54 Cute Chinese Girl Names With Meanings

Have you just become a parent to a beautiful baby girl?


Are you looking for the perfect Chinese name for your little princess?

Well, choosing the right Chinese girl name can be tricky at times. It must be symbolic, have great meaning, and it must reflect the personality traits that you would like your baby girl to exhibit.

Sounds challenging?

Don’t worry. I’m here to help. Whether you have Chinese family members, you are from China, or you just like the pretty tonal languages of China, such as the standard Chinese, Shanghainese, Cantonese, or Fuzhou, I have come up with some beautiful, popular, and unique Chinese girl names! And did I tell you that I have included their meanings too?

However, please note that not all characters can be fully translated into English.

54 Chinese Girl Names With Meanings

Chinese Girl Names With Meanings

Generally, Chinese names consist of three characters. The first character is the family name, whereas the second and the third characters are the given name. But, sometimes, the given name can be made up of just one character, and that happens mainly in Mainland China.

So, let’s start with the pretty names for your baby girl!

  • Ai

This single-syllable name is very popular in both Japan and China. You may come across a lot of Japanese and Chinese people who share this beautiful name. Some of them are the famous Chinese poet Xu Ai, Japanese singer Ai, and Chinese softball player Zhang Ai.

The meaning of Ai is affection and love.

Do you want to let your girl know how much you love and care for her?

Give her this name!

  • Ah Cy

Ay Cy is a traditional name that is given to girls to show the beauty and loveliness of Chinese culture. In Hakka and Cantonese languages, Ah is typically used as a nickname that shows affection and respect.

Ah Cy is pronounced as AH-see, and it means lovely.

  • Anhe

Isn’t Anhe a pretty name?

I found it to be very calming. Whenever I say or hear this name, I picture beautiful white or pink flowers floating on a tranquil pond!

Anhe sounds somewhat similar to the English name Annie. You pronounce it as AN-hur. The name means peaceful water lily.

  • An

If you ever visit China, you will find An to be a very common surname there. Many girls are given this Korean or Chinese name that means peaceful.

An is often used as a short version of the Chinese name Anxi.

Do you want to give your little bundle of joy a sweet and short name?

This could be the one!

  • Bo

Do you love the sea or beaches? Or, do you like watching how the waves roll in?

Then Bo can be the perfect name for your daughter! It means wave.

The name Bo is short, and you can spell it with ease. This makes it a meaningful yet simple name for your baby.

  • Biyu

In the Chinese language, Biyu means jasper.

Do you know what jasper is?

It is a green, brown, yellow, or red semi-precious stone. In a number of ancient cultures, it was said that jasper provides spiritual and physical protection. Also, some associate it with wisdom and courage.

  • Baozhai

This unique Chinese name is quite fun to say. Generally, you pronounce it as bow-chai.

Are you into games? Have you played the famous Japanese video game Indivisible?

In that game, Baozhai is the name of a fierce lady pirate who sails the seven seas.

Now, do you want to raise your girl as adventurous and who is precious like a treasure?

Give her the name Baozhai! It means a stockade of treasures.

  • Bai

If you look into the history, you will find that the name Bai was basically used as a surname. But in the present time, it is used as a first name as well.

This three-letter Chinese name means purity or white. Here, purity refers to the purity that your heart has. And the white refers to the innocence in Western and Chinese cultures.

  • Cong

Don’t you want your baby to grow up to be a smart woman?

Then how about giving her the name Cong?

This is the right name for parents who want their girls to be intelligent and want them to achieve great heights in life. Cong means clever or intelligent.

  • Chyou

Did you give birth to your baby girl during the months of fall?

Chyou can be a good name for her, as it means autumn. If you consider Chinese philosophy, autumn is connected to new beginnings and endings. Also, it is seen as a time for change and reflection.

  • Chu-Hua

Do you like flowers?

How about naming your baby girl as one?

Chu-Hua means chrysanthemum. These are gorgeous flowers that people generally plant during the fall. The Chinese people believe that these flowers are a symbol of longevity – all thanks to their health-enhancing properties.

So, if you love flowers and want your daughter to live a longer, healthy, and happy life, you can consider giving her the name Chu-Hua.

  • Chen

Did you know how popular the name Chen is in not only China but also in many other East Asian countries?

Yes! And it includes countries such as Japan, Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan.

Generally, people use Chen as a surname, but it is used as a first name too.

Did you know that the name Chen has many pronunciations and spellings?

While in Japanese, it is Chin, in Cantonese, it is spelled as Can or Chan.

Chen means morning or dawn.

  • Chao-Xing

Are you a nature lover?

Then Chao-Xing can be a great name for your baby girl! It sounds beautiful, and it is poetic.

The name means morning star. This makes it the perfect name for your baby if your family is Christian – as you know, the morning star symbolizes the Son of God who brought light into the world.

  • Chenguang

You can find many Chinese names that have beautiful meanings associated with natural occurrences, and Chenguang is one such name.

This name suggests the light that you first see when you open your eyes in the early morning.

Is your little princess born in the morning? Or, are you an early riser?

Then Chenguang can be the right name for your daughter!

  • Caihong

Do you want your baby girl to be balanced and peaceful throughout her life?

How about giving her the name Caihong?

Caihong means colorful like a rainbow. It symbolizes balance, yin and yang, and universal harmony in Chinese culture.

Also, it is the name of a dinosaur that had rainbow-like color and that lived in China in the Late Jurassic period.

  • Dongmei

The name Dongmei means winter plums which occur in the whole of China.

They symbolize perseverance as they are capable of growing even during the months of cold winters. Also, they represent renewal as you can see them blooming at the starting of the year – they are the first to flower.

If you name your little princess Dongmei, it could mean that you are giving her the strength that she needs to preserve for times when things are bad – similar to the winter plum!

  • Daxia

Did you know that in the 3rd century BCE, the name of a wealthy country was Daxia? The country had extensive trades and thriving markets.

The meaning of Daxia is great Xia.

  • Dandan

The meaning of Dandan is cinnabar.

So, what is cinnabar? Well, it is mercury sulfide’s brick-red form.

Did you know that in ancient China, people used to think that cinnabar had magical properties and was associated with immortality?

Cinnabar was used in the Song dynasty to create Qidiao – a kind of Chinese pottery painted with lacquer.

Are you fascinated with this Chinese history?

Then you can give your baby girl the name Dandan.

  • Daiyu

If I talk about ancient China, people used to value jade as the most precious stone. It is quite similar to how we see diamonds and gold today. They used to think that jade has some kind of mystical powers with the help of which they can connect with the ancestral spirits.

Also, jade symbolizes wisdom, moral integrity, and purity.

And the meaning of Daiyu is black jade. So, now you know why I was talking so much about jade!

  • Dai Lu

Have you watched the Chinese TV drama “When We Were Young”?

In that drama, the Chinese actress who played an important role is the famous Dai Lu Wa.

The meaning of Dai Lu is “lead the way.” So, if you want your girl to carve her own path through her life, you can give her this name.

  • Eu-meh

How about the meaning gorgeous or especially beautiful?

It is the meaning of the name Eu-meh. If you want to give a cute name to your baby, this can be the one!

Eu-meh is pronounced as you-MEH, where “e” remains silent.

  • Ehuang

Did you know that the name Ehuang has mythical origins?

If you ask me, I quite like this whimsical name.

Are you into ancient Chinese folktales?

Then you may know that Ehuang was a gorgeous river goddess who had magical powers that she used to save emperor Shun.

If you want your baby girl to have some magic inside of her, you can give her the name Ehuang! It means fairy radiance.

  • Fu

Did you know that the name Fu is more than 4,000 years old?

Initially, the Han people used to use it as their surnames. But today, people use this name both as a given name and a surname.

The meaning of Fu is wealthy and prosperous. It is spelled as Foo in Cantonese.

  • Feng-Po-Po

Are you into Chinese mythology?

Then you may know that the name of a wind goddess is Feng-Po-Po, who controls moisture and storms. She rides on a tiger through the clouds. This symbolizes her bravery and courage.

Do you want your baby girl to be fierce like a goddess and strong like the wind?

Then name her Feng-Po-Po!

  • Fang

The name Fang is both Scottish and Chinese. It has different spellings and pronunciations. In Cantonese, it is pronounced as Fang. And in some Min Nan dialects, it is pronounced as Png or Hong.

If I talk about China, the name Fang is given to only girls. But when it comes to names in Scotland, this name is given to boys too.

Fang means beautiful, virtuous, and fragrant.

  • Fa

The name Fa is meaningful, short, and easy to pronounce.

Is your baby girl Chinese-American? Are you looking for an extended last or middle name for her?

Fa can be the one! The name means send-off or beginning.

  • Guiying

Did you know that in the 1960s, Guiying was second in the list of the most popular Chinese girl names?

It means laurel beauty. Laurel is a kind of evergreen tree that is native to the Mediterranean. If I talk about the myths in Chinese, the laurel tree was connected to living a long, healthy life and immortality.

  • Guang

Did I tell you that the name of a popular actress and singer was Bai Guang?

She was called by the nickname “Queen of the Low Voice” – all thanks to her low, beautiful voice!

Also, Guang was a decorative vessel that was used in ancient China. People used it to drink water as well as other liquids.

Guang means glory and light.

  • Huiqing

The name Huiqing is formed with two parts. While “Hui” means kind and clever,Qing” means husband and wife or emperor.

This sophisticated name is thought to be very classy.

So, if you want your baby girl to have a name with a similar meaning, go for it!

  • Huifen

Hui means wise, and fen means fragrant.

So, Huifen is the one who is sweet-smelling and wise.

  • Huang

There are a number of popular Chinese actresses who have the name Huang, for example, Huang Yi, Huang Hung, and Huang Lu. Also, there are some K-pop stars with the same name, including Huang Xingqiao from “Girls Planet 999” and Huang Zhiyuan from “Rainbow Candy.”

The meaning of Huang is “yellow,” “shine,” and “bright.”

Do you want your daughter to do great on stage?

Then Huang can be a good name!

  • Huan

Huan – don’t you feel good each time you say this name?

Well, I do!

And that is the reason I have included this name on this list of Chinese girl names! The interesting thing is that the name itself means happy.

If you want to enhance the meaning that it has, you can try using it with other words, such as Lian-Huan, which means “to celebrate.”

  • Heng

If you look at the popularity ranking in the USA, the name Heng is at number 5,752. From this, you can understand how unique this name is.

But when it comes to names in China, Heng is a little more popular than the USA as a surname.

The name means eternal or lasting.

  • Hai

The name Hai can be both Vietnamese and Chinese.

Do you like the sea or spending hours on the beaches?

Then Hai can be a perfect name for your little princess! This trendy and short name means ocean or sea.

  • Jinjing

The name Jinjing means golden well.

It has a rich history. Initially, Jinjing was a town in the Huan Province in China. It got its name because there was a huge well that sustained people living in that area for years.

  • Jie

Initially, people used the name Jie as a surname, but today, people are using it for a given name too.

Jie is pretty much popular in Hong Kong, as nearly 17987 girls are named Jie there.

Jie means cleanliness and purity.

Do you wish that your girl carries a pure heart?

Jie can be the name for her!

  • Jiayi

Jiayi means “the lucky one.”

Now, who doesn’t want to be lucky! Good luck is really important in Chinese culture. Because of that, many Chinese men and women surround themselves with words, images, and objects that are considered lucky. They do this to increase their happiness and protect themselves from misfortune.

If you want your girl to be lucky always and forever, give her the name Jiayi.

  • Jia

You need to pronounce this sweet and short mandarin name as JAH.

In China, Jia is used as the most common spelling of this name. But in Taiwan, it is spelled as Chia.

Jia means home or family and auspicious or good.

  • Kai-Ming

“Kai” in this mandarin name means open, and “Ming” means enlightenment and “bright.”

The name Kai-Ming is used for both girls and boys, as it is a unisex name.

  • Li Na

I quite like the name Li Na. It is short, modern, and trendy.

Did you know that Li Na was number three on the list of the most popular Chinese name for girls in 2019?

Li Na means elegant and pretty.

  • Lian

Would you like your daughter to have the name of a flower? How about Lian?

Lian means lotus – a gorgeous water lily that you often get to see in lakes or ponds. According to Chinese culture, the lotus symbolizes the purity of the heart. Why? Because they can rise from the mud, beautiful and untainted.

Also, the lotus symbolizes spiritual awakening in Buddhism.

Is your family Buddhist or Chinese?

Then Lian can be a pretty name for your little one!

  • Lisha

China increased its communication with other countries in the early 2000s, especially with the USA. During that time, Chinese and American names became very common. Lisha is one such name – the Chinese form of the American name Lisa.

Do you live in the USA, and your family is Chinese American?

Then Lisha can be a great name for your baby girl. The name means sweet.

  • Ming

In a number of Asian countries such as Korea, Vietnam, and China, Ming is popular both as a first and last name.

Now, if you go to Hong Kong, you will see that there is a Ming in every one in forty-eight people.

Do you like this name but want it to be a little more uncommon?

You can use the other variations such as Myeong and Myung.

Ming means bright.

  • Mei-Xing

Mei-Xing is pronounced as May-Shing.

The ancient Chinese believed that the natural occurrences in the night sky reflect future happenings on earth. Let me give you an example. If they saw a shooting star, they would think that something unexpected and extraordinary was going to happen.

Mei-Xing means beautiful star. Give this name to your daughter, because you never know, she might be the lucky star of your life!

  • Ning

The name Ning is very popular in a lot of Asian countries, such as South Korea and Vietnam. And this name has different other variations such as Nnyin, Nyin, and Neng.

Ning means serene, calm, and peaceful.

  • Ping

Ping was a popular name in ancient times and was mostly given to warlords and emperors.

I quite like this short and sweet name. But if you want the name to be a little bit longer, then you can combine Ping with other names such as Ping-Li or Ping-Wei.

This name means level and peaceful.

  • Qingming

Are you looking for a unique Chinese name? How about Qingming?

This name is quite rare among Chinese girls. It means brightness and clearness.

  • Ruolan

Do you like orchid flowers?

Well, I LOVE it!

The name Ruolan means “like an orchid.” This can be an excellent name for your little princess if you are an orchid lover like me.

Orchids are popularly known for their spectacular color and beautiful fragrance. It represents fortune, beauty, and love in China. And when you put them in a vase, they symbolize unity.

If you want your kiddo to be prosperous and pretty like the orchids, give her this name!

  • Shan

Do you like to spend hours admiring the beauty of the mountains?

Shan is the name for you, girl! This name itself means mountain.

Shan is popular in Ireland too. There it means wise and old.

  • Zhi

Do you want your baby girl to be intellectual?

You can give her the beautiful name Zhi, which means wisdom and intellect.

Did you know that China’s first female empress was Lu Zhi?

  • Nu Ying

According to Chinese mythology, Nu Ying was the name of a goddess. She ruled the Xiang River.

Are you into classical Chinese poetry?

Then you might have heard this name, as there are many poems where you get to hear this name. In them, she is considered the epitome of beauty. Also, she is the one to save the famous Emperor Shun from many dangers.

Nu Ying comes with the meaning of maiden bloom.

  • Nuo

This is a short Chinese name that sounds elegant. If you want your baby girl to be kind-hearted and merciful, give her this name.

It holds the meaning of a graceful woman.

Nuo Li is a popular Chinese actress.

  • Na

Do you like names that consist of only two letters? How about the name Na?

This name became hugely popular in the 1980s. It holds the meaning of graceful.

Did you watch the famous show “The Voice of China”?

Na Ying was a judge in that singing show.

  • Mu

Here comes another cute two-letter name Mu. Do you want your baby girl to be loved and adored by people?

Then Mu can be a perfect choice for her. It carries the meaning of “admired.”


So, this is my list of the top 50 Chinese girl names. Which name did you like the most?

Let me know in the comments!

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