77 Cool and Amazing Car Names for Boys

Are you passionate about cars? How about selecting a name inspired by cars for your baby boy?

It will be really cool!

And to help you with that, I have come up with some beautiful car names for boys to choose from.

It is a daunting task to name your baby. And so, there are many people who take inspiration from their passions while naming their babies. If you are fascinated by the vroom and the gloss of an expensive car, you might want to combine your passion with your little prince. And who knows, he may go on to become a multi-millionaire car brand owner or a famous race car driver!

These motor company or car brand-inspired names are awesome with a dash of bling. They have significant and deeper meanings that give your baby boy a great personality.

Cool Car Names for Boys

Cool Car Names for Boys

Are you looking for some of the most awesome car names for your baby boy? Then, you have landed on the right page! So, let’s get started with the amazing names without further ado. Read on.

  • Aspen

This name is of American origin. In the 1970s and 1980s, the Dodge Aspen car was produced. It was a comfortable and compact car. Aspen means quaking tree.

  • Anderson

Did you know that Anderson was a unique automobile in the United States? And it was one of the most successful ones from the States.

This name Anderson came from Scandinavian origin. It means son of Andrew.

Now, is your name Andrew? It could be the perfect name for your little one!

  • Aston

If you are into luxury cars, I’m pretty sure you have heard about the famous Aston Martin. They are one of the most iconic luxury sports car makers from Britain.

Aston means noble stone. Did you like the meaning?

  • Atlas

Did you know that the Graco Atlas 65 was a superb car seat that many people liked?

Atlas has Greek origin, and it means “support.”

  • Audi

Now, we all know how luxurious the cars of Audi are, right?

After all, it is a luxury motor car company, greatly popular all over the world. The name came from Latin origin, and it means to listen.

  • Atom

Atom came from Greek origin.

Did you know that Ariel Atom is the name of a classy sports car?

It is produced in England. The name means uncuttable.

  • Ayrton

Are you into Formula One car races?

Then you might have heard about Ayrton Senna. He is a popular racecar driver from Brazil. And he has won the Formula One World Championship not once, not twice, but thrice!

  • Bentley

The name Bentley is for the ones who like to keep simple. Bentley has its headquarters in England, a subsidiary of the famous Volkswagen Group.

Just like the luxurious car, even the name Bentley is rich and handsome. 

The meaning of Bentley is a meadow with coarse grass. If you want, you can make the name short too, as Bant, which means strength.

  • Baron

The Chrysler Imperial LeBaron is a classic car from the 1930s. If its Old English origins are to be believed, then the name Baron means a rich male landowner.

In the language of Hebrew, Baron means the son of vigor, strength, or potency. And it is given to those who belong to the nobility.

  • Cadillac

The Cadillac Motor car Division is very popular. It is a part of General Motors. 

It has a French origin. Cadillac means the little fighter.

  • Cam

The name Cam has a Japanese origin. It is a short version of Camry, a car produced by the car manufacturer brand named Toyota.

Cam means crown. I quite like this name. It is a short name and has a very good meaning.

  • Cherokee

The origin of Cherokee is Native American Indian.

Are you into jeeps? Then you might be familiar with Cherokee, a line of jeeps. The name means people of a different language.

  • Clio

Did you know that the Brand Renault has produced a car named Clio?

This car falls under their supermini category. Did I tell you how I LOVE supermini cars? And this car from Renault is awesome!

The name Clio originated from Greece. It means glory.

Love the name already?

  • Cole

Based in Indiana, the Cole Motor Car Company was an automobile maker.

The name Cole has an English origin. It means charcoal.

  • Coco

Have you heard about Kandy Coco?

In the US, it was a small electric car. How cute is the name Coco, isn’t it?

It has an English origin and is very popular as a nickname – all thanks to the shortness and cuteness of this name.

Coco can be a great car name for boys, especially as a nickname.

  • Cooper

Who hasn’t heard about Mini Cooper!

It is one of the most popular cars out there, right? Even I dream of having a Mini Cooper someday. This car manufacturer is British, and the name Cooper has English origin.

Every year, this name is given to hundreds and thousands of babies! The name means container.

  • Cavalier

The motor car company Vauxhall sells Cavalier in England. It is a large family car.

The name originated from France, and it means knight.

  • Chevy

The short version of Chevrolet is Chevy.

Did you know that this name is based on a Swiss race car driver?

He overtook Ford because of the tagline of the company.

  • Cruz

Cruz is the name of a car made by the car company Chevrolet.

It has a Spanish origin. I like the car, Cruz. The meaning of Cruz is cross.

  • Corbin

Manufactured in Connecticut, Corbin was the name of an American manufacturer. However, the name Corbin has a French origin. And the name means raven.

  • Datsun

Did you know that Datsun is a Japanese car manufacturer brand?

And the word “sun” in the latter part of the name is often associated with positive energies.

  • Dino

The motor company Ferrari produced the Dino. It was a marquee. The name has an English origin, and it means dinosaur.

  • Dale

There was an automobile company named Dale Car. The name is short and sweet. The name originated from Old English, meaning valley. It’s short and sweet – perfect for your little prince.

  • Dodge

The name of an automobile manufacturer is Dodge. They are based out of America. The name has an Anglo-Saxon origin that means fame spear.

  • Discovery

SUVs are great! They are comfortable, spacious and some of them have killer looks.

And if you have a soft corner for SUVs like me, then I’m sure you know about Discovery – the oh-so-gorgeous and popular SUV.

The name Discovery originated in the English language and means, of course, discovery!

  • Dorris

If you are an automobile geek, I’m sure you know about the famous Dorris Motor Car Company.

You can keep your son’s name, Dorris. It has a great meaning. It has Greek origin, and it means gift.

  • Enzo

Did you know that the creator of the Ferrari model is known as Enzo?

So, if you like Ferrari, you can give the name Enzo to your baby boy. It means “rules the home.” And did I tell you that Enzo is the German variation of the name Henry?

  • Echo

Manufactured by the Japanese automobile company Toyota, Echo is a classic car. The name is taken from Greek origin. It means echo – no brainer!

  • Franklin

An automobile company from America, Franklin, was greatly popular. The name Franklin has an English origin, and it means free man.

  • Fabia

Fabia is a hatchback car model. In the Italian language, Fabia means bean farmer.

  • Ford

The name of a famous motor company is Ford. It is originated from Old English, and it means pass.

  • Gaylord

The name of a popular automobile was Gaylord. It was manufactured in Michigan. The name Gaylord originated from Norman French. It means joyful.

  • Hunter

In Burnout Paradise, the first vehicle that was unlocked was the Hunter Cavalry.

Hunter means the one who hunts, literally. And it has an English origin.

  • Herbie

“The Love Bug” is the name of a movie which was released in the year 1968. In that movie, there was a white Volkswagen Beetle named Herbie.

Herbie is a German baby name.

  • Holden

Did I tell you that formerly, Holden was called General Motors-Holden?

Yes, and it came from English origin. It means in the valley.

  • Infinity

Have you watched the famous movie “Toy Story” based on cars?

Then you may already know about Infinity. Also, the name comes from the Nissan car’s luxury lineup.

  • Jimny

Manufactured by the brand Suzuki, Jimny is a line of mini SUVs. Originated from English origin, Jimny can be a good choice of name for your baby boy.

It means supplanter.

  • Jetta

Manufactured by Volkswagen, the Jetta is widely popular and used by people all over the world. The name Jetta is derived from Danish origin. It means stone from Gagai.

As a baby boy’s name, Jetta can be quite unique. So, if you are looking for a unique car name for boys, Jetta can be the one.

  • Jenson

Did you know that a popular grand touring car was the Jenson Interceptor?

The name Jenson came from Scandinavian origin. It means the son of Jen. Is your name Jen by any chance? Then Jenson would be a cool name for your baby.

  • Jazz

Now, we all know about Honda Jazz, right?

It is a subcompact car that offers impressive mileage.

Jazz can be a good name for a baby boy. It has got a cool vibe to it.

  • Kona

Did I tell you that Kona was the name of the electric car manufactured by the car company Hyundai?

The name means more than one root. It is of Celtic origin.

  • Lancer

Japanese car manufacturer Mitsubishi manufactured the car Lancer.

The name Lancer originated in Poland. It means lance.

  • Logan

Have you watched the X-Men series movies?

Then you already know that Logan was the name of the very popular character Wolverine, played by the handsome actor Hugh Jackman.

Coming to its relation to cars, well, Renault built a comfortable compact car and named it Logan. The name originated from Scotland, and it means hollow.

  • Lincoln

A luxury car brand from America is known as Lincoln. The name came from the Old English language. It means lake colony.

  • Lexus

If you know about the car manufacturing brand Toyota, then I’m pretty sure you know about Lexus – one of their very popular luxury vehicles.

Lexus stands for elegance and luxury.

  • Maverick

Do you like Ford cars? What are your thoughts about the Ford Maverick?

If you ask me, it is a convenient and comfortable car. The name has an English origin. It means “yearling or calf found without an owner’s brand.”

  • Martin

People often associate Martin with Aston Martin – a British manufacturer of sports cars. However, it can be a good name choice for your prince.

The name Martin came from Latin. It means the God of fertility.

  • Morgan

Have you heard about Morgan Roadster? It came from the house of Morgan.

This name of English origin means the dweller of the sea.

  • Monte

Did you know that Monte Carlo is the name of a Chevrolet car model?

It originated from English and means “from the wealthy man’s mountain.”

  • Mark

In the early 2000s, there was the personal luxury car series: the Lincoln Mark Series.

So, if you like luxury cars, Mark can be a good choice of name for your little boy.

  • Noble

The name of a famous British sports car company is Noble.

Noble originates from the Latin language. It means aristocratic.

  • Nissan

Nissan is a popular Japanese car company, and their cars are available all over the world. So, this name originated from Japan. It means a miracle.

I like the meaning of this name a LOT. If you think your baby boy is a miracle, too, then you should definitely go for this name!

  • Nash

I like how the name Nash sounds!

It is the name of an American car that is well-known for its comfort. It is the Nash Metropolitan.

This name has an English origin, and it means by the ash tree.

  • Owen

Did you know that a classic British car was the Owen Sedanca?

If you have a love for classic cars, you may know about this car.

Owen originated from the Irish language, the meaning of which is noble-born.

  • Pierce

An American car was the Pierce-Arrow 66.

The name has an English origin. However, it has been a popular name for ages – all thanks to the actor Pierce Brosnan who played the character of James Bond, 007.

The name means rock.

  • Packard

Packard was the name of an American luxury car.

Originated from the English language, Packard means pack.

  • Porsche

Now, who doesn’t know about the famous car brand Porsche!

It can be a great name for stylish babies.

The name has a certain Hollywood vibe to it. And I like it.

  • Renault

Renault is such an iconic car company that it is known by people all over the world – be they car lovers or not.

And you know, Renault can be a great name for your baby boy. Originating from the Latin language, the name means ruler’s advice.

  • Ross

Louis S. Ross designed the famous steam car and named it Ross.

The name Ross has a German origin, and it means horse. Also, it has a Scottish descent, the meaning of which is a peninsula.

  • Rover

A subsidiary of British Leyland is Austin Rover. It originated from the Dutch, and it means pirate.

  • Romeo

This name is one of the most popular car names for boys.

If you are a car lover, you may know that Alfa Romeo is the name of a compact car from Italy.

The name Romeo has a Latin origin, and it means a pilgrim to Rome.

  • Riker

In the late 1800s, there was an electric car named Riker.

It has a Danish origin, and it means becoming rich.

  • Ranger

An automobile brand of General Motors was named Ranger.

The name has an English origin, and it means forest protector.

  • Royce

You say Royce, and I think about the luxury car brand Rolls Royce. The name has such luxury appeal to it!

If you love luxury cars and Rolls Royce is one of your favorite car brands, then you can give your baby boy the name Royce.

The name originated from the English language, and it means the son of the king. Even the meaning of the name has luxury in it!

  • Spark

Spark is a five-seater hatchback car from the house of Chevrolet.

The name has Old Norse origin, and it means vivacious.

  • Stu

The short version of the Studebaker car model is Stu. It is a vintage car from the year 1852.

  • Stanley

Have you heard about Stanley Motor Carriage Company?

It was quite popular back in the day – all thanks to the steam-engine vehicles manufactured by them.

Stanley means near the stony clearing.

  • Veyron

If you are into sports cars, you may have already come across Bugatti Veyron.

Veyron has Indian origin, and it means great man.

  • Volvo

Are you looking for a baby boy name that has some funky vibe to it?

How about Volvo?

In Latin, the name Volvo means “I Roll.” I found it to be a really cool name for a guy!

  • Wilson

Did you know that the Wilson Automobile Manufacturing Company was a popular name in the field of vehicle manufacturing?

Originated from the English language, Wilson means desire.

  • Willy

 An American automobile company’s name was Willys.

It has an English origin, and it means “with a gilded helmet.”

  • Zephyr

In 1935, Zephyr was the name of the famous vintage car model.

The name means west wind.

  • Brooks

Are you looking for a cool car name for your baby boy? How about the name Brooks?

I like this name. It sounds like a combination of traditional and modern names.

Did you know that a steam motor company was named Brooks in the 1920s and 1930s?

  • Carr

Okay, I know, the name Carr is too much. But if you are really obsessed with cars and you want to give your son a unique name, this can be the one.

It sounds stylish and sporty and has a super cool vibe that you can’t ignore! Isn’t it?

  • Colt

Do you like cars that are super fast, powerful, and fierce?

Then the chances are that you will like the name, Colt. A Dodge model was named Colt. It holds the meaning of a young horse.

Can you ignore the strength the name indicates?

  • Cruise

How cool is the name Cruise! Isn’t it?

We already have a super handsome Hollywood actor named Tom Cruise, right? I’m a huge fan of his.

Also, you can modify the name a bit and make it Cruz because that sounds cute too.

  • Dash

The name Dash itself sounds dashing. I found it to be extremely stylish.

If you see the name as a verb, it holds the meaning of β€œgo very fast.” And cars and speed are related very well.


As you love cars, you might have already sorted some of the best car names for boys. So which name did you like the most? Let me know in the comments below!

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