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63 Traditional German Boy Names With Their Meanings

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So, you have become a parent to a handsome baby boy?


Do you have a German heritage that you want to honor? Or, have you fallen in love with this beautiful country while traveling? Or, are you looking for a name that is just different from the most common ones out there?

How about German boy names?

If you ask me, I like German names a lot! The best thing about a German name is that it doesn’t matter what culture you follow; everyone can use it.

Did you know that there are certain rules that German citizens need to follow while naming their babies?

The name has to be gender-specific, which means they cannot give their babies cross-gender names. That’s not it! They cannot use animal names, surnames, and object names as their given names.

But the good news is that foreigners such as can still use German names, and there is no restriction regarding this. Happy?

German Boy Names With Their Meanings

German Boy Names With Their Meanings

Here, I have come up with a list of some of the best traditional, unique, and, of course, meaningful German names for your newborn boy. All you need to do is go through it and choose the name that best suits the personality of your baby when he grows up.

So, what are you waiting for?

Let’s get started!

  • Achmad

Did you know that Islam was spread rapidly in Germany?

Yes, and the credit goes to the Ottoman Empire. So, Achmad is the name of a testament. Have you heard the Arabic name Ahmed? Achmad is the German version of it.

It means praiseworthy.

  • Abelard

The name Abelard is an Old German word. It means noble strength or resolute.

  • Anselm

Did you know that two words are used to create the single name Anselm?

They are ans and helm. While the former part of the name means protection and divinity, the latter part means helmet.

So, the name Anselm means divine helmet.

  • Ambros

The name Ambrosius originated from the Latin language. And the German variation of it is Ambros.

If you like cool names for your baby boy, this name can be the one. It means immortal.

  • Anton

Antonius is an ancient Roman family name. And the German version of it is Anton.

Did I tell you that Anton has several variations?

And one such variation is Antonio – a name that is quite popular. The meaning of Anton is invaluable.

  • Baldwin

Baldavin is an ancient German name, and Baldwin is derived from it. The name means brave.

If you like comedy, you may have heard about the popular comedian and actor Alec Baldwin.

  • Baldrik

Do you like the name Baldric but looking for an alternate spelling?

How about Baldrik? It is taken from the Old French culture. It means bold.

  • Brenner

The name Brenner is originated from Middle High German. It is a cute name for your baby boy.

Brenner means the one whose job is to burn things. Most probably, this name was taken from an occupation.

  • Burnard

Do you want your little prince to grow up to be a strong man?

You can give him the name Burnard.

This name is a variation of the name Bernhard. It is made of two parts. While the first part, which is “bern,” means bear, the last part, “hard,” means strong. So, Burnard means strong as a bear.

  • Christoph

The name Christoph has many variations, and it is derived from the Latin word Christophorus. The German variation of this name is Christoph. It means “He who holds Christ in his heart.”

If you want to give your baby boy a religious name, you can definitely go for Christoph.

  • Carl

The name Carl is very popular in the entire world. And different cultures have given it different meanings. This common German name means free man.

Are you looking for an alternate way to spell this name?

You can use the spelling Karl.

  • Clemens

Clemens is a German name, and it has its roots in French culture. It came from the name Clement.

It means gentle, merciful, and good-natured.

  • Dirk

Do you know about the superstar Dirk Nowitzki?

He made the name Dirk a lot popular.

Dirk means “people ruler.”

  • Detlef

Are you into traditional German names for your baby boy?

How about Detlef?

The popular NBA player Detlef Schrempf made this name famous.

This traditional German name means “people heritage.”

  • Diedrich

The Old High German name Dietrich has a variation, and that is Diedrich. The name means “king of nations.”

  • Eckhard

Eckhard is a German boy name and two different words and used in the making. They are “Ek” and “hard.” While the former word means edge, the latter part means strong.

  • Ebert

Initially, people used to use Ebert as a surname. However, some people used it as a nickname too.

It came from the German word Eber, which means boar.

Ebert means as strong as a boar.

  • Emmerich

Let me get straight to the meaning!

Emmerich means work power. If you want your baby boy to grow up to be a person who works hard, this can be the name for him.

And did I tell you that you can use the alternate spelling “Amalrich” too?

  • Frideric

The name Frideric is a variation of an Old High German name, which is Friedrich. It is a mix of two different words, namely fridu and rihhi.

While the former part of the name means peace, the latter part of the name means powerful.

  • Filip

I suppose you have already heard the name Philip, as the name is extremely common and popular!

So, the name Filip is a variation of it. It has Greek origin, and the meaning of the name is a lover of horses.

If you love horses, you can give this name to your son.

  • Fulhert

The name Fulhert is derived from the Old German name Filibert.

It means very bright.

  • Fritz

I quite like the name Fritz! It is short, catchy, and has a certain edge to it.

Most people use it as a short version of the name Friedrich.

  • Gustav

Now, there is some uncertainty when it comes to the origin of the name Gustav. There are a lot of people who think that it came from the Slavic name Gostislav. If you look at their history, you will find that six different kings were named Gostislav.

Gustav means the Goths’ staff.

  • Gunther

Do you want to give your son some famous German names?

Gunther can be the one! It means battle warrior.

  • Gerd

The name Gerd is derived from the Old German name Gerdhard. The name means spear strong.

  • Hubert

Did I tell you that the name Hubert is made of two different words?

One is a hug, and the other is beraht. While the former means hug, the latter means bright.

  • Helmut

This name, too, is a mixture of two words – helm and muot.

The former means helmet, and the latter means courage.

  • Hans

Are you looking for a religious name for your boy?

Hans would be a great choice!

The meaning of this name is God is gracious.

  • Hacket

The name Hacket means little woodcutter.

  • Ivon

Have you heard the name Yvon that has French origins?

Ivon is a German variant of that name, which means yew tree.

  • Johan

The name Johannes has Latin roots. And the short version of this name is Johan.

This name is used by people all over the world. The meaning of this name is God is gracious.

  • Jakob

Are you a fan of “The Twilight” movie series?

Then you may already be familiar with the name Jacob, which was the name of the werewolf. Jakob is just another spelling of that name that is mostly used in Germany along with other Nordic countries.

It means supplanter.

  • Klaus

Again, this was the name of another character in “The Twilight” movie series. He was an original Vampire in the movie.

The spelling Klaus is the German variant of Claus. It is quite a cool name among the Germans.

It means victor of the people.

  • Kaiser

Now, who doesn’t know about Julius Caesar! All thanks to the famous play written by Shakespeare.

Caesar’s German version is Kaiser. It means severed.

  • Konrad

The name Konrad has both German and Polish origins. It came from the name Conrad. The meaning of this name is a bold advisor.

  • Lydon

The name Lydon has its roots in both Gaelic and Irish culture. But it is a German name as well. It means one from Linden tree hill.

  • Luka

The name Lucas is quite common. And Luka is the German version of that name.

It is originated from the Greek name Loukas. It means “from Luciana.

  • Leo

I like the name Leo. It is short, simple, and trendy.

Did you know that Leo is the Latin word for Lion?

This name was given to a number of early Christian saints and popes. In German, Leo is used as a short version of Leon or Leopold.

  • Morgen

The meaning of Morgen is morning, and it is derived from the Middle High German.

If you are looking for an elegant name for your baby boy, Morgen can be the one.

  • Merten

The name Martin is quite common, isn’t it?

Its Low German version is Merten. People of different cultures use this name. It means “of Mars.

  • Meinhard

The name Meinhard is a variation of the name Meinhardt.

It is made up of two different words: mein and hardt. While the former part means brave, the latter part means heart. So the meaning of the name is a brave heart.

  • Max

The name Max has a huge fan following. It is cool, short, and of course, trendy!

Many people use it as a short version of Maxmillian or Maxwell. It has English, Aboriginal, and English origin.

Max means the greatest.

  • Nisse

Are you into German folklore?

Then you may have already come across the name Nisse.

It means Nisse, good lad.

  • Nikolaus

The name Nicolas is a traditionally German name for boys. And Nikolaus is the German version of it.

The meaning of the name is victor of the people.

  • Obrecht

Have you heard the term Od-brecht?

Obrecht is its German version. It means famed for his heritage. Isn’t the meaning beautiful?

  • Otis

The name Otis has a German origin. It means prosperity and wealth.

If you travel to Europe, you will find that a lot of people have this name.

  • Oskar

The Scandinavian and German variation of the name Oscar is Oskar.

It is made by mingling two Gaelic words: os and cara. The former word means dear, and the latter word means friend. So, when you combine the two words to form a name, its meaning becomes a dear friend.

  • Poldi

The name Poldi is a variation of Leopold, which is a German word.

It means brave people.

  • Peppin

Peppin is a German name. It is the French variation of the name Pepin. It means the perseverant one.

  • Phillip

The name Phillip is derived from Philippus – a Latin name.

It is quite common around the world. It means lover of horses.

  • Paul

The name Paul means humble or small. It has Latin origins.

  • Reynold

The name Reynold is derived from Old German elements of wald and ragin. Ragin means advice, and wald means power.

So Reynold means the advisor of a king.

It is also quite similar to the name Ronald.

  • Rex

Rex has Latin origins and means king.

This can be a great name for your little prince!

  • Rainart

Have you heard the surname Reindhart?

Rainart is just a variation of it. This is a traditionally German name that means strong judgment.

  • Rafael

Rafael Nadal – the famous Tennis player!

The name is originally from the Hebrew language. It means God heals. If you look into Hebrew culture, you will find out that Rafael is actually the name of an archangel.

  • Siemen

The German and Dutch version of the Greek name Symeon is Siemen. It means hearkening.

  • Seigfried

This name came from the sige and frid elements, which translate to victory and peace, respectively.

  • Stefan

The German version of Stephen is Stefan. It came from the Greek word Stephanos.

The meaning of this name is crown.

  • Adelbert

Are you looking for a name that can inspire others? How about the name Adelbert?

This name has a traditional feel to it, but it is inspiring at the same time. It may encourage the characteristics of generosity and honesty in your son.

It holds the meaning of bright and noble.

  • Alaric

Have you watched The Vampire Diaries series?

In that, a popular character was Alaric. This German name is not very common in the U.S., but of course, it rose to fame after this superhit series.

Alaric carries the meaning of an all-powerful ruler.

  • Albrecht

Did you know Albrecht Durer was a German printmaker and painter?

This name will match your needs if you are looking for an uncommon name. It translates to noble.

  • Alvin

This is a German name with a traditional vibe.

Have you watched the hit movie Alvin and the Chipmunks?

Then you may have already heard the name. It comes with the meaning of friend.

  • Andreas

Andreas is a popular name in the U.S., and you can see it in the list of the top 1000 names.

Did I tell you that Andreas came from its English form Andrew?

One of the disciples of Jesus was known as St. Andrew.


So, which German boy names did you like the most?

Let me know in the comments!

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