42 Easy Trivia Questions For Teens (With Answers)

Trivia is an exciting, super fun game that the entire family can play, and it’s a great way to spend time together. Here’s. Fun trivia for you about trivia: It’s also an excellent way to reconnect with your teen!

An excellent, effective way to get teens engaged and keep them engaged is trivia questions for teens! Trivia questions for teens also exercise their brains and keep their minds sharp. When done right, asking the right trivia questions for teens can also help you get to know them better and find ways to create bonds and reconnect. Plus, trivia questions for teens are also a great way to get in a little teaching! Win win-win.

Gather the family and dive right into a heck of a fantastic time with these trivia questions for teens:


Sports questions are among the best trivia questions – for people of all ages, including teens. Whether they play it or avidly watch it, sports are an interest for many teens. Ask them fun questions about sports, like these:

trivia questions for teens


1. How tall is a standard pro basketball hoop? What is the exact height of feet?

Answer: 10 feet.

Food for thought: A regulation basketball hoop is 10 feet in height. A regulation, a pro basketball hoop is 18 inches in diameter. Find a hoop that fits those measurements to learn to play like a pro!


2. In badminton, a shuttlecock is used in gameplay. This is made up of feathers. How many feathers makeup one shuttlecock?

Answer: 16 feathers.

Food for thought: Shuttlecock is a unique name. The word “shuttle” in the name comes from the fact that it goes in a back and forth motion while playing, and the “cock” part comes from how its feathers resemble a chicken’s feathers!


3. What is the maximum length of time a player is allowed to find a lost ball when in a game of Golf?

Answer: 5 minutes.

Food for thought: If the ball is not found within 5 minutes, it is declared lost. When that happens, the player has to return to where that ball was last played and play a ball from there — under the penalty of one stroke. So a lost ball is a stroke and distance penalty.


4. How many are the rings that form the Olympics logo?

Answer: 5 rings.

Food for thought: The Olympic Rings consist of 5 rings. The colors of the rings are as follows: Blue, yellow, black, green, and red.


5. What is Canada’s national sport?

Answer: Lacrosse, Ice hockey.

Food for thought: Ice hockey was declared Canada’s national winter sport. Whereas, Lacrosse has been declared Canada’s national sport. Lacrosse is played by teams with a lacrosse ball, and stick. It is North America’s oldest team game, played as early as the 17th century.


6. Which female player won the most Grand Slam titles?

Answer: Margaret Court.

Food for thought: Margaret Court of Australia has the record of winning 24 Grand Slam singles titles, which puts her in the numero uno position as of 2023.


7. Whom did Muhammad Ali lose to for the first time?

Answer: Joe Frazier.

Food for thought: In 1972, American boxer Joe Frazier defeated Muhammad Ali in a fight nicknamed “the Fight of the Century.” This was the first time Ali lost after playing around 32 matches.



Geography is something that kids encounter in school, and often they become interested in learning more about the world. Trigger their curiosity with questions like these:

trivia questions for teens

8. What is the world’s tallest building, and where can you find it?

Answer: Burj Khalifa, located in Dubai.

Food for thought: The Burj Khalifa is a skyscraper found in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Its total height is 829.8 meters, with over 160 stories or floors! The Burj Khalifa was inaugurated in 2010.


9. What country is the location of Machu Picchu?

Answer: The Republic of Peru.

Food for thought: Machu Picchu is an ancient city. It is a 15th century Inca citadel, built in the classic Inca style. The city is believed to have been built starting in 1450-1460. Back in the day when it was used as a royal estate, they say that about 750 people in total lived there.


10. How old is the Great Wall Of China?

Answer: Around 2700 years old.

Food for thought: The Great Wall of China was built not just in one short period or dynasty. Its creation spanned many dynasties! Most of the Great Wall sites seen today are around 600 years old, created in the Ming Dynasty. The oldest Great Wall is not commonly seen — it’s the Chu Great Wall, built-in 7th century BC.


11. In all of the 50 U.S. state names, what letter is not included in any of the names?

Answer: The letter Q.

Food for thought: There are 50 states and only 25 letters. All of the other letters of the alphabet make an appearance in at least one state name, except for the poor letter Q. There are rare letters such as J, Z, B, F, and X, who only appear once or twice, but they make an appearance!


Animals and Insects

Kids are naturally curious about animals and insects, and all living creatures growing up. This is something they carry with them even throughout their teen years. Tap into their interest with these questions:

12. Of all the mammals found in the world, what is the largest?

Answer: Blue Whale.

Food for thought: The Blue Whale’s maximum proven length is 29.9 meters or 98 feet, and its maximum proven weight is 174 tonnes or 190 tons. With those massive numbers, it is the largest known animal to have ever existed on the face of the Earth.


13. How many years does a cicada live underground?

Answer: 17 years.

Food for thought: 17 years is quite a long time for an insect’s lifespan, and it’s quite impressive! But the thing is when cicadas are above ground and not underground, they do not survive for nearly this long — just about four to six weeks!


14. What land animal is the fastest?

Answer: The cheetah.

Food for thought: Cheetahs have set record speeds nearing 70 MPH! When it comes to the fastest aquatic animal, that would be the sailfish, which can go up to about 68 MPH fast!


15. The Tyrannosaurus rex had an average lifespan of how many years?

Answer: Around 20 to 30 years.

Food for thought: The T. rex roamed the Earth about 66 to 68 million years ago in the Western United States during the Cretaceous period. The African T. Rex is said to have been one of the last dinosaurs alive before dinosaurs became extinct.


16. How many time zones are there in Russia?

Answer: Eleven.

Food for thought: They are the Kaliningrad time, Moscow time, Samara time, Omsk time, Yekaterinburg time, Krasnoyarsk time, Irkutsk time, Yakutsk time, Vladivostok time, Kamchatka time, and Maadan time.



Ah, food. We all need it; we all eat it. It’s a part of our lives and a passion for many. Mostly teens and their ravenous appetites! Here are a few tasty questions:

17. What is the most ordered food across America?

Answer: Fried chicken.

Food for thought: It’s been found that chicken is the most ordered food in 12 U.S. states (including Rhode Island, Michigan, and many Southern states like Florida, Tennessee, and North Carolina), which gives it top honors. Runners up are Chinese food, pizza, burgers, and Mexican food.


18. Which fruit has more sugar, lemons, or strawberries?

Answer: Lemon.

Food for thought: Strawberries may be more associated with sweetness and desserts and all that compared to lemons, but actually, a lemon, at 70 percent sugar, contains more sugar than a strawberry, at 40 percent sugar.


19. What is the world record for the number of hotdogs eaten in one sitting?

Answer: 75 hotdogs.

Food for thought: At the 2018 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, Joey Chestnut officially achieved the Guinness World Record for the most number of hotdogs eaten in one sitting at 75 hotdogs. In 2019, he joined the annual contest again but could only eat 71 hotdogs, not breaking his 2018 record.


20. What is the largest chocolate factory in America?

Answer: Hershey’s.

Food for thought: Hershey’s is the largest chocolate manufacturer in the United States. It was created in 1894 and is located in the city of Hershey, Pennsylvania. Among its most beloved treats are the Hershey bar, Hershey’s Kisses, and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.


21. Which is that one food with seeds on the outside?

Answer: Strawberry.

Food for thought: An individual strawberry has around 200 seeds on average.


22. What is the full form of BLT?

Answer: Bacon, lettuce, tomato.

Food for thought: “BLT” is the initial given to a sandwich prepared with bacon, lettuce, and tomato. It ranks sixth in the United States in popularity.


23. What is fear of food called?

Answer: Cibophobia.

Food thought: People with this phobia stay away from food and drinks.


Pop Culture

Okay, so you’ve gone through a lot of topics that you also know a lot about. Now let’s go into something your teens have an excellent knowledge of Pop culture! Bond over a shared love of timeless pop culture by asking things like these:

trivia questions for teens

24. What year was the U.S. Grammy Awards established?

Answer: 1959

Food for thought: The Grammys are heralded as one of the four major annual American entertainment awards. The other three are the Emmy Awards (television), the Oscars or Academy Awards (film), and the Tony Awards (theater and Broadway). The highly coveted EGOT status refers to an artist who has won across the four – Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony.


25. Which actor is the voice of both Mufasa in The Lion King and Darth Vader in the Star Wars films?

Answer: James Earl Jones

Food for thought: His incredible, iconic voice will forever be part of pop culture – and our childhoods! – by breathing life into these characters.


26. Who spoke the first words in the entire Star Wars film franchise?

Answer: C-3PO.

Food for thought: Though James Earl Jones’s Darth Vader is a big part of pop culture, it was another major pop-culture staple who uttered the very first line in the Star Wars series: C-3PO. His words: “Did you hear that? They shut down the main reactor.” They were said in Star Wars: A New Hope” to fellow Star Wars fan fave, R2-D2.


27. Who was the artist who left the Backstreet Boys for a few years and rejoined in 2012?

Answer: Kevin Richardson.

Food for thought: Kevin Richardson, AJ McLean, Howie Dorough, Nick Carter, and Brian Littrell formed the Backstreet Boys in 1993. Brian is Kevin’s cousin, ad it was Kevin who reached out to Brian about joining the group! Kevin left the BSB in 2006 with no bad blood. He still occasionally joined them on stage for some performances, and in 2012, his official return to the band was announced.


28. What is the favorite food of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

Answer: Pizza.

Food for thought: Leonardo, Donatello, Rafael, and Michaelangelo are all known to go crazy for a hot, fresh pizza! Pizza is the TMNT’s favorite food because creators Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird often ate pizza for lunch while working on the original comics.


29. Who is Miss Adkins, and what is she famously known as?

Answer: Adele.

Food for thought: Adele is a hugely popular artist whose music is adored across the globe. She is an English singer-songwriter, and her full name is Adele Laurie Blue Adkins. Her biggest hits include “Chasing Pavements,” “Rolling In The Deep,” “Someone Like You,” “Rumor Has It,” “Skyfall,” and “Hello.”


30. What is the Disney film that tells a little girl with five distinct emotions?

Answer: Inside Out.

Food for thought: Inside Out is a 2016 Disney Pixar film about a little girl named Riley and her five emotions: Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust. Critics have praised the movie for the powerfully moving way it changes “the way people think about the way people think.”


31. What is Mia’s full name is Anne Hathaway’s movie The Princess Diaries?

Answer: Amelia Mignonette Grimaldi Thermopolis Renaldo

Food for thought: The Princess Diaries is a 2001 film based on the book by Meg Cabot. It’s about Mia, played by Anne Hathaway, a shy American girl who finds out she’s heir to the throne of Genovia, a European kingdom. A sequel, The Princess Diaries 2: A Royal Engagement, was released in 2004. A third sequel has been rumored to be in the works in recent years.


So Random!

Random trivia and facts are super cool because they help us learn more random cool trivia and facts shared with friends! Have a blast with questions such as these:

 32. What the machine did the inventor of the modern zipper invent as well?

Answer: The sewing machine.

Food for thought: The first inventor of the zipper was Elias Howe Jr. – he created the first model in 1851. However, the zipper wasn’t regularly used until a similar design was created 40 years later by Whitcomb L. Judson. Elias How Jr. is best known for his invention of the modern lockstitch sewing machine.


33. Which video game series has cities called Vice City, Liberty City, and San Andreas?

Answer: Grand Theft Auto.

Food for thought: The game series Grand Theft Auto features cities named Vice City, Liberty City, and San Andreas. These in-game cities are actually based on actual American cities: Vice City is based on Miami, Liberty City is based on New York City, and San Andres is based on Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Las Vegas.


34. Why does caffeine get addictive?

Answer: it is an amphetamine.

Food for thought: We’re all known to enjoy a good cup of coffee. It’s something a lot of people consume every day — to the point of becoming addicted! Well, technically, many many things we consume daily can become addictive. But caffeine is considered to be a drug because of the effect it has on our bodies!


35. What is the temperature at which rain turns into snow?

Answer: 32 F.

Food for thought: Interestingly, most rain, in the beginning, is snow way up high in the clouds, regardless of what the temperature is. As the snowflakes fall down and through the warmer air, they then become raindrops!


36. What has a head, a tail, but not a body?

Answer: A coin.

Food for thought: We’ve all played that coin toss game of heads or tails. Here’s a tip: When playing, always choose tails. It’s said that for a lot of types of coins, the side where the heads are at is heavier than the side where tails are at, so there’s a higher probability of the coin landing on the head’s side!


37. What is it that the average person does thirteen times a day?

Answer: Laugh.

Food for thought: You know how they say laughter is the best medicine? It’s true — a good laugh is very good for you! Laughter relieves physical tension and stress and leaves your muscles relaxed for up to 45 minutes. Laughter also decreases stress hormones and increases immune cells as well as infection-fighting antibodies, giving a boost to the immune system.


38. Which company is the owner of Ducati, Porsche, Bugatti, Audi, and Lamborghini?

Answer: Volkswagen.

Food for thought: Volkswagen is an icon in the vehicle manufacturing industry, earning its place as one of the significant historical players in the car scene. It also owns some of the most significant, most iconic vehicles: Ducati, Porsche, Bugatti, Audi, and Lamborghini. Volkswagen bought these brands when they were close to going bankrupt or failing and turned them into highly successful industry players.



Teens can get super goofy and kooky, and they’ll always appreciate a good joke or a fun fact! Laugh it off together by going through questions such as:

trivia questions for teens

39. What were the first hockey pucks used in early outdoor hockey games made out of?

Answer: Frozen cow dung.

Food for thought: Back in the 1800s, when playing outdoor pickup games, the pucks used were said to be made out of frozen patties of cow poop! Bet nobody wanted to get hit on the head with that!


40. When in Georgia, what is it illegal to eat using a fork?

Answer: Fried chicken.

Food for thought: Talk about finger-licking’ good! In Gainesville, Georgia, an ordinance requires that people eat fried chicken using their fingers. It is strictly forbidden to use a fork, a knife, a spoon, or any other utensil!


41. Who invented the bikini?

Answer: Louis Read.

Food for thought: When Louis Read first introduced the bikini, he found it incredibly difficult to find anyone who would model it. The only one who was willing to show that much skin and don the bikini back then was Micheline Bernardini, a 19-year-old nude dancer. She modeled the first-ever bikini in 1946.


42. The ancient Romans used what to dye their hair?

Answer: Bird poop.

Food for thought: A very popular hair color among the Romans in the ancient days was blonde. To achieve this desired color, they used an undesirable thing: Bird poop! Some Romans sprinkled gold dust to achieve a more yellow tint to their mane.

These are just some of the many, many cool, exciting trivia questions for teens that can ensure a fun, challenging, and entertaining activity with your kids! We hope you liked our picks, and be sure to find out what topics your teens are into to curate more trivia questions that can pique their interest further — and you can bond with them over the things they like. Have fun!

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