have to go anywhere else looking for names that mean scholar. Here I have come up with a list of the best names with similar meanings.

So, all you have to do is take some time, relax, and scroll through this list until you find your favorite one.

Are you ready?

Girl Names That Mean Scholar

Girl Names That Mean Scholar

Are you expecting a baby girl? Or are you blessed with a baby girl already?


Are you looking for a gorgeous name for your little princess that will suit her the best?

How about checking the following list of names that mean intelligent, wise, scholar, and the like?

These are the best names you can have your hands and eyes on. Trust me.

  • Alberta

Have you heard the name Albert?

Alberta is the female version of it. It sounds like the name of someone with higher education. And did you know that Louise Caroline Alberta was the name of Queen Victoria’s daughter?

This name translates to intelligent and bright, which makes it a great choice for your scholar daughter.

  • Ulima

This name is not much used and, thus, has that untouched vibe. And did you notice the lyrical tone it has?

It can fit your little sunshine greatly if you are looking for scholar names.

This gorgeous yet gentle name comes with the meaning of wise.

  • Sonia

This name sounds very British. It has European roots and became a hot favorite among new parents in the 1940s.

But after that, it began to lose popularity and now has become a name that only a few girls use. However, you can still feel the vintage charm it has.

Sonia translates to wisdom, which is an important characteristic of a scholar.

  • Minerva

The name Minerva has its roots in the Latin language.

Are you into mythology?

Then you may know that according to Roman mythology, the goddess of wisdom carries the name Minerva.

It holds the meaning of wisdom.

  • Saffi

Have you heard the very common name Sophia?

Saffi is the Greek version of that name. Because of its uniqueness and ease of pronunciation, this name has become widely popular in Greece and other countries.

Saffi means wisdom, which is another reason parents use this name.

  • Michiko

If you are into Japanese names, you can already tell that this name has its roots in Japan, right?

It has a cute vibe to it, which I like. Coming to meaning, Michiko translates to a child of beautiful wisdom.

And did you know Michiko was the first commoner who went on to become the empress of Japan?

If you choose this name for your baby girl, you can use Michee or Michi as nicknames.

  • Monique

Monica is a common name that most of us already know. If you like this name but want a variation, you can choose Monique. The latter is the French version of the former.

Thanks to its twisted spelling, it has gained a lot of popularity in European countries.

Monique holds the meaning of a wise counsel, and a famous personality with this name is Monique Jacobson Van Vooren. She is a Belgian-American actor and singer.

  • Kayla

How cool of a name Kayla is, isn’t it?

It was widely popular in the 80s – all thanks to the TV series “Days of Our Lives.”

With its roots in Arabic, this name has been used many times in famous TV shows. It holds the meaning of a wise child.

  • Pallas

If you are into Greek mythology, you may know about Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom. And Pallas is another name for this goddess.

Originating in the Greek language, Pallas holds the meaning of wisdom.

If you like names with mythological connections, Pallas can be the name for your little one.

  • Akilah

Arabic names occupy a special place in my heart – all thanks to the musical tone they have.

Akilah is one such name that oozes elegance. As it means logical and intelligent, it can fit your scholar daughter perfectly.

  • Veda

The name Veda has its roots in the Sanskrit language. It has some religious connection as Vedas are one of the most sacred books read by the Hindus.

The popularity of this name is not limited to India, as many parents in the USA have named their girls Veda.

The meaning of this name is knowledge and wisdom.

  • Belle

You can choose Belle for your baby girl if you want a short and cute name.

Also, if you are a fantasy movie buff and have watched Beauty and the Beast, you might have already come across the name Belle. She was the female lead in that movie.

  • Sorcha

Irish names have a charm that you can’t ignore. Sorcha is one such name that is classy, trendy, and popular at the same time.

The most interesting thing about this name is its pronunciation. You need to pronounce it as sur-aka or sor-ca.

  • Wisdom

If you are looking for a name that is out of the box and that is straightforward, I have just what you are looking for.

Wisdom is a name that means just what it says-wisdom. And it’s a name that is rare but one you can consider.

It can be a great unisex name for your little bundle of joy.

  • Chalondra

Are you into names that are unique in their own way? How about the name Chalondra?

This name has its roots in the African language and holds the meaning of someone intelligent.

Regardless of its origin, it’s a well-known name in the USA and other parts of the world.

  • Galena

Spanish names are somewhat hot, well, at least to me! And if you want to give such a name to your little one, Galena is the one for you.

With Spanish roots, this name sounds appealing to the ears. It holds the meaning of “intelligent” and is a variation of the name Galen.

  • Labiba

I love vintage names. They have that old-world charm that is liked by many.

If you are somewhat like me and like vintage names, you will like the name Labiba for your little sunshine.

This name has its roots in the African language and comes with the meaning of “intelligent” and wise.

Boy Names That Mean Scholar

Boy Names That Mean Scholar

Suppose you want your baby boy to be intellectually superior with great knowledge and brilliance. In that case, you can go for names with similar meanings.

Most people believe that we bear the qualities that our names mean. While I don’t know if that’s true, I have seen people become true to their names! Yes.

So, the following are some of the most awesome names you can give your little prince with the meaning of scholar.

  • Conroy

Originating in the Irish language, Conroy is a name that exudes class and sophistication. You can shortlist this name if you are looking for a similar kind of vibe in a name.

It translates to a wise advisor and can perfectly fit your gifted kid. A famous personality with this name is Conroy Black. He is an American football player.

  • Ethan

I’m a HUGE fan of the Mission Impossible movie series. In that, the main character is played by Tom Cruise, one of my favorite celebs, and his name is Ethan.

This name has religious connections too. It’s mentioned in the Old Testament, where the man Ethan was popular for his wisdom and intelligence.

So, if you have religious beliefs or are a Mission Impossible fan, Ethan can be a great scholarly name for your son.

  • Favian

You want your son to be a scholar, meaning he has to be knowledgeable. Now, the name Favian conveys exactly that.

With Latin roots, Favian is a cool name for modern boys. It’s greatly popular in European countries.

It refers to a man of wisdom.

  • Raghnall

This name screams old-school!

Not all parents like old-fashioned names. But if you like the history and the vintage vibe an old-fashioned name carries, you can see the name Raghnall as an option.

No matter how old-school this name is, you can’t ignore its posh vibe, right?

Originating in Latin, Raghnall means wise and powerful, like a scholar.

  • Socrates

Now, who doesn’t know about the famous philosopher of Greece named Socrates?

This name is still popular in Greece, but it’s used sparingly as a name in the USA. It holds the meaning of wisdom.

  • Vivek

Do you want to honor someone in your family who has Indian roots and is looking for a name for your baby originating from the same country?

How about the name Vivek?

This name is taken from the Sanskrit language and means intellect or judicious wise.

It sounds like the name of someone strict, intelligent, and likes to follow the rules.

  • Hakim

I find African names to be close to nature. But the name Hakim with African roots sounds a bit different. It sounds like the name of a scholar, which it’s.

Also, Hakim has Arabic roots.

It holds the meaning of “intelligent” and wise.

  • Nester

Did you know that Nester was the name of a wise ruler? The Greeks won the Trojan War, and Nester helped them.

If you want your son to be brave, scholarly, intelligent, and wise, you can name him Nester.

  • Alden

Alden is a name with roots in the English language. It does sound like a handsome man’s name, doesn’t it?

Alden means a wise friend. If you like the overall vibe of this name but are looking for a variation, I give you two names: Aidan and Holden.

  • Charles

So many famous personalities bear this name, including Charles Dickens, Charles Darwin, and Charles III. And not to mention, all these popular men are intelligent, wise, and scholars.

This scholarly name has a classy and posh vibe.

  • Kendry

Do you like names that men very rarely use? How about the name Kendry?

It’s a unique and not-so-frequently used name that stands for scholars. It has its roots in Madagascar and holds the meaning of a wise man.

Is your kid in December during Christmas? Then Kendry would be a great pick.

  • Zeki

I find names starting with the letter Z to be very appealing. And that’s the reason I named my toddler Zara.

The name Zeki has an attractive vibe to it. Originating in the Turkish language, it holds the meaning of clever.

Zeki can work great as a nickname too.

  • Solon

Have you heard the name Solon before? Because I haven’t. And that makes you understand how rare this name is.

This name holds the meaning of a wise one.

If you want your little one to become a scholar, Solon can be a good option. It carries the meaning of a wise one.

Gender Neutral Names That Mean Scholar

Gender Neutral Names That Mean Scholar

Many of us like to copy our favorite celebrities, starting from their hairstyles, dress, makeup, and much more.

The same can be said for choosing names for our babies. Many parents choose a name that matches the name of their favorite celebs. And as celebs are going for gender-neutral names, we are doing the same.

I have encountered many parents who want to give their babies names that don’t define gender.

Of course, celebs are not the only reason behind this inclination towards unisex names. These kinds of names are unique, and, in most cases, your kid will be the only one carrying it in the entire school.

If that sounds awesome to you, this section is for you. The following are some coolest unisex names that mean scholar, wise, and intelligent.

Read on.

  • Cassidy

If you like gender-neutral names, you can give them to your girl or boy without thinking twice about their gender. Abd Cassidy is one such name.

Earlier, it was used as a boy name, as you can feel the cowboy vibe it has. But then, it became a name that both boys and girls use.

Cassidy means clever.

  • Mackenzie

There are two opinions regarding the origin of the name Mackenzie. While some say it has Irish roots, others believe it has Gaelic roots.

When this name came into the spotlight in the old days, it was used mostly for boys, meaning the son of the wise ruler.

But then it became a name that is being used by both genders. So, no matter what the gender of your baby is, if you like this vintage name, go for it.

  • Sage

I find the Latin accent to be super sexy. And the same can be said for Latin names.

If you are into Latin names, too, you can choose the name Sage for your baby. It holds the meaning of wise.

In the 1990s, this name was a hot favorite among parents. Then it was used only for boys. But today, this has become a unisex name that both boys and girls can carry.

  • Prudence

This name has its roots in the English language and has a sensitive vibe. Also, it sounds somewhat old-school to me.

If you are looking for a name with a similar vibe, you can choose Prudence. It holds the meaning of “cautious” and intelligent.

  • Dara

This beautiful name has its roots in the Hebrew language. If you have read the Old Testament, you may know that Dara was Judah’s descendant and was well-known for his great wisdom.

It holds the meaning of a nugget of wisdom.

Although Dara was used as a boy name earlier, in recent times, girls are also using it, making it a popular unisex name.

  • Quinn

Are you a fan of DC comics?

Then you might have read about the famous fictional character Harley Quinn in the Batman movies.

Although a female character carried this name in the movies, this name can be used for boys too. And one such example is Sharon Stone’s son named Quinn.

So, Quinn can be an option for quirky and modern unisex names. It comes with the meaning of a counselor and an intelligent man.

  • Shannon

Have you ever been to Ireland? There is an Irish airport, an Irish county, and an Irish river named Shannon.

It’s a unisex name. Hence, you can give this to your girl or boy. It has a posh and sexy vibe, making it all the more alluring.

It holds the meaning of old and wise.

  • Aldo

If you are brand conscious about shopping, you may already know about the popular brand Aldo for luxury bags, shoes, and more.

Not just a brand name. It’s used by men and women too. With its roots in the German language, Aldo holds the meaning of old and wise. It has gained a lot of popularity over the years in Italy.


I’m sure you would agree that going through a list of names and choosing the one you think will fit your baby the most is one of the biggest responsibilities of being a parent.

Of course, things become easier if you have something specific in mind, such as a particular meaning.

So, did you like my list of names that mean scholar? Which of these did you shortlist?

Do let me know in the comments!

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