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44 Best Names That Mean Storyteller For Boys And Girls

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Are you a new mother? Once you welcome your baby to this world, one of the most important things you must decide on is their name.

Now, choosing a name for your little one is difficult, no matter how easy it sounds. You go through hundreds and thousands of names, which takes days and even months for some parents. And then you come up with the best name for your little sunshine.

Some people have different criteria when choosing a name for their babies. Some have a specific letter in mind and want the name to start with it. Some want the names to have religious and mythological connections.

Some want a name with some specific meaning. Then others look for names taken from movies, poems, and books.

Are you looking for names that mean storyteller, story, or names with at least some connections with fictional characters, poems, poetic quotes, and more?

Then you are at the right place!

Here I have come up with the best names that mean storyteller and everything associated with it. So, sit back, relax, and scroll through the names!

The Best Names That Mean Storytellers

The Best Names That Mean Storytellers

If you are into literature and want your baby’s name to mean something similar, it’s natural that you will look for names related to it.

If your preferred meaning is storyteller, you want your little one to have qualities such as a creative mind, the ability to imagine, great communication skills, and a wandering mind.

After all, a great story comes from great knowledge and imagination power, right?

Keeping that in mind, I have made a list of gorgeous names for your boys or girls with the meaning of a storyteller and related terms.

Also, I have added a section of gender-neutral names for those modern parents who like the boundary of gender-specific names.

Read on.

Boy Names That Mean Storytellers

Boy Names That Mean Storytellers

Are you blessed with a little prince? Do you want him to have traits such as creativity and the ability to tell a story or poem?

Then you can give him a name with such meaning. And that is where I can help.

The following is a list of the best names that mean storyteller. All you have to do is scroll through them and choose the one you think best suits your baby boy.

So, what are you waiting for?

Let’s start with the names!


Are you into Greek mythology? There are plenty of gods and goddesses, according to the Greeks. Aesop is one such name with roots in Greek mythology.

It is not much used in the US. So, if you want your son to have a unique name, you can go with this one.

Aesop holds the meaning of a storyteller.


I find Indian names to have a vintage charm. If you are into Indian names, you can choose to go for the name Gathin.

It has Indian roots and holds the meaning of a storyteller or a singer.


This name has a nerdy vibe to it. Don’t you think so too?

If you like this name but want a different spelling, you can choose Kathen and Kaethan.

It holds the meaning of a storyteller.


Tariku has its roots in the Amharic culture. It sounds like the name of some hot guy.

It’s not a common name in the US, but if you go to East Africa, you will likely find at least one guy with this name. It is a popular name there.

Tariku translates to “his history, his story.”


If you are into Norse mythology, you can know that Bragi was the Norse god of poetry.

His father was Odin. He was respected for his extensive knowledge of songs and poems and his superior wisdom.

This name has a masculine vibe and holds the meaning of poetry.


It’s a cool name for a handsome guy.

If you want your son to have a quirky name, you can shortlist Skelly for your little one.

It has its roots in the Gaelic language and comes with the meaning of a storyteller.


If you are fond of English names, how about Alfred?

This name has a vintage vibe to it. And we all know about the very famous poet Alfred Tennyson, right?


Originating in the Scottish language, the name Baird has a classy vibe. It symbolizes someone who loves freedom and is creative.

It’s a popular first as well as a last name too. It holds the meaning of a poet.

A famous personality with this name is Blythe Baird, a slam poet.


If you love literature, you may already know about Geoffrey Chaucer.

He was a famous poet in the 14th century and is well known for his masterpiece “The Book of the Duchess.”

If you want your son to have creativity like him, you can choose the name Chaucer for him.


This name is of Irish origin and sounds like the name of someone poetic.

It was not much popular earlier, but then it got all the popularity – all thanks to the New York poet Devin Johnston.

The name Devin translates to poet.


Emerson has its roots in the English language. It sounds like the name of a handsome man from a posh family.

Also, this is the name of the popular poet Ralph Waldo Emerson.


I find the Italian accent to be super sexy. If you believe the same and want to give your son an Italian name, you can choose Giovanni.

It is a cool name with a vintage undertone.

Did you know that Giovanni Boccaccio was the name of a famous writer, poet, and Renaissance humanist?


Japan is one of the many countries that I want to visit at least once in my lifetime. I have seen tons of pictures and videos of this beautiful place and have always been mesmerized by its beauty.

The name Haiku has its roots in this gorgeous country, or rather, the poetry of this country.

If you are fond of Japanese stories and poems, Haiku is the name for you.


To be a good storyteller, one must have a great mind and intellect. And that is what the name Hughes stands for.

It has multiple origins, including English, Irish, and Scottish. You can opt for Hughes if you like names originating from these languages.

A famous personality with this name is Langston Hughes, an American novelist and poet.


If you want your little boy to be a storyteller, you might want him to have a good voice too. After all, he needs to captivate his audience with a charming voice, right?

Kunjan is a name with a meaning just that – the melodious voice of a nightingale. It has its roots in the Sanskrit language and can be a great fit for your storyteller child.


Do you want to be a poet or a storyteller with a good sense of humor?

Limerick is the name for you!

It’s a form of poetry that is humorous and consists of five lines. The punchline is the fifth line.

With its origin in the Irish language, this name is great for a creative guy with a great sense of humor.


Now, who doesn’t know about the famous poet Christopher Marlowe, especially if you are into literature?

Marlo is a variation of the name Marlowe.


Neruda is a name that has its roots in Czech origin. It has a posh and nerdy vibe to it.

It means a literary name.

It can be a great name choice if you want your son to carry the same name as Pablo Neruda, the famous poet who won a Noble Prize.

Girl Names That Mean Storytellers

Girl Names That Mean Storytellers

Have you become a parent to a baby girl?


Do you want your little princess to love literature, including novels, dramas, stories, and poems? How about a name that means the same?

No, you don’t have to go anywhere for the names, as I have done the hard work for you.

The following is a list of the best names for girls that mean storytellers.

Read on.


I have a liking for Hebrew names. They are vintage and have at least some connection to history. And I love historical things.

If you are anything like me and like Hebrew names, Rabba is the name for you.

This name has a majestic vibe and means profit and storyteller.


Arabic names have their charm. They’re melodious and filled with elegance. Mohisa is one such name.

This name is unique and sounds like the name of some elegant girl. It carries the meaning of a storyteller.

  • OYKU

You may have heard about the famous Turkish baklava sweets, but did you know Turkish names are similarly popular?

Oyku is a name with its roots in the Turkish language. If you ever visit Turkey, the chances are that you will find at least one woman with this unique name!

The word Okyo means story.


Do you have someone in your family with Arabic roots whom you want to honor with an Arabic name for your little princess?

How about the name Rawiya?

It’s a super cool name of Arabian origin that means a storyteller.

Also, if you like this name, you can choose the spelling Rawya too. Rawa translates to “to relate.”

  • SAGA

Many movies have the word “Saga” in them—for example, The Twilight Saga movie series.

It gives an out-of-the-world vibe – something huge.

Now, Saga can be a name too. It holds the meaning of a fairytale or a story. And the birth of your little one is no less than a fairytale, right?

Also, if you are into mythology, you may know that the Norse goddess of storytelling is Saga. And this name Saga is taken from her name.

This name may be rare in the US. But in European countries such as Iceland, Norway, Denmark, and Sweden, Saga is a popular name.


Are you into unique and quirky names?

Tarina is the name for you. It has a lyrical tone that many parents prefer.

It has its roots in the Finnish language and holds the meaning of a story.


Doesn’t the name sound musical?

This beautiful name has a feminine vibe and is perfect for girls with beauty and brains. It has its roots in the Arabic language.

The meaning of the name Mohaddisa is a storyteller.

If you give this name to your baby girl, you can choose Dia, Addie, Addy, and Dissa as her nickname.


It’s such a unique name!

And the meaning of the name is just what it suggests – story.

Also, you can use this as a nickname for your daughter named Astoria.


Did you know that the Celtic goddess of poetry carries the name Ceridwen?

This name has its roots in Welsh origin and means “as beautiful as a poem.”


Do you like poetry? How about a poetic name for your little angel?

Then Cadence is the name for you.

Cadence means poetry or “a poignant and rhythmic way of communicating.” This name oozes elegance!


This uncommon name originated in the Gaelic and Irish languages. Do you write poems?

Then Dearbhla can be a perfect name for your daughter, as it holds the meaning of a poet’s daughter.

If you think a different spelling of this name would be great, you can go with Dervla.

  • EDDA

Have you read the collection of poems named “Poetic Edda?”

Several anonymous poets have written those Old Norse poems. The name Edda is taken from that.

Also, some say this name is taken from an Old Norse poem, “Prose Edda.”


As parents, we all want our kids always to have good luck and be happy. And that is what the name Felicitas means.

But it is associated with storytelling and poems too. It was the name of the Roman goddess of good luck, Goddess Felicitas. She used to be the inspiration for many writers and poets.


If you want your little bundle of joy to be blessed forever with a good hold at storytelling, Gwendolyn is the name for you.

It’s an old-fashioned name that screams vintage.

And did you know that a famous personality with this name is Gwendolyn Brooks, a famous poet of America who has won a Pulitzer Prize?


India is a country of culture, tradition, and literature. And the name Kavindra originated in that country.

It’s a lyrical name that will suit your literature-loving girl perfectly. It means a poet.


This name is full of sweetness. It reminded me of sweet floral tones the moment I heard it.

It has its roots in Hebrew and holds the meaning of “poetic.”

  • MUSE

According to Greek mythology, Muse stands for “Gods and goddesses of poetic inspiration.”

So, if you want your little kiddo to grow up as a creative, imaginative, and great storyteller, you can give her this gorgeous name.

It has Old French roots.


If you are into Indian Muslim names, Naazima can be a great name option. The name itself is so lyrical that you can’t ignore its beauty.

Also, it is easy to pronounce and means poetess.

Gender-Neutral Names That Mean Storytellers

Gender-Neutral Names That Mean Storytellers

Are you a modern parent who believes in gender neutrality?

Well, these days, more and more parents are inclined toward names that cross the boundary of gender. And for this, most of the credit goes to celebrities who choose unisex names for their kids.

In this section, I have come up with the best names you can give your son or daughter, as these are gender-neutral names. And they mean storyteller.

So, come on, let’s look at the names!


It’s a unique name for both genders. It has its roots in the Yoruba culture of Nigeria.

If you are fond of unique unisex names for your boy or girl, you can choose Enitan. It has a sleek vibe to it – perfect for your modern baby.

It holds the meaning of a legend or someone with a story.


The name Teague is a classic. It has charm and charisma and best suits a girl or a boy who likes literature.

It has its roots in both the Gaelic and Irish languages and means a poet or a philosopher.

  • SATU

If you want your little one to love fables or fairytales, you can choose the name Satu for them.

This name is short and easy to remember. Also, it’s straightforward.

Satu means fable. Also, some say that it means a fairytale.


Many parents are okay with giving their kids difficult and complex names as they consider those names unique.

You can name your little one Teiksma if you have the same belief.

It holds the beautiful meaning of a story, fable, or legend.

  • SCOP

Can you tell from the name Scop which gender it is? No, right?

That is where the beauty of gender-neutral names lies. They’re unique in their way. You can give this name to your little prince or princess. No matter their gender, it will sound elegant.

Scop means a minstrel or poet.


This name sounds so sweet that you cannot ignore its charm.

If stories and poems are what you love, you can choose Sonnet for your little heart, as this name means little song.

  • ODE

Isn’t this name super sexy and modern at the same time?

It is such an uncommon name, I must say!

Ode is a name that suits boys and girls alike. It translates to a song or a lyric poem.

  • MYTH

There are plenty of myths out there. It’s up to you which one to believe and which not to.

But did you know that Myth can be a name too?

Yes, it’s a gender-neutral name that comes with the meaning of a legendary or traditional story.


You need to look at many things while choosing a name for your baby.

You need to see how it sounds, how easy or difficult the pronunciation is, how common or uncommon it is, and how the overall vibe of the name is.

I have included all kinds of names to meet your exact needs.

Which of these names did you like the most?

I would love to know in the comments!

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