47 Sexy Male Names for Your Baby Boy

Your son is destined to charm and mesmerize everyone, lighting up the world with his fiery passion and irresistible, natural charisma. Striking in looks and in character, he is bound to win hearts and inspire.

So what better name to choose for your little honeybunch than one that is appealing and impactful and definitely makes a mark?

You have boy names that are brimming with elegance ,starry names that shine bright , and then there are sexy male names. Sexy male names are great choices to help your bundle of joy presents an attractive and mesmerizing image whilst not weighing him down. Sexy male names evoke confidence, strength, and admiration, capturing the essence of a man who carries himself well and treats others well.

Effortlessly cool, timeless, and undeniably dashing, these sexy male names are perfect for your bundle of joy.

47 Sexy Male Names


Check out these 42 sexy male names that are both undeniably attractive and striking hot in their meanings.


Aiden is a fiery hot name of Irish origins that has been raising temperatures all across the globe. The traditional Irish spelling of the name is “Aidan”, but Aiden is hands-down the breakout favorite. Aiden sits in perfectly with the -en trend for boy names. It holds the meaning of “little and fiery,” which adds to its sexy, mesmerizing charm and effortless cool. A famous namesake is actor Aidan Quinn, and famous Hollywood stars such as Rod Stewart and Tracey Gold have also chosen this name for their sons. Aiden is an enigmatically alluring name that can be spelled many ways, such as “Aidan”, “Ayden”, “Aden”, and “Edan”.


Of sexy male names you can consider for your little one, a name that is both sexy and strong is Andrew. This is a name with Greek roots, and it has the meaning of “manly” in Greek. In the Bible, Andrew was the name of one of Jesus’ 12 Apostles. And it is also the name of the patron saint of Scotland, Russia, and Greece. Some cool nicknames are “Andy” and “Drew”. Popular namesakes include artists Andy Warhol and actor Andy Garcia. Andrew is among the most popular names for boys ever.


A name that is both sexy and with a priceless allure to it is the name, Anthony. This is a Latin name that literally means “priceless one”. It is a name that continues to be cherished in many countries. In London, Anthony is more commonly pronounced without the “h”, as “Antony”, much like in Antony and Cleopatra, a Shakespearean tragedy. Celebs like Alan Arkin, Joan Collins, Jerry Lewis, and Angela Lansbury chose this for their sons. Notable namesakes are Anthony Hopkins, Antonio Banderas. Anthony Bourdain, Tony Hawk, and Anthony Keidis.


If you are looking for a name that is at the same time sexy and conventional, check out the name Benjamin. This name is of Biblical roots, and was the name of Jacob and Rachel’s youngest son who founded Israel’s 12 tribes. In Hebrew, Benjamin means “son of the right hand”. Plus, the name is slang for a hundred-dollar bill, elevating its coolness factor. Famous namesakes include Ben Stiller and Ben McKenzie. Great, sexy nicknames for this name are “Benj” and “Ben”.


Yet another name with Biblical roots that is full of appeal is the handsome name, Caleb. Caleb accompanied Moses and Joshua in pursuit of the Promised Land in the Old Testament. This Hebrew moniker carries the meaning of “devotion to God”. Caleb entered the US in the 1600s and took a slow burn towards more mainstream popularity. Nowadays, it is among the favorites for baby boy names. A cute nickname would be “Cale”, which can be associated with fitness because it sounds like “kale”.


When looking at sexy male names, one that has a timeless appeal would be the name, Christopher. Year after year after year, this name continues to draw people in, and it constantly has a strong presence on the charts for boy’s names. This classic, solid name is of Latin and Greek origins, and it has the meaning of “bearer of Christ”. Famous Hollywood namesakes include Christopher Reeve, Christopher Walken, and even Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth. Appealing nicknames include “Chris” and “Topher”.


A sexy male name that was actually both a traditional surname and an English occupational name is the name, Cooper. By profession, a cooper is said to be a “seller or barrel maker”. The name is highly popular in the United States and in Australia and continues to gain popularity, partly because of journalist Anderson Cooper and Hollywood heartthrob Bradley Cooper as well as The Big Bang Theory character Sheldon Cooper. Famous parents like Hugh Hefner, Bill Murray, and Philip Seymour chose this for their sons. Cooper is a cool name for a cool guy, and the laidback nickname “Coop” added to its appeal.


Ethan is a name that is undeniably sexy and undeniably popular as a name for boys. It is a name that is Biblical in origin, and this Hebrew moniker carries with it the meaning of “strong and firm”. The name enjoys popularity in many countries such as the US, Canada, France, New Zealand, Belgium, and the UK. Hollywood hunk Ethan Hawke is a well-known namesake. Ethan is a sexy male name with a combination of being youthful sounding and having the meaning of strength that makes it even more appealing.

  • GRAY

Gray is a name for boys with an irresistible appeal. It actually started out as an ancient Scottish last name, and it has the quite obvious meaning of “the gray-haired one”. Over the years, it transitioned into the first name for boys that has an irresistibly sexy vibe to it. Gray is the more elusive and enigmatic of its more popular brothers “Grayson” and “Greyson”, both of which have broken into the Top 100 boys names, while Gray has not. This makes it a unique option of the handsome name.


Yet another very appealing name that has Biblical origins would be the name, Jacob. This name comes from the Old Testament, and it carries with it the meaning of “supplanter”. Though its meaning may be a bit obscure, the name itself is very popular and beloved across the world. Jacob is well known as the name of a character, Jacob Black, in the immensely adored Twilight series. A famous Hollywood actor namesake is Jake Gyllenhaal, and stars like Danny Devito, Courtney Thorne-Smith, and James Caan have picked this for their boys. Jacob and its nickname “Jake” are both masculine and sexy.


A name that is also Biblical in origin because it stems from the name “Jacob” is the name, James. This Hebrew moniker is a name that is both classic and modern at the same time, with a certain elegance to it that always keeps it in style. Many celebs like Jim Carrey, James Taylor, and James Brown, as well as no less than six former US presidents, share this name. James’ counterparts in other languages are equally sexy: “Diego” in Spanish, “Jacques” in French, “Seamus” in Ireland, and “Giacomo” in Italian.


Jayden is a cool, stylish mix of two effortlessly appealing names: “Jay” and “Aiden”. This name is of Hebrew roots, and it has the meaning of “God has heard” as well as “thankful”. Jayden has been steadily gaining in popularity since the mid-1990s. It is a great alternative to “Brayden”, “Kaden”, or “Hayden,” that more and more parents have been choosing for their sons. Jayden got a boost in popularity when Will and Jada Smith chose to name their boy “Jaden”, which is another spelling of this name, along with “Jadyn”, “Jadon”, and “Jaiden”.


Want a name that is both naturally sexy and very timeless? John is a name that has withstood the test of time and continues to mesmerize with its mix of solid sensibility and understated sexiness. In the Bible, John was a saint and a book found in the New Testament. This Hebrew name has the meaning of “Yahweh is precious”. This strong, masculine moniker is huge and has always had a big presence. And it is stately and charming in any language: “Ian” in Scotland, “Hans” in Germany, “Giovanni” in Italy, and “Yannick” in French. Always everyone knows a John or one of its nicknames: “Johnny”, “John-John”, and “Jack”.


Joshua is a name that is oozing with sexiness with its dashing, debonair air. It is a name with roots in the Bible, where Joshua was Moses’ successor in the Old Testament, who led the Israelites towards the Promised Land. This handsome name holds the lovely meaning of “the Lord is my salvation”. Famous heartthrob namesakes include Josh Hartnett, Josh Duhamel, Josh Groban, and Joshua Jackson. Joshua and its nickname “Josh” are proof that a simple moniker can be very charming and powerful indeed.

  • LIAM

When looking at sexy male names, we cannot forget the sizzling name that is Liam. Though it once started as just a nickname of the traditional name “William”, Liam has definitely come into its own. This name stems from Ireland and has also become quite favored in the US, Sweden, the Netherlands, and other countries. Liam is a name with a very desirable vibe to it, and its famous namesakes are living proof: Liam Neeson, Liam Payne, Liam Gallagher, and Liam Hemsworth. This is certainly a fine alternative to a more classic and common moniker.


Among sexy male names, one that has a rugged, roguish charm to it is the name, Logan. This name began as a Scottish last name and had the meaning of “small hollow”. It has been rising in the charts for boy’s names since the 1970s and has been boosted in popularity by modern pop culture, particularly due to beloved fan-favorite X-Men character Logan aka Wolverine. Logan is a stylish, hip, cool name with a variety of spelling variations, including “Loggan”, “Loghan”, and “Logun”.


You can’t have a list of sexy male names without the name Luke. Luke is another biblical name that is a standout due to its captivating charm. This name skyrocketed in popularity because of Luke Skywalker of the epic film series Star Wars. Other famous pop culture namesakes are characters from the 1980s soap opera General Hospital, as well as the 2000s, hit series One Tree Hill. Some equally handsome variations of the name are “Lucius”, “Lucan”, and “Lucas”, the latter of which has also been rising in the boy’s name charts.


Another sexy male name that first began as an occupational surname is a name, Mason. In terms of occupation or profession, a mason is said to be a bricklayer or stoneworker. These days, Mason is a boy’s name that is a rock-solid fave among moms and dads. Even Hollywood parents can’t resist it, with stars like Cuba Gooding Jr, Kourtney Kardashian, Melissa Joan Hart, and Kelsey Grammer picking this out for their boys. Mason is a top choice for many parents of boys, and it is beginning to cross over as a girl’s name too, tho with alternative spellings like “Maysen” and “Masyn”.


When it comes to sexy male names, one that is as timelessly charming as it is undeniably attractive would be the name, Matthew. This name is rooted in the Bible, where Matthew was the author of the first book found in the New Testament. Matthew holds the powerful meaning of “gift of God”, elevating its appeal even more. It has been at the top of the list of popular boy names since the 80s until now, and popular namesakes include Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew McConaughey, Matt Dillon, and Matt Damon. Year after year, this name proves its irresistible magic.


Micah is another Biblical name that has zoomed up in popularity because of its gentle, undeniable charm. This name carries with it the meaning of “one who is like the Lord”. It is said that it can also mean “humble” or “poor”. Micah is a boy’s name that has a poetic, elegant vibe to it that resonates with many moms and dads, including celebrity parents like Neil Diamond and Sarah Drew. Micah is a strong alternative to the beloved name “Michael”. You can also use its spelling variations like “Mikah” or “Mica”.


Michael is a timeless name that always stands out. It has roots in the Bible, where it is the name of the Archangel who was able to defeat Satan. This Hebrew name holds the powerful meaning of “who is like God”, and it is said to be a moniker that spans cultures, countries, and religions. Fun fact: This name has never ever been out of the top 100 in boy’s names charts! And for almost five decades, Michael was number one. Among all sexy male names, this one continues to sizzle throughout time. Almost everyone knows a Michael, and the celebrity world is full of Michaels: Jordan, Jagger, Douglas, Tyson, Jackson, Caine, J. Fox, to name a few. Cool nicknames include “Mickey” and “Mike”.

  • NOAH

Noah is a name that has a certain sexiness to it coupled with a gentle charm. It is a name that stemmed from the Bible, and the story of Noah and his ark is well-known and beloved by many. Noah carries the meaning of “rest” or “comfort,” and this moniker continues to get boatloads of admirers throughout the years, with countless parents choosing this name for their baby boys. This name is enjoying a top spot in charts for baby boy names currently and is a favorite as well in other countries like Denmark, Australia, Belgium, Switzerland, and the Netherlands.


Among sexy male names, one of the sexiest and most eternally striking is the name Phoenix. This Greek moniker has the vivid meaning of “deep red”, and the name evokes the image of the colorful, mythical bird that in ancient mythology would rise from its own ashes and be reborn in flames. Much like this, the name itself is blazing hot, and with it ending on the trendy letter “X”, Phoenix is definitely an evocative and sexy name on the rise.

  • RYAN

Yet another sexy male name that is a perennial charmer throughout the years is the name, Ryan. This is an Irish name that came from the surname “O’Riain” and has the meaning of “descendant of the king” or “little king”. Ryan has been a favorite since the 1970s, and Tinseltown has many, many Ryans: Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Seacrest, and Ryan Phillippe are but a few of them. Ryan is a fresher alternative for the classic name “Brian”, and with a cool nickname like “Ry”, it’s certainly an appealing name for your little one.


William is a name that is very classy and undeniably sexy all at once. This name is second only to “John” as the most popular boy’s name in English-speaking people, and with good reason: This name of German origins is comprised of two German words, “will,” which means “desire” and “helmut” which means “protection”. This mix of passion and strength makes this name truly appealing as well as elegant. Famous Williams throughout history includes William Shakespeare, William Faulkner, William H. Macy, Bill Gates, Will Smith, and Prince William. The name William has great nicknames too, like “Bill”, “Billy”, “Liam”, and “Will”.

Other sexy male names you can consider for your son are:

  • ABEL

Do you like names that are derived from the Hebrew culture?

Then you can go for the name Abel. According to the Bible, Abel was Adam’s and Eve’s firstborn child.

This four-letter name is taken from Hevel, a Hebrew name. It carries the meaning of breath.

  • ALAN

So, you want a sexy name for your little one. Right? How about the name Alan?

This name itself holds the meaning of handsome. And you can’t deny the attractiveness that it has!

  • BEAU

The name Beau is said to have its roots in the French language. But, of course, it is an English name and is used extensively in the US.

This gorgeous name carries the meaning of beautiful.


This name came from the Irish Gaelic name Mac Cadáin, which was mostly used as a surname. It means the son of Cadán.

Some say that this hot name has Arabic roots. It translates to companion or friend.


Can you ignore the hotness that the name Christian has?

Well, I can’t! It sounds oh-so-hot. Also, there is something about this name that never fails to attract your attention. Don’t you think so?

It has its roots in the Greek language and holds the meaning of anointed.


An utterly sexy Greek mythology standout which has the meaning of “lord”.


Sweet-sounding and sexy, this name has the meaning of “angel” or “messenger”.

  • BAIN

Attractive and alluring, Bain is said to mean “white” or “fair”.


A timeless Irish name with Welsh roots with the meaning of “prince” or “king”.


Strong and sizzling hot, this name is said to mean “long-haired”.


Exotic and enigmatically alluring, this Spanish name means “powerful ruler of the home”.


This exotic variation of “Phillip” means “friend of horses”.


Elegant and graceful, this Greek moniker means “tranquil”.


Stately and sexy, this Hungarian name has the meaning of “glorious ruler”.


This charismatic English, Scandinavian, and Latin rooted name is said to mean “greatest”.


This appealing classic Latin moniker means “God has healed”.


Once an occupational surname, the sexy Tanner means “leather tanner”.


This mysteriously alluring Welsh name means “noise to clatter”.


An English and French occupational name of yore, Tyler means “tile maker”.


Connoting passion and desire, this English name means “hunter”.


This sexy short form of “Alexander” means “defender of the people”.

  • ZAC

Only three letters but brimming with sexiness, this short form of “Zachariah” means “remembrance of God”.


Names hold power to help shape one’s identity and self-esteem and can even subtly influence their demeanor and how they carry themselves. These sexy male names will definitely help your title one leave a strong, lasting impression.

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