43 Bright Star Names for Girls

Do you have a soft corner for stars, astronomy, space exploration, and all other things that are not from earth? And do you want to give your newborn baby girl a name that means something that is closely connected to it?

You are on the right page!

No one can ignore the beauty of the shining stars in a clear night sky. They literally look like diamonds! And there are so many of them!

You know what, I have a fascination for names that means star too. I find them to be magical, especially when you are sitting alone staring at the sky and the stars are glimmering.

And when you have so much love for stars, why not name your baby girl with something that actually means star?

Beautiful Star Names for Girls

Beautiful Star Names for Girls

In this post, I have come up with a list of some of the most appealing star names for girls. All you need is to scroll through them and choose the one that you think will fit your little angel the most!

  • Alya

This name screams gorgeous!

It has its roots in the Slavonic, Arabic, Hebrew, and Ancient Greek languages.

The name Alya translates to heaven and sky in the Arabic language. It holds the meaning of “to ascend” in Hebrew. It carries the meaning of beauty in Slavonic. And lastly, it means sky in Turkish.

One name and so many beautiful meanings! I like it.

  • Alsephina

Doesn’t the name have a melodious ring to it?

It translates to the meaning of a cluster of stars that are there in the Vela constellation.

Like it?

  • Aster

Your baby girl is like an angel to you, isn’t it?

The name Aster can be perfect for her as it means star.

  • Astrea

You are in search of a cosmic name, right? How about Astrea?

It translates to star.

And did I tell you that Astrea is a Greek goddess – a goddess of innocence and justice?

  • Bellatrix

Are you a fan of the “Harry Potter” series?

Then you may have already come across the name Bellatrix. It translates to a female warrior.

  • Cassiopeia

Do you believe in mythology?

Well, I do.

According to Greek mythology, Cassiopeia became a stellar constellation. And did I mention that she is a mother too?

  • Celeste

How about this elegant name Celeste for your baby girl?

This is a Latin name that holds the meaning “of the sky” and heavenly.

  • Delphinus

Did you know that the name Delphinus is taken from the Poseidon – the Greek god’s scout?

It has a certain unworldly vibe to it!

  • Danica

The name Danica originated in Hebrew.

It translates to the morning star.

  • Estella

This name is so mesmerizing, isn’t it?

It is a Latin name that means star.

  • Electra

The name Electra has a cool vibe to it.

It has its roots in Greek origin. It carries the meaning of incandescent, shining, and amber.

  • Etoile

Are you looking for something European?

The name Etoile is taken from the French language, and it holds the meaning of the star.

  • Heaven

Are you into biblical names? How about naming your little princess angel?

It translates to the home of the Gods.

  • Helene

Doesn’t the name have a certain sense of beauty to it?

It has got the meaning of beautiful, light, torch, shining, and bright in the Ancient Greek language.

  • Hinata

This beautiful star name for girls has its roots in Japan.

It holds the meaning of facing the sun.

  • Hesper

This name is rooted in the Ancient Greek language.

It holds the meaning of the evening star.

  • Hashi

This charming name has its roots in the Sanskrit language.

It comes with the meaning of the star.

  • Meissa

Did you know that Meissa marks the head of the ancient hunter and is the brightest star of Orion?

This alluring name is perfect for your sweet baby girl.

  • Maia

Don’t you find the name to be alluring?

It translates to mother.

  • Miram

This is a unique name for a girl. So if you are looking for a unique name, you can go for this pretty name.

It holds the meaning of drop of the sea.

  • Nyota

I find the name Nyota to be really pretty!

And it is quite uncommon too. It is derived from the Swahili language and translates to star.

  • Nashia

Do you want your baby to grow up quickly to be a pretty lady? Name her Nashia.

It holds the meaning of growing and youth.

  • Najima

Are you fond of Arabic names like I am?

Give your baby girl the name Najima. It holds the meaning of the star in the sky.

  • Phoebe

This is a classic name. Are you a fan of “Friends?

Then you may be quite familiar with this name. Phoebe holds the meaning of the shining and radiant one.

It is derived from the Ancient Greek language.

  • Realtin

The charming name has the meaning of a little star – perfect for your little baby girl!

  • Realta

This name has a graceful vibe to it.

It has its origin in the Celtic language.

Are you looking for a name with Celtic roots?

Then Realta is just for you! It translates to star in Gaelic.

  • Roxanne

Now, this is a lovely name. Don’t you think so? And it has a classic vibe to it.

This name has the meaning of a bright star.

  • Roxy

Roxy is a cool name that is purely American in nature.

It translates to the dawn.

  • Svetlana

The name Svetlana is unique. I haven’t heard this name before.

But if you go to Russia, you will find this name to be common there. This is because it holds the meaning of luminescent and shining.

  • Sunan

Are you fond of Thai names?

Sunan is the one! This name of Thai origin holds the meaning of the “word of goodness.

  • Sidra

This name is rooted in the Arabic language.

It translates to the goodness of the stars.

  • Shaula

Did you know that the second brightest star is Shaula in the Scorpio constellation?

Want your baby girl’s life to be full of happiness and love?

Give her this name.

  • Seren

Are you into Celtic names?

The Celtic name Seren has its roots in the Welsh. It translates to star.

  • Tarabai

Do you want your little angel to grow up to be an activist for woman’s rights?

The name Tarabai would be a great fit for her. It translates to the feminine star.

  • Talitha

In the Hebrew language, the name Talitha translates to a little girl.

  • Vela

This short name has its roots in Spain.

The meaning of this name is watchful and vigilant.

  • Yvaine

Have you read the book “Stardust” written by Neil Gaiman?

He contributed a lot to making this name famous.

The Scottish name Yvaine has the meaning of the evening star.

  • Zaniah

Did you know that Zaniah is another name for the Eta Virginis constellation?

This lovely name seems perfect for your little angel.

  • Zvezda

This is an uncommon name with the beautiful meaning of star!

  • Esther

Doesn’t this name sound super classy?

Well, that is how you get to hear the word “star” in the Hebrew language. Parents, for ages, have been using this cute name for their baby girls.

Did you know that Esther was the name of a Jewish queen married to a Persian king?

She was well-known for her supreme beauty.

  • Andromeda

Are you looking for names with a certain weight to them that sound gorgeous?

Andromeda is the name! 

This name is attractive, with a posh vibe to it. There is a constellation named Andromeda. Also, it is the name of a lovely princess, as mentioned in ancient Greek myth.

  • Stella

Did you know that the name Stella was used in England in 1374?

Yes, this name is that old! But it still has its charm intact. And it is trendy till now.

Parents looking for names with the meaning star go for this often.

  • Zvjezdana

This name is a bit complicated and hard to pronounce too. But if you are into complicated names, you can see this name as a great option.

This Slavic name comes with the meaning star. And it has its root in the Croatian language.


Which star names for girls do you think would fit your little bundle of joy the best?

Let me know in the comments!

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