47 Girl Names that Mean Blessing for Your Newborn Angel

Are you a new parent to a baby girl? Having a baby is like a blessing, isn’t it?

It is a gift from God. And you want to cherish and protect it forever. So it doesn’t matter in what language you say the word blessed; its meaning stays the same.

For some, having a baby is even a miracle, as they had to go through a lot in order to be the proud parent of a little angel. But, on the other hand, some people try to conceive for months but still can’t be parents.

All these suggest why your baby is really a miracle. Over the years, many things have changed, but there are still some things that haven’t changed. This includes the symbolism, meaning, and the message behind the beautiful word blessing.

So, are you looking for a name for your newborn angel that means blessing, miracle, or blessed? Do you feel a profound association with the wonder and miracle of life in being blessed with a little angel? Do you need a name that actually means that your baby is a gift for you?

I have got you covered.

Girl Names that Mean Blessing for Your Baby

Girl Names that Mean Blessing for Your Baby

I have compiled a list of some of the best girl names that mean blessing in this post. Check them out!

  • Ayah

Are you fond of Arabic baby names? Well, I am!

And if you are too, I am sure you will love the name, Ayah.

Doesn’t it sound musical too?

Ayah means miracle – just what you are looking for!

  • Aurora

Have you watched the movie Sleeping Beauty (1959)?

The name of the main character is Aurora there. The name Aurora has a Latin origin. Therefore, you need to pronounce it as aah-ror-ah. This name has been gaining a lot of popularity in recent years.

Aurora means the one who is blessed or dawn.

  • Astrid

Did you know that the name Astrid is the modern form of Assfrior?

It has a Scandinavian origin. The meaning of the name is fair and beautiful. This name is very popular, and many famous people have this name.

Did you know that Astrid Allwyn was the name of a famous American actor? You can find her movies between the years 1929 and 1943.

  • Anna

Do you like the name Hannah?

I like this name a lot, as I am a big fan of the Hannah Montana series. Anna is the short form of Hannah, which is a Hebrew name. The name is sweet, short, and easy to remember. And it is shared by the famous Hollywood actress and singer Anna Kendrick.

Anna means blessing or grace. It came from Old Hebrew.

  • Amari

Amari is such a pretty name. Earlier, the name Amari was used for boys, but it has become popular for girls – thanks to its soft sound and vowel ending.

The meaning of this American name is a miracle of God.

  • Alya

The name Alya is originated from the ancient Greek, Slavonic, Hebrew, and Arabic languages. This beautiful name for your baby girl has some other variations, such as Aalya, Alia, and Aaliyah. All these variations are quite popular in both Europe and Arabian Peninsula.

Alya has different meanings, including sky, beautiful and blessed.

  • Althea

Althea is a popular Greek name. It is derived from the Greek word althos.

It means being blessed with healing abilities. In the past, this name was used for herb healers and shamans.

  • Alazne

Did you know that the name Alazne was on the list of the top 20 names in the last century?

It is a pretty Basque name for your little girl. Are you artistically inclined?

Then I’m sure you will like this multicultural name that has an exotic charm to it.

  • Aksha

The name Aksha has a Hindi origin which means blessing.

Did you know that Aksha has made it to the list of the top 200 names?

This name is becoming more and more popular these days.

  • Afsoun

The name Afsoun is originated from Persian ancestry. It is associated with a number of supernatural elements that mean miracles, spells, and charm.

This name is very common in Arabian countries and is associated with positive elements.

  • Behati

Have you heard the popular name Beatrice?

Behati is the African version of it. Behati became very popular too – all thanks to the famous model Behati Prinsloo who walked the ramped for a number of renowned designers, including Versace and Prada.

Behati means she who brings happiness and blessing.

  • Beatrix

Did you know that Beatrix was the name of the queen of the Netherlands? Also, it is the name of the creator of Peter Rabbit.

The name has a playful tone, all thanks to the “X” as the last alphabet. Beatrix means blessed.

  • Celia

The name Celia is used mostly for Spanish, Italian, and English baby girls. It is originated from “Caelum” – a Latin word. It means the blessed land or heaven.

Also, Celia is used as a short version of the names Celestina, Celeste, and Cecilia.

  • Celeste

Celeste is taken from the Latin word “caelestis.” It is a common name for girls born in Portuguese, France, and Spanish-speaking countries.

The meaning of Celeste is miraculously or heavenly.

  • Dionne

The name Dionne has Greek and French roots. It is regarded as a pretty name for babies. The meaning of Dionne is blessed and divine. The other two common variations of this name are Dion and Deon.

  • Diana

Now, who doesn’t know about the famous Princess Diana!

If you ask me, I used to like her a lot, and I quite like the name Diana as well. The name Diana has Indo-European roots. One variation of this name is Diane.

There are many meanings to this name. In the Persian language, it means “a messenger of blessing and wellness.”

  • Dorothea

This name was very popular in the 20th century. Dorothea has a certain Victorian, romantic edge to it. Also, it has a long literary tradition. For example, in “Don Quixote,” the name of a clever and beautiful character is Dorothea.

  • Elysia

The name Elysia has both Greek and Latin roots. It came from Elysium, which is also known as Elysian Fields. The latter is known as the resting place for brave heroes in Greek mythology.

Elysia means the blessed land or heaven.

  • Elsa

Did you know that the popularity of the name Elsa increased after the superhit movie Frozen was released in the year 2013?

All thanks to the main character of that Disney movie. This name has a German origin, and it means “God is my oath,” blessed and noble. It is commonly used as the short version of the Greek name Elisabeth.

  • Eira

Eira is a common name for baby girls in Wales.

It means snow, and it came from the Norse mythological goddess named Eir. She had great healing abilities.

Also, the name means the miraculous land and earth in Sanskrit. It is pronounced as “ih-rah.”

  • Faye

The Faye came from the Old French or Middle English word “Faie.” It means belief, blessing, and loyalty.

This name is not only popular among girls but also boys.

  • Fairy

The name Fairy has a fairytale sound to it, isn’t it?

I quite like it! This name is given mostly to girls in English-speaking countries. The meaning of this name is a blessed or supernatural sprite.

  • Gwyneth

Did you know that the name Gwyneth has made it to the list of the top 1000 names?

Its popularity is given a huge boost thanks to the famous American actress Gwyneth Paltrow. So now, more and more people are opting for this girl name that means blessing.

And did I tell you that Gwyneth is actually a Welsh name?

  • Guadalupe

Do you belong to Hispanic communities?

Then you may already know how popular this name is among your community.

Guadalupe is a unisex name, and it is mostly used as a first name. The name means valley of blessing.

  • Gracy

The name Gracy is originated in the Latin language. It means blessing, especially from nature or God. Both Gracy and Grace are used as first names. Of course, some prefer it as a middle name too.

  • Gia

Have you heard the name Gianna?

Gia is a short form of it. The name has its roots in the Italian language. And in Hebrew, Gia means the blessing of God.

Gia is easy to spell and remember. And it is sweet and short too.

  • Genevieve

Are you looking for a “gen” sounding name but don’t want something like Jen?

How about Genevieve?

It was the name of the patroness of Paris – the one who protected the city against Attila. Also, it was a medieval saint’s name.

In the French language, Genevieve means the blessing of God.

  • Hannah

Have you watched the Hannah Montana show in which Miley Cyrus played the main character?

Then you might know the name, Hannah. The name is derived from the Hebrew name Channa. This western name is quite popular that has its mention in the Bible. If you look at the Old Testament, you will find that Samuel’s mother’s name is Hannah.

  • Hanita

Originated from Indian origin, Hanita came from the ancient Sanskrit language. Another short version of the name is Anita.

Hanita is a respectful name that means divine blessing.

  • Ingrid

In the Scandinavian areas, the name Ingrid is quite popular. Also, it has German and Norse origins.

Have you watched the blockbuster movie Casablanca?

In that, the actress was Ingrid Bergman. Ingrid means blessed with beauty.

  • Juno

Are you fond of Roman mythologies?

Then you might have come across the name Juno. In classical mythology, Juno was the pet name for Goddess Hera.

Did you know that the name of a popular English actress is Juno Temple?

The name means the blessed queen.

  • Jesse

Do you like the name Jessica but don’t want to use it for your little angel?

Well, you can use the name, Jesse! It is a Hebrew name that means blessing.

  • Janet

Are you into pop music?

Then you may know Janet Jackson, the younger sister of Michael Jackson.

The name Janet has Scottish origin, which means God’s blessing in the Gaelic language. It is quite popular in the UK.

  • Jane

Are you a fan of Spider-Man movies?

Then you may know that the name of Spider Man’s girlfriend is Mary Jane. This name has become quite common these days.

  • Keilani

The Hawaiians reverse all the natural elements such as the wind, sea, and the sky with all their hearts. Coming to the name Keilani, it praises nature, and it means the blessing of nature.

  • Karishma

Karishma is an Indian name that is greatly popular. The American version of this name is Charisma.

The meaning of this name is a miracle.

  • Mireye

Mireye is a Spanish name that means miracle. If you want a shorter version of it, you may consider the name Mira.

  • Mirielle

The name Miriella is indeed lovely. It has its origin in the French language, so it can be difficult for non-French-speaking people to pronounce the name.

It is pronounced as “meer-ay.” And the name means miraculous.

  • Mirai

The Basque baby name Mirai became a trend in English-speaking countries in the 20th century.

What I like the most about this name is the chic aura that it has. The meaning of the name is a miracle.

  • Milagros

A Spanish name, Milagros, means miracle.

The name might sound a little old-fashioned and religious, but it is still very common in Hispanic communities. You can use the short version of Milagros as Mila.

  • Naomi

You may know about the popular supermodel Naomi Campbell if you are into the fashion industry.

It is a Jewish name with its mention in the Bible. It means a blessing or pleasant in Hebrew.

  • Thalia

Did you know that there are tons of characters in

Greek mythology that knows the use of magic and can modify or change the fate of people?

One such character is Thalia. She was a muse too.

This sweet and majestic name for girls comes with the meaning of blessing and flourish.

  • Taika

The Maoris used to compare tigers with miracles because this animal has its elusive ways. And according to the Maori dialect, the name Taika means tiger.

If you want your girl to grow up all powerful and intelligent, you can go for the name Taika.

Taika Waititi is a famous Hollywood director.

  • Winifred

The name Winifred has its roots in Welsh culture. It sounds cute and modern.

Did I tell you how famous this name has been in the past years?

And now, it is making a comeback. If you give this name to your daughter, you can choose the nickname Winnie for her.

  • Zoraida

Do you have a Middle East heritage?

Then you may already know how popular and common the name Zoraida is there. It has its roots in both the Persian and Arabic languages.

If you are into Persian folk tales, you will find this name mentioned there many times.

It holds the beautiful meaning of “a blessing of a person.”

  • Zelda

The name Zelda has a Yiddish origin.

It means happiness and blessing.


These are some popular girl names that mean blessing. Which name did you like the most?

Let me know in the comments!

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