48 Beautiful Female Elf Names For Your Baby Girl

So, you love fantasy? And looking for some mythical, magical, and mystical names for your baby girl?

Well, that is precisely where female elf names come into the picture! They are out of the world and sound incredible and magical.

Did you know elves can conjure many things from various cultures?

It can be anything from powerful magicians and sweet little pixies to ethereal supernatural beings.

I have read many fantasy stories and novels, and I am a big fan of all things fantasy, if you know what I mean!

And in most of those stories, elves are ‌the good guys. They weave mystical spells so that others can achieve victory.

And they offer deep wisdom to travelers who need it.

So, you can say that elf names can inspire magic, mystery, and beauty.

And that is precisely what this post is all about. I’m here to help you choose the most gorgeous Elvish name for your little one.

Did I tell you I have included some mystical dark elf names, too?

So, scroll through this excellent list of Elvish girl names and choose the best one for your little sunshine!

Excellent Female Elf Names for Your Little Bundle of Joy

Excellent Female Elf Names for Your Little Bundle of Joy

Here, you can find popular and uncommon Elvish names for girls – from shows and games to series and movies.

Read on.

  • Ayara

Are you into card games? Here I’m talking about the Magic: The Gathering games.

Did you know that queen Ayara, popularly known as the Shadow Queen, can be seen in these games? She is an ancient elf. If you don’t want to go for the spelling Ayara for your baby girl, you can choose from Aiyara and Ayarah – whichever you like the most!

The name Ayara has its origin in the Incan or Sanskrit language. It has the beautiful meaning of the gift of God. Also, some say that it means wild quinoa.

  • Ashalle

Are you fond of the “Dragon Age: Origins” game?

Then you may already know about the Dalish Elf named Ashalle. Now, coming to the meaning of this name, the meaning is still unknown!

So, if you want a name with no specific meaning, you can go for Ashalle. Otherwise, skip this!

  • Atara

Do you want to name your baby something related to the royal family? How about the name Atara?

This name originated in the Hebrew language and was translated to the crown. And yes, a blood elf character is named Lady Atara Nelea Dewmaker in the World of Warcraft games.

  • Ashniel

This name has such a modern vibe to it! Don’t you think so too?

This is the name of a dark elf character in the Warhammer games. Now, if you ask me about the origin and meaning of this gorgeous name, well, it’s unknown!

  • Arwen

Are you a fan of the Lord of the Rings movie series?

Well, I am. I have watched not only all the movies but also read all the books! If you are like me, you may already know about the character of Arwen Undomiel. She was the half-elven daughter of Celebrian and Elrond.

This name came from Welsh origin and carried the tremendous meaning of a noble maiden or a muse.

Like it?

  • Ariane

Have you played the Dragon Age: Origins and Heroes of Dragon Age games?

In this game, there is a Dalish elf warrior named Ariane. A closer look at this name will find a relation between Ariadne, a Greek name, and Ariane, a Welsh name.

The name translates to the holiest.

  • Ariel

In the Warhammer games, you will find an Elven Queen character name, Ariel.

She ruled the Athel Loren Forest. However, if you are looking for a short name with significant meaning, you can go for the name Ariel. It means the lion of God.

  • Arianni

Again, this is a great-sounding name with a meaning that is unknown. Even the origin of this name is unknown.

You get to see this character in the Dragon Age II game. She is a Dalish elf there.

  • Arathel

Are you fond of card games? Have you played Magic: The Gathering?

In that, the queen of Norwood is known as Arathel.

  • Amberle

The name Amberly sounds posh to me. But the meaning that this name has a connection to nature.

Have you watched The Shannara Chronicles?

If not, then you can watch it on Netflix! So the main character there is known as Amberle Elessedil. And did I tell you that she is the granddaughter of the King of the Elves?

The name has its roots in the African-American or American community. It holds the beautiful meaning of the sky.

  • Anwen

Let me tell you the name of the two games where you see the elf character of Anwen: Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes and Heroes of Might and Magic V.

She is a ranger. If you want to go for a different spelling, you can choose Anwyn. It has its origin in the Welsh community.

Now, do you want your little angel to grow up beautiful?

Then give her the name Anwen. It translates to very beautiful and very fair.

  • Anethra

The Warhammer games have a dark elf known as Anethra Helbane.

People say this name has its roots in the Tamil language. It holds the meaning of queen.

  • Apolline

I am a massive fan of the Harry Potter movies! Are you too? Then, how about giving your kiddo the name Apolline?

Apolline Delacour is the daughter of Fleur Delacour. She is part-Veela. The name has its roots in Greek and translates to belonging to the God Apollo.

  • Alysia

This name is so pretty! It is classy and sounds melodious. I liked it the moment I heard it.

Alysia is a High Elf in the Warhammer games. Also, she had twins named Tyrion and Teclis. Did I tell you that you can spell it as Alycia too?

This name has many origins, including Greek, English, French, and German. It comes with the meaning of charming and noble.

  • Alengwan

Raymond E.Feist co-wrote the series of the Riftwar Cycle book.

In that, you get to find the character of Alengwan, a dark elf princess. She comes from the land of Midkemia.

Do you find this uncommon name to be attractive?

Give this name to your daughter!

  • Alachia

There is a fantasy game named Shadowrun. Have you played it yet?

In that game, the Kingdom of Spires has a queen named Alachia. She is an immortal elf.

Did you like how the name sounds?

Give it to your baby girl!

  • Alglaranna

Are you looking for some unique female elf names for your little one?

The name Alglaranna is just what you are looking for! Unfortunately, this is an uncommon name with meaning and origin unknown to people.

You can find this character in the Riftwar Cycle series of books. She is the queen of Elvandar.

  • Adaia

Have you played the Dragon Age: Origins game?

In that, Adaia is introduced as a City Elf. This name has its origin in the Hebrew language. It translates to the adornment of God. Also, some say that it carries the meaning of witness of God.

  • Allisara

If you have played the Warhammer games, you may have encountered the character Allisara – a wood elf.

She is the sibling of Ariel – the Mage queen. This is quite a pretty name, isn’t it?

You can spell it as Alisara too.

It has its origin in the Thai language. It holds the meaning of princess or beautiful girl. And your little girl is already a princess to you, right?

  • Alisaie

Are you fond of fantasy games such as Final Fantasy XIV? Do you want to give your baby a name that connects to it?

Your wish is granted!

The name Alisaie is a famous Elezan elf character in the game mentioned above. She has a twin sister whose name is Alphinaud.

It has its roots in Gaelic origin. It has the meaning of newness, refreshing, and joyfulness.

  • Briala

There are about three games in which you can see the character of the elven handmaiden Briala.

You can spell the name as Braila too. It has roots in the Irish language and carries the meaning of a slender woman.

  • Brelyna

Are you one of those parents who are not concerned about a name’s meaning and origin?

Then the name Brelyna is just for your baby! Of course, it is an elf name – a Dunmer dark elf. But the meaning and origin are not known to many.

  • Branwen

Are you looking for a name that has a tremendous meaning? Do you want your baby to grow as a beautiful, blessed woman?

Then, look no further! Give her the name Branwen.

In the story of Branwen Ferch Llŷr, the character Branwen has a lot of importance. This is because the name came from the Welsh language, and it can mean beautiful, blessed, white, and fair.

  • Cylia

Are you up for a cute name with a sweet meaning? How about the name Cylia? Doesn’t it sound appealing to you?

In Magic: The Gathering card game, Cylia is the name of a Cylian elf shaman. The name has the beautiful meaning of heaven and a gift from God.

  • Clothild

In the Riftwar Cycle series of books, Liallan is the sister of Clothild. Did I tell you that you can choose from multiple variations of this name?

You can choose between Clothid, Clotilde, and Clothilde. This name of German origin translates to a famous battle.

  • Celebrian

As you like elf names, I’m sure you have watched The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Am I right?

So, you may already know that the elven elf Celebrian is Galadriel’s daughter, and she has a child named Arwen.

The name comes with the meaning of silver queen.

  • Cullich

This is one of the most uncommon female elf names from The Riftwar Cycle book series. The Moredhel dark elf is given the name Cullich in that book. Don’t like the spelling?

Well, there are many options, such as Ceallach, Culwhch, and Kullich. So, which spelling did you like the most?

The name is rooted in a famous Welsh legend of Olwen. It translates to the place where the pig hides.

  • Dirael

If you are not keen on knowing the meaning of an elf name that you will give your baby girl, then Dirael is the name for you!

The meaning and origin of this name are not known to people. However, you can find this druidess elf character in the Heroes of Might and Magic V game.

  • Dalish

Again, the name Dalish has no particular meaning that is known to people.

You can find this elven mage character in the Heroes of Dragon Age games. However, the name sounds somewhat modern to me.

  • Elvinia

Elvinia is such a sweet feminine name, isn’t it?

It has its roots in Old English. And you can spell it as Alvinia and Alvina too!

It comes with the meaning of a magical being and a little friend.

  • Ellia

Are you looking for a name that is easy to pronounce? How about Ellia?

You can find the character of Ellia – the Ocedhel elf, in the book The Riftwar Cycle. Doesn’t it sound somewhat similar to the French name Ella?

Well, Ellia is a variant of it. It carries the meaning of goddess, shining one, and bright one.

  • Elanor

In the Lord of the Rings trilogy, you see Elanor as a golden flower with the shape of a flower. It grew in the land of Middle Earth.

There was a character named Samwise Gamgee, if you remember. He was the one to give his daughter the name Elanor Gamgee.

You can spell it as Eleanor too. It comes from the Greek language: the sun star or the sun’s rays.

  • Failla

Do you like the sound of the name Failla? It is the name of an elven queen character in the Shadowrun fantasy games.

Did I tell you that Failla is popular in Italy as a surname?

It translates to spark.

  • Fleur

Have you watched or read the Harry Potter series? There was a quarter-Veela witch named Fleur Delacour.

This name has its origin in France. It carries the meaning of bloom or flower.

  • Galadriel

In the Lord of the Rings movies and books, you come across Galadriel – commonly known as the Lady of the Woods.

It carries the meaning of a woman crowned with a gorgeous garland. It has its origin in the Sindarin language.

  • Kira

The name Kira is short and has a sophisticated vibe to it.

Now, have you watched the movie The Dark Crystal?

In that, Kira is a lady Gelfling. If you look at the Russian side of this name, this is the female variant of Kir – a Russian name for males. It translates to mistress and ruler.

But, if you look at the Japanese side of the name, it holds the meaning of glittery and shiny.

  • Loriel

Doesn’t the name has a certain elegance to it?

It can be a perfect name for your baby girl if you are fond of elegant names. And this name sounds somewhat similar to Lauriel.

It has its origin in the Latin language. It holds the meaning of a symbol of victory and a sweet bay tree.

  • Miara

The name Miara is so melodious. Don’t you agree?

Her character is an elf scout in the Magic: The Gathering game. It came from the English language and held the meaning of wise.

  • Nadja

Such a unique name it is, isn’t it?

If you have played the Shadowrun game, you might have seen Nadja’s elf character.

You can spell it as Nadia too. This name has its roots in the Russian language and carries the meaning of hope.

In the Persian language, Nadja means generosity and dew. And in the Arabic language, it holds the meaning of delicate.

  • Sera

The elf character of Sera is introduced in the game Dragon Age: Inquisition. The name originated in the Hebrew language and was translated to a princess.

  • Tauriel

You can find the character of Tauriel in The Hobbit, which is written by Tolkien. She is a wood-elf there. The name has the meaning of the forest’s daughter.

  • Vanora

This is a modern name that came from Wales. Vanora translates to white wave.

  • Zelda

Have you played The Legend of Zelda Nintendo? They took the elf character of princess Zelda from there. Did I tell you that Zelda is the short version of Grizelda or Griselda?

It has its origin in Germany, and it means a dark battle.

  • Elezen

Doesn’t the name sound traditional to you?

There is an elves race that is known as Elezen. They stay in Eorzea. You get to see them in the game named Final Fantasy XIV.

  • Elenwen

Have you played the Skyrim game?

In that game, an Altmer High Elf emissary is known as Elenwen. If you like names that have a classy vibe to them, you can go with the name Elenwen.

  • Elynea

Again, this is a character from the game Skyrim. Her name is Elynea Mothren. She is a Dunmer elf alchemist.

It has a feminine vibe to it.

  • Eowyn

Have you watched the Lord of the Rings Trilogy?

The White Lady of Rohan is known as Eowyn. Her name is not directly of an elf, but it has a magical touch.

It carries the meaning of horse of joy and horse lover.

  • Faralda

Are you into names that are uncommon and not much used by parents?

Then the chances are that you will like the name Faralda. Again, there is a character named Faralda in the game Skyrim.

It has its roots in the Ancient Germanic language. It carries the meaning of the ruler who leads. Also, some say it holds the meaning of the ruler who guides.


Aren’t all the female elf names pretty? Have you had difficulty choosing just one from this vast pool of names? Which one did you like the most?

Don’t forget to let me know in the comments!

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