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95 Beautiful Italian Girls Names Ideas

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Are you blessed with a baby girl?

Well, congratulations!

As a parent, I know the feelings of welcoming a little angel into our lives. It’s one of the joyous moments in our lives, isn’t it? So, with all those warm feelings and best wishes from your family and friends, are you now looking for the perfect Italian name for your baby girl?

I’m here to make the search easy for you!

Your mind is occupied and eager to choose a beautiful and perfect name for your little angel. And you are rummaging through the internet for that perfect name to suit your baby’s name. And when you do that, keep in mind what kind of personality you want your little darling to have. After all, the nomenclature has a significant effect on the developing nature of your newborn. A name with a positive meaning will grow a positive attitude in your baby.

Beautiful Italian Girls Names

So, are you a fan of Italian names?

I’m sure you are. Otherwise, you won’t be here in the first place, right?

Beautiful Italian Girls Names

Good news for you! I have done my research thoroughly and come up with a list of some of the most popular, unique, and beautiful Italian girl names for you to choose from. And don’t worry, I have added their meanings with a few fun facts too.

Are you excited already?

Come, have a look!

  • Agnese

The name Agnese came from Agnes. It means chaste. It’s indeed a very popular name in Italy, and that’s why it’s the first name with A, I have listed here. Now, if I talk about the Top 100 Italian Girls’ name chart, the name ranked around the numbers 80 and 85. So, you can get an idea of the popularity this name has.

  • Adelaide

Adelaide means noble type. And Adelaide of Italy was born in a noble family. She was married off to the king of Italy. Her marriage was finalized by the king’s father. And when the king died; she was forcefully married again to another man. After that, she chose to marry Otto the Great.

  • Agostina

Did you know that Agostina Segatori was the name of an Italian model who was famous for posing for painters? She worked with Vincent van Gogh, Édouard Manet, and Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot? The feminine form of Augustinus is Agostina. The meaning is to increase.

  • Alessa

Have you watched Silent Hill – the survival horror series?

Then you may already know about the main female character there: Alessa Gillespie. The name means the defender of man.

  • Alba

Now, there are two explanations of the name Alba. The first one comes from the Germanic side, which means elf. The other one says Alba as the Latin feminine form of Albus, meaning bright and white.

Coming to the Italian meaning of Alba, it is dawn.

  • Amaranta

Have you read the classic novel by Gabriel García Márquez, “One Hundred Years of Solitude”?

The book mentions a Buendia family, who has two Amarantas. Of course, in two different generations.

And did I miss that the novel was in number four in the Penguin Must Read 100 list?

The novel’s popularity made Amaranta a very popular name. It means fading. I know there is a fair chance that you would give this name a pass – because of its meaning!

  • Ambra

Did you know that in the year 2019, more than one thousand girls were given the name Ambra in Italy?

Now, that’s a huge number! So, if you are searching for popular Italian girl names, this can be the one.

A form of Amber is Ambra. It means the gemstone or the color.

  • Amore

I LOVE this name! And I’m quite sure you will love it too if I tell you the meaning.

Amore means love.

Like it already?

  • Arianna

The name Arianna has quite a fan following, I must say!

And let me tell you an interesting fact.

In the year 2019 About 2495 baby girls in the US were given the name Arianna? It’s the Italian version of Ariadne that means most holy.

  • Bianca

Have you watched the series Queen Sugar?

If yes, then you may already know that the character of Darla Sutton in that series was portrayed by none other than the American actress Bianca Lawson. She is popular for her appearances in several TV shows and movies. And she has a huge part in the increasing popularity of the name Bianca.

Bianca stands for fair and white.

  • Bruna

It means protection and amour. Now, this name has got a lot of fame, so much that people in a lot of countries such as Portugal, France, Spain, and Croatia have given the name Bruna to their little one. And the name sounds sweet too.

  • Bice

Do you like to travel a lot? And do you want to name your baby girl in some Italian name that is quite close to your passion for travel?

How about Bice?

It is short and has quite an edge to it.

And did I tell you that Bice means voyager and traveler?

Like it?

  • Caterina

This name has so many spellings! Caterina is an Italian form of Katherine. Interestingly, there are many debates regarding its meaning.

Some say that the name Caterina has come from the Greek name Hekaterine, which means each of the two. Some say that it came from goddess Hecate, which means far off. Then there are the early Christians who say that the name Caterina is associated with Katharos, which means pure.

  • Cinzia

The Italian version of Cynthia is Cinzia. It means woman from Kynthos.

Did you know that Cynthia was an epithet for Artemis – the great Greek goddess of the moon?

And Kynthos was the mountain’s name where both Artemis and her twin Apollo were born.

  • Celeste

The name Celeste got its popularity much from the American novelist Celeste Ng. Her debut novel named “Everything I Never Told You” was critically acclaimed. Her second book, “Little Fires Everywhere,” is available on Hulu. But it’s in the form of a mini-series.

The name celeste has two beautiful meanings: heavenly and sky.

  • Clarissa

Among the Italian girl names, Clarissa is very popular – all thanks to the founder of the American Red Cross, Clarissa Harlowe Barton. During the American Civil War, she was a patent clerk, teacher, and self-taught nurse. She got involved in the suffrage movement after the war. And gradually, she founded the American Red Cross.

The Italian version of Clarice is Clarissa, which means clear and bright.

  • Clio

Are you into Greek mythology?

Then you may already know about the muse of history: Clio.

Now, let me tell you something interesting.

The car brand Renault also has a car model named Clio!

The name means glory and recount.

  • Contanza

Do you like fairy tales?

I mean, who doesn’t, right?

So, there is an Italian fairy tale named Costanza. The story revolves around a princess who ran away from her home, refusing to marry in an arranged setup. Instead, she completed some impressive feats by taking on the disguise of a man. Later on, she married a king.

Beautiful story, isn’t it?

The name Costanza means steadfast and constant.

  • Cosima

The name Cosima came from the name Cosmo – the patron saint of doctors.

So, are you a doctor?

Then this name for your little princess would be great.

Cosima means decency and order.

  • Diletta

The Italian girls’ name Diletta is very popular thanks to Diletta Leotta – the famous Italian TV presenter from Italy.

Presently, she is presenting the Series A football league broadcasts.

The name Diletta means beloved.

  • Dania

Dania is an Italian girls’ name which means God is my judge.

Now, did you know Dania is an Arabic name too?

In that case, the name will mean near or close.

  • Donata

The name Donata is so popular that it is used in Italy and several other countries where people speak Romance languages. For example, Poland, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, and Belgium.

The meaning of Donata is ‘the given.’

  • Emanuela

Have you seen movies such as Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, Pokémon, Alvin, and the Chipmunks?

Did you know who has given voices to those movies?

Well, it’s none other than the Italian voice artist Emanuela Pacotto.

Yep, and that has contributed a lot to making the name popular.

The meaning of Emanuela is that God is with us.

  • Elvia

Elvia is a short and sweet Italian name for girls.

Does your princess have blonde, golden tresses?

Then Elvia would be the perfect name for her, as it means blond or honey-yellow.

  • Eulalia

Are you looking for a sweet yet unique Italian name for your baby girl?

Eulalia can be the one!

It has a certain musical ring to it. And the name means sweetly speaking.

  • Evelina

Do you like the sound of Eva or Eve but want something unique or less popular?

How about Evelina?

It is unique and sounds sweet. It would fit your baby girl greatly if you are an American Italian and want a name for your baby that will not be mispronounced.

The meaning of Evelina is desired.

  • Fabrizia

Are you an artist or a craftsman?

Then Fabrizia would be a good choice for your baby girl.

The name means craftsman.

  • Felicita

The name Felicita looks somewhat similar to felicità. However, they have different meanings.

While felicità means happiness, Felicita means fortune and good luck.

  • Filomena

Filomena came from Philomena. It’s a sweet way to use a Victorian girls’ name with a modern twist.

The name means force, strength, lover with a mind, and friend.

  • Fiammetta

Did you know that the nickname Fiammetta was given to an Italian noblewoman of the 12th century – Maria d’Aquino?

Later, the novelist Giovanni Boccaccio wrote a novel that was completely based on her life.

And did I tell you that the novel is said to be the first psychological thriller?

Okay, so that name Fiammetta means little flame.

  • Fina

I quite like this name: Fina!

It’s short and catchy. It means fiery one.

Were you looking for something like this?

  • Fiore

Are you looking for an Italian girl name with a sweet meaning?

How about Fiore?

It means flower. Sweet, isn’t it?

  • Fortunata

Have you come across the classic Redwall series of books?

In the series, an anthropomorphic fox is called Fortunata. I found it to be like a mix of Watership Down and Lord of the Rings. But, of course, it is for children. 

The name Fortunata has its ties to ancient Roman history. The meaning of the name is blessed, happy and fortunate.

  • Flavia

The name Flavia was a popular Italian name for girls in ancient Rome. Once, a Roman emperor started using the male version – Flavian – as a forename. It was then that the others joined in and used the name Flavia for their baby girl.

The name means yellow or golden-haired. It is perfect for blond babies.

  • Francesca Pia

Well, it’s a single name used as a double-barrelled forename, of course, without the hyphen.

The meaning of Francesca Pia is a dutiful, pious French woman.

  • Gaia

The name came from the Greek name Gaia.

Now, are you into Greek mythology?

Then you may know the story of the mother goddess named Gaia, who presided over the whole Earth.

The classical Greek version of the name is pronounced as GUY-ah, while the Italian version is pronounced as GA-ya.

Gaia means Earth.

  • Gilda

Have you watched the movie Gilda, in which Rita Heyworth played the title character?

This movie got so much appreciation that it was included in the U.S National Film Registry by the Library of Congress. They said that the movie had great cultural, historical, and aesthetic significance.

The name came from the Germanic term gild (gold) but the other meaning is to sacrifice and value.

  • Grazia

Do you like the name Grace but wish there was a name with the same meaning but different spelling? As you know, Grace is a common name.

Your wish is granted!

There is indeed a great alternative to the popular and overused name Grace. It is Grazia.

Grazia means grace!

  • Gioia

The Italian girl name Gioia means joy.

People who don’t speak Italian seem to mispronounce it a lot. Some even pronounce it as GEE-eye-oh-ee-ah.

Gioia means joy.

This name is perfect for a happy girl!

  • Gregoria

Gregoria is the female version of the Greek name for boys: Gregorious.

And it is quite popular.

Gregoria means watchful and alert.

  • Gelsomina

Would you like to give a beautiful floral name to your baby girl?

Gelsomina is the one!

It means Jasmine. It’s the name of a flower that has a beautiful fragrance. I like the jasmine flower a lot thanks to its sweet scent and beautiful appearance!

Now, have you become proud parents to twin babies?

Then, in that case, you can pair Gelsomina with Giacinta for both their names!

  • Ilaria

The name Ilaria is a good choice for a happy baby girl.

Ilaria came from the Ancient Roman boys’ named Hilarius. And its most common English version is Hilary. Well, I know a Hilary too!

It means cheerful.

  • Imelda

Have you watched the Disney movie Coco?

In that movie, there is a person named Imelda Rivera who banned any kind of music in their homes.

Imelda means universal battle.

  • Ilda

This Italian girl’s name came from a Germanic name: Element Hild.

Both the Germanic and Italian versions of the name mean battle.

If you have struggled quite a lot to start a family, then the name Ilda could be a great fit for your little princess.

  • Isotta

The name Isotta has different spellings, such as Yseult, Isolde, and Iseult. Therefore, it depends on the language of the speaker.

Isotta means ice battle. Also, some people say that it means “she who is gazed upon.”

  • Leonarda

Did you know that Leonarda Productions Inc. is the name of an American record company that records pieces by women composers?

And they have been doing this since the medieval period!

Interesting, isn’t it?

The meaning of Leonarda is a brave lion.

  • Lia

The name Lia came from the Hebrew word Le’ah. It means weary.

Also, some say that this name is a short version of Rosalia or Julia.

Rosalia means rose, and Julia means downy bearded.

And Lia means weary.

  • Lisa

Now, we all have met a Lisa in our lives! This name is that common! Don’t you agree?

People use Lisa as a short form of Elizabeth too.

Let me tell you an interesting fact about this name.

From the year 1962 to 1969 in the US, Lisa was the most popular name for girls.

Lisa means my God is my oath.

  • Liboria

Liboria is an archaic Italian name for girls. This means this name is hardly used in any countries that use Italian as their language.

So, if you want a unique and less common name for your baby girl, Liboria can be the one.

It means free.

  • Liviana

The forename Liviana is taken from the Roman family known as Livianus. A politician and an ancient military commander, Mamercus Aemilius Lepidus Livianus, was in the most senior position in the senate.

The meaning of Liviana is envious.

  • Ludovica

Have you heard the Germanic boys’ name, Ludwig?

The Italian female form of that name is Ludovica.

Does your family have both German and Italian heritage?

Then the name Ludovica would be a good choice for your baby’s name.

It means a famous battle.

  • Lucetta

Have you watched the play written by Shakespeare – The Two Gentlemen of Verona?

In that, the name of the sassy, intelligent lady-in-waiting who gives helpful advice to Julia is Lucetta.

The name means light.

  • Liana

Liana is a kind of vine. It grows in the jungle, makes its way through tree trunks, and strives to break through the canopy, looking for sunlight.

The meaning of Liana is grace and favor.

  • Letizia

Letizia is the Italian version of Latisha. This name has quite a fan following in both Spain and Italy.

Did you know there was a journalist in Spain named Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano, who married the Prince of Asturias?

Later she became the queen and her husband the king after the prince’s father died.

The meaning of Letizia is happiness and joy.

  • Mariasole

How much do you like coffee?

Did you know that there is an award-winning coffee in Scilly named MariaSole espresso?

The coffee has gained quite a reputation – all thanks to the unique taste that it has! It is roasted slowly over an open wood fire.

The name Mariasole has two meanings: sun and “wished for a child.”

  • Maddalena

In Genoa, Italy, a neighborhood in an old town area is known as Maddalena. It is the city’s economic heart – all thanks to its proximity to the harbor.

The meaning of the name Maddalena is “from Magdala.”

  • Michelina

There was a time when Michelina was a very common Italian girls’ name in the US, especially among the Italian communities.

The name means “who is like God.”

  • Marisa

The name Marisa is a mix of the names Luisa and Maria.

It was the name of an American actress who won the Academy Award for her role in the movie “My Cousin Vinny” in the year 1992. Her name was Marisa Tomei.

  • Mattea

The feminine version of Matthew is Mattea.

Is there someone in your family named Matthew?

Then you can give your baby the name Mattea if you want to honor him.

It means the gift from God.

  • Nerina

Did you know that Nerina Pallot is a record producer, songwriter, and singer from England?

Since the year 2001, she has released six albums. Also, at the Brit Awards, she got nominated for Best Female Solo Artist.

The meaning of Nerina is sea sprite or nymph.

  • Novella

Among the unique Italian girl names, Novella certainly comes on the top.

Short novels are known as a novella. Generally, novellas are between 17500 and 40000 words.

The name means novel, new, and young.

  • Natalina

The name Natalina is closely related to names such as Natasha, Natalia, and Natalie. And all of these fall under my personal list of the best Italian girl names.

Generally, baby girls born on Christmas Day were given the name Natalina.

The name itself means Christmas Day.

  • Norina

The Italian version of Nora is Norina.

Did I tell you that some people use Nora as the short form of Eleanor?

Also, you can use it as an alternative to Nura.

It means light.

  • Olivia

The name Olivia is derived from the Latin language. It became popular once it was mentioned in Shakespeare’s play “Twelfth Night.”

The male version of Olivia is Oliver.

It means Olive.

And did I mention that this name is popular in all western countries?

Well, yes!

  • Oriana

The name Oriana is derived from the Irish language.

It means sunrise or golden.

  • Ondina

Some people use Ondina as an alternative to Undine.

Ondina means a genus of sea snails and waves.

  • Priscilla

The name Priscilla has been used in a number of movies.

It’s a Latin word that means “from the old times” and “something that is ancient.”

  • Paola

Are you looking for a unique Italian girl name for your baby?

How about Paola?

It is the Italian version of the name Paula.

It means petite and tiny girl.

  • Perla

The name Perla came from the word Pearl.

It means gemstone. And it is used a lot in order to describe the elegance and beauty of a woman.

  • Romola

Have you seen the movie “The Last of the Blonde Bombshells?”

The English actress Romola Garai was in that movie, after which she became popular along with her name.

After that, she did some other movies such as Dominion, The Last Days on Mars, and Amazing Grace.

The meaning of Romola is “of Rome.”

  • Rossa

Did you know that in Switzerland there is the village of Rossa?

When it comes to names, it means red in Italian.

  • Raffaella

Did you know who produced some popular movies and series such as Conan the Barbarian, the Dragonheart, and the Bruce Lee story?

It’s Raffaella De Laurentiis.

The name means God has healed.

  • Rosalba

Do you want to give your little princess a name with a pretty meaning?

Rosalba can be the one!

It means white rose.

  • Rita

How about a short and crisp Italian name for your baby girl?

Rita can be the one!

It refers to a pearl.

  • Regina

Did you know that Victoria, the queen of England, was also known as Victoria Regina?

The interesting thing about this name is that the name itself means queen.

  • Rosalia

Did I tell you that there was a famous saint named Rosalia?

Also, she was known as the little saint.

Now, the name Rosalia means a beautiful rose.

  • Rufina

Does your baby girl have red hair?

Then Rufina would be the perfect choice for her name.

It means a woman with red hair.

  • Renata

The female version of Renatus is Renata. It is taken from the Latin language.

The meaning of Renata is reborn.

  • Saveria

Do you have Italian heritage? Or, are you a fan of the Marvel X-Men Universe?

Then you can give your girl the name Saveria. It’s the feminine version of Xavier, and you may already know that this was the name of a professor in that movie.

The meaning of Saveria is a new house.

  • Sabrina

The name Sabrina is very popular.

Are you into Netflix?

Then you may know about a popular series named Sabrina.

In Wales, there is a river named Sivern. Sabrina is derived from that.

  • Stella

Are you looking for popular Italian girl names?

Stella is the one!

It means like a star.

I like this name.

  • Serena

This name became a lot more popular after Serena Williams – the famous tennis player – came to rise.

It is derived from a Latin word, and it means incredibly calm.

  • Tina

This name is closely related to Tina Modotti, a famous photographer and activist.

Tina means river.

  • Virginia

In the 19th century, Virginia Oldoini was the name of a popular Italian aristocrat. Also, she was one of the first females to get involved in politics actively.

Virginia means pure.

  • Valentina

The name Valentina is derived from the Latin language.

Did you know that Valentina Tereshkova was the first woman to go to space?

Valentina means strong.

  • Verona

I have heard the name Verona in several movies and TV shows. And I must say, I quite like it.

Also, there is a city in Italy named Verona.

It can be a good alternative to the name Veronica.

  • Vincenza

Did you know of the famous Italian saint Vincenza Gerosa?

Vincenza means the one who has conquered.

  • Vita

Vita is a very positive name for your little princess.

It means full of energy and life.

  • Viola

This name is rooted deeply in the Latin language.

You may already know that there is a musical instrument named Viola.

The name Viola means violet flower.

  • Zita

The name Zita is short, precise, and easy to pronounce.

It means a little girl.

  • Sofia

If you are looking for a trendy name, you can go with the name Sofia. Many people select the variant Sophia, and it is used in many countries and many languages. In the Greek language, it carries the meaning of wisdom. A famous personality with this name is Sophia Loren.

  • Guilia

It is a famous Italian name that comes from Julius, a Roman male name. It holds the meaning of downy bearded in the Greek language. People say that it has a reference to Jupiter, the Roman god. If you don’t like this spelling, you can choose between Guilietta and Guiliana.

  • Ginevra

According to Arthurian legend, king Arthur’s wife’s name was Guinevere. And Ginevra is the Italian version of that name. It is a popular Italian name that holds the meaning white phantom.

  • Emma

This name became popular in the US in the year 2008. It is used in many famous novels such as “Emma” by Jane Austin. Also, if you are a fan of the Harry Potter series, you may know Hermione Granger, a character played by Emma Watson.

  • Giorgia

Giorgia is a gorgeous name that comes from its male variant George. It has a classy vibe to it that you may like for your baby girl. The male version of this name holds the meaning of earth worker or farmer.

I know you want the best name for your little princess. And so, I have listed these Italian girl names that are not only popular but also have a beautiful meaning. So, choose the best name for your little girl from my list and see how she smiles hearing her name.

Which name do you like the most for your baby girl?

Let me know in the comments!

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