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75 Popular Spiritual Boy Names and Their Meanings

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Are you a religious person looking for a baby boy name with a deeper meaning?

How about a spiritual name for your little prince?

The journey of spirituality goes towards self-discovery. Also, it seeks meaning in a broader spectrum that leads to peace, positive emotions, gratitude, acceptance, contentment, and emotional wellbeing.

Spiritual baby names have been used for ages and have successfully stood the test of time. Names that have some kind of connection to religion, names that reflects your faith, names that give you hope, or names that mean inner peace – all are part of the spiritual names of your baby.

And did I tell you that powerful spiritual names for your boy can invoke wisdom and positive energy that can help them lead a peaceful and happy life?

Spiritual Boy Names and their Meanings

Spiritual Boy Names and their Meanings

Your search for spiritual boy names ends right here!

I have come up with a compilation of the most unique and the best spiritual names for your baby boy that are popular worldwide.

So, choose the one spiritual name for your boy and pave the way for them to lead a content and fulfilling life.

Read on.

  • Abel

The name Abel is originated from the Bible. It means breath, which denotes the existence of our lives.

  • Aaron

Aaron is originated from Hebrew. It means a high mountain.

Don’t like the tone of Aaron but like its meaning?

Well, I have another option for you with the same meaning. How about Erin?

According to Abrahamic religions, the name also means a prophet and high priest.

  • Abram

Do you have a thing for Hebrew names like me?

Then, Abram can be a great spiritual boy name option! It is short and catchy. The name means exalted father or high father.

  • Anagh

According to Indian mythology, Lord Vishnu’s other name is Anagh. It means one who has no faults.

  • Anhad

This name, again, is originated from Indian mythology. However, the name Anhad has gained popularity all over the world. Its meaning is “the one who has no limits.” Also, it suggests the sound of the creation.

  • Arel

Don’t you find the name Arel to be unique and beautiful simultaneously?

I quite like it! It came from the Hebrew language, which means spirit.

  • Alo

Do you want to give your baby boy a short and cute name?

How about Alo?

This name is Native American. Its meaning is a spirit guide.

  • Apollo

This name is very popular, I must say!

According to Greek mythology, Apollo means God of poetry, music, and medicine.

Quite a good spiritual meaning, isn’t it?

  • Atlas

Atlas came of Greek origin.

Did I tell you that Atlas has a mythological reference with the name Nuance?

It means support.

  • Bardo

The name Bardo has Aboriginal, German, and Tibetan origins.

Did you know that in Germany, the bishop of Mainz was Saint Bardo?

Bardo means water.

  • Bodhi

In Sanskrit, Bodhi means awakening or enlightenment. Also, this spiritual boy’s name is used to talk about Buddha.

  • Bishop

Are you a devoted Christian?

Then you may know how significant the name Bishop is to your community. It means overseer.

  • Bartholomew

This name is originated from Hebrew.

Did you know that Bartholomew was the name of one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus?

It means the son of Tolmai.

  • Calum

This is a beautiful name, isn’t it?

The meaning of Calum is Holy Spirit, Purity, and disciple of Saint Columbus.

  • Chanann

Chanann is a Hebrew name that has different meanings. While some say it means cloud, others say it means spiritual light.

This can be a unique name for your little prince.

  • Clement

The name Clement is originated from the Latin language. It means merciful or mild.

  • Christmas

Who doesn’t love that time of the year when it is Christmas eve!

And did you know that this can be a wonderful spiritual name option for your baby boy? It means fun and, of course, festivity.

Is your baby boy born in the month of December?

Then Christmas is an ideal name for him.

  • Christopher

The name Christopher has been around for ages, and it still manages to be a trendy name for your little prince.

It means the one who carries Christ in his heart. Also, it has several other variations, such as Christoff, Christos, and Chris.

  • Cyrus

This is a famous Persian name that means the sun.

  • Cullan

Cullan is quite popular as a name in the West.

In the Gaelic language, it means handsome. Also, it means the spirit of God.

  • David

Did you know that the second king of Israel was David?

This name has its roots in Hebrew, and it means beloved.

  • Dhitik

Are you looking for a unique spiritual boy name?

Dhitik can be the one. It is a Buddhist name, meaning the wise one.

  • Dusan

Dusan is a popular name in Croatia. I quite like the name, which means soul or spirit.

  • Divayam

This name doesn’t have many religious trappings, and it is a beautiful name in Sanskrit. It means unique and divine.

Are not the meanings great?

  • Dhanak

Do you love colors and want to name your baby with a meaning similar to that? How about Dhanak?

This classic Urdu name means rainbow. And you know how rainbows are a gentle reminder of all things beautiful in life!

  • Dvita

This Sanskrit name is very uncommon. It is deeply spiritual and suggests the duality of life. 

The name means existing in two forms.

  • Elijah

Have you watched “The Vampire Diaries” series?

Well, I’m a BIG fan of the series. So, if you are like me, I’m sure you are already aware of the name Elijah – the sexy vampire!

Coming to the name’s spiritual side, it’s a biblical name.

And did you know Elijah was the only prophet who made it to heaven alive?

  • Ezra

You can find the name Ezra in the Old Testament. He was the one who led a group from the Babylonian exile to home. Also, in the city of Jerusalem, he reinforced the Torah.

Ezra is a Hebrew name that means help.

Like the name already?

  • Ethan

Did you know Ethan the Ezrahite was greatly known for his wisdom? Also, he was the author of Psalm 89.

This name came from Hebrew, and it means enduring and solid.

  • Felix

Have you read the New Testament?

Then you may already know that the Roman procurator of Judea was Felix.

Coming to the name, it is Latin in origin, and it means fortunate.

  • Ganeve

Ganeve is a Sikh name that means priceless wealth.

You can use this beautiful name for your baby boy.

  • Gabriel

Did you know that in the Old and New Testament, Gabriel was the name of a messenger of God?

This is a Hebrew name, and it means God is my strong man.

  • Gideon

If you want some reference for the name Gideon in the Bible, he was a God-chosen military leader. Originated from Hebrew, the name means “Hewer, one who cuts trees.”

  • Honor

The name Honor can be used for both girls and boys. It came from the Latin word Honos.

Its meaning is dignity and reputation. And it somewhat evokes virtuousness.

  • Hoyt

Are you looking for spiritual boy names that are very uncommon?

Hoyt can be the one. This name means descended from the spirit or mind in the Norse language.

  • Isaac

This is a very popular Hebrew name for boys.

Want a reference for this name in the Bible?

Well, you may already know that Isaac was the son of Sarah and Abraham, right?

Isaac means “he will laugh and rejoice.”

  • Isaiah

If you have read the Old Testament, you may already know that he was a prophet, right?

The meaning of this popular Hebrew name is the salvation of the Lord.

  • Idhyah

This name is originated from Hindu mythology. Idhyah means the praiseworthy one.

  • Jacob

Are you a fan of the famous movie series “The Twilight Saga?”

Then the name Jacob is not new to you. So, to tell you the truth, I’m a huge fan of the character Jacob, the werewolf! This spiritual baby boy name has its origins in Hebrew. It means “supplanter, the one who comes after.”

Did you know that according to the Bible, the twelve sons of Jacob created the twelve tribes of Israel?

  • Jupiter

You already know that Jupiter is the name of a planet, right?

This is a popular name for your baby you too. It came from the Latin language. According to Roman mythology, Jupiter is the name of a popular Sky God. It means the supreme God.

  • Lior

Are you looking for a trendy and short name for your little prince?

Lior can be the one. This Hebrew name means the illuminated one.

  • Loyal

Do you want your son to be loyal? Then you can give him this name! The name loyal means faithful.

  • Matthew

Did you know that Matthew wrote the first gospel? Also, he was an apostle in the Bible.

The name Matthew means gift of God.

  • Micah

Micah is a beautiful name for your baby boy. It means the one who resembles the Lord.

  • Moksha

This name is becoming popular all over the world. It carries the beautiful essence of Buddhism and Hinduism. The meaning of Moksha is “freedom from the cycle of life and death.”

  • Nathan

Nathan is a Hebrew name.

Did you know that in the court of King David, Nathan was a prophet?

This classic baby boy name means “he gave.”

  • Philip

The name Philip came from Greek origin.

Did you know Philip was the name of an apostle in the New Testament?

It means lover of horses.

  • Peter

This is a very popular name. In the Bible, Peter is the first leader of the Christian church.

This ancient Greek name means the rock or the stone.

  • Pax

The name Pax is often used as a shorter version of Paxton – an Old English origin name.

It means peaceful settlement.

  • Rumi

The name Rumi can be used for both boys and girls. It is derived from the Japanese language. The meaning of Rumi is beauty.

  • Reuben

Reuben is derived from the Hebrew language.

Jacob’s son was Reuben. Also, he was the patriarch of a tribe (one of the twelve) of Israel.

Jacob means “behold, a son.”

  • Saint

Saint is taken from the Latin word Sanctus. This name evokes a divine attribute for your baby boy’s personality.

The meaning of Saint is holy and sacred.

  • Solomon

King David’s son was Solomon in the Old Testament.

It is a Hebrew word that means peaceful.

  • Salem

The name Salem is Arabic and Biblical in origins. It means safe.

  • Salman

Are you into Bollywood movies?

Then you may have heard about the famous actor Salman Khan.

This name has its origin in the Arabic language. It means safety.

  • Saul

The classic name Saul has a Hebrew origin. It means “prayed for.”

  • Subhan

Do you like spiritual boy names of Arabic origin?

Then Subhan can be an option!

It means “In his (Almighty) praise.”

  • Silas

Silas is a very popular biblical name. And it will be perfect for your Christian baby boy!

In Latin, the meaning of Silas is the man of the woods.

  • Shaya

You can use the name Shaya for both girls and boys. It is derived from the Hebrew language, and it means God’s gift.

  • Shiloh

You little prince is a gift from God, right?

In Hebrew, Shiloh means “his gift.” So, now you see why this name would be perfect for your little one!

  • Timothy

In the New Testament, Timothy was the one who accompanied Paul in his journeys.

The name Timothy is originated from the Greek language. It means honoring God.

  • Tao

Tao is a Chinese unisex name. It suggests universal harmony while combining yang and yin.

It means long life.

  • Theodore

The name Theodore has its origin in the Greek language. It means the gift of God.

  • Ulick

Ulick is an uncommon name that has Norse and Irish roots. The spelling may seem difficult to you. But trust me, this can be a good name for your baby boy.

The name means spirit, mind, or heart.

  • Vesper

The name Vesper has a Latin origin.

I quite like the sound of this name – whispery and soft.

Vesper is becoming popular these days – all thanks to its spiritual reference. It means evening star.

  • Zen

Zen is not commonly used, and it still has its virtue.

If you are looking for spiritual baby boy names, Zen would be a great choice. It means calm, meditative state and absorption.

  • Zion

Zion is derived from the Hebrew language. It means holy land.

  • Zephyr

The name Zephyr is taken from the Greek language. It means the West wind.

  • Zechariah

Did you know that Zachariah was the name of a prophet in the Old Testament?

Its English variation is Zachary. And Zechariah is a Hebrew name. It means God remembers.

  • Zeus

The name Zeus is derived from the God Dyeus. Did you know that he was the supreme Olympian God?

Zeus means to shine and the sky.

  • Adam

Now, who doesn’t know about Adam? He is the first man, according to the Bible.

If you are religious and have full faith in spirituality, you will surely love this lovely name. It has its roots in Hebrew and translates to the man from the red earth.

  • Amos

Do you like Hebrew names like I do? How about the name Amos?

It is classy, sounds good, and will suit your baby boy perfectly. It carries the meaning of brave or strong.

Did you know Amos is among the Twelve Minor Prophets that you get to know about in the Old Testament?

  • Andrew

Do you want your son to have masculine characteristics that can charm others?

You can go for the name Andrew. It is such a handsome name! It holds the meaning of manly.

  • Asher

Doesn’t the name have a dashing vibe to it?

Well, I found it to be extremely attractive! It comes with the meaning of happiness.

Did I tell you that Asher was at 43 on the list of the most popular names in the U.S.?

  • Barak

Again, this is a Hebrew name that is a popular choice among parents. It carries the meaning of lightning.

Did I tell you Barak was with prophetess Deborah, as described in the Bible?


Spiritual boy names don’t mean they are boring. On the contrary, these are some of the best spiritual names I can come up with! And did I tell you how these names are already an instant hit among religious parents?

So, are you inspired by these beautiful names for your baby boy?

Then go ahead and choose the best name for your little prince!

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