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35 Polynesian Girl Names For Pacific Islanders

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The native Hawaiian healer and author David J. Wallace says, “Naming children, places and objects is important since a name carries mana [the spiritual energy of power].” As parents, you know the absolute importance of being able to choose the best name for your little one. Finding the right name for your bundle of joy is something that must be given much thought, care, and love. And a dose of inspiration.

And when it comes to inspiration, Polynesian girl names are the most beautifully inspirational. Polynesian girl names roll prettily off the tongue, and are so melodious in their flow and cadence. They are full of loveliness and harmony. And they also carry with them strong, powerful meaning and depth.

The island of Hawaii is magical and enchanting, full of breathtaking scenery and rich culture. Just like the island, its names are likewise magical and enchanting — and would make for lovely name choices for your baby girl. For those whose heart belongs to the culture and the island and the traditions of Hawaii, or have grown up surrounded by the beauty and complexity of that very culture, or have fallen in love with the island, these Polynesian girl names are a wonderful way to honor the immense wonder of Hawaii.

35 Polynesian Girl Names For Pacific Islanders

35 Polynesian Girl Names For Pacific Islanders

Here are some Polynesian girl names that are sure to give you inspiration in your quest to find the perfect name for your baby girl.


Ailana is a good name choice for those who have fallen in love with Hawaii, which is one of the most favored and adored island destinations all across the globe. The name means “island” in Hawaiian. Some cute variations which can be used as nicknames for your little girl are Lana and Ali.


Ailani is a name that follows a trend which can be seen on many Hawaiian names — ending on an “-ni”. These kinds of names are all beautiful and special in their own right, and Ailani is no exception. The name Ailani means “chief” or “leader” in Hawaiian, and is a powerful and pretty name for your baby girl.


Akela is associated with quite a few languages as well as cultures, including Hawaiian. It is a sweet name which also carries with it a sweet meaning. Akela means “brightness” or “honorable”. Some have also said that the name can also mean “noble” or “lucky”. These are all wonderful meanings behind Akela.


Alohi may sound very familiar to a lot of people because it’s close to “Aloha”. But this name should not be confused with the word “Aloha” which is used as a greeting and when parting ways in Hawaiian. Alohi carries with is a lovely meaning. It means “shining” and “brilliant” in Hawaiian, and is a great name you can give your baby girl.


Anahera is a beautiful, feminine name of Maori origin. The name means “angel”. It sweetly rolls off the tongue, and its meaning connotes sweetness and beauty as well. This would be a nice choice of name for your gift from above.


According to Greek mythology, Alcmene was Hercules’ mother, and god Zeus was the father. She was in labor for seven nights and seven days when Hercules was about to be born. Now, this sounds like a powerful woman, isn’t it? This Greek name has the meaning of wrath and strength.


Alessia is the female version of the oh-so-powerful name Alexander that holds the meaning defender of man. A famous personality with this name is Alessia Cara. She was the first woman from Canada at the Grammys to take home the Best New Artist award.


Ayesha Farooq, the flight lieutenant from Pakistan, is the first female fighter pilot in that country to become ready for combat. This name has its roots in the Arabic language and comes with the meaning alive.


Baldey is an enigmatic name that comes from the country of Iceland. This powerful name holds the meaning of dangerous, bold, and strong. You can give this name to your baby girl if you want to see her grow courageous.


There is a star in the Orion constellation named Bellatrix. This name has become popular in recent times – thanks to the Harry Potter series, where the name of a villain character is Bellatrix Lestrange. It translates to warrior.


Elikapeka sounds very similar to a name that is beloved in many cultures and countries, “Elizabeth”. That is because this is indeed the Hawaiian form of the name “Elizabeth”. Elikapeka is likewise a popular Polynesian name, and it brings with it a lovely meaning. The name means “God is my abundance”.


Emalia is quite known as a Latin baby girl name. But it it also a common and popular Hawaiian name. Emalia is said to be a variation of the timeless name “Emily”, which is associated with the meaning “trying to equal or excel”. Emalia is a solid name choice for your little one who is born to succeed and do great things with her determination and dedication.


Iolana is a powerful Hawaiian baby name. The name means “to soar” or “soaring like a hawk” and is the perfect choice of name to give your little girl whom you know will soar new heights and achieve all their dreams.

  • IONA

Iona is a melodious, vowel-filled name that parents are sure to love when considering unique names made up mostly of vowels. Iona means “namesake” in Hawaiian, and brings with it a regalness and elegance. The name Iona is associated with Iona Skye, the actress who starred in the cult classic film Say Anything.

  • KAIA

Kaia is a name that perfectly embodies the paradise that is Hawaii. It is a lovely name that connotes wonder and beauty. The name Kaia is a variation of the Hawaiian Kai, which has a meaning of “sea”. And the name brings to mind sand on toes, calm blue seas, and tranquility.


Kaili is a great name that is gender-neutral and can be given to a baby girl or baby boy. It is a pretty name which also brings with it a sense of royalty and poshness because the name Kaili is associated with a deity. It’s very cute and at the same time has an elegance about it.


Kakalina is a name which just rolls beautifully off the tongue. It is derived from the beloved and timeless name “Katherine”. Kakalina means “pure and chaste” and is a gorgeous name to give your sweet little bundle of joy.

  • KALA

Kala is a winsome name that is actually a variation of an equally lovely classic name. Kala is the Hawaiian variation of the name “Sara”. Kala carries with it a meaning that embodies royalty and regalness. The name means “princess” and is the perfect name for the little princess of your heart.


Kalama is a unique name with a unique meaning. The word Kalama is considered to be the Polynesian form of the word “Karma”. But as a name, Kalama actually means “the torch” or the “endemic ebony” in Polynesian. It is said that in the name Kalama, the definite article is “Ka” and “lama” means “torch” or “endemic ebony”. It is definitely an unusual, sweet name.


Kamea is a name with a beautiful, heartfelt meaning. The name carries with it the lovely meaning of “one and only”. Kamea is a great choice for a name for your little bundle of joy who is meant to be the apple of your eye and the one who holds your heart. 


Keola is an adorable choice of name for your baby girl. It carries with it a deep, life-affirming meaning. Keola means “the live”, “the well-being”, and “the health”. It is a wondrous name you can give for the wonderful new life you’re welcoming into the world.


Kiana is a mesmerizing name with an equally stunning meaning, The name is the Hawaiian variation of the beloved name “Diana”. Kiana means “divine” and “heavenly”, and is an absolutely enchanting name choice for your little girl. No wonder it is among the top 50 names for baby girls in the Aloha State.


La’akea is a name which connotes purity and blessedness. It is a Polynesian name which is made of two elements. The first is “La’a” which means “sacred and devoted”. The second element is “Kea” which means “white or clear”. So La’akea as a name means “clear sacredness”. Its a wonderful name to give your perfect little blessing.


Leilani is a very charming, very pretty-sounding name. It is a name that combines two Hawaiian elements. The first element is “Lei” which means “wreath”. The second is “Lani” which means “heavenly”. Leilani is a divine name that you can give your heaven-sent bundle of joy. It is also said to be one of the most popular “quirky girl” names in some states. A variation of Leilani is the name Lani, which can be used as a nickname or can stand alone on its own as a name as well. In Hawaiian, Lani means “heavenly”, “sky”, and “royalty”.


Leinani may sound very, very similar to Leilani, and is spelled almost the same way. But it actually carries a very different, and equally lovely, meaning. Leinani comes from the word “Lei” meaning “wreath”. In the Polynesian name Leilani, the element “lei” has a meaning of “child” and “who is carried on the shoulders”. Leilani means “beautiful child” and is an excellent name choice for your beautiful baby girl.


Luana is a fun name that just connotes bright and happy feels. That’s because this lovely name actually also has a meaning that’s chock full of happiness. Luana means “enjoyment” in Hawaiian. It’s a joyful name you can give to your bundle of joy. It also lends itself to some very cute nickname choices, such as Lu, Lulu, and Ana.


Mahina is a mesmerizing, mysterious sounding name. It’s a sweet name that also has an enchanting, mysterious meaning. Mahina, in Hawaiian, means “moon”. Just like the moon, Mahina is a softly enchanting name you can give to your baby girl. It can also be paired with the Hawaiian word for “sun”, which is “La”. Mahina La is an adorable name combo for your little one.


Makana is a beautiful name you can give your baby girl. It carries with it a meaning that is so beautiful and so perfect for your bundle of joy. Makana means “gift” or “gift from God”. It is an amazing name choice for your biggest gift of all from above.


Malie is a name that is as tranquil, cool, and peaceful as it sounds. The name means “calm” or “tranquil” in Hawaiian, and it’s a very adorable sounding name too! Malie is a cute name you can give your little girl who gives you tranquility in your heart.

  • MELE

Mele is a mesmerizing name that comes with a beautiful meaning as well. Mele in Hawaiian means “poem” or “music”. It is literally one of the most poetic and melodious names you can gift the one that fills your life with beauty, melody, and prose. Mele is also a derivative of the classic name “Mary”, which means “beloved lady or our lady”.


Moana is among the most well-known and beloved Polynesian names in recent years. The name saw a huge rise in popularity after the Disney film of the same name was released a few years ago. It’s also got a very lovely meaning. Moana means “deep sea” or “ocean” in Hawaiian. It is said to also be derived from the Polynesian sea god. Moana is indeed a powerful, captivating name you can bestow on your little force of nature.


Nalani is a sweet-sounding name that is filled with power and divinity. The name is Hawaiian for “the heavens”. It also means “chief”. It’s an excellent choice of name for your baby girl who will grow up knowing that girls definitely rule the world, and girls are unstoppable forces to be reckoned with.


Noelani is a charming name with a heavenly meaning. The name carries with it the meaning of “heavenly mist”. Noelani is derived from the name Noel, which is a Latin name meaning “born on Christmas”. It’s a very pretty name that parents who adore Christmas can give to their heaven-sent little one.


Nohea is an enchanting baby name that is full of charm. The name means “lovely” in Hawaiian. It’s a unique name choice that will certainly leave a beautiful, lasting impression. Nohea is a wonderful name for your baby girl.


Oliana is another name that just is lovely to the ears. It is a mesmerizing Polynesian name, and it means “oleander”. Oliana is melodious and captivating, and it’s a good choice to name your baby.


Palila is a cute name that a little birdie gave us — literally! Palila in Hawaiian means “bird”. It flutters adorably off the tongue and is a sweet name to give your little girl, especially if you are a family of bird lovers. Palila also has a nice built-in nickname. It can be shortened to the equally pretty name Lila.


Pauhai is a name that packs a feisty, complex, beautiful punch. It means “fire is over,” and it is associated with the elements. Pauhai is a powerful name to give to your gorgeous little firecracker.

  • PUA

Pua is a cool name to give your bundle of joy. There’s something so appealing about names that have just three letters. They’re short and definitely sweet — and that describes Pua to perfection. Pua means “flower” and is a great, hip, trendy name choice for your blossoming baby girl.


Tamar is said to be a favorite girl’s name in Polynesia for the little girls who are born on the holiday they call Sukkoth. It is a powerful, vibrant name bestowed to baby girls born on Sukkoth holiday. Tamar is also the name of the daughter of King David and Absalom, who was admired for the “fair countenance” she showed. Tamar is also the name of an ancient Celtic river.


Waiola is a name that invokes visuals of the lovely blooms of the island. It is a floral-inspired baby name that means “violet flower”. Waiola is a beautiful Hawaiian name that you can give to your baby girl who like the Aloha State is also of great, enchanting beauty.

Unique Polynesian Girl’s Names

Unique Polynesian Girl's Names

If you are going to be a mother, then you would be eager enough for the rituals of your babies. The most important ritual after your baby’s arrival is Baptism, i.e., giving a name to your baby, which will show the connection with their heritage. As a parent, you always want to choose the best name for your little ones.

The names you give to your baby will emphasize their personalities. Hawaii is a magical island full of beautiful scenery. When it comes to Polynesian names, they are short, unique, and meaningful. As the names are so effective that they reflect the personalities of your little ones, so you should always be very careful while keeping the name of the babies.

Below, we are going to provide you with some unique names for your little ones which are short, meaningful, and melodious. They are full of loveliness and consonance. We are also providing the description of the names accordingly.

  • ALIE

This is a Polynesian-originated name. The meaning of the name “Alie” is “precious,” “noble,” or “defender of the people.” This name is derived from the Greek and Hawaiian name Alana, the old German name Alberta, Alice, and Alison, and the Greek name Alexandra. This name has roots in different cultures throughout history. This name will connect your little ones to their heritage.


The meaning of the name “Allinah” is “precious,” “bright,” or “shining.” This is a Polynesian-originated name. This name is related to the old German and Hawaiian name “Alana.” The babies having this name acquire leadership qualities in them. This name is mainly used in Greek, Gaelic, and French countries.


The meaning of the name “Keahi” is “flames” or “fire.” This is also a gender-neutral name and originates from Hawaii. Keahi is also used as the language of Hawaii. This name is mainly used in Hawaiian-speaking countries. The pronunciation of the name Keahi is Kay-ah-hee.


Aroha, which is a Maori-originated name, is unique and gender-neutral. The meaning of the name “Aroha” is “Love,” derived from the Hawaiian term “Aloha .”The meaning of Aroha can’t be contained in one word, although it involves all the five senses, including intellect. It is a warming name that gives romantic and musical essence.


The name “Kalia” originated in Hawaiian. It is a feminine name derived from the flowering tree “Kali’a,” native to Hawaii. The meaning of the name Kalia is “the beloved” or “the flower wreath.” This name comprises two elements: “Ka” and “li’a.” The meaning of the word “li’a” is “desire,” and the word “ka” means “the.” The word “li’a” forms the core foundation of the name Kalia.


Although the name is a feminine one, it is also used for boys, so it is a gender-neutral name. You can keep this name for any of your little ones, whether the baby is a girl or a boy. The meaning of the name is “the wind.”This name originates from Hawaii. It is a perfect nature-inspired name. It also symbolizes power and freedom, as it can not be controlled.


This is a Hawaiian-derived name, which has been created by adding two components or words in it, such as “Kai,” which means “sea,” and “lani,” which means “sky.” So the complete meaning of the name Khalani is “sky and sea.” This name has been inspired by nature and represents Hawaiian heritage and culture. This name reflects some personality traits such as creative, artistic, and balanced. It is a feminine name.

Cute Polynesian Girl Names

Cute Polynesian Girl Names

The cute names will bring cuteness to their personalities. As you all know, naming is an important ceremony because, through that ceremony, the new family member gets blessings from all the relatives, which helps to develop a bond and connection between the child and the family members. This ceremony also gives a sense of acknowledgment to all the family and friends about the arrival of the new member in the family.

The family performs two sorts of ceremonies on the baby’s name day: a candlelight ceremony or a water ceremony so that the godparents can lead and light the child’s footsteps throughout life.

We’ve compiled a list of cute names for your children that are short, meaningful, melodic, and full of affection. We’ve also included a brief summary of the names.


It is a Hawaiian-originated name. The meaning of the name “Oleen” is “joyous.” This feminine name is derived from the word “olian,” which originates in Hawaii. This name is already a popular surname in some countries, such as Scotland, Ireland, and England. This name is mainly used in American countries. If you like this name, you can also go with Olees, Olee, or Oleeta.


This is a feminine as well as gender-neutral name. The meaning of the name “Hawaii” is “place of the gods” or “homeland.” This name, “Hawaii,” is named after a figure named Hawai’iloa, known as the island’s discoverer and was of Hawaiian oral tradition. This name is of Hawaiian origin. Hawaiki is the traditional home of the Polynesians. This name will always connect your little ones with their native homeland.

  • LANI

Lani is a beautiful and cute name that means “Heaven,” “Sky,” “royal,” or “chief.” It is a feminine name from Filipino and Hawaiian origin. It is a short name that is easy to pronounce. The name also originates from India, Wales, and English-speaking countries. The name has different meanings from different origins. Lani also means “Angles from above” or “one who is heavenly’.


The meaning of the name Malia is “Calm,” “Serene,” or “Peaceful.” This name has Hebrew roots and is derived from the biblical name “Miriam.” This name originated in Hawaii. In the Bible, Moses’ sister Miriam was the leader of the Israelites in ancient Egypt. As we know, names always reflect the personality, so the baby’s name with Malia will have a calm personality, and the child will always be peaceful.


The meaning of the name Lannah is “Precious,” “Child,” or “awakening.” This name originated in Hawaii. It has been derived from two names, “Aleana” and the old German name “Alana.” This name was made famous by the glamorous actress Lana Turner. This name is an update of the classic Lana. It has also been derived from the Irish name “Alanna .”It is a feminine version of the name Alan.


It is a Hawaiian origin name, and the meaning of the name “Alaula” is “light of dawn” or “sunset glow.” This name is rarely given to a baby girl. They are confident and good healers. You can also think of names similar to it, such as Alaura, Alaude, Aula, Alauna, etc.


This name is of Pacific Islander origin. This name is used mostly in Hawaii. This name expresses deep love and affection with every call. The meaning of the name “Kaipo” is “sweetheart” or “darling.” Although it is a feminine name, it is also used for boys and is known as a gender-neutral name. The meaning of the name is romantic and cute in itself.


Choosing a name for your little one is a decision that needs to be well thought out and should come from the heart. Polynesian girl names are rich in culture, symbolism, and charm, and are so undeniably lovely. They are amazing name choices that can inspire you and instill your love of the island’s culture and beauty to your baby girl. That beauty and symbolism are things she will proudly carry with her all throughout.

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