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9 Signs He is Desperate to Get Married: Recognizing The Urgency For a Lifelong Union

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Are you dating someone? Do you, sometimes, feel like he loves you and wants to get hitched?

Well, we have all heard about women being desperate to get married. And there can be many reasons behind that.

Some women may feel like their biological clock is ticking. Some may think she is the only one not married among all her friends.

Some women want a lifelong partner with whom they can share all their ups and downs. And some think that they have found the best partner and want to settle down soon.

But when it comes to men, many of them shrink away from taking responsibility. One reason could be that marriage involves many financial and emotional responsibilities. And men aren’t always ready for that.

But do you think the guy you are dating is desperate to marry you? And are you wondering if there is any way you could be sure about it? If you want to be doubly sure, check out for these signs!

Clear Signs he is Desperate to Get Married

Clear Signs he is Desperate to Get Married

You can learn much about a person if you study their behavior closely. The same can be said about the guy you are dating or in a relationship.

If you get the vibe that he is desperate to get hitched to you, you can check for signs that indicate the same.

Guys aren’t very expressive, especially when it comes to love relationships. He may not express his love for you often, even when he loves you like crazy. This can make it difficult for you to understand what is going on inside his mind.

He may do things for you or say things to you that make you feel like he is desperate to marry you. And you wonder if you are getting the right vibe.

To help you with that, I have compiled a list of clear signs he is desperate to get married.

Read on.

1. He Skips Most Stages in a Relationship

You have dated before and know how things move at their own pace in a relationship. And you have always felt in your previous relationships that this pace is just right.

But things are different this time. You feel like nothing is going according to the usual pace of a relationship.

You have met this guy and got into a relationship not long before. And he already wants to move in with you, meet your family, know all your friends and whatnot.

You have asked him why he is so eager to do all this, but he has not admitted anything and put on a mysterious smile.

You feel like everything is being fast-forwarded. You are in a relationship, but with the pace at which things are going, you feel like you have already experienced all the stages of a relationship in this short time.

And sometimes you feel like you are already engaged to this guy!

If this happens, know that this guy is fast-forwarding your relationship and wants to get married.

2. He Does Whatever You Say

He Does Whatever You Say

The guy with whom you’re in a relationship always goes out of his way to listen to what you say, what you want, and what you desire.

You are the one who chooses what you eat when you are at a restaurant. You are the one who chooses what your next travel destination will be. And you are the one who decides what to play on Netflix when you sit with your partner at night and watch your favorite movies and shows.

And during all this time, your boyfriend never objects to your choices. He is your one and only who supports you all the time, giving you the feeling that he is your potential husband.

3. He Wants You to Dress Like a Wife

It’s the downside of being in a relationship with a guy desperate to marry you.

No matter if you are dating only for a couple of months or in your early stages of dating, in his mind, he is already seeing you as his wife. And when it comes to dressing, he wants you to dress in a traditional way or something his mom would wear.

Does he tell you to wear something else if your dress exposes too much of your skin or if you look too hot in it?

Girl, this guy is desperate to marry you!

4. He Treats Your Family as His Family

He Treats Your Family as His Family

Has your boyfriend met your family? How does he behave when he is with them?

Is there no feeling of fear in him when he meets your mom or dad? Is there no feeling of awkwardness when he meets your brother or sister?

If your answer is “no,” it may indicate that he already sees them as his own family. He knows he is going to be their son-in-law in the near future, so there is no awkwardness.

He also knows that if he can impress your family, it will be the easiest way to get a “yes” to his marriage proposal.

And so, he goes out of his way to be friendly with your family to tell them he would be the best husband to their daughter.

5. He Always Talks About the Future With you

Whenever you have a conversation with him, it ends with “In the future….” or a variation of the same.

He tells you what he will do in the next five, ten, or fifteen years.

He talks about the big house with a beautiful backyard that he will buy. He talks about that dream car of yours that he is going to gift you.

He even goes to the extent of talking about the kids you two will have in the future.

He has planned everything for the two of you to have a great future ahead. And he wants you to be a huge part of it by being his beloved wife.

6. His Friends Are All Married Couples

His Friends Are All Married Couples

If he sees all his friends tying the knot with the love of their lives, it’s normal for him to want to marry too.

He has attended many bachelor parties and weddings of his closest buddies, so he might start wondering, “When will my turn come?”

He sees his friends are happy after marriage and realizes marriage is not bad after all. And on the upside, he will have a partner for life with whom he can share everything – his happiness and sorrows.

If you get to go on couple dates with his married friends more often, know that all of them are there to convince you to get married to this amazing partner of yours.

7. He Doesn’t Care About You Taking Precautions When You Are in Bed Together

Most couples take precautions while having sex, as they don’t want to become pregnant or experience an unexpected and accidental pregnancy.

It’s especially true for guys who don’t want to be a dad while still unsure about their future.

Is your guy the opposite of it? Does it not bother him if you are not taking pills? Or does he doesn’t bother taking precautions?

It means that he is ready for the consequences.

It doesn’t matter to him if you become pregnant because of unprotected sex. He is perhaps ready to welcome your child with open arms and fatherly love.

And maybe, this is how he will convince you to marry him. Who knows?

8. He Always Forgives You

He Always Forgives You

When a guy is desperate to get married, he will do everything he can, even if it means keeping his ego aside and forgiving you for everything.

He knows that his biological clock is ticking, and gone are the days when he could jump from one girl to another when there was any argument or dissatisfaction.

He has realized that he must keep his current relationship with you going, accepting you in every way, so he can finally get hitched.

And so, no matter what you do or say, he forgives you.

That being said, you shouldn’t take advantage of the forgiving nature of your boyfriend and do things that can hurt him.

After you, no matter the reason, he is ready to forgive you and be there with you for the rest of your life.

So, ask yourself, “Do you really want to hurt this guy who supports you, cares for you, and treats you like a queen?”

9. He Plans His Life Around You

You realize he has already started seeing you as his future wife and includes you in all his plans.

And this is one of the biggest signs he is desperate to get married.

Maybe he wants to have kids, and you don’t, and he will start talking about how he can manage with no kids. Or, he says, he will find a way to convince you to have kids in the future when things are more stable, and you have a big home, a car, and a great job.

It indicates that at the back of his mind, he wants to get married and be partners for life.


It can be tough for you to get into your boyfriend’s mind and understand his thoughts about the two of you. But you know that actions speak louder than words. That is why all you have to do is look closely at what your boyfriend says and does.

And if you find most of the signs I have discussed here match, you have your answer, girl. This guy wants to marry you.

Do you have any other questions about dating and marriage?

Let me know in the comments, and I’ll try to answer them!

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