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55 Coolest Short Baby Girl Names With Meaning

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If you’re expecting or have just had a baby, first of all, congratulations are in place! A newborn brings you more to cheer and be happy about, yet it also comes with forthcoming responsibilities. To each parent, their baby, whether a boy or a girl, is the most precious child in the world. Your first responsibility towards the new addition to your family is to come up with the best possible name for him or her. In this article, we’re sharing some of the coolest short girl names for you to consider for your newborn daughter.

When selecting from the coolest short girl’s names list, you would want to pick the name you, as parents, and your daughter will be proud of for times to come. All the names on our elite list are super cool and quirky, yet you should pick the one that sounds best to you for your baby girl. The meanings next to each name should provide the essential make or break information for your important decision.

Why are the short names on our list so cool:

  1. These names don’t have to be further abbreviated by others.
  2. As a parent, you don’t have to spend additional time and energy looking for a suitable nickname.
  3. The girls’ short names we’ve selected are quirky, cool, and short enough to balance most long surnames.

We’re sure each contender on our selection of short girl names sounds super cool when you try saying it.

There are tonnes of baby names to choose from out there. In this article, we’ve narrowed down to the top 50 coolest short baby girl names and shared their meanings.

50 Coolest Short Baby Girl Names with Meanings

Here’s a peek at some cool short name for baby girls. Enjoy picking one for your precious little angel.

  • Ada

Origin: German, Hebrew

Meaning: “Adornment” and “noble, nobility.”

Cool Fact(s):  Ada is a shorter variant of the old-fashioned name from the Middle Ages, Adelaide. Today, it’s among the most charming short girl names, with a contemporary-cool feel.

  • Anais

Origin: French, Persian

Meaning: “Graceful.”

Cool Fact(s): Anais is not pronounced mayonnaise! Rather, it’s pronounced Ahn-ay-ees or Ahn-a-yees, in a cool French tone. According to some, it is derived from the Persian Goddess of fertility and healing, Anahita.

  • Aliz

Origin: Greek, Hungarian

Meaning: “Sweet,” and “noble.”

Cool Fact(s):  Aliz is the Hungarian version of Alice with a simplified and exotic, henceforth cool twist. The ‘z’ in the end makes it a unique yet classic girls’ name.

  • Ari

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “Lion,” and “Lion of God.”

Cool Fact(s):  Ari (diminutive variation of Ariel) is a unisex name, but it’s way cooler (and more popular) as a girls’ name. A Lion is a symbol of courage, power, and royalty. In Christianity and most other faiths, God is the highest among royalty.

  • Ash

Origin: English

Meaning: “Ash tree” 

Cool Fact(s):  Ash is a shorter, cooler version of the respected name Ashley. If you’ve got a long last name, preceding it with these three letters will be an incredible decision while naming your baby girl.

  • Ava

Origin: German, Hebrew, and Latin. 

Meaning: “Life,” or “birdlike and lively.”

Cool Fact(s): Ava is a cool variant of Eve, Aveline, or Evelyn. The name is short, sweet, unique, and meaningful. It’s a popular name in England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Actress Ava Gardner can be credited for a reason behind this name’s popularity.

  • Aya

Origin: Japanese

Meaning: “Beautiful” or “colorful.”

Cool Fact(s): Besides the above Japanese meanings of the name Aya, in Hebrew, the name means “bird” or “to fly,” and in Arabic, it means “wonderful.” With such global recognition and admiration, no wonder this is such a cool name to consider.

  • Ange

Origin: French

Meaning: Angel

Cool Fact(s): It is the French version of the English name Angelus. You can also use it as a nickname if your baby girl’s name is Angela.

  • Anne

Origin: French

Meaning: Favor and grace

Cool Fact(s): Anne is a very popular name in all the countries of Europe. Also, it is a Frisian name for boys, which started as a nickname but then became the first name.

  • Aud

Origin: Norwegian

Meaning: Fortune and wealth

Cool Fact(s): This musical and elegant short name for girls is the Norwegian version of the Ancient Scandinavian moniker Auðr. It is associated with Odette, a French name; Odelia, a Hebrew name and Otis, an English name.

  • Bast

Origin: Egyptian

Meaning: Jar

Cool Fact(s): According to Egyptian mythology, Bast was worshipped as the goddess of cats, dogs, and fertility. She was the savior of Lower Egypt. She is also known as Bastet. And the meaning of this long version of the name is “she of the ointment jar.”

  • Bea

Origin: English

Meaning: Traveler and voyager

Cool Fact(s): You can use Bea as the short form of the name Beatrix. Also, you can use it as the short version of the name Beata, which holds the meaning of “blessed.”

  • Belle

Origin: French

Meaning: “Beautiful”

Cool Fact(s): Belle is a pretty French name pronounced as “Bell.” Belle was the name of the heroine in ‘Beauty and the Beast.’ It’s a rage among short girl names for being a short name with great positive vibes.

  • Bess

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “Oath of God” or “God is satisfaction.”

Cool Fact(s): In the Old Testament, Elizabeth was a bearer of this name. She was the mother of John the Baptist and the earliest bearer of the name Queen Elizabeth II. Bess, from the Hebrew Elisheba, has been famous in England since the 16th century, wherein its English translation is “God is bountiful” or “God of plenty.”

  • Blue

Origin: English

Meaning: “The color blue.”

Cool Fact(s): Blue connotes a royal girl who is gentle and soft-spoken. Blue is among the coolest colors and also refers to the blue sky. It was an unusual color name when Beyonce and Jay-Z decided to name their baby girl Blue Ivy. Still, ever since that, it’s no longer unusual.

  • Bo

Origin: Old Norse

Meaning: “To live.”

Cool Fact(s): The tiny yet punchy name Bo also means waves in Chinese. A name can’t get shorter than this. So go ahead, select this name to balance that very long last name.

  • Birdie

Origin: English

Meaning: “Bird”

Cool Fact(s): Birdie is a charming bird name for girls. Some like to spell it, Byrd, for that extra touch of uniqueness. A bird represents freedom, love, life, and a lot more, which is why this is a cool choice among short girl names.

  • Brynn

Origin: Welsh

Meaning: “Hill”

Cool Fact(s): You could spell it Bryn (that’s one less ’n’), but Brynn is more popular. The name Brynn is more prevalent in the U.S. than anywhere else in the world.

  • Cher

Origin: French

Meaning: “Beloved”

Cool Fact(s): Contrary to popular belief that there is only one Cher — Cherilyn Sarkisian, an Armenian American singer, actress; the name Cher (meaning ‘beloved’ or ‘dear one’) has been adopted by more people than you may think. It’s glamourous, it’s funky, and it’s unique — one of the coolest short girl names you don’t need to think twice about!

  • Cia

Origin: Latin, Greek, and Scandinavian.

Meaning: “Light” and “Wisdom.”

Cool Fact(s): Cia is a beautiful short name for girls’. It’s a shorter version of Lucia’s Latin name, the Greek name Cynthia, and the Scandinavian variants Kristina (diminutive Kia) and Sophia (diminutive Sia).

  • Coco

Origin: American

Meaning: “Chocolate bean” or “Cocoa.”

Cool Fact(s): Chocolate is made from Cocoa beans. Coco, derived from Cocoa, is not only an ingredient for sweet chocolate delicacies, it’s also sweet sounding. This is one of the cutest names, which is why it’s so cool for your little angel!

  • Cora

Origin: Ancient Greek

Meaning: “Heart” or “filled heart.”

Cool Fact(s): The attractive name Cora is another name for the Greek Goddess Persephone. Your baby girl ‘Cora’ is soft and sweet with an abundant heart. She also possesses leadership skills like no other; thus, this gorgeous name with endless appeal.

  • Dawn

Origin: Old English

Meaning: “First appearance of light, daybreak.”

Cool Fact(s): The dawning of light represents “the start of happiness,’ or “a fresh new beginning.” This name was derived from the Anglo-Saxon again.

  • Dell

Origin: Old German, Old English

Meaning: “Noble and kind”

Cool Fact(s):  Dell, an Old German origin name, is another version of the name ‘Adelaide.’ The English origin name Dell is derived from the Old English world Del, which means “small valley or glen.”

  • Elle

Origin: French

Meaning: “She”

Cool Fact(s):  Elle is a chic name that’s topping the charts of popular girls’ names. The name Elle itself means “she,” which means it’s as feminine as a name can be. That’s what makes this a cool short girl name.

  • Elsa

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “God’s promise” or “God is my oath.”

Cool Fact(s):  Elsa is the short and modern version of the name Elizabeth. This cool short name has been gaining popularity lately. One of the main characters in Disney’s Frozen is named Elsa.

  • Emma

Origin: English, French, and German

Meaning: “Universal, complete, and whole.”

Cool Fact(s): Names similar to Emma include ‘Emily’ and ‘Emmy.’ Famous namesakes include Emma Thompson and Emma Watson. This name’s popularity has been on the rise, especially in Europe, the United States, and Australia.

  • Erin

Origin: Irish (Celtic)

Meaning: “From the island to the west,” “Peace,” or “Ireland.”

Cool Fact(s): Erin is the Irish name’s poetic version and place name, Ireland. Erin has some alternative names, for example -Maeve and Delaney, but Erin is relatively shorter, sweeter, and cooler.

  • Esme

Origin: Persian and French

Meaning: “emerald,” “beloved,” and “esteemed.”

Cool Fact(s): Esme is a unique name that also means “to love,” in Old French. This stylish name rolls off the tongue quite easily due to its cool French pronunciation — EHZ-may.

  • Etta

Origin: English

Meaning: “estate ruler”

Cool Fact(s): Although Etta is a stand-alone first name of English origin, it is often the short form of Italian names like Henrietta and Rosetta. Originally, it was an Italian feminine diminutive suffix.

  • Faith

Origin: Latin

Meaning: “Belief, trust, and confidence” 

Cool Fact(s): Faith is a beautiful name for your lovely newborn girl. Belief, trust, and confidence are the ingredients for hope and ultimate success. Naming your daughter with such a meaningful name is the best gift parents can ever give.

  • Fawn

Origin: French, English

Meaning: “Young deer” 

Cool Fact(s): Fawn, meaning “young deer,” is derived from the name “Fauna.” In Greek mythology, Fauna was the deity of fertility and nature. This is a beautiful name, not only because of its short and soothing spellings but also for what a young deer symbolizes — gentleness and grace in life.

  • Faye

Origin: English

Meaning: “Fairy” 

Cool Fact(s): As per the Bible, the meaning of the word Faye is “a form of faith.” Going by the French meaning of this short girls’ name, the word Faye means “loyalty; belief.” Any which way you look at it — fairy, faith, or belief — it’s a pretty name with nothing but positive vibes.

  • Fleur

Origin: French

Meaning: “Flower”

Cool Fact(s): Flowers are symbolic of love, desire, purity, innocence, and many other positive emotions. It would be odd to call your baby girl ‘Flower,’ so why not name her the French version of this pretty name? No wonder this name is currently ranked number 21 in Holland. Another cool variant of this attractive name is ‘Flora’.

  • Gia

Origin: Italian

Meaning: “Gracious gift” 

Cool Fact(s):  Gia is the short form of the name ‘Gianna’. Gianna is a diminutive of Giovanna (the feminine form of Giovanni). Famous bearers of the elegant name — Gia — are the daughters of Matt Damon and Mario Lopez.

  • Grace

Origin: Latin

Meaning: “Thanks or favor”

Cool Fact(s):  Grace is derived from the Latin word for grace, ‘gratia’. Some exotic variations of this name include names like Engracia or Graziella. A popular nickname of Grace is Gracie, although it’s technically longer. Grace is a pure virtue name that stands for “the love and kindness to God.”

  • Gwen

Origin: Welsh

Meaning: “Holy” or “white circle.”

Cool Fact(s): Gwen sounds cool, short, and a bit quirky as a stand-alone name. It was derived as a short form of Gwendolen and Gwendolyn. It has alternatives that include ‘Gwenda’, ‘Gwenaelle’, and ‘Gwenno’.

  • Haven

Origin: English

Meaning: “Safety” or “place of shelter.” 

Cool Fact(s): Haven Garner Warren is Jessica Alba and Cash Warren’s daughter’s name. The trending name ‘Haven’ appeals mostly to parents that would like to name their daughter a name closest in meaning and sound to “Heaven”.


  • Hazel

Origin: Old English

Meaning: “The color hazel” or “the hazelnut tree.”

Cool Fact(s): Actress Julia Roberts named one of her twins Hazel. This perfect name is a natural name that comes from the hazelnut tree. In history, protection and authority were best symbolized by a “wand of hazel.”

  • Hope

Origin: English

Meaning: “Desire” or “wish.”

Cool Fact(s): This optimistic Puritan favorite is a cool and trendy name fast gaining popularity. It’s a virtuous name that is one of those classy names that are sure to stand the test of time.

  • Ida

Origin: German

Meaning: “Work” or “labor” or “industrious one.”

Cool Fact(s): The name Ida is derived from the German word ‘id’ that means “work” or “labor.” It’s hugely popular in Scandinavian countries, where its pronunciation is EE-da. In Greek mythology, ‘Mount Ida’, on Crete, is perceived as the birthplace of the God Zeus. The history, meanings, and sound of this cute girls’ name make it a pretty cool pick!

  • Isla

Origin: Scottish, Spanish

Meaning: “Island”

Cool Fact(s): Isla is a popular name in the United States, England, Wales, and the place it originated from, Scotland. Harry Potter’s character, Isla Black Hitchens, has contributed to popularizing this name further.

  • Iva

Origin: Czech, Italian, Slavic, Old English, and Hebrew

Meaning: “God is gracious”

Cool Fact(s): Iva is the shorter version of Slavic names ‘Ivana’, ‘Ivanka’, or ‘Ivka’. The name Iva is the feminine variation of ‘Ivan’. Having multiple origins, this catchy name is an excellent choice if you’re going through short girl names for the perfect pick for your little princess.

  • Ivy

Origin: English

Meaning: “Climbing Vine plant” or “faithfulness.”

Cool Fact(s): In ancient Greek times, an Ivy wreath was presented to a newly married couple as a symbol of fidelity. The flower Ivy represents faithfulness. Overall, Ivy is a quirky and energetic name that is the perfect choice for parents looking for a short, cool name for their newborn daughter.

  • Jazz

Origin: American

Meaning: “Jazz is a style of music.”

Cool Fact(s): The name Jazz is a unisex name, as music has no boundaries. This cool musical choice for a name is also considered a shorter version of Jasmine and Jazlyn. This name is a perfect choice if you’re looking for a short musical name for your baby girl.

  • Kai

Origin: Hawaiian, Japanese, and Scandinavian.

Meaning: “Sea, forgiveness, or earth.”

Cool Fact(s): Kai is a short name of multiple origins. Its Hawaiian meaning is “sea,”

in Japanese, it means “forgiveness,” and finally, its Scandinavian meaning is “earth.”

This unique short name for girls’ is the perfect pick for parents looking for a multicultural name.

  • Lake

Origin: English

Meaning: “Body of water.”

Cool Fact(s): Lake is a short, unique, and pretty natural name-inspired. Lake has many positive connotations setting it apart from other bodies of water. For instance, a Lake is calm compared to the seas. Calmness is a positive trait, and so, this is an incredible name for your little angel.

  • Lark

Origin: English

Meaning: “Songbird” 

Cool Fact(s): For parents searching for a nice nature-related name for their newborn girl, Lark is an incredible choice. A Lark is a cheery bird. Moreover, the word’ Lark’ is a synonym for a merry time.

  • Meg

Origin: English, Greek

Meaning: “Pearl”

Cool Fact(s): Because your baby girl is as precious as a beautiful pearl in the ocean, this name is the ideal choice for her. Like a ‘Ruby’, this is the name of a Jewel. It’s an incredibly fashionable single-syllable name that further has two-syllable variations like Perle and Perla.

  • Mia

Origin: Italian, Spanish, and Scandinavian.

Meaning: “Mine or bitter” 

Cool Fact(s): Mia is a short form of the Hebrew name ‘Maria’. In these modern times, Mia is an admirable stand-alone short name that once was popular as a nickname for names like Amelia, Emilia, and Miriam.

  • Opal

Origin: Sanskrit

Meaning: “Jewel or gem” 

Cool Fact(s): Like Ruby and Pearl, Opal is the preferred jewel name choice for naming baby girls’. According to Greek mythology, upon defeating the Titans, Zeus’ tears of joy resulted in opals’ creation.

  • Paris

Origin: French

Meaning: “The capital city of France” 

Cool Fact(s): As the capital city of France, Paris possesses vibrancy through the characteristics it’s most known for, including being a fashion hub, full of life and energy, multicultural, and free. Many people name their baby girl Paris because of the sheer beauty of the city. Popular namesakes include socialite Paris Hilton and late singer Michael Jackson’s daughter.

  • Plum

Origin: Old English, German

Meaning: “Someone living by a plum tree.”

Cool Fact(s): Plum is a rich, fruit name made famous by bearer Plum Sykes — a British novelist. This is a short, quirky, and tangy-sweet name, that’s why it’s so cool for your beautiful daughter! Furthermore, according to popular belief, the name ‘Plum’ is named after someone living by a plum tree.

  • Vera

Origin: Latin, Russian

Meaning: “True” and “Faith.”

Cool Fact(s): The name ‘Vera’ has been consistently rising in popularity. Like the olden days’ names Ada and Iris, Vera has been on a revival path. Its popularity hasn’t seen a single faze of decline in the last three decades. This quirky, feminine name is a beautiful choice for naming your baby girl.

  • Xena

Origin: Greek, Ukrainian

Meaning: “Hospitable,” “Welcoming,” or “guest.”

Cool Fact(s): As per a popular TV show, Xena was a reformed warrior princess who fought evil all around. Fighting evil and staying on the path of good are instructions for life and success. Xena is a cool name, not just for sounding heroic, but for being a constant reminder to the bearer to remain on the path of righteousness.

Summing Up

These were some cute, simple, and easy-to-pronounce baby girl names that are also super cool. We are certain these suggestions will help you find the most suitable name for your little princess!

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