60 Best Wedding Anniversary wishes For Wife

Marriages are made in heaven. No wonder you come across stories where soulmates meet in unexpected places in the most unbelievable ways. Marriage unites two pure souls binding them in a lifelong committed relationship.

Every marriage has its ups and downs. But it also is a journey filled with promises, memories, devotion, and loads of love. The man and the woman play an equally crucial role to keep the marriage flourishing over the years.

Your marriage anniversary lets you relive this day when you both decided to tie the nuptial knot, never to part ways whatever may come, standing with each other through thick and thin. But women love to be pampered extra.

Unfortunately, we have men who lack the skill when it comes to molding and expressing love through words. It is where we come in.

It does not matter whether you are celebrating a milestone marriage anniversary or not. It pays to impress your better half with a lovely gift and a wish. We do not want you to lag.

It is why we have curated a list of anniversary wishes for your wife that will let you use the right words to express what you feel for her.

Best Wedding Anniversary Wishes

Best Wedding Anniversary Wishes

1. First Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Your Wife

Marriage is a major step, a completely new life both for the husband and the wife. Your first year together was all about discovering the other, facing the tough times, and enjoying one of the most cherished periods of your life. It is indeed a milestone.

Here are some beautiful wishes for you to choose from.

  • One year down, but I am looking forward to infinite more years of walking along with you.
  • It was this day a year ago when I tied the knot with you, a precious soul who I proudly proclaim as my wife.
  • It’s our first marriage anniversary. I choose this day to thank you for doing all that you could to make our married life wonderful. And I promise to love you the same way till eternity.
  • I could not have asked for anyone better than you as my wife. On our first wedding anniversary, I vow to never untie this bond, what may come. I am looking forward to creating many memories over the years. Happy anniversary to my lovely wife!
  • I dream of many more years of surprises, drinks, cakes, and smiles, all just with you. Happy first-anniversary darling!
  • Our first year was perfect, but our togetherness is way beyond a lifetime.
  • Only if I could run an algorithm in life too, I would put our first married year in an infinite loop that can run over and over again just because it was the best time I could have ever asked for.
  • All that I can say after one year of living together is that I am used to you know. Just like a bird cannot fly without its wings my life without you is unimaginable. You make me complete. Thank you so much for choosing me!

2. Fifth Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Your Wife

Fifth Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Your Wife
  • The five years of togetherness have been a roller coaster. But when I sit back and think, I could not have asked for anything better. Our relationship today has become much stronger than how we started. My love for you has only grown through these years.
  • Five years is just the beginning. I dedicate my entire life to you. That is how special you are to me. Thank you for choosing me as your husband and being the perfect wife ever.
  • After 43800 hours and 1825 days, you are still the same girl who always popped up in my dreams. Poets talk about true love. You made me live this experience.
  • Time is relative. These five years are proof of it which passed away in a blink. And this was because you were a part of it.
  • If life were a mountain, I would have trekked it with you. If life were a forest, I would have done all the adventure trails with you. You are my life’s co-passenger. After five years of living with you, I cannot even dream of taking this journey with anyone else.
  • From the years of our courtship to the 5 years of living under the same roof as a husband and wife, life with you has been nothing less than charismatic. Cheers to 5 years of being married and making me realize that true love is not just for movies and books.
  • 5th anniversary already? It feels like yesterday when we took the vows. It’s your magic that made these years so blissful. Let’s rock it more in the years to come.
  • Even after five years, it feels like heaven when I hold your hands. If almighty were to grant me one single wish, then I would wish to grow old with you and die in your arms.
  • I gave you my life and my soul on this day five years back. You have been preserving and taking care of it much better than I would have handled it. You complete me. There is no other relationship that I cherish and wish to hold on to forever.

3. Tenth Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Your Wife

  • As we complete a decade of being married, it is time to let you know what a blessing you have been in my life. Thank you for letting me experience this marital bliss.
  • It’s been ten years, but it feels like there is so much more that I need to discover about you. It is this mystery that you have created which makes me long for you even today. You are more than what I had asked. In short, life is glorious with you.
  • We have transformed over the years, our priorities have changed. From being the carefree birds in deep love to juggling between our daily jobs trying to be the best parents and sharing daily responsibilities, we have grown a lot. But one thing still stays the same, which is my love for you. Thanks for holding my hands ten years back and being my backbone all through these years.
  • Life has thrown challenges. You were the one who never let me succumb and fall back. You were the one who pushed me to act, to fight, and it is only because of you that I stand tall today.
  • Wishing you a happy tenth anniversary dear. You were, are, and will always be the most gorgeous woman of my life.

4. Twenty-fifth Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Your Wife

Twenty-fifth Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Your Wife
  • There is a woman behind every successful man. I had read this quote somewhere. When I think of it, you are the only one who comes to my mind. Thanks for supporting me and for being with me through all these 25 years.
  • You made our house a home. You spent hours ensuring that our kids grow up to be responsible citizens. You taught us the value of family and showed us what unconditional love is. The pillar of my existence, I could go on and on. But I choose to say it all in a single sentence. Thank you so much for your sacrifices and for dedicating your life to me. Happy 25th-anniversary, sweetheart.
  • Time stopped when we exchanged the ring 25 years back. It transported me into a world of smiles, joys, and everlasting love, a place from where I would never book a return ticket.
  • Each day has been perfect with you. I am sure it is going to be the same in the future years too. Whether I rewind my life or fast-forward it, the only one I see is you. Happy anniversary darling!
  • 25 is nothing but a number. I only wish I could stop time so I could live with you till eternity.
  • From high school sweethearts to 25 years of our wedding, we are just two bodies sharing a single soul. I do not have words to express what you are for me. Thanks for being my inspiration, my partner, and my friend.

5. More Milestone Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Wife

  • We have crossed a milestone today. There are many more to come. A marriage that has lasted these years is a marriage bound by our inner selves. It thus makes us soulmates.
  • You are my ruby; extremely rare and unique yet wonderful
  • We have grown and developed as humans together. Happy anniversary to us, the ancient lovers!
  • I am wondering how even after these years you can still calm my mind and soothe my eyes and ears. I am the happiest person just because you are a part of my world. You have been everything that I could have ever wished for in a wife. Looking back at the fun-filled life we have lived, I only wish if life could give us a second chance to live all of it again together.
  • On this milestone anniversary, if I get the power to change anything in you or the way my life was with you, I would go blank. I would only rewind my life to the day we met and live it again exactly as we lived before.

6. Romantic Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Wife

Romantic Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Wife
  • I still get those goosebumps like the first day when I set my eyes on you. My love for you is here to stay and never to slow down. Your warmth is heavenly. Your touch takes me to the moon. Happy anniversary dear!
  • Our life together feels like a romantic novel. You have redefined my life, letting me love life even more. Thanks for accepting my flaws and still loving me without conditions.
  • You are a divine gift from god. And there is no way I would ever want to make you less valued. On our anniversary, I promise to love you the same all my life.
  • You are a dreamy tale, an artists’ painting, the morning sunshine, the twinkling stars, and the moon’s soothing light. You are an angel. I am honored to have you.
  • You find joy in life’s little things. You make others around you feel loved. There are so many things that I adore about you. I cannot thank my stars to be married to a pure soul like you.

7. Funny Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Wife

  • Congratulations on your wedding anniversary. So now I have to work on remembering the other dates.
  • The wedding band is a handcuff. Glad you chose the right cellmate to wear it.
  • Happy anniversary darling! I am glad that I do not have to beg my mom for sleepovers again and again now that I have you bumping into me each night. Love you.
  • We have been married for so long. Still, it feels so dreamlike. I hope you are ready with my gift to make this all feel real.
  • Love you even after days of quarrels and wars. You are my queen. Even when you shout, you are the most special companion I could have asked to live my life with.
  • Running with you on this treadmill of love has made me fitter. Happy anniversary and do not set the morning alarm tomorrow and push me for a run.
  • It is the day when you made me loses my freedom. But this is also the day from when I started creating the best memories of life.
  • Two kids, two lovers, and two mortgages. We are in it two-gether.
  • Congratulations on achieving this feat of being married to me all these years. Happy anniversary darling!
  • With each anniversary, you prove that you will stick with me for the rest of your life. I started with a dream. You have made this dream even better. You can keep sticking.
  • Let us celebrate the day when you decided to stop finding someone better. My life has been good with you except when it comes to choosing where to eat. Happy anniversary darling!
  • We made it through these years without ending up in prison. So, continue arguing. I am ready to spend many more irritating minutes with you forever.

8. Subtle Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Wife

Subtle Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Wife

Are you not celebrating a milestone wedding anniversary? Then use these lovely wedding wishes for your wife.

  • You are the one who gave purpose to my life. You supported me through my tough times. I cannot thank you enough for staying by my side all throughout. We fight, we argue but what matters is that we cannot dream of living without each other even for a minute. Our love is stranger than our differences. Let us toast to another year of our lives with each other!
  • It is this day that changed my life forever. It has been years after, but my love for you is as fresh as the day we got married to each other.
  • You are an armor that always shields me. Your love drives me to do better. Life with you has been a wonderland. And when you hold my hand, life’s worries take a backseat. You are the reason why I am alive. You are the one who makes my life complete.
  • Even when life is hard, I promise to stand with you how you have stood with me through these years. Our relation is strong. Nothing can pull it apart. I thank god for blessing me with you. It has been years, but you have worked to make each day beautiful. And there is nothing that can erase the feelings that I have for you.
  • The day WE became US, I knew I had got a rare treasure. Everything in life is temporary except what I feel for you. I never knew my life could be so perfect until the day I met you.
  • I cannot count the number of times that I have told you that I love you. But again, there is no age or limit to it. I wish to say that I love you, even more, every single day.
  • You are the sail that let me float smoothly on the choppy waters. I reflect on how much we have seen together. I am the luckiest to have you and cannot thank you enough for being my wife.
  • Waking up each day on your side makes me feel loved and valued. Many years have been added to the calendar since we met. Yet, it feels that I have just started this journey with you.
  • Time stopped the day I met you. From our dating years to be my wife, thanks for being with me and making me still go weak on my knees the minute you smile with your dimples. You have made my life worth living.
  • Each day with you is magical. Your arms around me and kissing your lips are the best gift that I would ever want. Life has been incredibly great with you.


Your anniversary commemorates a special day of your life. Wedding anniversaries are a reminder of beautiful memories. And it is the day to make your wife feel elated.

Are you looking for the best choice of words to express your feelings? So here we have listed some heartfelt wishes for your wife.

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