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47 Popular Japanese Names Meaning Moon for Girls

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Japan – A country that bursts with culture and beauty brings lovely baby girl names on the table for you, all of which are beautiful and sweet and derived from spirituality and nature.

The moon has a significant role to play. It forms a part of spiritual thoughts and is the reason for many natural phenomena like the rise and fall of the ocean tides. In addition, the moon works as a compass letting the sailors navigate in the sea.

Humans’ relationship with the moon is timeless, and thus it is a great idea to choose Japanese names meaning moon, to bestow on your baby girl. So let us dive into the name list, which is a blend of the culture of the Land of the Rising Sun and the glory and vibes of the moon.

Japanese Names Meaning Moon for Girls

Japanese Names Meaning Moon for Girls

Japanese Names is a curated collection of feminine names from Japanese culture that are associated with the moon. The moon holds deep cultural significance in Japan, symbolizing beauty, serenity, and elegance. This list features a diverse range of names that evoke the celestial allure of the moon and its various aspects, such as its phases, light, and mystique.

From traditional to contemporary names, each entry is accompanied by its meaning, providing insight into the rich cultural heritage of Japan and its reverence for the moon. Whether you’re seeking a unique name for a baby girl or simply drawn to the poetic symbolism of the moon, “Japanese Names Meaning Moon for Girls” offers an enchanting selection of names that capture the magic and grace of the moonlit sky.

  • Aruna

Aruna means moon and love in Kanji, the Japanese language. If you pick up this name, then you may choose to nickname your daughter Aru or Runa.

  • Azuki 

Azuki is a female Japanese name, but it also finds mention in the list of modern unisex names. The word means a large hill, blue, encounter, and moon in the Kanji language.

Azuki Mashiba is a Japanese writer with who your daughter will share her name.

  • Adzumi

If you are looking for unique names for your baby girl, you can choose Adzumi. This name has its roots in the Japanese language and comes with the beautiful meanings of affection, heart, and moon. It sounds classy.

  • Asaki

Asaki is a popular name in Japan. It comes with the meaning of morning and moon. It perfectly symbolizes the elegant beauty of morning dew. If you want to give a classy name to your little one, Asaki can be the one.

  • Cynthia

A familiar name in the Japanese community, Cynthia means the moon goddess and the moon. It also means born on Cynthus.

Cynthia Ellen Nixon is a famous namesake. She is an American actress.

  • Cindy

Cindy is the moon goddess. It is a fairy-tale name, soft and gorgeous to bestow on your girl.

  • Cherika

Cherika is the cherry flower. It also depicts the moon. The name is soothing to the ears and easy to spell and pronounce, making it a hit among parents.

  • Fudzuki

This name of Japanese origin has a certain elegant and graceful vibe to it. If you want your baby girl to have these characteristics when she grows up, you can give her this name. It holds the magical meaning of the moon. Also, some say that it means a lady.

  • Furumun

Like the moon’s appearance in the dark sky makes it look beautiful, a baby girl makes your life beautiful and complete. The Japanese name Furumun comes with the meaning of full moon – perfect for your little girl.

  • Fuyutsuki

This name has its roots in the Japanese language. It beautifully captures the moon’s beauty on a dark night as it translates to the moon. It has a musical vibe to it. You can choose Fuyutsuki for your baby girl if you are looking for beautiful sounding names.

  • Hizuki

The gender-neutral name Hizuki means the moon, princess, and is a popular choice among modern parents.

You must be aware of Hana Hizuki, the Japanese actress. Your daughter will brag about carrying this name when she grows up.

  • Hazuki

Hazuki means earl, spiral, far, spring, and moon. It is again a unisex name with various meanings in the Kanji language.

Meet Hazuki Kato, the famous namesake. She is an actress known for her work in Full Bloom.

  • Hisakata

Hisakata means the moon in the sky. It is a popular Japanese girl name that stands out for its brilliant pronunciation.

  • Juna

Another short and sweet Japanese name for the moon, Juna, also means help.

  • Keigetsu

The female Japanese name meaning the moon, is one of our rare name selections and is a true head-turner.

  • Luna

A Japanese name, Luna, means flower, purity, lovely, and the moon. It is a name that touches hearts.

  • Minori

Another beautiful name on the list, Minori, means full of love or love for the full moon. The meaning is captivating, and this shows why the name is so popular.

  • Mangetsu

The word Mangetsu has two meanings. It means full and the moon, and together it denotes the full moon.

  • Mikazuki

Mikazuki has three meanings in the Kanji language. These are sun, three, and moon. It also means the crescent and the new moon.

  • Meigetsu

Meigetsu means the great moon. The name has a significant impact and is the choicest one from our collection of Japanese girl names that mean the moon.

  • Miyu

Miyu, or the beautiful moon, also means the heart, evening, hope, far, and ocean. The word holds a lot of definite meanings, which makes it quite appealing to new parents. The Japanese name is for your daughter, who will show kindness just like the beautiful moon.

  • Mitsuki

Mitsuki means the moon, but it has several other meanings as well. These are charge, light, three, and princess. Mitsuki is a unisex name but is pretty standard as a girl’s name. The charming name could be an excellent pick for your baby girl.

Mitsuki Saiga is a singer and voice actress who is a famous namesake.

  • Mizuki

The word Mizuki denotes a water moon and a beautiful moon. It is a name that instills optimistic hope. The strong character attached to the name is an apt selection to name your daughter with.

Mizuki Inoue is a female kickboxer. She also is a mixed martial art sportswoman.

  • Maha

The beautiful name Maha is easy to pronounce. However, it has a dazzling meaning attached to it. Maha means resembling the moon or gazelle.

Maha Ali is from Jordan. She is an industrial engineer and a politician.

  • Maina

Maina is the moon. It is also a bird.

  • Mina

The easy to spell and pronounce name denotes desire, love, and will. It also means several celestial bodies like the star, sun, and moon.

  • Mika

Mika or the new moon also means beautiful, gift from God, Gods’ child, and the little raccoon. The name is just how you picture your baby.

  • Mochizuki

Mochizuki creates hope. It also means a full moon, bright, charming, and optimistic, and could be the perfect name to bestow on your little girl.

We all do remember Yūko Mochizuki, the theater and film actress from Japan.

  • Nishida

Moonlight, alert, sharp night all these are the meaning of the Japanese name Nishida.

  • Natsuki

In the Kanzi language, Natsuki means seven, calm, south, joy, summer, princess, and prayer. It also means the moon. The name is elegant that you may choose to name your daughter with.

Natsuki Takaya, the Manga artist, is a famous namesake.

  • Otsukimi

Otsukimi does draw a lot of attention and is a rare find. It means moon viewing.

  • Puneeta

Puneeta means the full moon. It is a name that symbolizes brightness, bravery, and boldness.

  • Renka

Not a commonly heard name, Renka means born of dust and moonlight. Such a gorgeous name to keep for your girl!

  • Rona

The woman on the moon, Rona, exudes superiority and power. It is also a symbol of confidence. These are traits you want in your daughter when she grows up. So go ahead and name her Rona.

Rona Barrett is an American businesswoman and a gossip columnist.

  • Satsuki

Satsuki means many things apart from the moon. It means the first day, five, bloom, be skillful, and color. All of these are characteristics that you want your girl to possess when she grows up. So why not name her Satsuki?

Imagine your daughter’s delight when she will know that she shares her name with none other than Satsuki Nakayama, the Japanese actress, and model.

  • Shizuki

Shizuki means aspire, wink, poetry, leisure, hope, and restful. It also means the moon. The moniker is a classy pick for your little girl with such optimistic vibes attached to this name.

The celebrity who bears this name is Shizuka Ishibashi. She is a Japanese actress.

  • Shigetsu

Shigetsu in Japanese has two meanings, the moon and to remember.

  • Sena

Sena means blessed and the Goddess of the moon.

  • Tsukiko

Tsukiko has many meanings like a child, bright, live longer, hope, and the moon. It is everything that you want for your child and thus makes a great name pick.

  • Tami

Tami signals the night sky, the dark moon phase. It is a firm name perfect for independent parents who want their daughter to grow up to be strong-willed and bold in life.

  • Tsuki

Plain and straightforward, Tsuki means the moon.

The famous singer Tsuki Amano is a namesake.

  • Tsukimi

Tsukimi highlights beauty just like the moon, and the name signifies kindness and progress, which is the personality every parent wants their girl to be gifted with.

  • Tsukino

Tsukina means beautiful, seven, play music, and moon. If you are in search of a unique name, this could be a perfect choice.

  • Tsukiyo

Tsukiyo means the night. It reflects the moon and its darkness. The other meanings are joy, world, and wing.

  • Usagi

In the Kanji language, Usagi denotes a rabbit, craft, sand as well as the moon.

  • Yuzuki

Your daughter is precious, and this is what Yazuki states. This name also means princess, season, friend, and the moon.

Tina Yuzuki is a famous personality. She is a Japanese film actress and singer.

  • Yue

Yue is not just a soothing name to the ears but also has a lot of character. It means the flower, dream, jade, superior, friend, love, delighted, blessed, and moon. With such fine qualities in the name, you have already fallen for it.


Parents take naming their kids seriously. The name should sound sweet but also have a meaning attached to it. Monikers that mean the moon symbolizes beauty and auspiciousness.

Japanese name that means the moon lets you brings out the Japanese roots along with its celestial meaning. Already being clear on the subcategory makes it easier to shortlist a girl’s name.

We have enlisted popular Japanese girl names that mean the moon. These names are sweet and, at the same time, reflect the noble lifestyle and unique Japanese culture.

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