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34 Fancy Girl Names For The Stylish Parents

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Names are the first thing people usually know about someone. It influences first impressions, and helps shape how you can present yourself to the world. That’s why choosing a name for your little one is something that should be made a lot of thought and inspiration.

A stylish, sophisticated name for your baby girl will surely help her leave the best first impression to the world throughout her life. But it shouldn’t just be about choosing a pretty, fancy name — the utmost consideration and thoughtfulness should be given to the meaning behind the name. Finding the right fancy girl names that have significance and beauty in their meaning as well will be a wonderful thing you can do for your precious bundle of joy.

Elegant, polished, fancy girl names with strong meaning are timeless and just really never go out of style. We’re here to help you figure out the perfect fancy girl names for your perfect little cutie pie that she’ll love forever.

Fancy Girl Names For The Stylish Parents

These fancy girl names are chic, classy, and oh-so-beautiful.

  • Alexandria

Man’s defender; the feminine form of Alexander.  Alexandria is a name that sounds beautiful, and it has a beautiful meaning too. It has a Greek origin, and carries with it a strong meaning, which is “Defender of Man.” It connotes strength and beauty, and is a polished, elegant name. Alexandria has variants such as Alessandra, Alejandra, and Alexandra.

  • Aurora

A perfect fit for your little Sleeping Beauty. Aurora brings with it romance and elegance. It is of Latin origin, and is a stunning name that refers to the equally stunning Northern Lights. Aurora literally means “dawn”, and is the name of the Roman Goddess of Dawn or Sunrise.

  • Adele

An elegant name for your noble daughter

If a name has the letter “L” in it, it becomes stylized automatically – no matter where the letter is placed: beginning, middle, or end. So this name is the short version of the name Adelaide. And you may already know about its famous namesake British singer Adele.

  • Aida

A happy baby for you

Have you watched the series Parenthood? Then you may know the name Aida already. In that, she is the daughter of Crosby and Jasmine. This elegant name has a charm that you can’t ignore. It holds the meaning of “happy.”

  • Aislinn

A dream child of you and your partner

Can you feel the musical note in this beautiful name? Well, I can! And that is the reason I liked it so much. It translates to dream. A famous personality with this name is Aislinn Paul, renowned for playing a character in the film “Degrassi: The Next Generation.”

  • Antonietta

A flowery name for your little bundle of joy

This is such a lyrical name, I must say! There is a mix of traditional and musical tones to this name. It will suit your gorgeous girl, who may grow up to be brave and strong. It holds the meaning of a flower.

  • Beatrice

For your little bringer of joy; the Italian version of Beatrix. Beatrice is one name has a touch of royalty. It is perfect if you’re looking for a name for your little one that is regal, and brings to mind prim English charm. Beatrice is of Latin origin and it means “blessed” and “she who brings happiness.” Your baby girl will share her name with a royal: Princess Beatrice of York.

  • Caroline

An understatedly elegant name which connotes freedom. Caroline is a timeless choice for a girl’s name. It’s always in style, and brings understated glamour and elegance. It’s a French name that is derives from the Scandinavian and German name Karl, and it means “free man.”

  • Catherine

Regal, pure, and simply classy. Catherine is a name that comes to mind when thinking of posh, stylish names, because of its association to the royal family through Kate Middleton. An equally beautiful variation is the classic spelling of Katherine or Katharine. Catherine is of Greek origin, and it means “pure,” perfect for your simply regal little princess.

  • Charlotte

Feminine, sophisticated; associated with the Royal family. Charlotte, and it’s root name which is the masculine Charles, are both very much associated to the Royal family. Charlotte is a classy, posh name that has been a favorite of the Royals for a long time. It shares the same roots as Caroline, and shares the same meaning of “free man.”

  • Cordelia

Mysterious; with literary roots. Cordelia is an enigmatic, charming name with roots firmly on Shakespearean ground. It means “heart of a lion” or “daughter of the sea” and is a wonderful choice for your future little wanderlust princess. Cordelia is mysterious, glamorous, and classy all at once.

  • Diana

A name with true blue Royal credentials. Diana is a name that is very much associated with one of the world’s most beloved Royals. It is also the name of the brave, beautiful Goddess of the moon and hunt. Diana has Latin origins, and it means “divine.” A glorious choice for the your divine little goddess.

  • Eleanor

For the one who lights up your life. Eleanor is an elegant, timeless name that carries with it strong historical references. It’s a classic French name that can seamlessly and prettily be shortened to Elle or Ellie. Stylish and very feminine, Eleanor means “shining light” and is perfect for the one who brings light to your life.

  • Elizabeth

Timelessly royal; connotes faith in God. Elizabeth is another choice of name that brings with it a strong Royal background. But more than that, it is also one that is a beautiful epitome of faith. It comes from the Hebrew name Elisheva, and it means “God’s promise” or “My God is abundant.” What a graceful, regal choice indeed.

  • Estelle

A name for the little star of your world.  Estelle is sophisticated, classy, and just brings with it much style and gravitas all at once. It is derived from the Latin word Stella, and though this Old French name was very rare during the Middle Ages in the English-speaking world, it gained popularity in the 19th century. This popularity is attributed in part to Charles Dickens’ Estella in Great Expectations. Estelle means “star” and is a great name for your little twinkling star.

  • Evangeline

For the one who brings you good tidings. Evangeline is a gorgeous, practically angelic name. It is of Christian and Greek origins, and it means “bearer of good news.” Evangeline is an excellent choice for the little bundle of joy that will certainly bring much happiness and goodness to your world.

  • 13. Florence

A fine choice for your blooming little beauty. Florence is a chic, sophisticated, feminine name that is at once both very traditional and also embraces the trend of giving names to babies that are based on places. Florence is associated with the beautiful, romantic city, and it also has a beautiful, romantic meaning. It comes from the Latin Flores and means “blossoming, flourishing.”

  • 14. Francesca

Connotes romance and elegance. Francesca is a mesmerizing name that is full of elegance and class. It is of Italian origin, and is derived from Frances, which means “free man.” Francesca is a name that brings to mind romance and sweet adoration. It’s a lovely choice for your little one.

  • 15. Giselle

Full of beauty, posh, and luxury. Giselle is definitely a sophisticated, ultra chic choice for a name. It comes from the German word gisil, but actually has roots in France. Giselle means “pledge” and we promise you that this name choice is a classy, luxurious personification of posh.

  • Grace

Signifies virtue and blessing. Grace is one of the most timeless, most elegant of names for girls. It’s simplicity and subtlety is at the very heart of its stylishness. So is it’s meaning — Grace is what they call a “virtue name”. It comes from the Latin gratia, which means “thanks”. Grace also literally means “elegance” and “blessing.” What a beauty.

  • Guinevere

A name fit for a princess or a queen. Guinevere is one name that is very much associated with royalty. It comes with much historical and royal value. Guinevere is a classy name of Welsh origin, and it means “fair lady.” Truly a perfect choice for your regal little lady.

  • Helena

For the one who is born to shine bright. Helena is captivating and sophisticated, and is the embodiment of one who is refined and very feminine. It is a name of Greek origin, and it has a very pretty meaning: “Bright, shining light.” Helena is a variation of Helen, and is a classy and stylish name choice for your shining star.

  • Isabella

A gorgeous twist on a timeless classic. Isabella is the European form of a name that never goes out of style: Elizabeth. It is also ultra stylish and sophisticated in its own right. Isabella is of Italian and French origin, and it means “consecrated to God.” If you want a classy name with added panache, Isabella is the perfect choice.

  • Jacqueline

Elegance personified. Jacqueline is a name that brings to mind the effortless chic of Jacqueline Kennedy. It is derived from Jacque or James, and is of French origin. It means “Supplanter”. Jacqueline embodies elegance and class, and is a wonderful name for your baby girl.

  • Juliette

An abundance of romance, joy, and passion. Juliette is a posh variation of the name Juliet, which is a name that has become synonymous with love and passion because of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Juliette comes from the Greek word joulos, which means “joyful”, and is name that is all about romance and joy.

  • Lorelai

A name of allure and enchantment. Lorelai is a name that is infused with so much grace and sophistication. It is a name that originated in Germany. Lorelai sounds enchanting and bewitching, and it’s meaning is every bit as full of enchantment: It means “alluring enchantress.” A chic choice for your little charmer.

  • Marguerite

Fancy; of class and stylishness. Marguerite is a name that is sophisticated with a capital S — or rather, M. It is of French origin and it means “a pearl.” Just like a pearl, Marguerite is timelessly stylish and elegant. It has ties to royalty, literature, and saints. Some popular variations of the name are Margaret and Margot.

  • Natalia

A love for Christmas and everything chic and bright. Natalia is hands down an exquisite name. And it has an equally exquisite meaning. Natalia is actually derived from a latin word which means “Christmas Day.” It’s a lovely way to show your love for the season in a chic, stylish manner — naming your most wonderful gift after the most wonderful time of the year.

  • Olivia

Inspired by nature. Olivia is derived from the word Olive. It has Latin origins and means, simply, “Olive tree.” The olive tree symbolizes peace and tranquility. This name is traditional and refined, and a wonderful choice if you want to give your little one a name that is gracefully inspired by nature.

  • Rebecca

A name rooted in faith. Rebecca is an elegant, timeless name that has Biblical roots. It is a variant of the Hebrew name Rebekah, which means “to mind.” Rebecca, with its embodiment of grace and faith, is also said to mean “captivating” — and is a perfect choice for your beguiling little angel.

  • Sarah

Tailor-made for your little princess. Sarah is a name that perfectly embodies royalty and exquisite, timeless elegance, It’s a beloved name with Hebrew origins, and has Biblical roots too – it was the name of Abraham’s wife. Sarah is regal In every sense: It literally means “princess.” This is the name to choose for your little princess.

  • Sophia

Wisdom in chic style. Sophia is a name with timeless appeal. It is of Greek origin, and this classy name means “wisdom” and “skill.” It connotes a delicately posh, wise-beyond-her-years elegance, and is a great choice for your little bundle of beauty and brains.

  • Victoria

Winningly sophisticated. Victoria is a name which triumphs. It is the very embodiment of royalty, and brings to mind the luxurious glory of the Victorian era. Victoria literally translates to “victory” and also means “winner, conqueror”. It’s a chic choice for the little lady who’s already won your heart.

  • Vivienne

Full of life and vivacious elegance. Vivienne is a classic French name that is the epitome of stylish, bubbly sophistication. It is of Latin origin, and comes from the word vivus, which means “alive.” Vivienne means life, and is a name that breathes life to a graceful vivaciousness that goes hand in hand with polished chic. It’s an inspired name for the little lady who gives new meaning to your life.

Parents will always want the best for their little ones — and names are on top of that list! Names don’t make a person — but they certainly help to inspire. Fancy girl names which embody femininity, elegance, and style are beautiful choices for naming your daughter. She’ll carry that name with her head held high and strong, captivating character as she faces the world and all it has to offer.

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