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48 Short Two Letter Names for Boys

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A name does not have to be complicated. Neither does it have to be something with a tricky pronunciation and spelling to make a grand entrance. Short names are sweet and create a strong statement standing out in substance and style.

So how short can a name be? We bring to you names that are just two letters. These are interesting and modern.

The Name has a Punch and is a Perfect Choice for the Brave Heart.

Two-letter names are not new. Some of them go down in history. And they create the same range as a tongue twister and hard to spell name.

So let us get started!

Two- Letter Baby Boy Names

Two- Letter Baby Boy Names
  • Ab

Ab comes from the African and Arabic tradition and means the lion. It depicts strength and pride that lets one take on the world, just like the lion. Ab is someone who is a ferocious warrior protecting his loved ones and family as a faithful guardian. The name talks about power which is an excellent selection for your baby.

Ab is a common nickname for Abram, Abraham, or Abel. However, it also equally stands out as a standalone name.

  • Ai

Did you notice the two vowels in the name Ai? Well, that makes it a rare find. Ai is a Japanese word and means love. It is a crisp name suitable to bestow your baby boy with.

  • An

The simple name An traces its origin to China and means peace. The name personifies what you want your child to grow up with, so An could be the best fit for your son.

  • Ao

Again from the Land of the Rising Sun, Ao means blue. The Japanese name has gained immense popularity lately.

  • Az

Az is a Hebrew boy name and means strong.

  • Al

Al is a nickname that has turned into a first name. It has an old-world charm attached to it but sounds super trendy too.

Al Jolson is a famous jazz musician, Al Roker is a weatherman, Al Gore is a politician, and Al Pacino is an actor. You thus see so many talented men around the world who are named Al. The succinct name does create a punch.

  • Ad

Ad or the son of Adam is the variation of Addison. It indeed is a brilliant name to name your baby boy with.

Ad Reinhardt is an American known for his abstract paintings. He adorns this name.

  • Aj

The short name has been a popular choice among English moms and dads looking for an intelligent baby name to name their little son.

  • Ax

Ax is short of Axel and means the father of peace. Though not very common as a first name, some parents have taken the challenge to name their boys Ax.

  • Ba

Ba comes from Vietnam and Khmer and means three and male child respectively.

  • Bo

Bo is not a rare name. It originates from the Wild West and southern name choices. The super-short name is believed to be the variation of Beau which means the gentleman caller. However, Bo is a standalone name in Scandinavia.

Bo Jackson, the sports legend who plays football and basketball is a famous namesake.

  • Cy

Have you heard of the Cy Young Award to honor the year’s best pitcher? No wonder why Cy is a popular choice among baseball fan dads. Cy could have come from Cyprus. It is short and sweet and does not sound very unusual.

Zoe Saldana chose the name Cy for one of her twins’ boys.

  • Ed

Ed should have come across as no surprise. It is such a common name today that it is unlikely you may not have heard of it. What started as a nickname now stands bold all by itself.

Imagine your baby boy’s delight when he gets to know that he shares his name with none other than Ed Sheeran.

  • Eb

Eb is a Hebrew name that means stone of help. The name could be a nickname for Ebenezer, but it stands independently as well.

Eb Dawson is a TV show actor.

  • Hi

Hi means a sacred name and is the variation of Jerome in German.

  • Hy

The Hebrew name Hy means life. It is the diminutive of the name Hyman.

  • Ib

The Danish name Ib is the diminutive of the name Jacob, and it means son of Ib. The name is widespread in Denmark.

  • Jr

The Latin name Jr means young.

Jr was the stage name of Park Jin Young who is a pop singer from South Korea.

  • Jo

The American name Jo is a gender-neutral and timeless name that can be relied on. The name gained a lot of popularity in the forties, but it still holds the same respect. It exudes a vintage charm bringing back the memories of the yesteryears.

  • Ki

Ki is a baby boy name that means arisen. The name has everything that makes it off-beat for parents who are in search of a beautiful moniker.

Ki Bo-Bae, the South Korean archer who won the gold medal in the Olympics 2016, is a namesake.

  • Ky

The Scottish name Ky means the narrow spit of the land.

  • Ly

Ly comes from England and Scotland and signifies someone who comes from an island. The name is a variation of the name Lyle.

  • Li

The sassy name Li never started as a nickname. It has stood tall on its own. Li denotes uprightness and strength. It is a gorgeous name with a vintage feel to it.

  • Lo

Originally from Spain, Lo is a popular diminutive that makes you roll your tongue. Lo is a cool name that works as a nickname as well as a first name.

If you have watched the movie, The Hills, you will remember Lauren Conrad’s best friend – Lo.

  • Mo

Mo has gained popularity recently. However, what was a nickname for Maureen and Morris today stands all on its own.

The name has energy and weight, which promises the child a great life. In addition, the name is a blend of fun and hard work, the two qualities that every individual should possess. You can thus be assured that this name is here to stay for long.

Mo Vaughn, the baseball player, Mo Williams, the basketball player, Mo Udall, the politician, Mo Rocca, the comedian, are famous namesakes.

  • Ng

Ng is a unisex name and has a Chinese origin. Unfortunately, the name does not have a vowel which makes it hard to pronounce.

  • Ol

Ol is a French name, and it means the olive tree. It is a variation of the name Olivier.

  • Ox

Ox is an English name for boys that means the working cattle. Animal names are seeing popularity as a naming trend in many regions. And if your child was born in the Chinese OX year, the OX could be an apt name for him.

  • Oy

Oy has an English and Irish origin, and it means the town near Boyne.

  • Oz

The word Oz immediately transports you to a magical and whimsical feel. It is strong, and the image of a baby boy named Oz is interesting. The name is Hebrew and means courage, power, and strength.

Oz could be the nickname for Ozzie, Ozias, or Osborne, but Oz alone outdoes them. So let your baby carry the name Oz with pride and do great things in his life.

  • Po

Po blends with the crowd effortlessly. It does not sound weird but instead feels cute. Po is a unisex name that means various things along with making a statement.

Po is easily relatable. He was the main character in the movie Kung Fu Panda. The longest river that flows through Italy is also called Po.

  • Pi

Pi is a boy’s name that gained popularity after the movie the Life of Pi.

  • Ra

Ra is an Egyptian name that means the sun.

  • Ry

The English name Ry means the horseman.

  • Ro

For parents who want to respect the past but stay up to date with the modern trend, Ro is the name to choose. The name creates a pizzazz. Ro was standard as a nickname to Robert, but today, it is an exciting pick all by itself.

A baby boy named Ro creates an aura around himself. He would grow up to be a go-getter, strong, and someone who pushes himself to his limits. Little Ro will be ambitious and will not stop till he succeeds. The candid nature makes many parents fall for this name.

  • Si

Si or flat-nosed is and diminutive of Cyrus. It is a variation of the short boy named Cy.

The gender-neutral name bends a bit towards boys. Si could be short for Silas, but you may choose just the two-letter name for your baby boy.

  • Ti

Ti is an animal name famous as a baby boy’s first name.

  • Ty

Ty may have come from Tyler, but it has left the original name way behind. Ty is one of the trendiest baby boy names. The sweet and short Ty has a relaxed guy feel, and it is an excellent choice for the new millennium parents.

Ty Burrell is the funny man in Modern family, Ty Pennington is a famous carpenter, Ty Murray is a cowboy, and Ty Cobb is the baseball legend.

  • Uz

Uz Is a place mentioned in the bible. The name lets you picture a boy who is cuddly and super cool.

  • Vi

Vi is a popular nickname for Vincent or Victor. But independently, it does wonders. Vi is a unisex name. Its unique twist is what lets it stand all by itself.

Vi Hart is a mathemusician. You may have followed his channel on YouTube. Vi is also a popular character in video games.

  • Wm

Wm is an abbreviation of the word William and is a boy’s name. It is a unique name and rare find.

  • Yu

Yu in Chinese means shining brightly.

  • Zo

Zo is popular in Africa and means the spiritual leader. The name is used worldwide. Kids with a name like Kenzo, Lorenzo, and Alfonzo may have been nicknamed Zo.

Zo stands alone. It has been well accepted in the current naming list as a name that is interesting and smart. In addition, it is a name that new-age parents love.

  • Ke

This two-letter word has its roots in the English language. So, if you are someone who likes English names, you can choose Ke.

This super-short name for boys means the brother of Arthur.

  • Om

Are you looking for a short name that has a traditional vibe to it? Then you may like the name, Om.

It has its roots in the Norse culture, and it holds the meaning of “father of Idunn.”

  • Md

If you are into names that consist of only two letters and that are unique, then Md is the name for you.

This name falls under the list of the top 10 unique names in New York. Isn’t that awesome?

Are you fond of Hebrew names? Then you can choose the name Zé for your little boy. It has its roots in the Hebrew language.

It sounds traditional. So, if you like traditional names, this can be the one. It holds the meaning of “God will increase.”

  • Tu

Do you have a Chinese or Vietnamese heritage? Or is there anyone in your family who comes from any one of these two countries?

Then you can go for names that have roots in China and Vietnam. Tu is one such name. It has both Chinese and Vietnamese origins.

It holds the beautiful meaning of stars and earth.


All that you need to do is to put two letters together. From the old to the trendy, there are many cool options to choose from. Here is a big shout-out for the minimalistic parents who want to keep their baby boy’s names to a minimum. Rest assured, we have the perfect name for you.

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