11 Signs You Are His Queen: Identifying the Indicators of Being Cherished

Are you dating someone? Do you have deep feelings for him but wondering if he feels the same for you?

When it comes to expressing emotions, men are not always the best at it. Most men find it hard to cry – all thanks to the age-old social stigma that men don’t cry!

This makes it difficult for us to understand what is really going on inside the head of that handsome man sitting right in front of us.

I’ve been married for six years now. We were schoolmates, and we officially started dating in university. Even after knowing him for all those years, I never knew that he had feelings for me since school.

So, I can understand when you say you are unsure whether your boyfriend sees you as his soulmate.

Guys are sometimes hard to read. But, if you try to look closely, you can see some signs that will give you the assurance.  And that is exactly why I’m here for.

Here I have come up with clear signs to know you are his queen. Just keep your eyes and ears open and see how many of these matches.

If all the signs match, know that you are truly his queen. He loves you, respects you, and sees his future with you. Maybe, we will soon get to hear the wedding bells ringing!

Read on.

Sure-Shot Signs You Are His Queen

“He loves me. He loves me not. He loves me. He loves me not…”

Come on, stop plucking those rose petals! That has nothing to do with your love life, nor will help you understand whether your boyfriend truly loves you.

It’s all in the actions, dear. This means you have to look closely at what your partner does for you. So, you can be sure that you are your partner’s one and only.

The following are some definite signs you are his queen.

1. He Remembers and Knows All About You

He Remembers and Knows All About You

How well does your boyfriend know about you?

Does he know all about your likes, dislikes, friends, family, favorite holiday destination, and everything else?

When you go to a restaurant and order a pizza, does he mention your favorite toppings to the waiter or tell them something specific about how you would like it?

Or, when you are talking about one of your school friends, and he remembers something about them you mentioned long ago?

If your answer to both questions is “yes,” I must say, you are a lucky girl!

Your guy pays attention and remembers what you say to him, no matter how trivial it is.

This clearly tells how important you are to him. You are his queen, indeed.

2. He Blushes, or His Heartbeat Becomes Fast Whenever He Meets You

He Blushes, or His Heartbeat Becomes Fast Whenever He Meets You

When you are in a new relationship, it is not uncommon for guys to have shaky hands, blushing cheeks, or a fast heartbeat whenever you meet them.

But when you date for months and years, all these starts fading away. Some guys’ heart rates can still increase, but it’s rare.

How does your boyfriend behave when you meet? Does he still blush? Can you sense that he is nervous?

If yes, then it’s a good sign. This shows he still gets excited about meeting you and he loves you.

3. He Is There for You When You Are Sick

He Is There for You When You Are Sick

We are human beings, and we fall sick from time to time. We feel good if there is someone to take care of us. But is that someone your partner?

Do you always find him by your side whenever you are sick, even if it’s just cold?

Does he take you to the doctor for a checkup, go to the pharmacy to buy medicines for you, and give medications on time?

All these are signs that he takes utmost care of you. He gets worried when you are sick and does things to make you feel better.

Not all guys do these for their partners. And if you are one of those lucky girls to have such a guy in your life, never let them go.

4. He Cheers You Up When You Are Down

He Cheers You Up When You Are Down

What does your partner do when you are feeling down?

If a guy really loves you, he will always empathize with you. He will sit with you and ask what is wrong.

If you are angry or frustrated about something, he will listen to you. He may even try to come up with a solution.

If you are sad because the day didn’t go as planned or because of something serious, your guy will try to cheer you up.

To be precise, the man in your life will leave all his work and come to you if you need him.

If he really understands you, he can usually sense that something is bothering you, even if you don’t tell him.

5. Your Pleasure in Bed Is His Priority

Your Pleasure in Bed Is His Priority

A guy who loves you a lot and sees you as his queen will always make your pleasure in bed his priority.

Of course, this doesn’t mean he will not think about what he wants, but your pleasure will always be in his mind.

He will remember all your reactions when he does a good move, and if your reactions say that you are happy, he may try that often.

He knows that if he can make you happy in bed, he will be happy too. So he keeps on taking notes whenever you are in the act and does them the next time you are together.

After all, a true king always prioritizes his queen’s pleasure.

6. He Celebrates Your Success with You

He Celebrates Your Success with You

How does your boyfriend react when you achieve something? Does he gets happy with your success?

If your guy always congratulates you whenever you excel in something, it means that he is proud of you. In that case, the chances are that he is happier for you than you are for yourself.

Yes, this kind of guy knows how to hype their partner and boost their confidence.

Your happiness increases tenfold when you have a partner like this who always cheers for you, no matter how big or small your achievements are.

They will neither find faults in things that you are proud of nor will they say anything to lessen your excitement and happiness after the achievement.

An ideal man will see your success as his.

7. His Family and Friends Know Everything About You Even Before You See Them

His Family and Friends Know Everything About You Even Before You See Them

Have you met your boyfriend’s family and friends only to find out that they know all about you?

Do they know where you were born, where you lived, what your parents do, what your sister’s husband does, what you like, how you want your coffee, what you don’t like, in short, everything?

If your answer is yes, it means your boyfriend has told them all about you.

So, when you meet them, you get to hear your own life story, likes, and dislikes from them!

And there may be even times when your boyfriend stops his mom from saying some of your stories back to you by saying, “Mom, not that one.” Because he may feel embarrassed that he has already said so much about you to his family.

Cute, isn’t it?

This is a clear sign you are his queen.

8. He Always Responds to Your Calls and Replies to Your Texts

He Always Responds to Your Calls and Replies to Your Texts

If you are with the right guy, he will always treat you like his queen. He will never fail to receive your calls or reply to your texts.

And even if he does because of work or other important things, he will call you back as soon as possible. He will never keep you hanging.

He will make sure that you know all about his whereabouts. He will not go missing for hours, only to get hundreds of missed calls from you. He will never be the person for whom you have to worry about when it comes to communication.

And that is one of the pillars of a good relationship. Trust, honesty, and communication, if you have all these in your relationship, know that this guy is a keeper.

9. He Never Forgets to Be Nice to You

He Never Forgets to Be Nice to You

In the beginning stage of a romantic relationship, it is common for guys to open the door or pull the chair for you when you are at a restaurant. But when you are together for a long time, guys might stop doing this.

Does your boyfriend still do nice things to you even after months or years in a relationship?

For example, does he carry heavy bags when you go shopping? Or does he cuddle and pampers you?

All these indicate that your boyfriend adores you. He wants to be your support while you be his queen.

10. He Loves You Even at Your Lowest Times

He Loves You Even at Your Lowest Times

There is a huge zit on your forehead, and you haven’t combed your hair for two days. You got a ticket for accidentally driving when there was a red light on the signal.

You have gained a lot of weight recently, and still, you ate a lot. Your promotion at work got canceled as you didn’t perform well.

All these are times when you may have a hard time loving yourself. You may feel that you are the shittiest person on earth.

But no matter what or how the situation is, your partner is always there for you. He has seen you at your lowest and still thinks you are the best person to be with.

This is one of the clearest signs you are his queen, his one and only.

11. He Shows Everyone That You Are Together

He Shows Everyone That You Are Together

Does your boyfriend like to flaunt you? Does he tell everyone that you are his girl?

This clearly means that he is proud of you. He knows your worth and wants to let everyone know what a gem he has in his life.

He wants to be there with you during ups and downs, take care of you, and treat you like the most important person in his life.


Love and relationship are always confusing. You get to experience so many emotions.

Sometimes you may be the happiest and sometimes the saddest. But remember, if you are with the right guy, your relationship will always be happy in the end.

Yes, there will be low times, but your boyfriend will help you overcome them with their love, support, care, and honesty.

The “signs you are his queen” that I have discussed are some of the clearest ones. If you find your partner is like this, you are one lucky girl, I must say!

So, tell me, do you see your future with this guy?

Comment below.

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