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50 Evil, Vampire and Demon Boy Names

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Babies are bringers of happiness and love. They are little bundles of joy and big, big blessings. They’re all light and sweetness… But their names don’t need to be that way! 

It may be nontraditional and unconventional, and may raise a few eyebrows, but evil boy names are actually a minefield of inspiration when choosing a name for your baby boy. These vampire boy names or demon boy names or evil boy names may come from dark lore or may have wicked, devilish meanings. But you can also choose to see them as interesting, unique, and complex choices that can help give your little bundle of joy a name that everyone will surely remember.

Take away the stigma, and evil boy names are powerful names that will definitely leave a mark! Come to the dark side — when it comes to finding the perfect name for your baby boy, at least! Remember, just because a name is considered “evil” doesn’t mean the bearer will be the same way! Rather, it can be a reminder for them to not stray from the path of good… while carrying a cool, delightfully wicked monicker!

50 Evil, Vampire, and Demon Boy Names

50 Evil, Vampire, and Demon Boy Names

Evil boy names. Vampire boy names. Demon boy names. These names are so deliciously devilish, and will help you find the perfect unconventional and unforgettable name for your baby boy!


Aamon is a name that can be found in demonology. It is said to be the name of a Marquis of Hell and also one of Goetia’s spirits, a demon. According to demonology, Aamon also hold the title of prince. Aamon is a good choice if you are looking for a name that is wicked with a tinge of “prestige”.


Abandon is a name with Hebrew roots. It carries with it the meaning, “destruction”. It is a name that is Biblical in origin. The Angel of the Abyss in the Christian New Testament is named Abandon. He is the ruler of an army of horse-sized gigantic locusts! These humongous locust have human faces, lion’s teeth, wings, and tails that have scorpion stingers.


Andras is said to have Welsh roots. The name means “manly” and “masculine”. Andras can also be found in the Dictionary of Demons, where it is said that he was bestowed the title of “Author Of Discord”. It also says there that Andras had the head of a raven on top of an angel’s body! When he appears, he is said to be riding atop a wolf that is black and fierce.


Anwir is another name of Welsh origins. It is a name that means “liar”. The name Anwir can also be found in the popular game, Dungeons and Dragons. In the game, among the fictional worlds wherein the game happens is a Forgotten Realm. In that Forgotten Realm, the name of a head of state and ancient blue dragon is Anwir Dupretiskava. 


Arioch is said to be the name of an angel that has fallen. This fallen angel was driven by much revenge. It is said that when you listen to this fallen angel turned demon Arioch, you will be destined to a life that is full of bitterness, and will spend all your days just extracting revenge and lashing out on those who you think have caused you hurt and pain.


Armaros is said to be a name of Greek variation with Ancient Hebrew roots, “Armoni”, which carries the meaning “palatial”. Other sources have said that the name belonged to one of the angels who had fallen, and means “cursed one” or “accursed one”. This fallen angel was one of the leaders of the Watchers who were sent to watch over humans on Earth and then defected and took wives that were mortal and gave knowledge that was forbidden to mankind.


Asura is a name that has roots in Hindu mythology. It is said that this is the name of a clan that is always seeking for power and hungry for power. This clan, they say, is constantly battling the gods. The Asura clan are superhuman demigods.


Azazel is a name of Hebrew origins. It means “scapegoat”. The name can be found in the Bible, where it is the name of a desolate place where a sin bearing goat is sent. In Islam, it is said that Azazel is the name of an angel who had physical desires and was then sent on Earth so that he could see all the trials and difficulties of being human.


Balam is a name that comes from the Semitic root “bal” which means “possessor”. Balam is said to be the name of a Prince of Hell with a whole lot of power, including to incite and start a rebellion. He is a demon with three heads — a bull, man, and ram. These three heads enable him to view events past, present, and future.


Beezlebub is one of the most powerful and most apt choices if you are truly looking to name your baby boy with an ‘evil’ boy name. After all, the name Beezlebub is another name used for the devil or Satan. In the Abrahamic religion, Beezlebub was a prominent demon. This is truly an inspired choice for naming your bundle of joy with something wickedly evil.


Birsha is a name that has Hebrew roots. It has a devilish meaning. Birsha means “son of wickedness”. In the Bible, the name Birsha can be found in Genesis as the name of the King of Gomorrah. Gomorrah and Sodom were the cities that God destroyed because of their sinfulness. 


Blade is a name that is definitely trendy and unique and sounds cool. And it has a devilish meaning, to boot. The name is of English roots, and in Middle English, Blade means exactly that – “blade”. It is said that Blade is also an occupational name for the dealer of knives… or a cutter.


Bolverkr is one unique name. It is a name with roots in Old Norse and a wicked meaning. Bolverkr means “evil doer” or “malefactor”. In mythology, it is the name that was used by Odin when we worked for baugi for a summer. In that summer, Odin as Bolverkr did nine men’s work.


Boruta is a name that can be found in Slavic mythology. In there, flora and fauna in the forest were protected by the Boruta, a demon. It is believed that the forests are ruled by this spirit. In Christianity, the Boruta were cast as evil, but although it is said that the Boruta kill the people who got lost in the forests, it is also said that they do so by tickling them to death! Interesting, for sure.

  • BUER

Buer is a name that has German origins. It carries with it the meaning, “temporary dwelling”. The name Buer has a rich history. In the 16th century, this was said to be the name of the Great President of Hell, who was the leader and commander of demons – 50 legions of them. It was during the Sagittarius period that Buer appeared, and he had the ability to heal all ailments. Buer also gifted those who practiced magic with familiars.


Cerberus is a name of Greek roots. It means “spotted”. Cerberus is the dog guarding the underworld gates in Ancient Greek mythology. He is the one who prevented the escape of the dead. Cerberus has often been referred to also as the Hound Of Hell.


Charon is a name with Greek origins. It means “fierce brightness”. In Ancient Greek mythology, Charon was the ferryman who brought the dead to cross the River Styx towards the Underworld. It was a practice of the Ancient Greeks to put a coin in the mouth of their dead as they buried them, as payment to Charon for the ride.


Cobra is another name that is hip, trendy, and quite prevalent in present times in pop culture. It also connotes a brash devilishness. Cobra is a name with latin roots, and it means “snake”. In Portuguese, the meaning of the name is “serpent of the hood”. Cobra is also as we all know the name of a snake that is very venomous. It’s an inspired choice for an evil name for your baby boy.


Dagon is a name that is said to have an unknown meaning, though it is also said to may mean “cloudy” or “fish”. Dagon was the name of a sea devil in Philistine mythology. Some evidence has been found to suggest that Dagon may have been part fish and part man, or in other words, a merman!


Damien is a name that is definitely a great, inspired, and powerful choice for a name that is full of devilishness. It is also a name that is a favorite pick because of its meaning, its history, and the fact that it is hip and connotes an evil coolness. Damien is of Greek origins, and it means “to tame” or “to subdue”. It is also the name of the main protagonist in the film franchise The Omen – a child who is also the Antichrist. Damien still brings chills to those who have watched the films. It’s definitely one of the best evil baby boy names.


Doyle is a name that was actually from an Irish surname. It has a mysterious meaning. Doyle means “dark stranger”. Not that evil in itself, yeah, but the name Doyle brings about a dark, evil vibe and an uncertain air full of danger.


Eligor is a name that is said to be a variation of the Hebrew name “Abigor”. It means “unwilling”. Christian demonic legend says that Eligor is a demon who is considered among the Great Dukes of Hell. He sold warriors secrets to lead them to victory, and in return he got their souls. And Eligor was always riding a skeletal horse.


Forneus is a name that is derived from the Latin word “fronts”, which has the meaning “oven”. Forneus is also said to be a sea monster, at least that’s what he most frequently appears as. He is a demon who can take on the appearance of a man sometimes. Forneus gives knowledge of language and understanding.


Furfur is a name that may seem, well, fluffy and adorable. But its meaning is in fact the very opposite of cute and fluffy. Furfur is a name that is powerfully evil. Christian demonology says that Furfur is an Earl of Hell who is very powerful and is the commander of plenty of demons. Contradictingly, deliciously evil name, that’s Furfur.


Gresill is a name that is of French origins. Though its exact meaning is unknown, it is said that Sebastien Michaelis, a French Inquisitor, declared that a demon named Berith told him while he was doing an exorcism on a nun about demonic hierarchies. In the story Berith told him, Gresill was the name of one of the demons who brought temptations of impurities to man.


Helel is a name that has Hebrew roots. It is actually a Hebrew word that means “shiny” or “bright”. Helel is said to be the name of the son of the morning who, after flying too high, was cast off into the underworld. His name translates to “Lucifer” in the King James Version of the Bible.

  • IPOS

Ipos is a short, four-lettered name with a lot of wickedness. This is after all the name of a powerful prince of hell who is said to be the leader of more than 30 demons. Interestingly, Ipos can also turn men more witty and valiant!


Lestat is another truly inspired choice for those looking for a wicked name for their baby boy. The name has literary roots. Lestat de Lioncourt is the name of a vampire in the novel series, The Vampire Chronicles. In the books, Lestat is given the nickname “The Brat Prince” by his seniors due to how he behaves.


Leviathan is a name that connotes strength and fear and all things twisted. It’s also an undeniably great choice for an evil baby boy name. In early Christian symbolism, Leviathan was associated with the Hellmouth, and he was also said to be used as one of Satan’s images. Furthermore, Leviathan is said to be among the Seven Princes of Hell.


Lucifer is THE ultimate choice if finding that perfectly evil baby boy name is your desire. After all, it is the name of Satan himself in the Bible. In Middle Eastern religious texts, Lucifer was the name of the morning star, and that star’s movement was believed to be the fall of Satan from heaven, which is when the angel Lucifer became the devil. Interestingly, in Latin, Lucifer means “bringing light”.


Malacoda is a name of Italian roots. It’s got a unique meaning of “evil tail”. Malacoda also has roots in literature. In the novel Dante’s Inferno, this is the name of the Malebranche leader. The Malebranche were evil demons guarding the Eighth Circle of Hell, keeping corrupt politicians from fleeing the boiling pit.


Mammon is a name that is said to be of biblical origins. Mammon is the name of a demon who has a greedy pursuit of gain. In Hebrew, the word Mammon is also said to mean “money”, which again is associated with greediness and selfish gains.


Morfran is a name that has Welsh roots. It means “sea crow”. It is said that in Welsh Arthurian legend, this was the name of a disgustingly ugly warrior. The story goes on to say that his opponents were too afraid to hit him in battle because his extreme ugliness led them to believe he might be the devil! Another name they have for Morfran is “Afagddu” which means “utter darkness”.


Naberius is a name that is said to have come from the name Cerebrus, meaning “spotted”. This is also the name of a demon who is very gifted in rhetoric and very cunning. Naberius takes the form of a three headed dog and is said to lead 19 demonic legions. He first made an appearance in 16th century literary works.


Orobas is a name that can be found in demonology. It is said in demonology that Orobas is a Prince of Hell. There is a scary film titled Lovely Molly in which Ororas is implied to be a demonic being who influences and encourages the evil deeds of the main character.


Peter is a name that you may not have expected to find in a list of evil boy names, but trust us, there’s a good reason that name is here. Peter is a name of Greek roots, and it means “stone”. The story goes that when a Serbian peasant named Peter Plogojowitz passed away in 1725, villagers said that in the night he visited them. So they exhumed him and when they saw his body, they saw that his nails and hair had grown. They declared Peter a vampire and a stake was driven into him.


Radna is said to be the name of a medieval demon who is known to be the King of Demons. Radna influenced people and filled their minds and hearts with much greed and envy. As each of their hearts became more and more corrupted by evil thoughts and desire for power, Radna also became more powerful, eventually becoming too powerful.


Ravana is a name of Sanskrit origins. It means “roaring” or “screamer”. In Sri-Lankan mythology, Ravana is said to be a great ruler. But on the opposite spectrum, in Hinduism Ravana is viewed as a symbol of evil.


Ruthven is a name with roots in literature. The first vampire to make an appearance in English literature is said to be the vampire Lord Ruthven. Lord Ruthven was the main character in the novel titled Vampyre.


Samael is a viciously compelling choice for naming your little boy with an evil boy name. It is a name of Hebrew roots, and it has the powerful meaning of “venom of God” or “poison of God”. Samael is a demonic name from the Talmudic lore. He is the head of Satans and the angel of death, and he is also said to be the source of evil in the Talbud because he is the architect of Adam and Eve’s downfall.

  • SETH

Seth is a name that is of Greek and Hebrew origins. In Greek, Seth means “dazzle”. In Hebrew, the name means “appointed”. Seth is the Greek variation of Set, who is the Egyptian god of disorder, storms, and violence.


Teivel is a name that has Yiddish roots. It is a Yiddish word that carries the meaning, “devil”. Teivel is more commonly known as a last name, but it is also a solid first name for your baby boy if you want to give him an evil boy name that isn’t overtly, in-your-face evil.


Typhons is a name that has many meanings. The name is said to mean “whirlwind”, “smoke”, or “abyss”. In the document called the Infernal Names, which is a list of names that are used in rituals that are Satanic, Typhon is there as the Devil personified in Greek. Others also equate Typhoon with Set, the Egyptian god of disorder, violence, and storms.

  • UBEL

Ubel is a name that has German origins. It is actually a German word that carries the meaning, “evil”. Not much intricate, complicated backstory comes with this name to explain its devilish nature. It is a straightforward name with a straightforward translation to evil, which makes it a nice and solid evil boy name for your little one.


Zagan is a name with unclear origins. In demonology however, Zagan was the name of an angel who had fallen. He is said to be one of Lucifer’s servants.


Do you want to give your son an evil name that is charming too?

Abigor is the name. He is a handsome demon. He rules the 60 legions of Hell. He is an attractive knight who comes with enormous powers related to war.


According to Persian mythology, Ahriman is a god of destruction, darkness, and death. Also, he is Ahura Mazda’s arch-enemy.

The name Ahriman carries the meaning of evil spirit or devil.


As it is said in the Bible, Diabolos is the title of Satan. He personifies evil and everything bad in this world. He is the demons’ prince. And he is the one responsible for all the sins that we do, as he encourages us to do them. In short, Satan takes you away from God.

The name Diabolos is taken from Greek mythology and translates to accuser or slanderer.


Lamia used to kidnap kids first and then disembowel them. He was a monster.

The name Lamia holds the meaning of a large shark. In Arabic, it translates to a friend, and in Latin, it carries the meaning of vampire.


Orusula was a demon in Costa Rica. He had the form of a humongous pig.

If you want to scare people, this name will do the work!


Evil boy names are very unique choices for your little one. These names come with powerful meanings and rich stories. Evil boy names, vampire boy names, demon boy names… Pick your poison, and break the mold with a name that may be unconventional but will definitely leave a mark and a lasting impression on everyone your boy will meet.

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