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70 Popular Irish Names for Girls

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Are you in search of the perfect Irish name for your beautiful little princess?

I have got you covered!

It’s been almost 2500 years that the Irish language is here. And you can find Irish names all over the world – from California and County Carlow to anywhere and everywhere!

Usually, Irish people used to live in family clans or groups. And you can find a lot of those Irish names even today!

Over the years, Anglo-Normans, Scots, Vikings, and the English have settled in Ireland and added to the tapestry of the country’s culture. Also, not to mention the many native Irish people who emigrated across the globe!

This has made the presence of Irish culture felt all around the modern world. Also, not to forget the gorgeous traditional names that they have!

Now, did you know that the Irish alphabet doesn’t have the letters z, x, w, & v?

This is why you get to find letter combinations like “bh” and “mh” in so many Irish names. It helps create Irish baby girl names similar to the sound of the missing letters.

Interesting, isn’t it?

So, what are the most popular Irish names for girls? What meanings do they have?

In this post, I have come up with a list of the most stunning Irish names for girls, along with their meanings.

Just go through them and see which one fits your baby girl the most!

Read on.

List of Popular Irish Nicknames

  • Aisling

This beautiful Irish name for girls has several other different spellings. For example, you can write it as Aislinn, Ashlynn, and Ashling. The choice is yours!

Did I tell you that this name was given to a poetic genre that was developed in the early 18th and late 17th centuries in Ireland?

Over the last few decades, this name has remained one of the most popular Irish names for girls. However, Aisling was only used as a first name from the 20th century.

Now, don’t you find it interesting? 

And did you know how beautiful the meaning of Aisling is?

It means vision or dream.

The name is derived from “aislinge,” which is an Irish-Gaelic word.

  • Aine

Are you into traditional Irish names?

Then this is one of the best of them all!

And did I tell you that it stems from a very powerful Goddess in Irish mythology?

Aine is the name of an Irish Celtic goddess. She represents not only summer but also wealth.

The meaning of the name is radiance, joy, and brightness.

Like it already?

  •  Aibhe

Over the years, this name has been used for both Irish girls and boys. But now, it is used mostly as an Irish girl name.

The name Aibhe has a pretty Irish twang to it. All you have to do is pronounce it correctly!

It means bright or white. Some even believe it means noble.

  • Aoibheann

Derived from the old Irish girls’ name ‘Óebfinn,’ Aoibheann means fair and beautiful. Óeb stands for beauty, whereas Finn means fair.

If you are looking for a modern Irish name for girls, this can be the one!

  • Aoife

Aoife is a beautiful Irish name for your pretty princess. And it’s easy to pronounce too!

According to Irish mythology, Aoife was the lover of Cuchulainn. Also, she was a warrior. Therefore, when it comes to the meaning of this name, it is closely related to the meaning of different other names such as Aoibhe and Aoibheann.

It means beauty and radiance.

  • Aoibhe

Did you know that the Irish girls’ name Aoibhe has a number of variations?

If you go outside of Ireland, you will see that it is spelled as Ava or Eva. Both of them sound beautiful.

It has been quite tricky to get the actual meaning of the name Aoibhe, as many sources contradict each other.

While some people say that Aoibhe means life, just as what Eva means, others say it means beauty, just as the meaning of Aoife.

  • Aoibhinn

This Irish name for girls is very popular among parents-to-be.

Do you like it too?

In Irish, the name Aoibhinn means blissful or delightful. And in Scottish Gaelic, it means agreeable, delightful, and pleasant.

In the royal families of Ireland, this has been very common for their princesses.

  • Alanis

Alanis means something that is treasured or extremely valuable. Some other variations of this name are Alaine and Alaina.

  • Ailbhe

Originated from the Gaelic word Albho, Ailbhe is pronounced as Al-Vah.

The meaning of this pretty name is white.

  • Aifric

Are you looking for a girl name for your little princess with a pleasant vibe? How about the name Aifric?

This name has its roots in the Celtic region. This is a variation of the name Africa.

Despite having this variation, the name Africa is not from the continent Africa. It is from Scotland. It comes with the meaning of pleasant.

  • Ardara

Did you know that Ardara is a lovely town in Northern Ireland?

The name Ardara is taken from that place. It sounds somewhat similar to Adara, a Hebrew name. This makes it a great alternative to it. The nicknames Dara and Ari go with this one.

  • Aurnia

This is a sweet Irish name that parents prefer for their baby girl. It sounds somewhat similar to that of Orney, an English name.

It has the meaning of a golden lady. Did you like it?

  • Brianna

Do you want your baby girl to grow up as a noble and kind person?

Then you can go for the Irish name Brianna. It has a modern vibe to it, and it is very popular among parents. It carries the meaning of noble.

  • Bridget

This is a cool Irish name that comes from “brigh,” which is a Gaelic word.

Do you want your little one to grow up all-powerful?

Give her the name Bridget which holds the meaning of virtue and power.

  • Bebhinn

The name Bebhinn is spelled as Bevin in modern times. It means a beautiful girl or a girl with a tuneful and gorgeous voice.

  • Brighid

The Gaelic form of Brighid is Bridget.

It means power, toughness, and tenacity.

According to Irish mythology, Dagda’s beautiful daughter’s name was Brighid.

Did you know who Dagda is?

Well, he was the chief of different Irish gods.

  • Blathnaid

Do you want to give your baby girl a pretty name that has a close relation to Irish folklore?

Blathnaid is the one!

This name has managed to be a favorite among many moms and dads-to-be.

Now, let me tell you the tale of Blathnaid. She was the wife of Curai Mac Daire, whom she didn’t love. But, later, her true love Cu Chulainn came into the picture and rescued his lady love from the fortress.

The meaning of this name is blossom or flower.

  • Bebhinn

Are you looking at the name Bebhinn and thinking about how to pronounce it?

Well, you are not the only one!

Many people have a problem pronouncing an Irish name the right way, as they are tricky. And Bebhinn is one such name.

In Irish mythology, Bebhinn was an underworld goddess. Others suggest that she was associated with birth.

The meaning of Bebhinn is a pleasant sounding or melodious woman.

  • Blaithin

If you travel around Ireland, you will often hear the name Bhaithin. It has also managed to be quite famous in other countries.

Did you know why this name is so famous amongst new parents?

Well, it’s the meaning!

It means little flower.

See how pretty it that?

  • Bronagh

The name Bronagh has been very popular in the past few years, and prediction says people will use this name this year also.

But did I tell you it is one of the oldest names for girls?

Some say that it is the modern variation of Bronach. In the 6th century, Bronach was considered a holy woman. Also, in County Down, she was the Patron Saint of Kilbroney.

The name means sorrowful or sad. Now, the meaning can put you off, I understand!

  • Chloe

Originated from the Greek word Khloe, Chole means someone who is not yet matured or is still in the blooming stage.

  • Claire

If you want to name your baby girl with a popular Irish name, Claire can be the one!

Also spelled as Clare, this name is derived from the Latin name Clarus.

The meaning of Claire is an eminent and distinguished personality.

  • Caragh

Caragh is an Irish girl name that has a number of variants.

If you go outside of Ireland, this name is known as Cara.

Did I tell you how gorgeous Irish twang the name Caragh has to it?

Say it loud, and you will know what exactly I mean!

Caragh means friend or beloved.

  • Caoimhe

The name Caoimhe means graceful, gentle, dear, and beautiful.

An Irish saint is known as Caoimhe. Also, it is related closely to Caoimhim – an Irish boy’s name.

Did you know that in the year 2014, Caoimhe was ranked in the 19th position in a collection of the most popular Irish baby girl names?

Cool, isn’t it?

  • Cara

Are you in search of some simple yet beautiful Irish names for girls?

Cara is the one!

This is one of my personal favorites too!

Cara means friend. It is easy to pronounce and sounds sweet. It has a range of origins from Greek and Latin to Celtic.

In Latin, the name Cara means beloved, loved one, or darling. So, as you can see, no matter where it originates from, it has a beautiful meaning.

  •  Clodagh

The name Clodagh became popular in the 20th century – all thanks to the name of Lady Clodagh Anson!

Did you know that a river named Clodagh was in Tipperary and County Waterford?

You don’t really get to hear this name much outside of Ireland.

But, in the USA, you do get to hear it at times.

  • Ciara

The name Ciara is a classic Irish girl’s name.

But this name is so catchy that you get to hear it in almost all countries in the world. But, of course, it is pronounced in a number of ways.

Did you know that Ciara is the female version of Ciaran – an Irish boy’s name?

Some even spell it as Keira.

Ciara means dark-haired.

  • Cadhla

Don’t you like the name already?

Well, I do!

The name Cadhla is very easy to pronounce, unlike other Irish names for girls. And did I say that it’s unique too?

Many people pronounce Cadhla as Kayla or Keely. But if you ask me, I like Cadhla the most.

The name itself screams beautiful.

And the meaning of this name is beautiful!

Funny, isn’t it?

  • Cliodhna

Are you fond of Irish mythology?

Then you may have already heard about the Tuatha De Dannam tribe – a tribe of warriors. And Cliodhna was a member of it.

Also, the name of the Goddess of love is Cliodhna.

I came across many meanings of the name Cliodhna, out of which shapely sounds the most appropriate one. But, you know, it has links to some fierce warriors.

  • Deidre

The name of a popular Irish legendary character is Deidre of the Sorrows. She was the heroine who died when her beloved was taken away from her.

What a tragic tale, isn’t it?

But still, this name is quite a popular Irish name for girls.

It originated from the ancient Celtic name Derdriu. It means a female.

  • Dervil

In the old times, the name Dervil was spelled as Derbail.

Daughter means “der” in Irish. And “vil” was taken from the word Fal. The latter is the old name of Ireland.

  • Dearbhla

The name Dearbhla was quite common in medieval Ireland.

Did I tell you that it is a Gaelic hybrid of the two names Dearbhail and Deirbhile?

Now, are you a family of musicians? Or, do you like music?

Then the name Dearbhla would be a great fit for your baby girl. It means the daughter of the poet. This name is still very common in Ireland today.

  • Deirbhile

In order to make the name Deirbhille sound beautiful, you need to pronounce it correctly.

Did you know that this name is a variation of the names Dearbhail and Dearbhla?

Now, as Deirbhile is a variation of the name Dearbhla, it also means the daughter of the poet.

  • Doireann

Are you familiar with Irish legends?

Then you may have already come across the traditional name Doireann.

Fionn mac Cumhail was poisoned by Bodb Derg. And Doireann was his daughter’s name.

Yes, the name has a dark origin. But still, it is one of the popular Irish girls’ names.

The meaning of Doireann is hostile or stormy.

  • Etain

Etain is a pretty name steeped in legend and myth.

The heroine of Tochmarc Etain was named Etaine. Also, in Rutland Boughton’s opera, “The Immortal Hour,” the princess is called Etain.

This is a unique name because you don’t get to hear this name these days much.

The meaning of Etain is jealousy or passion.

  • Eadan

Are you in search of a gorgeous Irish girl’s name that is quite unique at the same time?

Eadan is the one!

This name has a number of variations, and you can use it for both girls and boys.

Now, if you use it for boys, you can go with variations such as Eamon or Aidan. And when you use it for girls, you can choose variations like Etain or Eadan.

While Aidan means little fire, Etain means jealousy.

If you ask me, well, I like the latter the most!

  • Eimear

Like many Irish names for girls in this post, Eimear has its origin in Irish folklore.

Some say that it is a variant of the name Emer, who was the better half of the hero Cu Chulainn.

Did I tell you that she had the six gifts of womanhood?

Those gifts were a virtue, wisdom, needlework skill, speech, a gentle voice, and beauty.

The meaning of Eimear is ready or swift. It is derived from the Irish word Eimh.

  • Eabha

The name Eabha came from the Hebrew name Eve.

It means life.

  • Eithne

It is an ancient Irish name. In Irish mythology, Eithne is the name of the god Lugh’s mother.

You can pronounce it as Ah-He-Ne.

  • Fiadh

The name Fiadh is gorgeous in the true sense of it!

It is pronounced as Fee-Ahh.

Did you know that Fiadh was the third most popular Irish name for girls in the year 2020?

Well, the Central Statistics Office in Ireland has announced it.

Now, did I tell you how much I love the sound of this name?

It has a nice edge to it. Fiadh means respect, wild, and deer.

  • Fionnuala

Are you into Irish mythology and legends?

Then you might have come across the name Fionnuala in the legend of the “Children of Lir.”

Fionnuala has a stepmother who cursed her and her siblings in that story. And as a result, they all became swans.

The name Fionnuala is pronounced as Fin-oo-lah. And it means white shoulder.

I know the meaning is quite odd. But the name Fionnuala is very Irish in appearance as well as origin.

  • Fiona

Have you watched the super hit movie Shrek?

It’s there where I first came to know about the beautiful name Fiona and fell in love with it! The princess was named Fiona in that movie.

Fiona indeed has Gaelic and Scottish origins, but still, it has managed to be popular all over the globe.

It means fair or white.

  • Grainne

The name Grainne is associated with many Irish legends, myths, and tales.

If you read Irish legends and history, I’m sure you have come across this name numerous times.

Coming to Irish mythology, Grainne was the name of the famous High King Cormac mac Airt’s daughter.

Some say that the name Grainne is closely related to the word Ghrian. It means the sun.

  • Gobnait

The origin of the name Gobnait is not clear. However, in Ireland, this name stayed popular for quite a long period. And for this, all credit goes to Saint Gobnait.

This Irish name for girls has several meanings.

While some say that Gobnait means to bring joy, others believe it means little smith.

  • Gormlaith

The name Gormlaith became popular during the medieval days, and still today, it has managed to remain popular. It comes from the Irish words Gorm and Flaith, which mean excellent and empress, respectively.

  • Gail

Do you like the name Abigail but want a shorter version of it?

How about Gail?

This is a very popular Irish girl name which means joyous or happy.

  • Hiolair

The Irish variant of the name Hillary is Hiolair.

It means cheerful and joyous. I quite like it!

  • Isabelle

I’m quite sure that you have already heard this name. The name Isabelle is THAT popular!

Did you know that Isabelle is a variant of the name Elizabeth?

The meaning of this beautiful name is “promise,” or “the Lord is my vow.” 

Deep, isn’t it?

  • Kiara

The name Kiara is quite popular around the world. It means someone with hair as black as a raven or someone with gorgeous dark hair.

  • Kayleigh

Kayleigh is such a gorgeous name for girls that sound and reads Irish.

In Irish, the name Kayleigh means slender, fair, and beautiful. Now, if you look at the spelling, you will find several other variations, such as Kaylee and Kayley.

  • Laoise

The name Laoise came from the mythological names Lugus and Lugh.

It is very hard to pronounce. And often, people pronounce it the wrong way, especially those who are not that familiar with Gaelic words.

Laoise means light and radiant.

  • Liobhan

This traditional name is derived from Irish mythology. Some say that Liobhan is a variant of Li Ban. Are you familiar with Irish myths and legends?

Then you may know about Li Ban. She was a mysterious mermaid. In 558, she was found in the waters of Lough Neagh. Liobhan means the beauty of women.

  • Mairead

Margaret is a popular name. Its Irish variation is Mairead. Some say that this name became famous because of the popularity of Saint Margaret of Scotland. She was also called the Pearl of Scotland.

But in recent times, the name Mairead has become popular again in Ireland and worldwide thanks to its ease of pronunciation Muh-raid.

Mairead means pearl.

  • Muireann

The name Muireann is steeped in legend. It is associated with the tale of a beautiful mermaid named Muireann.

According to the legend, the mermaid met a Saint, who transformed her into a woman. So if you live near the ocean or like to give your baby girl a name closely related to the sea, Muireann could be a perfect fit.

The meaning of the name is “of the sea.”

  • Muirgheal

Have you heard the English name Muriel?

Muirgheal is the Irish spelling of it.

Do you like the sea or do you live near the coast?

Then the name Muirgheal would be a good choice for your baby girl.

The name means bright sea.

  • Meabh

The name Meabh is derived from the name of the warrior queen Medb of Connacht – popular in Irish legends.

The meaning of Meabh is someone who is intoxicated or intoxicating.

  • Niamh

The lover of the famous poet Oisin and the daughter of the God of the Sea was Niamh.

She was also called the Niamh of the golden hair. This leads to the meaning of the name, which is brightness or radiant.

  • Orla

The name Orla is closely related to Brian Boru, who was the High King of Ireland. His sister’s name was Órlaith íngen Cennétig. She was the wife of Donnchad Donn – another High King.

Back in the 21st century, the name Orla was one of the most common names. And it has made a comeback in the late 20th century.

Orla is easy to pronounce. It means golden princess.

  • Oonagh

The name Oonagh has a number of variants. If you want to go with its original spelling in Irish, it would be Una. However, some spell it as Oona too.

In Irish mythology, Oonagh is related to the wife of Fionn mac Cool and the Queen of the Fairies.

Oonagh means lamb.

  • Roisin

Have you heard the famous song named “Roisin Dubh?”

This has contributed a lot to making the name Roisin popular. 

Did you know that the name Roisin has been loved since the 16th century?

Some of you may find the name tricky to pronounce. But let me tell you, I like the tone as well as the meaning of this beautiful Irish name.

Roisin means little rose. Isn’t it pretty?

  • Riona

The name Riona is thought to be a variant of the name Rionach.

Coming to the origin of this name, well, there is a bit of darkness.

Some say that the wife of Niall of the Nine Hostages was named Rionach. However, that is not the case. I did some research, and it turned out that the name Rionach means queen-like or queenly.

  • Saoirse

In the 1920s, the name Saoirse became quite famous in Ireland. The name means freedom and liberty.

The name is pronounced as Sur-sha or Seer-sha. This difficult pronunciation can put some of you off. But the popular Irish American actress Saoirse Ronan has helped quite a lot to regain its popularity. And now, people outside of Ireland are choosing this unique name for their baby girl.

  • Sadhbh

Did you know that there were literally so many Irish princesses who have had Sadhbh as their name?

The credit goes to the beautiful meaning that the name has: sweet and lovely lady. Also, it means goodness.

  • Shauna

The name Shauna, pronounced as Shaw-na, is a traditional Irish name for girls. Some say that it is derived from the boys’ names Shawn and Sean.

Shauna means God is gracious.

  • Sinead

In recent years, the name Sinead has become very popular – all thanks to the lovely meaning that it has!

Sinead means the gracious gift of God.

  • Shannon

Have you ever been to Ireland?

Then the chances are that you have already heard the name Shannon. The credit for this goes to the River Shannon.

But wait, there is a lot more to this name!

In Irish mythology, Shannon is closely related to the Goddess Sionna. And the name means possessor of wisdom or Old River.

  • Sorcha

It is said that the unique name Sorcha, pronounced as Sor-cha or Sor-kha, came from an ancient Irish word Sorchae.

The name means brightness or bright.

  • Sile

The name Sile is often spelled as Sheila. People say that it is the Irish version of the beautiful Latin name Caelia.

It means heavenly or heaven.

  • Treasa

Treasa is an Irish name for girls that has a relation to different countries.

Did I tell you that you can write the name Treasa in different spellings?

The name is believed to be the Irish version of the name Teresa. And you have already heard the name Teresa, right?

The meaning of Treasa is intensity or strength in Gaelic.

  • Vanessa

I LOVE this name!

Vanessa is not only popular in Ireland but all other countries in the world.

And why will it not be? Look how beautiful the meaning the name carries: a pretty and colorful butterfly!


These are my top picks for Irish names for girls. They are popular, unique and most of them have a beautiful meaning.

So, which Irish name do you like the most for your cute princess?

Let me know in the comments!

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