How to Make a Girl Want You? 3 Effective Steps and Tricks

So you have started liking a girl, but you are pretty sure that she doesn’t like you back.

You have seen her around at college, school, or work, but it seems that she doesn’t even care to look at you! This girl is very special to you, and she is different from other girls. And she is worth giving that extra effort to make her like you.

Does this story sound similar to you?

Well, don’t worry. I’m here to help. You will get to know exactly how to make a girl want you from this post!

All you have to do is follow these steps and effective tricks, and boy, trust me, you are going to land right on her radar. She will start looking at you, get interested in you, and, most importantly, start wanting you!

I have covered the bare essentials first. I mean the core attributes and traits you need to get that girl to want you. Then I have discussed how you can initiate a meaningful conversation that can build raw sexual chemistry between the two of you. And a connection so deep will develop that she will get drawn towards you.

Sound cool?

Great. Let’s get started!

How to Make a Girl Want You?

How to Make a Girl Want You?

While all the steps mentioned here are important, it is all on you to work up on to create the impact and get the result, as it is not just for reading. Getting excited? Scroll down to read it all. 

Step 1 – Make Her Notice You

The first thing that you need to focus on is how you can make her notice you. If you don’t succeed in getting her attention or she doesn’t think you are attractive, then you are not going to get her.

So you need to have at least one thing that will make you stand out from her other admirers.

It doesn’t matter how good or how virtuous that girl is. When she sees or meets you for the first time, she will judge you based on your appearance and not your character. So boy, looks DO matter – at least at the initial stage. She will only be interested in talking to you if she thinks you look good.

And consider your

self lucky that you have come across this post! I have shared some amazing ways to enhance your appearance, so you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on cosmetic surgery to look like Robert Pattinson!

Here are the basics:

  • Great Personal Hygiene

When was the last time you showered? Has it been days?

Then this step is especially for you!

When you are on the way to making all the extra effort to make a girl like you, maintaining personal hygiene becomes very important. Take a shower, brush your teeth, trim your nails, get a cool haircut, wear clean clothes, and use deodorants. This will make you look presentable.

Otherwise, if you look unkempt and scraggy, your dream girl will run away from you rather than come close to you! And you don’t want to let that happen, right? Looking unclean sometimes implies a lack of self-respect and laziness.

Once you start maintaining good personal hygiene, you will be in a much better state to meet and greet women. This will give your confidence level a huge boost, and who knows, that girl might start noticing you!

  • Work On Your Appearance

Did I tell you how attracted women get to broad-shouldered, healthy men who can protect them?

You can improve your looks just by hitting the gym and following a healthy diet. And with that, the girl you like will be attracted to you more than ever.

You need to have a USP. So, if you think that your face won’t do it, you can always make up for it with an attractive and manly physique.

Have you put on a lot of fat during the cold months of winter? Still, do you want to get the looks of a Greek God? 

Hit the gym, buddy. And yes, don’t forget to follow a strict fat-burning diet.

How about changing your dressing style too?

You can take inspiration from fashion magazines. But, of course, don’t go overboard with it. Wear clothes that can contribute to making you look sexy. You can start with v-neck or open-neck t-shirts and slim-fitted jeans. Want to have a mysterious look?

Go for blacks and grey or any other dark colors. Once you are done with your makeover, you will naturally be more confident about how you look.

  • Stay Confident

Well, it’s all about confidence, honey!

And let me tell you, women LOVE men with self-confidence. It’s very attractive.

But, of course, being confident is not that easy. I understand.

Have you watched the movie “Top Gun?” Wouldn’t it be great if you could just click your fingers and be like Maverick?

But you can’t.

Now, don’t be disheartened. I have good news for you!

All you need is to take care of yourself and hit the gym regularly, and boy, you are halfway there!

Once you get started with your journey of self-enhancement – working on your physique and style – you will have loads of self-confidence, trust me.

Look at the mirror, and when you see your transformation, you will feel way more confident than you used to be.

So, while you are out there working hard to get the perfect body, here are some tips. Follow these to be the hot and confident man that will make your girl want you.

  • Do you know what the best type of humor is? Well, it’s the self-deprecating ones because you can make fun of yourself only when you are secure enough. Right, buddy?
  • As I already said, it’s all about confidence. So don’t brag and be humble.
  • When talking to girls, your speech should be slow, and you should project your voice.
  • Develop an aura that says – don’t mess with me. In case someone treats you badly or demeans you, confront them. Don’t stay quiet and let them look down upon you.
  • Practice good posture and have amiable body language. This way, you will not look vulnerable when in public.
  • Develop An Interesting Passion Or Hobby

Ask any girl, and they will tell you how sexy a man with a passion is! It can be anything – from sports and hobbies to activities. Women LOVE a guy who dedicates his time to something that he is passionate about. But, of course, I’m not talking about work here!

Is there any passion of yours that you actively pursue? Then, buddy, you have got brownie points! It’s a HUGE turn-on for women when they know that a guy is independent and has so much stuff going on.

And did I tell you how women love athletes?

It can be any sport or activity. All kinds of sports have some kind of attractive traits that can make a girl go gaga over you! 

If I talk about me, I have a soft corner for cricketers. I don’t know why, but I find them hot.  

So, you are passionate about what? Is it hiking, fishing, or dancing?

Whatever it is, post it on all your social media channels. And buddy, make sure that the girl you like sees it too.

  • Be Yourself, Don’t Fake It

If the girl of your dreams comes to you and tells you that she loves swimming, don’t get excited and say, “Me too!” when you don’t know how to swim.

Always say or agree with only what you believe in. And be ready to disagree with your special girl. This will make her respect you. After all, opposites attract, isn’t it?

When you are being yourself, it shows that you are secure in yourself. So don’t try to be someone that you are not.

You want that girl to fall for the REAL you and not some made-up character, right?

Let me tell you one thing. If you act like someone you are not – just to make a girl get close to you – it will not work in the long run. With time, she will see right through you.

  • Be Positive

Would you like to be with someone who is always negative?

No, right?

The same goes for the girl you like; because negative people suck out all the positivity of a room, which is not something you would like.

Women are attracted towards those who come with a positive vibe. Because buddy, it is infectious. If you are optimistic about your life, women will get drawn towards you.

So be positive and let this girl come to you. She will have a good time with you and will always be eager to meet and spend time with you.

Now that I have shared all the tips on making a girl notice you; let’s move on to the next step.

Step 2 – Develop a Strong and Deep Connection 

I’m pretty sure that by now, she has started noticing you. It’s time that you make use of words in order to make her drawn towards you.

I have shared some tips for a conversation based on one-size-fits-all. So, what should you say to her?

Read the following!

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  • Keep Your Opening Statement Sweet, Simple, And Short

It doesn’t matter in which situation you find yourself in. Always keep the opener sweet and short. Don’t overthink what you are going to say and then miss the conversation with the girl you like all together.

Let me help you with some examples.

You can say, “Hey,” “Hi,” “Hey, how is it going?” “Excuse me” or “Hey, I’m (your first name).”

Are you planning to try some pickup lines or witty phrases to get her undivided attention?


You should focus on sounding genuine. So keep it as natural and as simple as you can.

Also, if you want to try some situational opener, you are welcome. So, if the girl you like is at your workplace, you can open with something like, “Hey, how was your work?” Or, if you both study in the same school, you can ask her, “Hey, how was class?” Don’t waste your time overthinking it.

A simple opener means a better response.

  • Keep The Conversation Going

Do you know what the art of making a great conversation is?

Well, pay attention to what that girl says and use her response or reply to keep your conversation flowing. This will help you build a better connection with her.

Let me tell you a secret. A girl ALWAYS has a lot to say once she is comfortable with you. So, if you want her to like you, be a good listener. Now, what if you don’t pay attention to what she says?

In that case, your conversation will end up taking huge turns. There are many guys who make this mistake. They get so excited when the girl of their dream talks to them that they lose track of the conversation and say something dumb that actually makes their first-ever conversation the last one!

  • Always Maintain Eye Contact

Do you know why eye contact with the girl you like is so important?

There are many reasons. First, it shows you are confident and not shy. Second, you pay attention to what she is saying. And third, you will have a better engagement and successfully establish a connection.

Isn’t that all you want?

What if your eyes flicker between looking at her hand, at the floor, and at some other guy?

Buddy, she will NOT be impressed!

She will get the idea that you are insecure. Also, this will break the flow of your conversation.

Don’t blame me if she blocks you after that from all her social media channels! So, hold eye contact with her to keep her engaged and keep the conversation interesting. And did I tell you that it will fast-track the seduction?

  • Find Common Interests

I often find myself getting attracted to guys who have similar interests and core values as mine.

And this is the case with most girls.

You may come across a lot of couples whose first meeting was in the Spanish language class, yoga, or CrossFit. And this actually makes sense. When you find someone with similar interests, you get a lot to talk about.

So, when you talk to your dream girl, try to find some common interests. For example, if she says she likes hitting the gym, and if you like that too, always mention that to her. Trust me; this will help you in developing an instant connection. Also, it will build attraction. Sounds good?

But yes, always be genuine. Don’t just fake it to get her attention.

  • Make Her Laugh

Want to know about a surefire way to get a girl to want you?

Make her laugh. Hard.

While talking to her, give her some witty replies or throw in a few jokes. Show her that you are an easy-going, fun-loving guy, and she will start falling for you in no time.

Did you know that humor can help in removing awkwardness in any interaction?

Also, it makes a girl feel comfortable and relaxed around you.

Girls don’t want some serious, uptight guy who finds it hard to have fun. Why? Because that is just pure boring, I must say.

So, do you think you can master the art of humor?

Then, eventually, this girl will want you for sure!

  • Give Her Compliment

Have you started spending some more time with the girl in question? 

Compliment her every now and then.

And when you do that, the girl will understand that you are not here to get friend-zoned. You need to make your intentions as clear as possible. This will tell her that you want her even without directly saying that you like her.

The compliments should be light and casual – not sexual or over the top. For example, you can tell her how beautiful her smile is, how cute her accent is or, how pretty her dressing sense is.

  • Tease Her And Flirt With Her

So how is the conversation going on? Is she laughing at your lame jokes?

Then, boy, it’s time to include some flirting into the scene!

After all, you want to make her like you and not friend-zone you, right?

So, how to make a girl want you sexually?

Well, start by giving her backhanded compliments. So, if she cannot handle her drink properly, you can call her a special kid. And while complimenting her, you can start introducing light and playful touches. This will make her know that you have no intentions of being her friend.

Step 3 – Ask Her Out

I know that you have got that girl’s number, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media profile IDs by this time. Isn’t it?

This means you are in touch with her. You see her at college, school, work, or any other place every day. And you have got the luxury to communicate with her.

So, how to make a girl want you at this stage?

Read on!

  • Show Your Face To Her Everyday

If psychological studies are to be believed, you get attracted to what you are familiar with. So, if you are exposed to certain people again and again, you will get attracted to that person even more.

To make it simpler for you, the more you meet that girl, the more she will start wanting you.

Have you not heard about “out of sight, out of mind”?

But hey, don’t go overboard with it. Too much familiarity can have a negative effect on your relationship building. So now you know what to do!

  • Give Her Some Space So That She Can Miss You

Let me tell you something. Women don’t like guys who are needy and eager to be in a relationship with.

So you have to be patient. Don’t stress too much. This is for your own good. Sometimes you need to give a girl some space, so that she misses you and starts having feelings for you.

And who knows, she might start bumping into you intentionally at the grocery store!

Did I tell you that this trick will create an air of mystery around you?

And girls LOVE mysterious men!

  • Ask Her Out

Yes, I know you have been waiting for this!

All my tips on how to make a girl want you will fail if you don’t make the first move and ask her out on a romantic date.


Because if you wait for too long to find “the right” time to take her out on a date, then the chances are that she will friend zone you. And you don’t want that, right?

So buddy, buckle up and bring out the romantic side in you. Whenever you sense that she likes you too, she gives you more attention than before, is flirty, texting you often, or laughing at your silly jokes – know that it’s time.

  • Make Her Feel Special

Now, who doesn’t like to feel special? Especially when all the effort is given by the person you like!

For example, you can tag the girl in memes or send her funny jokes. This way, she will know that you care about her and that you always think about her.

Everyone appreciates thoughtful and kind gestures. Treat her like a queen. This will make her so special that she will fall for you.

Now that doesn’t mean I’m asking you to buy her expensive gifts. All I’m telling you is to show acts of chivalry. This can be anything from opening the door for her to lending her your coat when she is cold.

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  • Be Someone She Can Trust

You can take the first step by showing her your vulnerable side. Let her know about your embarrassing memories and dirty secrets. Then, tell her your stories of compassion, pain, struggle, and love – the stories that have made you mature.

When she gets to know the REAL you, she will fall for you for sure. And did I say that this will make her share her part of the stories too? This will build a foundation of trust and respect between the two of you.


These are my super effective and powerful tricks on how to make a girl want you! The quicker you start following these tips, the harder the girl will fall for you in no time.

So, start improving your appearance first, and then carry on with my conversational tips.

All the best, buddy!

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