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30 Mexican Baby Names For Girls And Boys

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Ancient Aztec and Mayan ruins, awe-inspiring cuisine, splendid beaches, and rich culture are some of the legacies Mexico gave to the world. It shouldn’t be a surprise if this nation is also abundant in beautiful Mexican baby names. More often than not, the infant’s name reflects the country’s varied culture and diverse languages.

These appealing baby names usually reflect their Spanish heritage since Spain has colonized Mexico for three centuries. In addition to that, there are 69 languages recognized by the Mexican government, 63 of which are indigenous, plus 350 dialects out of those 69 languages. And because of this, there is a blend of different facets of how baby names are formed in Mexico.

If you’re contemplating a Latino name for your baby, here’s a compilation of some Hispanic monikers that draw examples from 300 years of Spanish rule and from the indigenous communities that have developed since the birth of the country of Mexico.

30 Popular Mexican Baby Names

In Mexico, babies are inclined to have long names, two personal names, the father’s family name, and the mother’s surname. The first common name suggests the baby’s gender, the second one is derived from the name of a saint or can be a unisex name; next is the father’s surname, followed by the mother’s family name.

But these days, most babies opt to have just a first name followed by the father’s surname. Some Mexican parents love to give their infants names after celebrities like Selena Gomez or Demi Lovato.

The craze may vary, including the use of indigenous names. And even if you’re not Mexican, you can still draw inspiration for naming your little one from the names listed in this article.

Popular Mexican Baby Names For Girls

Popular Mexican Baby Names For Girls

Common Mexican baby names for girls usually end in an “a” like in Elena, but sometimes they are formed from boys’ names. The letter a is added to create a female name such as Francisco to Francisca. Take a look at some of the pretty Mexican baby names for girls:

  • ANA

This name is pronounced as Ah-na and is a variation of Anna (with a double ‘n’). It means “favor” or “grace” and is of Greek and Latin Old Testament origin. Famous namesakes of Ana are Ana de Armas, a famous Hollywood actress, and Ana Ortiz, an American actress and singer.


Adriana is the feminine form of Adrian with an evocative meaning of “dark.” It is pronounced as “ah-DRAH-nah” with a rolling emphasis on the letter R. Six popes and several saints named Adriana are rooted in Spanish origin. A well-known Adriana is Adriana Lima, a Brazilian model, and Victoria’s Secret Angel from 1999 to 2018.


Anika is of Hausa origin but also has roots in Sanskrit. It means “fearless.” In Nordic, this name suggests “sweetness of face.” Hence, Anika is a perfect name for your little rose as it reflects beauty and fearlessness in one. It’s a powerful combination to bestow your beautiful child.


This beautiful Mexican girl’s name is of Hebrew origin. This name comes from the masculine name Gabriel. The meaning of this name is “God is my strength.” This powerful yet graceful name is a popular favorite among Mexican parents.


Isabel is a Medieval variation of Elizabeth and is of Hebrew origin. It means “my God is my oath” and is pronounced as “ee-sah-BEHL.” The “Isabel” name is also related to Jezebel, the wife of King Ahab in the Bible. If your daughter is named Isabel, it presents a sense of importance and confidence.

  • LUNA

Luna is derived from Latin, and this unconventional baby girl’s name means “moon.” It has been used in Mexico for some time but has recently become popular in the US. This name has other variations like Louna and Lunara.


Daniela, meaning “God is my judge,” is of Latin origin. It’s Daniel’s feminine form, representing an independent woman. Daniel was popularized in the Bible by the prophet Daniel with its strong meaning. Daniela is a name any pretty girl would love to have.


This name takes its inspiration from the Mexican painter/artist Frida Kahlo. It means “pearl” and is of German origin. Frida is also a famous name for baby girls in Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. This name will suit a little girl who is as pretty on the inside as on the outside.


In Hebrew, the Zaneta baby name means “God’s gift.” It means “small apple” and is of Spanish origin. This moniker connotes a girl who is ahead of her time, intelligent, wise, and will achieve great things in life.


It is related to Tia, and it means “princess.” Tianna is of Slavic origin and sometimes means “follower of Christ.” This name suggests a visionary and adventurous lady. A well-known namesake is Tianna Bartoletta, an American sprinter.

Popular Mexican Baby Names For Boys

Popular Mexican Baby Names For Boys

In Spanish tradition, boys’ names have a strong influence reflecting their family’s culture. While most Mexican girl names end in “a,” most boy names in Mexico end with an “o.”

Here is a list of some common Mexican names for boys:


One notable personality named Diego is Diego Maradona, one of the best footballers of all time, if not the best. Diego is a Spanish name that translates to “supplanter.” It is said to have originated from the name Santiago. Diego was Latinized as Didacus in the Middle Ages. Didacus, in turn, is said to have come from the Greek word didache, which means “teaching.”


Mateo is the Mexican form of Matthew, which means “a gift of God.” It is of Spanish origin. Mateo is the name of one of Jesus’ twelve disciples and the writer in the 1st Gospel of the Holy Bible. The name Matthew originated from Mattiyahu,” in Hebrew meaning “Gift, or hope, of the Lord.”


The name Enrique was popularized by the famous Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias. Enrique is from the German name “Heinrich” and the English name “Henry,” which means “home-ruler.” The name suggests a future CEO or a high-ranking government official.


Rafael is famous in Spain and Mexico for its namesake, the Archangel Raphael. Rafael means “God has healed” and is the Mexican form of Raphael. This awesome Latino name radiates romance and would be perfect if you want your baby boy to have an elegant personality when he grows up.


Cedro is a name that suggests a humanitarian and generous person. It is of Spanish origin and is the shorter form of Isidoro. It’s a Mexican version of the name Cedric, meaning “dove” or “a song gift.”


Erasmo means “beloved” and is the Mexican version of Erasmus. It is of Latin and Greek roots, meaning “dearest one.” Erasmus was also the name of a 4th-century martyr and Christian saint. It’s a good choice to remind your little one how much he is loved.


Tacito comes from the Latin name “Tacitus, ” meaning “he who is called.” In other countries, it means “silent.” Tacitus was the name of the 1st-century Roman historian. At the same time, its feminine version Tacita was the name of the mute goddess in Roman mythology.


This masculine name means “powerful leader and is a variation of the name Grimwald. This name comprises old Germanic elements, the grim meaning “mask” and wald meaning”rule.” This name is also a variation of Grimaldi, the surname of Monaco’s royal family.


Miguel means “who is like God.” The Mexican version of Michael is of English-Portuguese origin. It’s a perfect name if you want to raise your little boy in the Christian faith and would like to bring a sense of protection to him. Miguel is also one of the four Archangels and is depicted as a protector.


Neron means “strong” and is of Spanish origin. It suggests someone with an endearing personality and brimming with energy. Neron is a person with a friendly nature, helping people with all his heart. This name was popularized in the Middle Ages in England and was used by the Normans.

Some Indigenous Mexican Baby Names For Girls And Boys

Some Indigenous Mexican Baby Names For Girls And Boys

Mexico is a diverse nation with 69 indigenous communities with beautiful indigenous Mexican baby names in use.

Whether you are driven by tradition or a love for the Spanish language, the following is a collection of indigenous Mexican names to help you find the best name for your baby.


The name Ajjaniame suggests someone who is humanitarian and with great compassion. It means “life” and originated from the Guarijio people in Sonora, Mexico. The Guarijo people are primarily farmers who enjoy seclusion in vast villages.


Canneo means “birth of water” and is of Pame origin. The Pames live in Luis Potosi, Queretaro, and Hidalgo in Mexico and are nomadic hunters. The name Canneo suggests a calm, patient person who trusts his intuition.


A beautiful celestial name, Citlali is a radiant light about to shine into your world. The name signifies a “star” and is of Aztec origin. Aztec culture dominated Mexico before the Spanish conquest in the early 16th century. This name evokes celestial personalities, such as being limitless and magnificent.


Hasen means “Soul” and originates from the Mazateco, an indigenous group of Mexico. The Mazatec inhabit the Sierra Mazateca in Oaxaca and some communities in the adjacent states of Puebla and Veracruz. A baby with this name exudes a sense of spirituality and connection.


The name Itzel or Ix Chel suggests a fearless person. This name is of Mayan origin, meaning “Goddess of medicine, the earth, and the moon.” The Mayans had a highly developed culture before the coming of the Spaniards in the 16th century.


This name means “simple,” and it is of Amuzgo origin. The Amuzgos are an indigenous group of people of ethnolinguistics living in Oaxaca state in southern Mexico. The name Kantyi suggests an attractive body and beauty and is generous to less fortunate people.


Naran means “lunar eclipse” and has its root in the Trique community. The Triqui or Trique are an indigenous tribe of Oaxaca, Mexico, headquartered in Juxtlahuaca, Tlaxiaco, and Putla. This name is perfect for babies born under a lunar eclipse.

  • POLO

The word “polo” means “sea” and is of Mayan Kʼicheʼ origin. This name suggests a vast adoration for the ocean. The Quiche or K’iche community had an advanced civilization before the Spanish arrived in Mexico. A person with the name Polo is a seeker of knowledge and wisdom.

  • SURE

Sure means “at heart” and is of Tarahumara origin. The Tarahumara, or Raramuri, is one of North America’s biggest indigenous tribes, most dwelling in the highlands of Mexico’s Sierra Madre Occidental. A baby with this name reflects a personality that is kind-hearted and empathetic.


Yatzil means “the loved one” and is of Mayan origin. A girl named Yatzil loves freedom and self-expression, charming and cheerful. She also fascinates other people with her creativity and her love for dance.


Mexico is a gorgeous blend of Spanish and indigenous cultures. Mexican baby names reflect how this country has developed through the centuries. If you are a Mexican, the names mentioned in this article could be the best choice to pay homage to your Latino roots. Even if you’re not a Mexican, these names can be a good option to choose from. After all, we, as parents, would want to give our little ones an attractive and unique name that will showcase their unique personalities.

Please drop in a comment if you have found the guide helpful in searching for a Mexican name for your baby boy or girl.

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