55 Exotic Female Names You’ll Love

When choosing a name for your baby girl, parents of course desire to find the perfect one that’s both unique in its meaning and is absolutely exquisite. It’s the heart’s desire of every parent to choose that one perfect name that’s deserving of the beauty and uniqueness of your newborn daughter.

And when it comes to exquisite names, exotic female names are a great option and inspiration!

Exotic female names are brimming with charm and meaning, and are totally enchanting. Giving your daughter an exotic female name will guarantee that she will definitely leave a mark on everyone she graces with her presence all throughout her life. Her name after all is one of the most precious possessions she will have, and exotic female names are precious as they are memorable.

55 Exotic Female Names You’ll Love

These gorgeous, exotic female names are wonderful choices for your precious little darling.


Acadia is a very unique name for a girl. It carries with it a picturesque meaning. Acadia means “idyllic place”, which is derived from the word Acadia itself which was a New France colony in North American regions near Canada. The name is now becoming more popular on the list of baby girl names because of how pretty and unusual it is.


Agatha is a lovely name of Greek origins which came to England during the Norman Conquest. It is a lovely exotic girl’s name which has a solid, strong meaning. Agatha means “a good woman” and is a nice 9 of name for your little girl.


Ailsa is a beautiful name that sounds a lot like another equally beautiful name, Elsa. Elsa has become really popular after the movie “Frozen” was released, and Ailsa is a nice, unique alternative. Plus, Ailsa also has a meaning that is unique and unlike Elsa. Ailsa means “elf victory” and it’s been said that the meaning has evolved into “supernatural victory”. It’s a pretty name, and one that is special and unusual.

  • AINE

Aine is a name that is of Irish origins, and it is pronounced quite differently than how it is spelled. The name is pronounced “AWN-ya”, though you can also choose to have it be “Eyne”. Aine means “joy”, “brightness”, and “splendor”, making it a wonderful name for your little ray of sunshine.


Allegra is a mesmerizing name with roots in Italy. It brings with it a lovely meaning too. Allegra means “joyful” and “merry”. It’s a name that is quite often found in lists of “unique vintage baby names”, and with good reason. Allegra is classic and unusual all at once, melodious and unique.


Alyona is a beloved exotic name with Russian origins. It is a captivating variation of the also beloved name Elena. Alyona is a name that is often found in Russian fairytales, and is a wondrous name choice for your little princess.


Amina is a pretty name of Arabic origin. It is a unique, beautiful name that invokes femininity and charm and fragility, but still is a strong sounding name. Amina is a great choice of name for your precious baby.

  • ANYA

Anya is a lovely name that is actually derived from a timeless baby girl name, Anna. Anna is a pretty name but it’s also pretty common. A more unique option would be the exotic Anya, which is of Russian roots and was actually once a commonly used nickname for Anna. Anya means “grace” and is an adorable choice for your daughter.


Arianna is a name that rolls sweetly off the tongue. It’s an exotic name that has become a favored choice among many in recent years, which is in part because of pop superstar Ariana Grande. It means “chaste” and is a cute name for your pure-hearted little angel.


Aviva is a unique name of Hebrew origins. It means “fresh, dewy, springlike” and can also mean “vivacious and memorable”. Aviva is said to be a new spin on the names Vivienne and Vivian. With its precious meaning, its a fitting name for your newborn princess.


The name Adelita has its roots in Spanish culture. This Latin American name is musical and sweet. It carries the meaning of noble. In Mexico, there is a popular ballad known as La Adelita. It glorifies the participation of female soldiers in the Mexican revolution.


This exotic name is taken from the Hebrew culture. It carries the meaning of delicate. Also, the name Adina is given to Roman girls. It doesn’t have a specific meaning in the Roman language. An Italian variation of Ada is also Adina.


If you are looking for an exotic name for your baby girl with an equally exotic meaning, Aiday is the one. It sounds poetic and holds the meaning of moon child. Isn’t that amazing?


For some people, being parents is like a dream come true incident. So if you fall under that category, you will love to give your baby the name Aisling. This gorgeous name has the lovely meaning of vision or dream, just as your baby is to you.


To every parent, their baby is the most beautiful in the world. That is where the name Aoife fits just right.

It holds the meaning of beauty. It is the modern version of the ancient Irish moniker Aife. According to Irish mythology, a warrior princess was named Aoife.


Briony is a cute, unusual alternative for the popular girl’s name Bree. It has a pretty meaning of “vine”, and is a great choice if you’re also eyeing the name Ivy but would like a more unique choice of name.


Carina is an exquisite name for your little one. It’s an exotic yet simple name that flows well and sounds so melodious. The name Carina invokes beauty and grace and poise. It can also be spelled as Corrina, or spelled with a K, as in Karina. This is an enchanting name you can give your baby girl.


Chanel is a very exotic, very posh name. It is derived from the classic French brand of the same name. It brings about elegance and confidence and class. Chanel is a very pretty choice of name for your daughter.


Chiara is a charming name and quite unique as well. It is of Italian roots, and invokes romance and enchantment. Some variations include Cara, Clara, and even Claire. Chiara is a mesmerizing name for the little leading lady of your lives.


Claudia is a name of Roman roots that brings with it a tinge of luster and magnificence. In Roman mythology, it was also the name of the spouses of Pontius Pilate and Nero. The name Claudia invokes splendor and elegance, and is a great choice for the tiny ruler of your heart.

  • COCO

Coco is a name that is at once trendy and timeless, posh and elegant. It is of French roots, and is the nickname of the acclaimed French designer Coco Chanel. Coco means “help”, and is a cute name for the one who helps fill your world with happiness.


Consuela is a name with roots in Spain. This Spanish name is sophisticated and chic, and is a mesmerizing exotic name. Consuela means “consolation” and is a mysterious, lovely name for your little one.


Danique is a name that is stylish and cultured. It has roots in France, and is actually the French variation of the name Danica. Its meaning is as sweet and pretty as the name itself. Danique means “morning star” and is such a perfect choice for the star that brings twinkle and light to your life.


Elise is a beautiful name that embraces faith and promise. This exotic name has been popular for a long time – since the 19th century, it has been a favored choice. Elise carries with it the meaning “oath of God” and is a wonderful name for your biggest blessing.


Elitsa is a name that is very rarely found in baby girl name charts. It has only begun to be used as a name a few years back. Some say that Elitsa means “little fir tree”. It is thought that the name is a variation of the girls’ name Eliza, and is an unusual, mysteriously lovely name.


Esperanza is a name that is beloved and celebrated in all its exotic beauty. It’s a name of Spanish origins. Esperanza means “hope”, and with an exquisite meaning like that, this mesmerizing name is surely a perfect choice for your baby girl.

  • FEMI

Femi is a name that is timeless in its charm and appeal. It is a name of African origins, and has a simple, beautiful meaning. Femi means “love”. It’s a completely adorable, perfect name for the little girl who owns your heart.


Francesca is a bewitching, captivating name. It invokes enchanting charm and feminine elegance. Francesca is a Teutonic name, and is a more feminine version of the timeless name Frances. Francesca is an alluringly lovely name that is a great choice for your baby.


Gabriella is a name that is both powerful and graceful. It is the female variation of the name Gabriel, and has a beautiful, spiritual meaning. Gabriella means “Woman of God” and is a wondrous choice for your gift from above.

  • GIA

Gia is an adorable name that invokes sweetness and fun. It’s an exotic variation of the names Gianna and Giovanna. Gia means “gracious” and is a very cute, memorable name you can give your little girl.


Imani is a regal, exquisite name that’s perfect if you’re looking for a unique, spiritual name. It is of Arabic origins, and is a rarer alternative to the more well-known name Iman. Imani is lovely in itself as it is in its meaning. The name means “faith” and is a graceful choice for your bundle of joy.

  • INES

Ines is an enchanting name that is of Spanish origins. It is actually the Spanish variation of the more traditional Agnes. Ines is a name of beauty and virtue, and means “chaste”. It can be spelled as Inez, which is the name of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ daughter. Indeed, it is a fine choice of a name for little girls.


Ingrid is a name that is full of mystique and charisma. It is an exotic, unique name that lends an air of allure and undeniable charm. Ingrid means “beautiful” and is a great name for your little beauty.


Julieta is a name that is both classic and exotic. It is a name that is full of romance and passion. Julieta means “youthful” and is a breathtaking name for your new bundle of joy.


Kaira is a name that is really pretty name with an equally pretty meaning. The name, which is of Scandinavian roots, is said to mean “beloved” and “friend”. Some say that Kaira is a variation of Katherine or Catherine and therefore also means “pure”. It’s a good choice for your beloved baby girl. Some variations include Kiera and Keira.


Kalene is an unusual name that has been cited as having roots in various cultures. Some say its a Czechoslovakian and Polish name, and that its meaning is “flower” because it is said to be a “flower name”. It’s also said that Kalene is a Gaelic baby name, and is the feminine variation of Kyle. Either way, Kalene is a lovely name, and would be a good choice for your daughter.


Keely is a name that is quite popular in Ireland. This Irish name is exotic and has a beautiful meaning too. Keely literally means “beautiful” and is a great name that you can give to your little beaut.


Krishna is a name with roots in Hindu faith. It is said to be the name of a Hindu god, and that those who have this name will be very blessed in life. Krishna is truly a good name that you can bestow upon your wonderful blessing.


Layla is a lovely name that rolls so very sweetly off the tongue. It is a musical, melodious name that connotes a mesmerizing sweetness. Layla carries with it the meaning “born at night”. It’s an awesome choice for baby girls born in the evening, or born to parents with a love for music and the arts.

  • LOLA

Lola is a simple yet gorgeous name. It has roots in Spanish culture, and its meaning embodies both strength and femininity. Lola means “a strong lady”, and it is a lovely choice indeed for your tiny darling.


Lucia is a name that is charming and mysterious in its beauty. It is an exotic name that brings much enchantment and sparkle. Lucia is a name with Latin roots, and has a meaning of “light”. It is a superb choice for the little being that completely captivates you.


Madeleine is a name that has a chic, sophisticated flair. It is a name with roots in France, and has a unique meaning. Madeleine means “from the tower”. It is an excellent name to give baby girls born to parents with a love and appreciation for culture and style and sophistication. 

  • MAYA

Maya is a name that is mesmerizing, almost mystical and magical. It is an exotic name that is adored by many across different cultures. Maya also brings with It a mystical meaning. The name means “daughter of Atlas”, and is a captivatingly charming name you can bestow upon your tiny little charmer.


Maeve is a name that is absolutely beguiling. It is an exotic name that has risen in popularity because of the TV series Westworld. Maeve is of Irish origin, and has a super cool meaning when translated from Gaelic, “she who intoxicates”. This is a bewitchingly beautiful choice for your bundle of joy.


Maile is a cute, fun name of Hawaiian origin. This exotic name is pronounced the same way as Miley and is a great option for those who adore the name Miley but would like something more unique for their baby girl.

  • NOVA

Nova is a name that brings ethereal feels. It is of Latin origins, and it means “new”. Just like its meaning, Nova is a name that connotes the promise of new beginnings. Aside from that, Nova is actually also an astronomical term for stars. It is a unusual name that will definitely stand out, just like your little star.


Philomena is a name that has a gorgeous earthiness about it. The name has roots in Greece, and it is quite popular in many countries. Philomena means “lover of strength” and is a solid, memorable name you can bestow upon your little one.

  • RAE

Rae is a name that can bring to mind the Star Wars films because it sounds a lot like Rey, one of the main characters in the franchise. So that’s already a great reason to consider it for parents who are Star Wars fans! The cool thing about Rae is that it’s an exotic version of that name. It’s a name with Hebrew origins, and is a cute option for short names that can definitely stand on its own.


Selena is a name that is exotic and mesmerizing. It rose in popularity because of the singer Selena, and more recently because of singer/actress Selena Gomez – who was also named after the former! Selena means “moon goddess” and is every bit as enchanting of a name as its meaning!


Shani is a posh, royal sounding name. It sounds marvelous, and also means exactly that – Shani means “marvelous” and “scarlet”. This Hebrew name is unusual and very pretty, and a lovely choice for your marvelous bundle of joy.


Shira is a gorgeous, melodious name of Hebrew origins. It has a melodious meaning as well. Shira means “my song”, and this name is a wonderful option when naming that little being who is the song in your heart.


Soraya is a name that is as beautiful as it is exotic. It is a name of Persian roots, and has a very lovely meaning as well. Soraya means “joy”, and is certainly an ideal choice for your most precious little jewel.


Svana is a name that sounds so gorgeous and graceful, and its meaning is likewise full of grace and beauty. It is a name of Icelandic origin, and means “swan”. Svana is an exotic, unusual name that is an excellent choice for your darling baby girl.

  • YARA

Yara is an unusual name that is simply stunning. It is said to be the name of a green-haired, fair-skinned Brazilian goddess. It is also a name with Arabic roots, and means “small butterfly”. Yara is a name with only four letters but carries with it much beauty and delicacy. What an enchanting choice of name it would be for your little one.

  • ZIVA

Ziva is a name that is both strong and mesmerizing. It is a lovely exotic name that has Israel roots. This Hebrew name is associated with the Israeli independence month. Ziva means “splendor” or “brilliance”, and with all of these associated with the name, it’s certainly a great option for your bundle of joy.

Exotic female names are full of grandeur, beauty, and enchantment. Your baby girl would be proud to carry such a charming name, wherever she may go and whoever she may meet. Happy naming!

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