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84+ Angel Baby Names For Girls And Boys

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The naming of a baby has come a long way. Gone are the days when typical or popular names were the norm. Today the options are limitless and unique, that include using angel baby names. The culture is now about being extraordinary, more creative, and standing out. So some names sound divine and spiritual while incorporating some element of pop culture.

Some religions of the world, like Christianity and Judaism, believe in the existence of angels, so it doesn’t come as a surprise if parents give their infants the names of “spiritual guardians. Of course, we’re all familiar with the famous archangel names given to boys, such as Gabriel, Auriel, Raphael, and Michael, or angelic baby names for girls, like Cassiel and Rabia. But some parents see the other side of the spiritual realm as a celebration of life. Thus, they give their little ones names of dark angels associated with the afterlife.

In this article, we’ve listed 45 angel names for boys and girls that you can check out and see which is best for your little cherub.

15 Names Meaning Angel of Death

Names Meaning Angel of Death

Death is a topic that is usually avoided in conversations, something that is taboo. But in some cultures of the world, they see it as a means to have a link with the spiritual realm. And so while other parents avoid giving angel of death names to their little ones, some find it a unique choice that fits perfectly for their tiny tots.

Well, life and death go hand in hand, and there are spirit guides out there that are related to the great beyond. And whether you are looking for names meaning “angel of death” for baby girls or you want something very unique, below is a compilation for you to go over through:

  • Dabria

Dabria is of English origin, meaning “angel of death.” Dabria was tasked to cause the death of humans and bring their souls to the underworld. But on the contrary, the name Dabria is one of the most preferred names for baby girls. Behind this unpleasant description, a person with this name is responsible, inspiring your little miracle also to have this trait when she grows up.

  • Deyanira

Deyanira means “capable of great destruction” and is of Spanish and Greek origin. In Greek mythology, Deyanira was the wife of Hercules, who killed him by deception. The deeper meaning of this name is someone who makes sensible decisions when faced with difficulties; thus, a baby bearing the name Deyanira will grow to become a multitasking person.

  • Ernaline

Ernaline is of German origin, which means “battle to the death,” but on the positive side, it means “earnest.” In its Norse origin, Ernaline is a noble girl’s name and a variation of Erna, meaning “serious.” Giving the name Ernaline to your baby girl will inspire her to become a serious person.

  • Freyja

Freyja is an Old Norse goddess of beauty and death, linked to passion and sensuality, making it a perfect name for a baby girl who will someday be a force to reckon with. It means “mistress of death” and is of Icelandic origin. Due to its powerful meaning, it is one of England and Wales’s most favored names for little girls.

  • Persefone

Persefone is of Greek origin, meaning “bringer of death.” A variation of the name Persephone, the daughter of Zeus and Demeter in Greek mythology, was abducted by Hades, king of the underworld, to become his bride.

Zeus made a deal with Hades that Persephone be allowed to return to the world of the living for 6 months. When she descends on earth, harvest becomes bountiful, but when Persephone returns to the world of the dead, plants suffer because of her mother Demeter’s grieving. So the name Persefone stands for a mother’s great love for her baby.

  • Deirdre

Deirdre signifies “brokenheartedness” or “sorrowful” and is of Irish and Gaelic origin. In Celtic legend, Deirdre was once the fairest woman in Ireland. Who died broken-hearted after Conchobar, king of Ulster, forced her to marry him and then killed her lover. The positive meaning of this name is little Deirdre will be someone who will attain life’s greatest joys after going through tough times.

  • Izanami

Izanami is of Japanese origin, meaning “one who invites.” In Shinto mythology, Izanami was once the goddess of creation but became the goddess of death when she died. The deeper meaning of the name Izanami is someone compassionate toward other people. Therefore Baby Izanami will be a good mediator someday.

  • Kalma

Kalma means “death decay” and is of Finnish origin, who loved to stay in graveyards. On the other hand, the name Karma bears a highly charged personality attracting beautiful ideas. Baby Kalma will be inspired to become the best version of herself when she grows up, possessing an endless imagination that will enable her to become a good artist.

  • Lorelei

Lorelei is of German origin, meaning “rock” because, based on a legend, Lorelei would sit on a cliff on the Rhine River singing and enticing fishermen to their deaths. In actuality, Lorelei suggests someone stable, disciplined, and hard-working. It’s a beautiful name you can give your baby daughter, who will become the essence of grace and gentleness someday.

  • Mallory

Mallory translates to “being unlucky” or “unfortunate person” and is of French origin. Disregarding its negative connotation, many parents name their child Mallory. No wonder the name became very popular in the 1980s.

  • Mara

Giving the name Mara to your little darling is one way to remind her that challenges can’t be avoided in life. Mara has its origin in Hebrew and means “bitter” in the Hebrew language. In the Bible, Naomi, the mother-in-law of Ruth, insisted she should be called Mara instead after she lost her husband and two sons.

  • Naenia

Naenia is of Latin origin, meaning “dirge” or “a lament for the dead.” In Roman mythology, Naenia is the goddess of the funeral. But on the positive side, the name Naenia evokes a goal-oriented individual, a good name for a baby girl who will be full of perseverance someday.

  • Omisha

Omisha is of Hindu origin, meaning “goddess of birth and death.” Contrary to its unpleasant name, Omisha is a person who is influential and an emphatic soul. Baby Omisha will likely grow to be a flexible individual who loves challenges, very creative and witty.

  • Tamila

Tamila has an old Slavic origin and means “languishing” or “to torture.” This name was derived from Tomislav, ruler of Croatia in the Middle Ages. The deeper meaning of the name Tamila is someone who can easily understand the emotions of her fellowmen, a peacemaker and spiritual idealist. A baby girl bearing this name will grow into a talented personality.

  • Thana

Thana means “death” and is of Arabic origin, but sometimes it can also mean “praise.” The person with name Thana is believed to be diligent in her work and extremely powerful and energetic. A baby girl named Thana will grow into a friendly and passionate person.

Girl Names Meaning Angel

Girl Names Meaning Angel

Parents expecting their little angel soon would desire a name that connotes all the heavenly, angelic characteristics associated with angels. To give your precious angel a name that lives up to the miracle of her being born, the following angelic names are perfect options to consider.

Without further ado, here are 40 of the best angelic names for your baby girl:

  • Agnola

The female name ‘Agnola’ is a Greek, Italian origin name that in Greek means “angel,” and its meaning is “pure” and “virginal” in Italian. It’s a variation of the name ‘Agnes’ — a common English girls’ name —  and also a close variant of ‘Agnolla.’  This lovely name is unique, heavenly, and perfect for your sweet, angelic baby girl.

  • Alya

‘Alya’ is a highly popular name of Hebrew origin, meaning “to ascend.” It’s short, simple, yet very elegant to hear. This fabulous name is just the perfect contender to make the list of names that mean angel. As per its Arabic associations, the name Alya means “heavenly, sky, heaven, loftiness.” Quite literally, this beautiful name implies “angel” in every sense.

  • Angel

The Greek origin name ‘Angel’ is one of those special names that neither go out of style nor lose their magnetism. Angel, meaning “messenger of God,” is a truly evergreen name with notable distribution and popularity in the United States and France. Other meanings associated with the name include “fairy,” “divine messenger,” “angel of God,” and “a little messenger from God.”

  • Angelica

What name is more elegant than ‘Angelina,’ more stylish than ‘Angela,’ and more feminine than the unisex name ‘Angel’? The answer is, the popular angel-inspired girl’s name ‘Angelica.’ This trendy, Italian origin name traveled to 17th century England from Italy. You may recall its popularity skyrocketing after its use in the Shakespearean play, “Romeo & Juliet.” To add a further stylish boost to the name, you may opt for its variant – ‘Anjelica’ instead. The heavenly name ‘Angelica’ means “God’s messenger,” “Angel sent,” “Angelic,” or “Angel.”

  • Angelina

The gorgeous Spanish, Greek, Italian origin name, ‘Angelina,’ has several noteworthy references, including being associated with American actress ‘Angelina Jolie.’ Angelina, meaning “angel” or “messenger,” is associated with popular characters, like Angelina Ballerina (British children’s animated series), Angelina Weasley (a member of Harry Potter’s Dumbledore’s Army), and Angelina Grimke (American abolitionist) among others. This gorgeous angelic name is a perfect pick for your pretty bundle of joy.

  • Ariel

The sweet, heavenly name ‘Ariel’ is a name of Hebrew, Biblical origin, meaning “lion of God.” In the Bible, Ariel is the name of the chief of exiles in Jerusalem. In the modern world, it’s one of the most popular girl names, that comes in additional forms including ‘Ariella’ and ‘Arielle.’ Some popular associations of the name include, the name of the jovial spirit in the Shakespearean play ‘The Tempest,’ the name of the Disney mermaid in “The Little Mermaid,” and the name of Uranus’ moon.

  • Abhinoor

If you are looking for a name that is delicate, beautiful, and has an exotic vibe, Abhinoor is the name for you. This name has its roots in the Indian language and got all the charm it needs to make heads turn. You need to pronounce it as AH-bih-NUR, and it means angel.

  • Anahera

Unique names never fail to stun people. If you want a memorable name for your little one, you can choose Anahera. This name is classy and has that modern vibe to it. It has its roots in the Maori language and comes with the meaning of an angel.

  • Angelette

The name Angelette has its roots in the French language. It holds the meaning of a little angel. If you go to Europe, you will find this name very popular. But the scene is the opposite if you are in the U.S., as it is rare here.

  • Angeliyah

Angeliyah is such a name that it will catch everyone’s attention once they hear it. It sounds like a combination of Angel and Aliyah. It is not much used globally. With its roots in English, it holds the meaning of an ascending angel.

  • Aniela

The beautiful name Aniela has its roots in both Greek and Polish languages. It holds the meaning of Angel and messenger of God. It is a gorgeous name that sounds melodious when you pronounce it. You can also choose the alternative to this name, Aniella.

  • Batya

‘Batya’ is a pleasant yet rare girl’s name of Hebrew origin, meaning “daughter of God.” In the Bible, Batya is the Pharaoh’s daughter, responsible for having found baby Moses (lying in a basket) along the river Nile, whom she safely brings home to the court. Hence, the name signifies valor and virtuous strength. This unusual angelic name is a wonderful, heavenly name pick for your sweet little angel.

  • Céline

French-Canadian singer ‘Céline Dion’s’ hit theme score for the Oscar-winning film ‘Titanic’ is what brought this beautiful name to the forefront. The name peaked in popularity instantly after the movie’s release. Newbie parents are loving this cool name for its elegant sound and heavenly message. ‘Céline,’ meaning “heavenly,” is a French first name of Latin origin, also written as ‘Celine.’

  • Charmeine

The Latin origin name ‘Charmeine’ is a very unique girl name. More unique than its variant ‘Charmaine.’ The name is associated with the ‘angel of harmony.’ Thus, it’s an apt choice to be on the list of top names that mean “angel.” The meaning of this particular angel’s (angel of harmony)  name is “singer.” She is a close relative of love and peace, embodying a perfectly harmonious state of mind. We feel it’s a remarkable name for your precious newborn.

  • Cielo

‘Cielo’ is a feminine name of Spanish and Italian origin that means “sky” and “heaven.” Both of which are places where angels preside. The name ‘Cielo’ is commonly perceived to be a romantic-sounding name with a lyrical lilt. The name has garnered widespread popularity in Italy, and now the U.S. In Italy, it’s pronounced CHEH-loh, while in Spanish you would hear it as SYEH-Loh.

  • Devika

‘Devika’ is a Sanskrit, Hindi origin girl’s name, meaning “like an angel” or “little Goddess.” In India and Sri Lanka, it’s a sought-after name. This beautiful female name is prevalent in English-speaking countries too, though not as significantly.  Parents looking to select from among names that mean angel should consider this name for its uniqueness, significance, and charming pronunciation. With an astounding name like this, there’s no telling when there’ll be an abrupt, rapid surge in popularity. It’s certainly possible!

  • Dina

The short, elegant name ‘Dina’ is a feminine name with the meaning “angel of learning and wisdom.” It’s a name of Hebrew, Greek, and English origin. In the Bible, in the book of Genesis, Jacob’s daughter was named Dina. Also, it’s considered an alternate name for Jophiel —the biblical angel.

  • Evangeline

‘Evangeline,’ or ‘Eva’ for short, is a name of Greek origin, meaning “bearer of good news.” It’s a contemporary, fresh, and relatively long name for girls,’ and we love how it has the heavenly word ‘Angel’ within it.  If you don’t feel like calling her Evangeline all the time, no worries! Besides the nickname Eva, other sweet-sounding variations like ‘Angie’ and ‘Angeline’ are equally acceptable. The name has associations with films like Disney’s ‘The Princess and the Frog,’ and  the fantasy flic ‘Nanny McPhee.’’ Each of these two films has a character named Evangeline.

  • Gabrielle

The name ‘Gabrielle,’ pronounced gah-bree-el, is a female name of French origin, meaning “God is my strength.”  It’s the feminine version of the Hebrew origin name ‘Gabriel’ —  who as per Abrahamic religions is the archangel who praised and signaled the news of Jesus’ birth. A popular, pitch-perfect variation of the name is ‘Gabriella,’ giving it a traditional and contemporary sound much like the name Gabrielle itself.

  • Gloria

The Latin origin female name ‘Gloria,’ meaning “glory,” is a sweet-sounding, elegant name with angelic associations. Its most notable adult bearers include the prominent American feminine journalist Gloria Steinem and American singer/songwriter Gloria Estefan. The name’s angelic association stems from the Bible, wherein Gloria is an ancient hymn of praise. The name of this Christian hymn is ‘Gloria in Excelsis Deo’ (a.k.a. ‘The Greater Doxology’ or ‘Hymn of the Angels’).

  • Heaven

This particular name choice packs quite a punch having the literal, straightforward meaning “Heaven.” To add to the perks, it’s also extremely soft sounding. Heaven means “Heaven — home of the Gods and celestial beings,” making it the perfect choice for your beautiful newborn angel. Want to make it more unique? This name, retaining its original meaning, yet spelled backward is, ‘Nevaeh,’ which is also on our list, and often considered as pretty a name as ‘Heaven’ itself.

  • Jannah

The beautiful, Arabic origin name, ‘Jannah,’ meaning “heaven, heavenly, or Paradise,” refers to the Islamic notion of paradise. This popular baby name for girls of the Islamic faith is a pretty name with global appeal. Jannah is also considered a feminine variation of the unisex name ‘Jan,’ which is the feminine variant of ‘John,’ meaning “God is gracious.” Overall, it’s a fantastic name choice worth considering.

  • Laila

This girl’s name is hugely popular in the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States. The exotic and lilting name ‘Laila’ is a name of  Arabic origin. She is the “angel of conception,” meant for the protection and oversight of childbirth. Its popular variants, names like ‘Layla’ and ‘Leila,’ are also prevalent in large distribution Though these versions are less exotic and lilting. Finding heavenly appeal in the name, the great Muhammad Ali named his daughter Laila.

  • Luz

‘Luz’ is a badass Spanish name for females. It means “light.” Instant associations that come to mind when we hear this name are rays of sunshine and puffy parting clouds; reminding us of heaven, angels, and of course the Lord.  Luz —  Our Lady of Light —  is pronounced “loos,” and belongs to a group of variant names including  ‘Lucy’ and ‘Lucia.’

  • Malaika

The sexy-sounding (due to modern references) African (Swahili), Arabic origin name ‘Malaika,’ is a heavenly name for girls’ that literally means “angel” or “a small child.” This incredible name is a variation of the Arabic word ‘Malak’ (meaning messenger). The most prominent namesakes include Indian (Bollywood) actress ‘Malaika Arora’ and Kenyan, British fashion model ‘Malaika Firth,’ to name a few. Overall, this is a wonderful name pick for your brand new bundle of joy.

  • Mariangela

When you combine two charming names to form one heck of a name for your precious princess, you get the lovely name ‘Mariangela.’ This beautiful Italian origin name means “rebel-angel.” It’s the effect of combining the names ‘Maria’ and ‘Angel’ to result in an angel name with added spice. In Judaism, Mariangela is an angel of the ‘sea of sorrow.’ All in all, this is an incredible name choice for your darling baby girl. she shall thank you for naming her a pleasantly unusual name with a heavenly meaning.

  • Michaela

The alluring feminine name ‘Michaela,’ meaning in Hebrew ”who is like the Lord,”  has an equally alluring sound, no matter which of its common pronunciations —  Czech, English, German, Greek, Slovak, or Swedish  — you refer to.  This pretty name is the feminine variant of ‘Michael.’ A famous namesake is Cinematographer Michaela Denis.

  • Michelangela

This next one is an interesting yet delightful, Italian origin name for girls. The name ‘Michelangela,’ meaning “who is like God;” is the feminine variant of ‘Michelangelo.’ It’s an elegant Italian name that’s been proudly sitting on the top 100 names list in Rome, Italy, for a pretty long while. Today, Michelangela is a top trending baby girl name and one of the ripest for picking among the names that mean “angel.”

  • Miracle

The spiritual name ‘Miracle’ means “wonder,” “marvel,” and “divine work.”  It’s a Latin, American origin girl’s name that is quite popular due to it’s heavenly, angelic inferences. Celebrity namesakes include American actresses ‘Miracle Laurie’ and ‘Miracle Vincent.’ Childbirth is no less than a miracle. Having a baby girl is God’s way of blessing you with an angel, and so, we feel Miracle is one of the best names you can give your baby girl.

  • Nevaeh

Reading this name backward reveals its meaning, which is “heaven.” ‘Nevaeh’ (pronounced “na-VAY-uh”) is a name that popped out of nowhere to become one of the most popular names in the U.S., after the year 2000. It’s a divinely beautiful name that rock band ‘P.O.D.’ singer Sonny Sandoval popularized, by naming his daughter ‘Nevaeh’ in the year 2000. Girls named Nevaeh love introducing themselves, explaining with excitement how their name is ‘Heaven’ spelled backward.

  • Parisa

‘Parisa’ (pronounced Pah-REE-sah) is an exotic, Persian (Iranian) origin baby girl name that means “like an angel.” It is derived from the ancient Persian name “Parysatis,” which is a Farsi (Persian) word meaning “fairy-like,” or “like a fairy.” This is a unique female name because of how an extra letter makes it distinct from common names like ‘Paris’ or ‘Marisa.’ A top trending name like Parisa would make for a wise name pick for your adorable newborn daughter.

  • Rabia

The name ‘Rabia,’ meaning “spring,” is a trending name suitable preferably for girls. Other meanings associated with this adorable unisex name are “new beginnings,” and as per mythology — “angel.” As per myth, Rabia is one of the ten angels that daily accompanied the sun. It’s, therefore, a virtuous Arabic name popular in Arab countries.

  • Raphaela

The name ‘Raphaela’ is an attractive Hebrew origin name for girls.’ It’s the feminine variant of ‘Raphael.’ Today, the feminine version has many takers across Europe.  Going by abundant religious references, Raphael is the angel that brings healing. Raphaela, meaning “God has healed,” is a lovely name choice for your lovely baby girl. Others will be enchanted hearing this euphonious name.

  • Rosangela

‘Rosangela’ is a female name of Italian, American origin. It’s an incredible name derived by combining two names, ‘Rose’ and ‘Angela,’ meaning “Rose of an angel,” or “messenger of God.” This name sounds feels and is beautiful, due in part to the romantic first syllable. Overall, it’s a very unique name. According to statistics, within the United States, you’re likely to find more Rosangela’s in the state of California than in the other states.

  • Seraphina

‘Seraphina,’ meaning “fiery-winged,” is derived from the Biblical name, ‘Seraphim,’ of a six-winged angel called Seraphim. It’s a beautiful name, with its biblical association making it quite a few notches beyond being angelic. This appealing, feminine name of Hebrew origin, has close variants ‘Serena’ and ‘Sophia,’ and a widely acceptable nickname ‘Sera.’ Celebrity couple ‘Ben Affleck’ and ‘Jennifer Garner’ named their second daughter Seraphine.

  • Siofra

The attractive feminine name ‘Siofra’ is a name of modern (18th century) Irish (Gaelic) origin. The meaning of this name is “changeling, sprite.” A sprite is a supernatural entity (fairy-like or ethereal), while changeling was thought to be a fairy child as per European mythology. Having roots in Irish superstition, this celestial name has been rather uncommon. Yet, it’s now starting to pick up, at least in Ireland.

  • Tien

Its unique origin makes the wonderful girl’s name ‘Tien’ a perfect choice for your baby girl. Tien is of Vietnamese origin. It has the wonderful meanings “angel, spirit, fairy, or the first one” associated with it. The meanings just outlined make it a truly universal name, while it’s also sweet, simple, and pleasantly unique at the same time. No matter what faith you may be from, a name such as this is perfect for your daughter.

  • Tangie

‘Tangie’ is a girl’s name of American origin, meaning “angelic.” This cute given name is certainly not an unheard of name in most English-speaking countries. It’s derived as a variation of the female name ‘Angela,’ or a combination of the two names ‘Tammy’ and ‘Angie.’ Namesakes include actress Tangie Ambrose.

  • Vanina

The shorter variant of the Portuguese, Spanish origin name ‘Evangelina’ is the elegant female name ‘Vanina,’ meaning “bringer of good news.” This name is popular in France and Germany mainly. Also, if you happen to love vanilla-flavored ice cream, but can’t name your daughter that, then this is the closest name to that effect.

  • Xeraphina

‘Xeraphina’ is an American origin name for girls’, meaning “Seraphim” or “angel.” This “x” name is a double whammy, for being a name that starts with a rare starting point, whilst sounding and meaning something so beautiful and relevant. If you like the name  ‘Seraphina,’ yet would like a bit of spice added to it to make it even more distinct, then go for Xeraphina.

Biblical Boy Names Meaning Angel

Biblical Boy Names Meaning Angel

The good angels work hard under the Lord. And when it comes to angel names for boys, it is something of a serious stuff to reckon with. Inspired by Greek mythology, angel names for baby boys are famous to parents who wish their baby boys would be protected from dark influences.

If you are contemplating bequeathing a meaningful name to your son, here are some angelic names that you can give him:

  • Abdiel

Abdiel means “servant of the Lord” and is of Hebrew origin. This name appeared only once in the Old Testament, wherein this angel could defeat Satan with power. This name signifies resiliency which any parent would like her baby boy to be.

  • Angelo

Angelo is of Italian and Greek origins, which means “messenger.” Derived from the word “angel,” that will surely inspire a heavenly baby boy. A person with the name Angelo is someone who loves peace and comfort. He is likely to grow up to be generous and serene.

  • Chamuel

Chamuel is of Hebrew origin, which means “he who sees the Lord.” Sometimes Chamuel is also known as the angel of peaceful relationships. People ask for his help in resolving conflicts. A baby boy with this name will inspire to develop compassion when he grows up. He will make things right with a sincere intention to change the world.

  • Castiel

Castiel means “my cover is God” and is of Hebrew origin. A baby boy who bears this name will surely be safe and protected. A variation of this name is Cassiel, the patron saint of children born on a Thursday. Whether you want to pay homage to your religion or celebrate your son’s Thursday birthday, Castiel is the perfect choice for your little cherub.

  • Engel

Engel is of German-Dutch origins and means “angel.” Engel is the name of a Germanic folk hero; in Greek, the name Engel translates to “messenger from heaven .”A baby boy bearing this name will be fearless, spiritual, and intuitive in accepting challenges throughout his life.

  • Hamiel

Hamiel means “glory of God” and is of Hebrew origin. It is also known by the names Haniel and Anael. Hamiel is an archangel who helps astronomers and other deities with spiritual healing work in ancient Babylon. A baby boy bearing this name will be inspired to become cheerful and optimistic.

  • Jeremiel

In 4 Ezra 4:16 of the Bible, Jeremiel is an archangel who tells the souls in the underworld chambers to remain until God’s time has come. It’s part of a larger tradition that an angel named Jeremiel was responsible for souls in Sheol. Because of this excerpt in the Bible, more and more Biblically-inclined new parents opt for this name for their newborn.

  • Kemuel

Kemuel is of Hebrew origin, meaning “helper of God .”There were 3 Kemuels mentioned in the Old Testament: 1 was the nephew of Abraham, 2nd was the ruler of the tribe of Ephraim, and the 3rd one was the father of Hasbiah, ruler of the Levites. Kemuel is a name that suggests he is ahead of his time and intelligent. It’s the most-loved name for a baby boy because it’s believed that God will bless him to achieve great things.

  • Malach

Malach is of Hebrew origin, meaning “my angel,” and is a shortened form of Malachi. Malachi was the prophet in the Old Testament who wrote about the coming of the Lord. Malach is also a variant of the name Malachy shared by St. Malachy, the 1st Irish saint. A trending boy name, it will inspire your baby boy to achieve great things in the future.

  • Oriel

Oriel means “golden” and is of Latin origin and a variant of Auriel in Hebrew. He is the archangel of earth. It’s a name that signifies a freedom-loving individual. A baby boy with this name will be inspired to become a tolerant and forgiving person when he grows up.

  • Raniel

Raniel means “God is my joy” and is of Hebrew origin and means “defender of God” in Arabic. Raniel is coined from Rani, which means “my joy.” A person with the name Raniel is someone who is dearly loved by others. A bay boy bearing this name will be visionary and growth-oriented.

  • Raziel

It’s an attractive choice for your baby boy’s name since it’s a good way to share your love for the Lord. It is of Aramaic origin, which means “the Lord is my secret.” The Book of Raziel in the Jewish faith claims that Raziel stood by God and wrote everything said to him.

  • Uriel

Uriel is of Hebrew origin, meaning “light of God.” Uriel is one of the seven archangels and is known as the angel of wisdom for shedding God’s light and truth. It’s a compelling choice if you want to give your baby boy a name that reflects the values of Archangel Uriel.

  • Zadkiel

Zadkiel is of Hebrew origin, which means “righteousness of the Lord” and “angel of mercy .”Zadkiel is the archangel that symbolizes freedom, benevolence, and faithfulness. Giving this name to your baby boy will inspire him to become compassionate. And will have a great deal of willpower and stability in his nature.

  • Zerachiel

Zerachiel means “God’s command” and is of Hebrew origin. Zerachiel is one of the archangels who leads souls for judgment. He is sometimes known as the angel of healing. Selecting this name for your baby boy conjures fairness and perseverance. It will inspire him to be resilient and modest in his life.

Unisex Names That Means Angel

Unisex Names That Means Angel

The arrival of the newest addition to the family is indeed heaven-sent. It is a great way to honor the baby’s birth by selecting angel names for your little cherub. It is the perfect option to impart similar qualities of these heavenly beings to your bundle of joy.

So why not go spiritual with these wonderful unisex angel baby names in our list for the little archangel of your life?

  • Anani

Anani is of Hebrew and Hawaiian origin, which means “divination” or “judgment.” It is also a shortened form of the name Ananiach, the son of Elioenai of the house of David in the Bible’s Book of Chronicles. A baby named Anani will grow to be able to influence others because of his warm and generous nature.

  • Ariel

Ariel means “lion of God,” and is of Hebrew origin. In the Jewish Bible, Ariel describes the holy city of Jerusalem. And while the meaning of this name is associated with a heavenly being, it also conjures up images of a Disney princess who followed her heart’s desire in the story The Little Mermaid. So, whether you love heavenly vibrations or a liking to a beautiful fairytale, Ariel would be a perfect name for your bundle of joy.

  • Barbelo

Barbelo is of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘angel of goodness.’ This angel helps humans to stand in integrity while incorporating prosperity. Barbelo indicates someone with a generous spirit and an optimistic person, a name you can bestow on your little love.

  • Celeste

Meaning ‘heavenly,’ it is of Latin origin. Celeste is an exclusive girl’s name in English-speaking countries, but in Italy and France, it is a unisex name. As the meaning suggests, Celeste evokes beauty and grandeur in your baby. It is exotic, lovely, and a name beyond infinity.

  • Chi

Chi is of African and Vietnamese origin, which means ‘personal guardian.’ In the African version, it refers to a type of guardian angel. In Vietnamese origin, Chi means ‘twig,’ which has something to do with inner strength. Assigning this name to your little Chi will encourage your child to always believe in their inner power.

  • Custodia

Meaning ‘angel’ and is of Spanish origin, Custodia signifies a heavenly messenger from God. This name conveys a highly charged personality attracting powerful ideas. The baby’s major strength is associated with intuition, one who can unite both the feminine and the masculine. Thus it is a perfect moniker to uplift your little bundle of joy.

  • Ethereal

Ethereal is of English origin, which means ‘heavenly’ The word ethereal implies a spirit-like lightness and perfection hence the name Ethereal. It is like you are on cloud nine, the feeling you have when you first lay your eyes on your little one., something that is magic and mysterious.

  • Halo

Halo means ‘divine aura’ or ‘a circle of holy light’ and is of English and Greek origins. Considered a name of virtue, Halo is a good choice if you want a name for your baby that reflects the angelic nature of your baby.

  • Hamiel

Hamiel is of Hebrew origin, which means ‘grace of God.’ In Jewish folklore, Hamiel is described as the angel of joy and is often regarded as one of the seven archangels. This name suggests that the child has a good sense of humor and is determined to reach his goal in life.

  • Infinity

Infinity means ‘endless’ and is of Native American origin. This name indicates a never-ending in time and space. A pleasant name for your little cherub, as he will likely achieve many things in life. A baby with this name will have a bright future ahead of him.

  • Jophiel

Jophiel is of Hebrew origin and means ‘God’s beauty.’ Jophiel is undeniably an attractive name. Baby Jophiel has religious ties and spiritual associations, making her an attractive choice for spiritual parents. It is not only a lovely name but also profound. It indicates a gift of gab and a bringer of positive thoughts.

  • Kamalani

Kamalani means ‘heavenly child’ or ‘royal child’ and is of Hawaiian origin. The name is composed of two elements, the “kama” meaning child, and the “lani,” which is heaven; thus, the name Kamali for a child means a gift from heaven. A baby with this name will be a mediator and peacemaker. The child will always be considerate towards other people.

  • Micah

Micah is of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘who is like God.’ It refers to the prophet in the Old Testament who anticipated that Jerusalem would fall. Micah embodies truth and justice, just like the namesake in the Bible. A name associated with humility, baby Micah will always believe in truth.

  • Vesper

Vesper is of Latin origin and means ‘evening star’ and ‘evening prayer’ or ‘evening song.’ Vesper comes from the Greek word verpero, meaning the evening star and the planet Venus. Baby Vesper represents determination and persistence, an eternal force anyone can lean on. Baby Vesper will always shine wherever they go.

  • Tien

Tien is derived from the Vietnamese word meaning ‘fairy spirit.’ The name Tien suggests an expressive child. This little one will enjoy the company of others, be very creative, and be career oriented.


Your baby’s great start in life begins with the name that you will give them. A beautiful name is one of the best gifts you can bestow to your little one, and they will always be thankful to you for that.

Selecting an angel baby name for your child reflects your inclination to the pure and divine spirit.

Giving your precious cherub a name associated with the miracle of being born into this world is such a virtuous deed. Whether you are a Christian, Jewish, or any faith you belong to, the magnitude of love, faith, hope, and inner strength are the angelic traits you would like your little one to absorb.

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