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54 Short Baby Boy Names With Meaning

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One of the most popular lines from ‘Romeo and Juliet’ reads, “that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Keeping in mind the key learning from that famous William Shakespeare quote, short baby names are as good as any. In this article, we’re sharing some short (yet sweet and impactful) boy names that are popular.

Parents may name their child with a long and unusual name that has a deep meaning. Yet, they must realize the name isn’t a sole contributing factor in shaping the child’s life and personality.

Your child’s personality and success depend not on their name, but more so on the environment, they grow up in and the values they imbibe from you. On top of that, it’s always a bonus if their name is short, catchy, and easy to pronounce and remember.

A short name is not prone to be further abbreviated by others. The search for suitable nickname options also isn’t required. Further, short names are incredible at balancing out long last names. The short name sounds great every time you hear your child’s name being called out.

There are tonnes of baby names to choose from out there. In this article, we’ve narrowed down to the top 50 short baby boy names and shared their meanings.

50 Short “Boy Names” To Consider

Here’s a comprehensive list of the best one and two-syllable (and a few great three-syllable) short boy names. The list is made up of both classic and cool (modern) names you can choose from:

  • Liam

‘Liam’ is a popular name with Irish origins. It means “strong-willed warrior and protector.” It’s a shorter variant of the name ‘William.’ Famous Liams include actors Liam Hemsworth and Liam Neeson.

  • Noah

‘Noah’ is a beautiful name of Babylonian (Hebrew) origin derived from the word “Nukhu,” meaning “repose” or “rest.” Hence, it also means “peace.” In the Bible, Noah gathered animals and created an ark for their refuge during the great flood.

  • Oliver

‘Oliver’ is a biblical English name that means “Olive Tree” — symbolic of “beauty, dignity, fruitfulness, and peace.” The Normans brought the name to England as Oliver, though originally, has its origins as a French name —Olivier.

  • James

The name ‘James’ has Hebrew origins and means “Supplanter.” The meaning stems from the Bible fact: Jacob supplants his elder brother Esau. Today, James is a hugely popular short baby boy name all over the world.

  • Lucas

‘Lucas’ is name of Greek origin . It means “man from Lucania, Italy.” Lucas has risen from being unusual and unknown (especially in North America) to become a unique and trending baby name. It’s a variant of the names Luke or Lucius, meaning “light-giving.” Also, Luke authored the third gospel of the New Testament.

  • Mason

Another easy to spell and pronounce short boy name is ‘Mason.’ It’s a traditionally masculine given name that means “one who works with stone.” It’s considered an upscale name ever since Kourtney Kardashian selected it to be her son’s name.

  • Ethan

‘Ethan’ is a name of Hebrew origins that appears eight times in the Hebrew Bible. Its meaning is: “firm, strong, enduring, long-lived.” Its popularity is huge in the United States and many other countries, especially Australia and Israel. Among famous people named Ethan are actor Ethan Hawke and director Ethan Coen. 

  • Henry

‘Henry’ is a Germanic name, meaning “ruler of the home.” The Normans had introduced it to England in the form of Henri. The name blew up in England’s popularity in the Middle Ages, where eight kings bore it.

  • Jacob

Like James, the name ‘Jacob’ is of Hebrew origin and means “Supplanter.” Once again, its meaning stems from the Bible fact, “Jacob supplants his elder brother Esau.” Overall, Jacob is a nice and powerful name that sounds very trustworthy.

  • Michael

The name ‘Michael’ is of Hebrew origin. Its meaning is the rhetorical question: “Who is like God?” The question implies “no person is like God.” In the Bible, Michael was an archangel in Hebrew tradition and was the only archangel in the Bible.

  • Logan

The name ‘Logan’ is of Scottish origin, meaning “Little Hollow.” Logan has been topping U.S. boy names charts consistently due to its stylish sound and last name vibes. Off late, it’s become popular as a cool-kid name along the lines of names like Carter and Jackson.

  • Jackson

This two-syllable easy to pronounce name has English origins and means “son of Jack/John.” It’s a popular surname that now stands equally strong as a first name. 

  • Isaac

‘Isaac’ is a name of Hebrew origin. In the Bible, Isaac was the only son of Abraham with his wife, Sarah. The birth of Isaac was amusing to them as they were an old couple. It was pertinent God named the son ‘Isaac,’ meaning “one who laughs.” Today, Isaac is among a selection of retro-chic names that are back in popularity.

  • Aiden

‘Aiden’ is a name of Irish origin, meaning “little fire” or “fiery one.” This name was derived from ‘Aodh’ — Celtic God of sun and fire. This short yet quirky boy name is an incredible choice if you want a spiritual name for your boy.

  • Owen

‘Owen’ is a sweet short name that means “young warrior.” It’s a Celtic name (Irish origins) that has bounced back in vogue. It’s derived as a variant of Welsh and Irish names. Its Irish variant is the name ‘Eoghan,’ while ‘Owain’ is the Welsh (English) version this name was derived from.

  • Levi

Another short boy name going up the ranks of popularity is the name ‘Levi.’ Biblically, Levi was Matthew’s other name. He was Leah and Jacob’s third son. Levi means “joined in harmony” and is of Hebrew origin.

  • David

This is another name of Hebrew origin. ‘David’ means “beloved” and is derived from a Hebrew term called “Dawid.” Short, easy to spell, and quirky biblical names like this one, are an incredible choice for parents who want a religious name for this son.

  • John

You guessed it! ‘John’ is a common boy’s name, yet always loved. No wonder it’s been consistently ranking in the top 5 of boy name charts in the U.S. over the last century. John has Hebrew origins, and it means “God has been gracious.” Famous namesakes include musician John Lennon and ex U.S. President John F. Kennedy.

  • Wyatt

The name ‘Wyatt’ has English origins. It means “son of guy” or “world guardian.” Celebrity couples named their son Wyatt include Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell and Christian Olsen and Sarah Wright.

  • Carter

‘Carter’ is another short and sweet boy name, this time with Irish, Scottish, and English origins. It means “drives a cart” or “one who transports goods by cart or wagon,” and is derived from the same surname and occupational name. The famous namesake is Jimmy Carter. Also, TV actor Alan Thicke named his son Carter.

  • Luke

In Greek, ‘Luke’ means “light-giving.” The author of the third Gospel of the New Testament was named Luke. He was based in the ancient Italian city of Luciana. Being a patron saint to all the artists and doctors, he aptly became known as “the beloved physician.”

  • Dylan

‘Dyllan’ is a two-syllable boy named Welsh origin, which means “faithful, son of the sea, son of the wave, or born from the ocean.” Its alternate spellings are Dilan or Dylan. Overall, it’s a short, sweet, and popular boy name to consider.

  • Leo

‘Leo’ is a name of Latin and English origins. It means “Lion.” This popular ancient Roman name was also the name of 13 popes. Across the world, the lion is symbolic of royalty, courage, and grandeur.

  • Asher

Asher is a great boy name, having Hebrew origins. This easy to pronounce two-syllable name means “happy, blessed.” As per the Bible, Asher was blessed with a life of abundance by his father, Jacob. 

  • Caleb

‘Caleb’ is a name with Hebrew origins, meaning “faithful” and “bold.” In the Bible, Caleb, along with Joshua and Moses, is one of the followers to reach the promised land. This short biblical name also stands to mean “man’s best friend,” started rising in the popularity charts in the 1960s.

  • Ryan

‘Ryan’ is an Irish origin name that means “little king” or “kingly.” This name is immensely popular since the 80s. Although it has found acceptance as a girl’s name, it primarily remains a boy’s name.

  • Adrian

This Latin origin name is a descendent of the name ‘Hadrianus’ or ‘Adrianus.’ Its origins are traceable to the former river ‘Adria,’ named as a variant of the word ‘Adur’ (a Venetic and Illyrian word), meaning “sea” or “water.” The Persian meaning of ‘adur’ is “holy fire.” Adrian also means “dark one.”

  • Elias

This beautiful European name has Greek origins. In Greek, it means “my God is Yahweh,” derived from the Hebrew translation “Jehovah is God.” Elias symbolizes strength and charisma.

  • Aaron

‘Aaron’ is an attractive name that means “elevated.” Going by the Bible, Aaron is Moses’ elder brother. This name has Arabic and Hebrew origins. It means “forest” and “strength” in Arabic, and “high mountain” and “inspired” in Hebrew. Since the Protestant Reformation, the name Aaron has been gaining widespread popularity across English-speaking countries.

  • Eli

‘Eli’ is a Biblical name with Greek and Hebrew origins. Some words that most accurately describe its meaning include: ascended, uplifted, high, loads of energy, and spirit. In the Bible, Eli was a high priest of Israel who educated little Samuel. The name Eli is also the diminutive form of Elijah.

  • Nolan

‘Nolan’ is a given name of Irish origin that means “descendant of the famous one.” It’s a short and sweet baby boy name with cheerful vibes. Its Gaelic translation is “a descendant of a chariot fighter or champion.” In simpler terms, it means “famous” and “noble.” In terms of its famous namesakes, there’s a favorite baseball player by the name of Nolan Ryan.

  • Hunter

This one is an occupational name with English origins. As the name directly suggests, it straightforwardly means “to hunt.” This name’s rugged appeal makes it a “strong” and famous name. It’s a highly suitable name for your energetic little boy who is full of enthusiasm.

  • Angel

The name ‘Angel’ is a popular unisex name of Greek origin, and it means “messenger Of God.” It became Angel from the Greek word ‘Angelos,’ meaning “messenger.” As per the New Testament Greek, its meanings include “divine messenger” and “messenger of God.”

  • Miles

Miles is a name of Latin origin that means “soldier.” Its English translation is “merciful.” It also works as a short form of the name Michael. In Greek, it means “destroyer” or “milestone,” whereas, in Irish, it means “servant.” The name has been steadily climbing popularity charts across English-speaking nations over the past few decades.

  • Ian

‘Ian’ is a name of Scottish origin that means “God is gracious.” It’s another version of the classic Scottish name John. Parents love this name as it’s a strong yet sensitive sounding given name. One of the most famous namesakes includes James Bond creator Ian Fleming.

  • Axel

‘Axel’ is a short name that is quite badass. Growing up, your little fellow will thank you for naming him with one of the coolest names. This unique name with German and Scandanavian origins means “father of peace” — a variant of Absalom.

  • Luca

The name Luca’ is of Italian origin. It means “person from Lucania, Italy” or “bringer of light.” For Slavic American parents who want to honor their ethnic heritage, this is a great name choice for their baby boy. For the rest, Luca is influenced by the trendy success of the given names Lucas and Luke.

  • Jordan

As per its Hebrew origin connotation, the name ‘Jordan’ means “to flow downward.” One of the most famous namesakes is basketball legend Michael Jordan. This name has unisex appeal, though lately, it’s been rising in popularity among boys’ names. Historically, it signifies the Jordan River — a place where Jesus got baptized by John the Baptist.

  • Adam

Adam is a Hebrew origin name meaning” son of the earth.” It’s derived from the Hebrew word for birth — ‘Adama.’ The generic meaning of Adam is “man.” In the Bible, Adam was the name of the first person created by God. Back in time, in the Middle Ages, Adam was one of the most famous names for male newborns.

José ‘Jose, pronounced HO-ZAY, is a biblical name with Portuguese and Spanish origins. Its Portuguese and Spanish meaning is “may God give the increase.” In Spanish, it’s also a popular form of the name Joseph.

  • Luis

This spelling is a soothing variation of the famous Spanish origin name, ‘Louis.’ ‘Luis,’ meaning “famous warrior,” seems to be steadily rising in boy names’ popularity charts, especially short names for boys. The biggest contribution to this name’s popularity, and all its variants, is the sanctified French king Louis IX (Saint Louis).

  • Chase

Like the name ‘Hunter,’ the English origin name ‘Chase,’ too, is an occupational name meaning “to hunt” or “huntsman.” Its famous namesake is American actor, writer, and comedian Chevy Chase. Though Chase is Chevy’s last name, he’s been popularly known as Chase.

  • Zac

The name ‘Zac’ is a name with English origins. It’s the short form of the name Zachary, yet it has been gaining widespread and popular acceptance as a stand-alone name these days. The name got popularized by Disney hero Zac Efron and means “God has remembered.”

  • Ivan

The short but sweet name ‘Ivan’ is the Russian translation of ‘John.’ It means “God Is Gracious.” It’s a unique name for English-speaking countries, and its popularity graph is on a major upswing. The reasons for picking this name include its Slavic origin, short and easy spellings, uniqueness, and beautiful meaning.

  • Jonah

The Biblical name ‘Jonah’ means “Dove” and is of Hebrew origin. As per the Bible, a great fish (a whale) had swallowed Jonah the prophet. Then miraculously, he came back out of the belly of the fish three days later. Today, this two-syllable name is quite popular for naming baby boys.

  • Calvin

‘Calvin’ means “the bald one” or “hairless.” This quirky name has Latin origins and several famous namesakes and associations. Some of these include designer Calvin Klein, Swiss religious (Protestant) reformer John Calvin, and Calvin & Hobbes (the famous comic strip).

  • Enzo

‘Enzo’ is a name of Italian origin derived as a variant of the German name Heinz. As per the Germans, Enzo is also a variant of the name Henry. Also, it is the short version of the Italian names Lorenzo and Vincenzo. Like Luca, Enzo is another captivating and confident Italian name used by parents of all backgrounds. Enzo means “laurelled.”

  • Abel

Adam and Eve’s son’s name was ‘Abel.’ It’s a short and adorable name for a baby boy. Abel has Hebrew origins and means “son of breath.” Biblically speaking, Abel got killed by his brother Cain in a fit of jealousy. The positive connotations associated with this name are: capable, ready, and willing.

  • Alex

If you want a name that connotes strength and life, choose ‘Alex’ for your son’s name. Alex means “man warrior” or “defender of mankind.” This Greek origin name is a short form of the name ‘Alexander.’ Although Alex can be a girl’s name too, it’s substantially more popular as a name for boys.

  • Grant

Grant is a name with English, French, and Scottish origins that means “bestow” or “great” or “large.” Though it was considered a surname predominantly, it’s popularity as a first name arose due to the Civil War general and President Ulysses S. Grant.

  • Abe

This three-letter name is super short and sounds super stylish at the same time. It has that unique charm that you can’t deny. And it is contemporary too.

Abe is a short form of the name Abraham. It translates to the father of multitudes.

So, if you are someone who likes the name Abraham but thinks that it is too long for your choice, you can go with Abe.

  • Ben

Short names are a trend right now, but do you know when it all began?

It was in the 80s. The name Ben is easy to remember and sounds cool. It is the short form of the name Benjamin.

It translates to “son of.”

  • Dash

Doesn’t this name sound dashing?

The cool name Dash was on the list of the US Top 1000 names in 2014. That pretty much tells you how popular this name is!

  • Fox

Fox is a unisex name and can be used by both males and females. 

Of course, you have already heard about the famous and oh-so-gorgeous Hollywood actress Megan Fox, right?

If you like your baby boy to be brave when he grows up, you can go for this name. It refers to people who catch foxes or go hunting.

Summing Up

Short names are great! They are the perfect solution to balance out that lengthy last name. Not only that, they’re easy to spell, pronounce, and remember. By selecting a unique short boy name for your newborn son, you’re giving them some scope for a head start in gaining popularity and direction in life.

The meaningful name you select for your baby acts as a guiding reminder, a confidence booster, and the motivation to achieve. Yet, as was said at the beginning of this article, it’s the individual behind the name more than the name itself that leads them to a fulfilling life.

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