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20 Fun Party Games For Teens

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As every parent (and the former teen themselves!) will know, teens are all about parties and having a blast with their friends. Giving them the opportunity to organize and hold a party for their peers (with a little organizational help from you) is a great way for them to spearhead a fun day with friends — with you around to supervise and chaperone discreetly, of course, to ensure that everything’s going smoothly and the teens are all having a great time.

So what are the key ingredients for a successful, super fun party for teens? Well, aside from music and food and maybe some dancing, there should be some fun party games for teens too, to break the ice and encourage more bonding between them. As your teen prepares for their party, help them out by preparing party games for teens that they will be able to enjoy and create some awesome memories with!

Crafting amazing party games for teens is a cool and wonderful way for you to show how much you love your child, too, as they will definitely appreciate the assist in upping the fun factor of their shindig!

Party Games For Teens

Let your teens have a blast with their friends with these 20 super fun party games for teens!

1. Balloon Blow

Balloon Blow

A simple, fun balloon game that will surely be a hit with teens is the game called Balloon Blow. Best part? This game can be enjoyed indoors!

Number of participants: 6 or more.

What you will need: Different colored balloons.

Play by play:

  • Split up the teens in the room by pairing them up.
  • Each and every pair will have one simple task: Keep their balloon afloat in the air by blowing up at it!
  • Ensure that there is ample space for the pairs to play the game without getting bumped or bumping into other pairs.
  • The pair who is able to keep the balloon they are blowing up in the air for the longest time after the balloons of the other pairs have gone down to the ground wins the game.

2. Vroom! Vroom!

One silly and very fun game that teens will enjoy is the game called Vroom! Vroom! This game is all about their skills in observation and in following basic rules.

Number of participants: 8 or more.

What you will need: Ample space to play.

Play by play:

  • Ask the teens to stand around, forming a circle. Tell them that they should put their arms out in front like they would do so when they hold a vehicle’s steering wheel.
  • A player will then say “Vroom!” to begin the game. Next, this player will make a hand movement like he or she is steering the wheel towards the right or towards the left.
  • All of the other players in the circle are then to copy the lead player’s movement.
  • To change direction, a player will say this: “E-r-r-t”; followed by this: “vroom” as an indication of the new direction.
  • If a player commits a mistake in following the directions, he or she will be eliminated. Once eliminated, he or she will spell out their name using their butt in the air.
  • After the elimination, the game continues until just one final player is left standing.

3. Baby In The Air

Baby In The Air

The game called Baby In The Air tests players’ alertness and attentiveness. This competitive game is usually played by forming teams of two.

Number of participants: 8 or more.

What you will need: Balloons, water, space for playing the game.

Play by play:

  • Gather the balloons before the game and make sure to fill each with water. You will need to have at least 10 water-filled balloons.
  • The players will then arrange themselves to form a circle, with one player remaining in the center while the rest are in the circle around him or her.
  • Assign each player with a number.
  • The player in the middle will shout out this phrase: “Baby in the air, I call number __!” He or she will choose a number to call out and then throw the water balloon up in the air simultaneously.
  • The player assigned to the number that was called out will then have to be quick and alert enough to go towards the middle and catch the balloon, keeping “baby” from hitting the ground.
  • The player who is not able to save “baby” and drops the balloon is eliminated.
  • It’s all about the timing of the balloon throwing and calling out the numbers of the players — that’s what keeps this game exciting and fun!

4. Wink Assassin

Now this game (and its many, many other names such as “Killer” or “Wink Murder”) is super, super popular with teens and adults alike! Wink Assassin is a beloved stealth game that countless people enjoy. It’s easy to set up and incredibly addictive.

Number of participants: 4 or more.

What you will need: Space for playing the game.

Play by play:

  • Wink Assassin has one murderer or assassin who will be able to “kill” the other players stealthily by simply winking at them. To assign the designated murderer, draw lots with pieces of paper on which one of them is written “killer.”
  • Once the game starts, all the players have to maintain eye contact with each other, all the while observing every player so that they may be able to identify who the killer is.
  • When the killer winks at a player, this player should count up to five and then say, “I’m dead!”, feigning death suddenly.
  • If there is another player who witnesses what happened or believes to know the identity of the killer, he or she will then declare: “I accuse!” Afterward, the accuser will then ask the rest if they are suspecting someone too.
  • When a second player replies with “I accuse!” after counting to three, the two accusers are to point towards their suspect. If the two points to the same player, and he or she happens to be the killer, then that is the end of the game.
  • If this is not the case, the accusers will then be eliminated, and the game proceeds until the killer is revealed or until all the players are out.

5. Medusa


The game called Medusa works best when a big group of players is involved.

Number of participants: 10 or more.

What you will need: Space for playing the game

Play by play:

  • All the players are to stand forming a circle, and each player’s arms should be around the shoulders of their immediate neighbors in the circle. In the beginning, all players’ heads should be bowed down.
  • After counting to three, all the players will look up to another player
  • If two players find that they are looking at each other, they will scream instantly and drop dead
  • The other players will then continue the game until only two players are left

6. Balloon Stomp

For an outdoor game that teens can play in the backyard, try Balloon Stomp. This game is a group activity and can get quite noisy as balloons pop and players shout gleefully!

Number of participants: 10 or more.

What you will need: Balloons and strings of different colors.

Play by play:

  • The goal is simple: To burst the balloons of the opposing team while making sure not to lose yours.
  • Divide the group into two teams with players of an equal number
  • Assign strings that are of different colors for each of the teams. Ask the players to tie the balloon to their legs using a long string in such a way that the balloon isn’t too near to them.
  • When the moderator (which can be a parent or a chaperone or someone in the group without a team) says “Go!”, the players will move around fast and aim to step on the balloons of the other team, using only their legs and feet.
  • The team that is able to burst the balloons of the other team first wins the game.

7. Wacky Duck

The game called Wacky Duck is a game that can be played anywhere as long as there is space. Wacky Duck needs for there to be proximity between the players, which makes it even more exciting.

Number of participants: 8 or more

What you will need: Space for playing the game.

Play by play:

  • Ask the players to sit down, forming a circle. Make sure the circle formed is large enough so that one player can position themselves in the middle.
  • The player in the middle, or the “it,” will be blindfolded and then will be spun around a few times. As this is happening, the players in the circle will rearrange themselves and change seats.
  • When everyone is settled into their new positions in the circle, the “it” will feel the players in the circle using a wooden spoon or a rolled-up newspaper.
  • The “it” will stop at a player and move close to them or sit in their lap. The player will then quack like a duck in a wacky or silly voice.
  • “It” has to identify who the player is. If the guess is right, the sitter will then take the “it”‘s place. Otherwise, another round commences with the current “it” or until “it” has a right guess.
  • This game is tons of fun because teens will have a blast trying to fake their voices and fool their chums.

8. Find The Leader

Find The Leader

The game is known as “Find The Leader” is a favorite of many who love playing this game at gatherings or parties. Teens can have a lot of fun getting creative with their moves.

Number of participants: 10 or more

What you will need: Space for playing the game

Play by play:

  • Have the players form a circle large enough to have space in the middle and between one another so they can all move quite freely
  • One or two players (depending on the size of the group) will be chosen to be “it” and will be asked to go outside of the room and wait.
  • The rest of the group in the room will then choose a leader. This leader is to make a movement or pose, or gesture and all the other players in the circle have to follow and imitate
  • As soon as a leader is chosen, the “it” will be called back into the room
  • “It” will then stand in the middle, and the other players in the circle will discreetly follow their leader and move as the leader does. Remember to caution the other players to be discreet and not look directly at the leader while playing so as not to give away the leader’s identity
  • “It” has to guess the identity of the leader
  • If “it” is able to guess the leader’s identity, the leader then becomes “it,” and the former “it” takes its place in the circle.

9. Junk In The Trunk

If you’re looking for a fun game that involves tons of jumping and shaking, then Junk In The Trunk is a great game choice for teens.

Number of participants: 6 or more.

What you will need: A belt of waistband or rope, an empty box of tissue, at least 8 ping pong balls, space for playing the game

Junk In The Trunk needs preparation before the activity. The empty tissue box has to be tied or attached to the waistband/belt/rope so that it looks like a bum bag or a waist pouch bag. Make sure to remove the plastic that’s on the tissue box to ensure there is a clear opening.

Play by play:

  • This is a game that’s played the minute-to-win-it style and can be played with one player each turn.
  • Place the ping pong balls within the tissue box that is tied to the belt/waistband/rope.
  • Have the player tie that belt/waistband/rope around his or her waist so that the box itself is tied and positioned on their back
  • Each player who does this will get one minute to shake around and move their body to let the ping-pong balls out of the tissue box.
  • The player who is able to get all eight of the ping pong balls out of the box within one minute will win a prize.

10. Fortune Teller Game

Fortune Teller Game

The game called Fortune Teller Game is an enjoyable party game.

Number of participants: 6 or more

What you will need: pen, sheets of paper, 4 bags

Craft small chits of paper from the sheets of paper. Ensure that all the chits are the same size.

Play by play:

  • Each player will get four chits of paper as well as a pen.
  • Have the players write down on each chit of paper: A name, a place, a number, a profession. Encourage them to write whatever name, place, number, and profession they want, as this will make the game even more fun.
  • As soon as all of the players have filled up their chits, have them fold each chit and put those from each category into the corresponding bag (there will be 4 bags).
  • Each of the players will have a turn at picking a chit from every one of the 4 bags
  • One of the players will read the “fortune”. For example, Joan will be a mascot who gives out flyers, date Al, live in a sewer in Poughkeepsie, and have 5 kids.
  • The more odd and crazy sounding the “fortune”, the more hilarious the game will be.

11. Sleeping Beauty Game

The game called Sleeping Beauty is a game that teens can try out for some crazy, silly fun.

Number of participants: 5 or more.

What you will need: Nothing

Play by play:

  • This game is all bout being resilient and refusing to give in — and that is the very beauty of this game!
  • Each of the players will have a turn at being Sleeping Beauty, and during their turn, they are to lie down in bed like they are in a very deep sleep. Sleeping Beauty should not talk, move, and even flinch.
  • The other players will then try to wake up Sleeping Beauty and make them crack up and laugh — WITHOUT any touching.
  • Players can speak about and state all sorts of funny, silly things that they can think of to wake up Sleeping Beauty!

12. Makeup Artist

Makeup Artist is an enjoyable game that gives a chance for teens to show off their skills or creativity in makeup.

Number of participants: 6 or more

What you will need: Lipstick, nail polish, powder, hair accessories, hairbrushes, blush, perfume, cotton

Avoid using items such as eye shadow or mascara, or other makeup items that can be a danger when used in play. And remember to use makeup and items that will be washed away easily with water.

Play by play:

  • Split up the players into groups. A player from each of the teams can take turns in being either the makeup artist or the model.
  • Here is where it gets more fun: The designated makeup artist will be blindfolded and will be given two minutes to “make up” the model and get them ready for their “shoot.”
  • The other members of the team will guide the blindfolded makeup artist during that time, and the team which is able to get the best-looking makeup done wins.

13. How’s It Hangin’

How’s It Hangin’

The game called How’s It Hangin’ is a fun game that can be played at home.

Number of participants: 6 or more

What you will need: A long piece of string, a hula hoop, an orange, and a banana

Tie the string around the banana, and keep in mind that the thing should be 12 inches long at least.

Play by play:

  • This game is to be played the minute-to-win-it style and by a player at a time.
  • Get the string attached to the banana, and tie that string to the front of the trousers or jeans or bottoms of the player.
  • Adjust the length of the string in such a way that the attached banana is touching the ground.
  • Place the orange at one side of the room, and place the hula hoop at the other side.
  • The player will then have to move the orange on one end of the room into the hula hoop located on the other end of the room — all within a minute.
  • The player who is able to accomplish the goal within a minute wins.

14. Stak ‘Em Up

The game called Stack ‘Em Up is a fun skill game for teens to play.

Number of participants: 6 or more

What you will need: Chocolate dingdongs or sandwich cookies

Play by play:

  • This is a simple, basic game of balancing and stacking. In this game, the player should be able to bend backward and start to stay the dingdongs or sandwich cookies upon their forehead.
  • Each player has to be able to stack as many of the dingdongs or sandwich cookies that they can balance on their forehead.
  • When the stack on their forehead falls, it will be the next player’s turn to try the challenge.

15. Act It Out

Act It Out

A fun play-acting game that can be enjoyed by boys and girls alike is the game called Act It Out.

Number of participants: 8 or more

What you will need: Paper and pen, whatever props you can get on hand

Play by play:

  • Craft paper chits and write the following on each chit: A character, thing, event, or scene that they can then act out
  • Have them divide themselves into two groups
  • Ask one player from one group to pick out a chit. Or the moderator (a parent, chaperone, or teen who is not part of a group) can pick out a chit.
  • Both of the groups will then get a minute for them to recreate or act out what was written on the chit by using their bodies or whatever props are handy and available.
  • The designated judge will then pick out the group who got it right, and that group will .get the point.

16. Would You Rather

Would You Rather be a great way for teens to get to know each other better and have a ton of fun while at it?

A number of players: 3 or more (the more, the merrier!)

What you will need: A list of fun, interesting, thought-provoking, funny, and appropriate questions for teens

Play by play:

  • Have the players arrange themselves to form a circle
  • A player will start the game by asking a question that begins with “Would you rather…” and then provide two scenarios or options to the player that is opposite them
  • The scenarios or options can be funny, silly, even a little crazy or gross — but avoid serious ones! Keep it light and fun
  • An example could be: “Would you rather be Justin Bieber’s dog or Brad Pitt’s pillow?”
  • They can take turns asking and answering questions until they finish the list of questions given.

17. Eat The Donut

This game is an exciting one that will require some high jumping and donut biting!

Number of participants: 6 or more

What you will need: A dozen donuts (at least!), clothesline, string

Play by play:

  • Tie up a lengthy string or clothesline across the room ceilings length, 6 feet or above, depending on what the group’s average height is
  • Each donut is to be tied with a string which will then be hung from the clothesline.
  • Keep the donuts to six maximum at a time, and make sure to set them a bit apart so that the players will have space to stand comfortably.
  • Have the players stand right below a hanging donut, and after counting to three or saying “Go!”, it’s time for the players to reach for and each donut that Is directly above them — without the use of their hands.
  • The player who is able to finish off their donut first wins.

18. Sock Wrestling

Sock Wrestling

The game called Sock Wrestling is an enjoyable game that teens will have a lot of fun with.

Number of participants: 6 or more

What you will need: 2 pairs of socks

Play by play:

  • This game is a simple and super fun wrestling match that will be between two players and will have one silly goal: To remove the socks of the opponent before they get a chance to remove yours.
  • It is advisable to have an adult or chaperone to moderate and stand as referee to keep the game in check.

19. Speed Stacker

As the name of the game implies, Speed Stacker is all about stacking quickly and will allow for the application of strategic thinking and brainpower while having a bunch of fun.

Number of participants: 6 or more

What you will need: At least 50 cans or party cups (more if possible), a table

Play by play:

  • Players will get a minute to stack as many cups or cans as they possibly can
  • The player who is able to stack the highest number of cans or cups wins the game.

20. Wrecking Ball

Another minute-to-win-it style game that teens will definitely have fun playing is Wrecking Ball.

Number of participants: 6 or more

What you will need: An extra-big stocking that can be huge enough to fit in a teen’s head), water bottles that are filled, tennis balls.

Play by play:

  • This game is played as a competition between two members of players of two groups or teams.
  • Drop the tennis ball into the stocking and make sure it drops all the way down to the bottom
  • Place the other end of the stocking to the head of the player so that the rest of the stocking is hanging right in front of you, much like a wrecking ball would
  • The game moderator will have placed at least 7 of the filled water bottles all in a row. Two such rows should have been set up for the competition to ensue.
  • At the count of three, the two players will use their stocking, wrecking-ball style, to tumble down all the bottles in their row before their competitor does

Give your teen an assist in throwing an epic and super fun party with these party games for teens! Party on!

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