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74 Goddess Names For Your Little Angel

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Let us first begin with the naming rules to follow.

  • The Name should sound good. Try saying it aloud a few times and listen to how it sounds to your ears.
  • Rare names are always preferred. You may not want to pick a name your child will share with many others in her class.
  • Write the name along with the middle and last name. Also, write down the initials. Then, check to see if any of these sounds funny.
  • And finally, pick a name that will age with your girl. The name should be suitable for a baby, a teenager, as well as on an adult lady.

Now you are aware of the nuances that go in naming a baby. So how about affirming and empowering your angel with the girl goddess names?

Girl Goddess Names

  • Aurora

Aurora means dawn in Latin. It is the name of the Roman goddess of morning.

  • Acantha

Acantha means prickle or thorn. It was what the nymph was called. She was Apollo’s beloved as per the Greek legends.

  • Althea

Althea is the goddess of compassion and healing. She is the one who inspires one and all to have trust in the triumph of goodness. She encourages all to be merciful and compassionate and to support one’s family and community.

Althea means to have healing powers, and the ethereal name has a poetic tinge in it.

  • Andromeda

Andromeda is the pretty daughter of King Cepheus and Queen Cassiope and belongs to Jopaa in Palestine. As per Greek mythology, Andromeda’s sacrifice was the only thing that would have appeased the gods, which is why she was chained to a rock and left there to be devoured by a monster.

The name Andromeda means to advise a man. She is believed to have turned into a constellation just like her own mother.

  • Artemis

Artemis is the goddess of the hunt, wild animals, vegetation, childbirth, and chastity. The Romans identified her as Diana.

Artemis was the daughter of Leto and Zeus and was the twin sister of Apollo. She was a virgin deity who used to rule over the wilderness. The goddess is also linked to fertility and was called on when women were giving birth to a child.

The name Artemis has a trendy and upbeat vibe to it, making it a rare find.

  • Alala

In Greek mythology, Alala was the goddess of the war cry. She was Polemose’s daughter, who was the war demon. It is believed that as soon as the war began, soldiers used to cry out her name. The name has a celebrity feel to it and could be a perfect baby girl name.

  • Aphrodite

Aphrodite is the goddess of love celebrated in ancient Greece. She is the ancient Greek goddess who symbolized beauty and sexual love and identified the Romans as Venus. Aphrodite was also believed to be the goddess of fertility and used to preside over marriage. The name is firm, and so you may want to choose it carefully.

  • Aura

Aura is the goddess of breeze. She is fresh and cool, like in the early mornings. Aura was a huntress who took pride in her maidenhood. Aura is related to Aurai, the nymph of the breeze.

  • Ariadne

Ariadne was the wife of Dionysos, the wine god. She was immortal. There are several versions of the story. Some say that the goddess Artemis slew her. Others say that she ascended to the Olympos as an immortal along with her husband.

The name Ariadne means the one who is the holiest. The name can be an exclusive pick for your baby girl.

  • Arete

Arete is the Greek goddess who symbolized knowledge and virtue. Therefore, she is associated with anything in Greek that denotes excellence.

The name is a perfect choice for parents looking for attractive qualities like courage, knowledge, and excellence in their baby’s name. In addition, the name is subtle, making it an excellent find for your baby girl.

  • Anthea

Anthea is the goddess of the floral wreaths and the flower. The name Anthea is also the other name of the goddess Hera who was the Olympus queen. In ancient Greece, Anthea was a symbol of spring and was used in many poetic verses. The name Anthea is used in modern times as well.

  • Asia

Asia is the daughter of Oceanus, who is the sea god. No one knows if there is a link between the name of the goddess and the continent, but most parents adore the name. The name does fly high on the list because of its ease of spelling and straightforward pronunciation.

  • Asteria

Asteria is the daughter of Coeus and Phoebe and is the sister of Leto. She gave birth to a girl named Hecate, who is the goddess of witchcraft. She is the Titaness of the nocturnal oracles and the falling stars.

  • Atalanta

Atalanta is a goddess from Greek mythology. She is a swift huntress who took part in the boar hunt organized by the Calydonian. She is the one who drew the first blood and was awarded the head and the hide of the boar. Meleager was deeply in love with her.

Atalanta, the mythological figure, is known for her aggressive personality and incredible beauty, a personality that every mother would want in her baby daughter. However, Atalanta was so strong-headed and independent that she decided to marry only the one who could beat her in the footrace.

Atalana is an ideal choice for your baby girl who will grow up to be confident, just like the goddess she is named after.

  • Athena

Athena or Athene is the goddess of handicraft and war and who handles practical things in life. She is the goddess of civilization, courage, wisdom, justice, and the law. Athena has a strong influence on Greek mythology, which is also the reason why the Greek capital is named Athens.

  • Astraea

The daughter of Eos and Astraeus, Astraea is the virgin goddess of purity, innocence, justice, and precision. Astraea means the starry night or the star maiden. If Astraea feels a little hard to spell, then tweak the spelling to Astrea and Astria.

  • Aegle

Aegle is a Greek goddess worshipped for good health. She is the daughter of Asclepius and Epione and was totally devoted to helping her father. The moniker is fancy, which also makes it an attractive choice for your angels’ name.

  • Aaradhya

If you like names of Indian origin, you may want to go for the name Aaradhya. It has a melodious vibe to it and has a certain sweetness that you can’t miss. It translates to β€œto worship.” Also, some say that it carries the meaning of the daughter of God.

  • Aditi

Aditi is a short name that has a cuteness to it. If Hindu mythology is to be believed, there is a Vedic goddess who has the name, Aditi. Also, she is the goddess of unconsciousness, earth, and sky. It holds the meaning of innocent or boundless in the Sanskrit language.

  • Aglaea

The Greek God Jesus has three daughters. One of them has the name Aglaea. Greek mythology says Aglaea is the goddess of beauty, magnificence, glory, and splendor.

  • Alectrona

If you are looking for a name that sounds magnificent and has a certain weight to it, you can choose the name Alectrona for your baby girl. This is the name of a Greek goddess who also happens to be the goddess of the sun.

  • Alethea

If you want your little sunshine to be a truthful and noble person when she grows up, you can give her the name Alethea. A Greek goddess has this name. She is the goddess of truth. It carries the meaning of truth in the Latin language.

  • Bellona

Bellona is the Roman goddess of war, and she is compared to Mars. The name comes from the word Ballare in Latin, which means to fight.

  • Cardea

Cardea is a Roman goddess who is worshiped for change and thresholds.

  • Calliope

Calliope is a muse who presides over epic poetry and eloquence. She is a goddess who is known for her melodic voice.

The name reflects creativity and boldness.

  • Calypso

Calypso is a nymph, and she is the daughter of Atlas. The name means the one who hides. It is believed that Calypso lived in the Ogygia island where she had detained Odysseus for seven long years, not allowing him to return home. Calypso is an immortal goddess, and the name has a dramatic punch in it.

  • Cassandra

Cassandra means a prophetess in the Greek language. The name is that of a Trojan princess who got the prophecy gift from Apollo. The name is terrific to choose. You may nickname her Sandy or Sandra.

  • Cassiopeia

Cassiopeia is a Greek mythological mother who later turned into a constellation. She is the wife of King Cepheus and the Aethiopian queen. The name is unique, which could be a great reason to bestow this moniker on your angel.

  • Clio

Clio is a mythological muse who was featured in history and poetry. The name is cute and charming that is easy on the tongue. The name means glory, which could be an apt selection for your baby girl.

  • Cybele

Cybele is a mistress who controls the wild nature. She is also the goddess of fertility. She is a healer and protector in times of war. The mythological figure Cybele draws her roots both from Greece and France. She is the mother of all the gods. It’s a beautiful name with a very impactful meaning which could be the perfect name for your baby girl.

  • Cynthia

Cynthia is the goddess or the woman from Kynthos. The name, however, was initially an epithet of Artemis, the Greek goddess.

  • Concordia

Concordia is the Roman goddess who is worshiped for harmony and peace.

The word Concordia means harmony. It is a girl goddess name that does sound very special.

  • Diana

Diana is the Roman goddess of childbirth, moon, and forest. It means heavenly.

  • Daphne

Daphne is not one of the prominent figures in Greek mythology. Instead, she is a naiad, a variety of nymphs associated with the wells, fountains, streams, springs, and brooks. The name in Greek means the bay tree or the laurel tree.

  • Delia

Delia means to be born on Delos Island. She is an epithet of Artemis, who is the moon goddess. The name comes from the Greek island of Delos, which was where Apollo and Artemis lived. Delia is charming.

It is also the name of a screenwriter and novelist, Delia Ephron.

  • Demeter

Demeter is the Greek goddess of fertility, grain, and harvest. She is one among the twelve Olympian gods that live on mount Olympus. Demeter is the goddess of harvest and is thus important for the peasants and the farmers of Greece.

She is the sister of Zeus and the mother of Persephone. The name is not one of the famous Greek mythological names to name your baby girl with, which could be reason enough to choose this name for your baby girl.

  • Echo

Echo is a nymph who loved Narcissus, which caused her to fade away until she was left with no voice of hers. The name is unusual, but it does sound cool.

  • Eos

Short and crisp, the name Eos means the dawn in Greek. She personifies the dawn. She is believed to be the daughter of Titan Hyperion and Titaness Theia and the sun god Helios and the moon goddess Selene.

The name is ancient but charms modern parents because of its subtleness.

  • Felicitas

The goddess Felicitas is worshiped for good luck. This Roman goddess name can be an excellent choice for your baby girl.

  • Flora

Flora comes from flos, which in Latin means flower. Flora is the Roman goddess of the flower. She is also the wife of the god of the west wind, Zephyr.

  • Gaia

Gaia is the Earth goddess and is the mother of all life on earth.

  • Halcyon

The goddess Halcyon or Alcyone in Greek is the daughter of Aeolus, who is the ruler of the wind. Halcyon means a kingfisher bird which is a mythical bird that is mentioned in Greek mythology. The name fits the bill if you are in search of something unique.

  • Hebe

Hebe is the goddess of youth. She is the daughter of Zeus and Hera. The name finds its place in modern families ready to choose something bold for their baby girl.

  • Hera

Hera is worshiped as the marriage goddess and the life of a woman. In addition, she is the protector and the queen of the Greek god.

  • Hersilia

Hersilia is a Sabine woman who is the wife of Romulus. She is known to have ended the war between the Sabines and Rome.

  • Hermione

Hermione means earthly and messenger in Greek. Hermione is the daughter of Queen Helen and Spartan King Menelaus.

The name Hermione got its much deserved attention after J.K. Rowling used the name in her Harry Potter series.

  • Hero

In ancient Greek mythology, Hero was the name of a demigoddess. The name is female. Hero loved Leander, who used to swim across the water to meet her each night.

  • Hestia

Hestia is the virgin goddess of hearth ordering from domesticity, family, home, and the state. She is also the first child of Rhea and Titans Cronus. Hestia means the fireside and hearth, and she is the goddess of chastity. If you want something unheard of, then this name should work.

  • Ianthe

Ianthe means a flower, a purple flower and is the daughter of Oceanus, who is the sea ruler. She was born to a Cretan lady who was so pretty that the gods grew purple flowers all around her grave when she died.

Ianthe has a poetic flair to it which may appeal to you.

  • Irene

Irene means peace and is the middle name of Serene Irene, who is an ancient goddess. She is the peace goddess and one of the well-known figures in Greek mythology. Irene is also worshiped as the goddess of spring.

  • Iris

Iris is the rainbow goddess and the Olympia gods’ messenger. She is described as the messenger of Hera and Zeus and used to ride the rainbow from Olympus to earth. She is a virgin goddess. Celebrities love this name which is the reason why the name is so popular.

Iris Murdoch is a British novelist who is a famous namesake.

  • Juno

The god of money, Juno, is the queen of the heavens. She is also the wife of Jupiter, as per Roman mythology.

  • Juventas

Juventas is the Roman goddess of youth.

  • Kore

Kore or Persephone means maiden. She is the daughter of Zeus. As per legend, Kore was a gorgeous lady who attracted many gods to her. So Hades married her and made her the goddess who ruled the underworld.

  • Leda

Leda means happy, and she is the mother of the Helen of Troy. Leda was a beautiful woman, and this Aetolian princess later became a Spartan queen.

  • Minerva

Minerva is the goddess of war and wisdom. The name means intellect. You cannot go wrong with this name.

  • Maia

Maia means mother. She is the daughter of Atlas in Greek mythology. In Roman mythology, Maia is the earth’s incarnation, and she is worshiped as the spring goddess. So if your daughter was born in the spring month, this is just the name to gift her.

  • Nephele

Nephele means cloudy, and Zeus created the name from the clouds.

  • Nona

Nona is the goddess of pregnancy. The name means ninth, which denotes the nine months of pregnancy.

  • Nyx

Nyx is the Greek goddess who personifies the night. She is a shadowy figure who stood right from the start till the end of creation. She mothered the deities, namely Hypnos or sleep, Thanatos or death, and Erebus or darkness. The name is trendy and fresh, making it apt as a lovely lady’s name.

  • Pallas

Pallas is the goddess of wisdom and art. The name is stylish and a hit among art-loving parents.

  • Pandora

Pandora is a calamitous mythological figure, and the name means to be all gifted. It is believed that Pandora let her curiosity get better, and then she opened a forbidden box, which ended up unleashing the evils into the world.

Pandora is a beautiful but rare name which could be what you were looking for.

  • Pax

Pax is the goddess who is worshiped for peace. The goddess is a Roman mythology figure.

  • Proserpina

Proserpina is a Roman goddess, and the name means to emerge.

  • Penelope

Penelope is a weaver, and the mythical figure was taken care of by a duck. Once she grew up and reached the marriage age, she pretended to weave as if waiting for her husband’s return. She did this so she could scare away the suitors.

  • Phoebe

Phoebe is the goddess of hunting and the goddess of the moon. The name means the shining and the radiant one.

However, the name Phoebe did get a lot of attention after it was used as a character’s name in the famous English series, friends.

  • Rhea

Rhea is associated with fruitfulness, and she is also worshiped because of her affinity with Gaea, the goddess of earth, and Cybele, who is the mother of all the gods.

The name means a flowing stream, and this is the name of the earth’s mother too.

Rhea Perlman, who is an author and actress, is a celebrity who is a namesake.

  • Silvia

Silvia is a feminine of Silvius. She is the mother of Remus and Romulus. Silvia is the goddess of the forest.

  • Salacia

Salacia comes from the word Sal in Latin, which means salt. She is the Roman goddess of saltwater.

  • Selene

Selene is the goddess of the moon. She is the sister of Helios, who is the god of the sun. Selene is original, though Selena, the Latin version is more popular.

  • Victoria

It is doubtful that you have not come across the name Victoria. She is a Roman goddess who signifies victory. The name is feminine of Victorious, and if you want your daughter to succeed in every endeavor of her life, then this is the name for her.

  • Vesta

Vesta is the Roman goddess of the hearth.

  • Venus

Venus is the Roman love goddess. She is the Roman of the Greek goddess Aphrodite. The name is familiar but elegant and a classic selection for a baby girl name.

  • Xanthe

Xanthe is an epithet of the goddess of agriculture and harvest, Demeter. It means yellow or golden. The name is a bold one which also makes it rare. Xanthe was usually a name kept on blonde girls.


Naming your baby is not something to be taken lightly. She will carry the name all her life. As per studies, a name carves the person’s first image. Naming a child is thus a responsibility. If you have narrowed down the choice to a special meaning or category, then it gets easy.

Browse through our list of girl goddess names. We have curated some of the best names hoping that you find the moniker that you deem perfect for your little angel.

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